Record-Setting Expert Reveals the Exact Moment to Enter Every Single Trade

Profit Launch Windows

I’ve Upgraded the System PROVEN to Generate Winning Trades Averaging 174%!! Accept My Invitation and Get a FREE YEAR of Research on the House!

Hi, I’m Matthew Carr, and I know how to win.

In fact, I’ve had the No. 1 track record here at The Oxford Club...

Not once or twice on some fluke...

But four times in the last six years.

And the key to my success is simple:

I don’t buy into the BIGGEST lie on Wall Street.

Brokers, money managers and hedge fund professionals ALL repeat the same lie to you over and over again...

It goes something like this:

“Don’t try to time the market. It can’t be done.”

And it’s true... THEY can’t do it.

But pay close attention to what I’m about to show you...

And you’ll see for yourself just how wrong they are... and why *I* am so consistently right.

It all comes down to two crucial moments…

1One, the precise moment when you should buy a stock...

2And two, the exact moment to exit and take your profits.

Recognizing these two powerful moments is simple!

All you have to do... is target what I call the “Profit Launch Window.”

And it’s very simple...

A “Profit Launch Window” is a specific time period when stocks are proved to rise dramatically.

Now, here’s what’s really exciting...

This isn’t some unproved system that we just came up with.

This is the upgraded version of my most record-setting system here at The Oxford Club.

It has the power to be even better than before!

I know because I went back and looked at our previous track record... where we averaged 174% on our wins...

And what I found blew me away.

Hiding in a number of my most explosive plays were these NEW Profit Launch Windows I’ve discovered.

I’ll start with Electronic Arts, a video game company.

Do you see that chart beneath the stock chart?

You can see there’s a red line near the top, and a green line at the bottom.

The arrow points out where Electronic Arts dips into the green zone on October 28.

Take note of how the stock is pulling back at the same time...

That’s a Profit Launch Window opening.

It’s like a slingshot getting pulled back moments before it releases...

Launching the stock upward.

And get this – shortly after that, on November 18, I had told my readers, “Strap in for profits on EA!”

Now watch what happened...

The stock took off like a rocket!

It generated a 540% profit.


Let me show you exactly when to sell...

Look at that same line below the stock chart.

See how the line has crossed into the red zone by May 16? The “slingshot effect” is over.

The Profit Launch Window is closed, indicating it’s time to sell.

And shortly after that window closed, I had recommended cashing out with 540% profits.

In a nutshell, that’s how these Profit Launch Windows work.

When the line hits the green zone – that’s when the Profit Launch Window opens...

And when it hits the red zone – that’s when the Profit Launch Window closes.

So all you need to remember to be successful at this is...

BUY at green...

And SELL at red.


We can do it over and over again.

Now, let me make one thing clear. I’m only showing you the Profit Launch Windows I’ve found in some of my best winners. As with all investing, it is possible to lose money – even with a Profit Launch Window. And that’s because there are some economic events we just can’t predict. Like the Fed raising rates or Washington meddling where it shouldn’t.

But you can trust me when I say that these Profit Launch Windows are your best bet for massive profits.

I’ll prove it to you over and over again today.

Let me show you another example from my killer track record...

This one was Children’s Place, the kids’ clothing store.

When I went back and analyzed it, I saw it had entered the green zone on October 6, 2017... the same day I had recommended it to my readers.

Watch how, just two weeks later, the slingshot gets pulled back.

You know what’s going to happen next...

It went up 694%.

Now, here’s how you know when to sell...

On January 11, 2018 –just two months later – it entered the red zone.

The Profit Launch Window was closed. Right as the stock started to drop.

But our 694% profit was already locked in!

Last one, just because I want you to see how much money you can make. And I want you to start getting excited...

Boston Beer. This is a company I know well. I just got back from touring its facility, overseen by CEO Jim Koch!

The Profit Launch Window was open on Monday, May 13. I’ve marked with an arrow where it enters that sweet spot in the green “buy zone.”

I told my readers to buy in that following Friday.

And once again, the stock slingshots higher!

And just like before... you know exactly when to close. This time the red zone had opened by September 9.

From May to September... we’re talking just five months!

And I had told my readers to close out a whopping 1,888% gain on September 19.

Tim Benson told me...

Jeff Hagstrom called it a “home run,” adding...

Profit Launch Windows are so easy. And I’m excited to send you the next three Profit Launch Windows today...

You’re going to get the power to double your money and then some!

Remember, my average winner over the last six years is 174%. You can see why my track record was No. 1 at our organization.

And that’s from 209 winning trades using my unique approaches to the market.

Now, there have been some losers along the way as well, of course – no strategy is foolproof.

But think of the money you could make over a year with those kinds of results – especially now that I’m supercharging my system with these Profit Launch Windows!

Stick with me for just a few minutes, and I’ll show you how you can discover three of these Profit Launch Windows in the next 24 hours.

But first...

Let me tell you more about why I’m here, sharing this with you now.

My System Isn’t Only About Making Money... It’s About Freedom

This new system is something I’m really proud of...

My first breakout success was Prime System Trader. It was responsible for the BIGGEST gains of all time here at The Oxford Club, giving readers the chance to make 27X their money. In fact, 1,000% gains weren’t all that rare with my system. We’ve done it four times now.

My second service, The VIPER Alert, has had one of the best track records at our organization in 2018. We closed a triple-digit winner almost every single week of the year on average! Imagine doubling your money 48 times in one year!

Then, when I spearheaded our marijuana initiative, I identified pot stocks like Canopy before it doubled and Tilray before it tripled... and eventually quadrupled. I helped Oxford Club Members like Henry Martin score an $800,000 payday. All told, I’ve shown readers how to make more than a million dollars from pot stocks.

My point is...

The systems I’ve created have proved to work in real time and with real trades.

I know I don’t look like a record-setting trade expert. I’m not a flashy-looking Wall Street guy. I don’t wear a Rolex or drive a Porsche.

I grew up poor in West Virginia – with a plastic spoon in my mouth.

So acting like some “Wolf of Wall Street” is NOT who I am.

On the other hand, I am going to show you how Profit Launch Windows could help you make $100,000 in the year ahead.

In fact, I’m guaranteeing you’ll have the chance to be 100 grand richer thanks to this new and improved system.

But it’s not ALL about making money and being obsessed with it.

Money means a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

For my wife and me, it means being able to travel the world and see the places we’ve always wanted to see.

For one of the analysts I work with, it’s a chance to buy a house for his family.

And for the CEO of my company, Julia Guth, it’s all about philanthropy and giving back. She started a charitable clinic in Central America for the local communities.

The question is: What’s YOUR passion?

What do you see yourself doing with the newfound wealth YOU could uncover, once you start using Profit Launch Windows?

I’ve HELPED loads of people here at The Oxford Club with my research.

Aubrey Wilson told me she’s finally making the kind of money she’s always wanted to. She emailed me, saying:

Don Marks  is someone else I’ve helped. He’s using my research to boost his IRA.

Then there’s one of my favorite people to talk about, Henry Martin.

Henry made more than $800,000 from my research. I can’t tell you how good that feels.

Now I want to do the same with you.

Stay with me for just a few more minutes and I’ll show you how you could profit from the next three Profit Launch Windows.

I’ll even guarantee your chance at adding $100,000 to you portfolio.

But first, let me walk you through exactly how Profit Launch Windows work... and why they’re so powerful.

This Single Discovery Changed EVERYTHING

So you remember that unique chart I showed you earlier?

Not the stock chart, but the one below it that tells you when to buy and sell? The one that’s just like a slingshot?

It’s called a Chande Momentum Oscillator chart, and it measures buying and selling pressure on a stock.

It’s based on an equation that looks like this:

Feel free to write it down if you want.

It’s a bit complicated.

So let’s just see how it WORKS rather than doing complex math problems.

Let’s go back to the Chande Momentum Oscillator chart again...

In the middle of this chart is the gray “neutral zone.”

When a stock is in this neutral zone, it trades normally.

But at the bottom you see that green line.

Every once in a while, something unusual happens.

Extreme selling pressure causes the stock to dip below that green line.

This is where the stock itself pulls back – just like our slingshot.

To get into the green zone, a stock needs to register a score of at least -50 in the equation I showed you.

Now, let’s see what that looks like in some real stock charts we gathered from the market...

Take a look at this stock, Loxo Oncology...

It enters the green on the Momentum Oscillator chart on November 14, 2017. On that day, it’s just $75 a share.

That’s the day the Profit Launch Window opens.

Then, just as expected, the stock shoots higher right after.

It jumps 114% in just over six months.

Now, look where it enters the red. That’s when we would sell – on June 1, 2018.

All you had to do was buy when the stock entered the green and the Profit Launch Window opened...

Then wait for red to tell you to get out.

Let me show you how you can profit from these anytime, anywhere, in any sector...

Profit Launch Windows Are Found in ANY Sector You Like Investing In

There’s Sunrun, a solar company in San Francisco.

See here on the chart when it entered the green and the window opened? That was September 18, 2017.

This was when it was trading at just $6.44.

Now watch as the months unfold... and it slingshots higher in price!

The stock eventually soars to $16.44 by July 2018.

And you can see EXACTLY when it enters the red zone and the Profit Launch Window closes.

If you simply bought when the Window opened...

And sold as it closed...

You would have scored a 155% gain!

Let’s look at another.


PayPal’s a company processing 193 payments per second on average, or 6 billion payments per year. Rivers of cash are flowing through this company 24 hours a day.

But for months, this stock wasn’t really going anywhere – which is unusual.

However, the Profit Launch Window opened on December 12, 2016.

It was $39 that day... the perfect entry point.

Let’s watch what happens next...

The stock shoots to more than $85 a share when it hits the red.

You can see the Profit Launch Window closes right as the stock starts to run out of gas on June 18, 2018, dipping shortly after.

That’s what I love about these Profit Launch Windows. It’s a clear signal when to get in and it’s a clear signal when to get out.

And in PayPal’s case, you could have enjoyed 117%.

Now, let’s look at Etsy really quick. An online store you may have heard of.

You see the Profit Launch Window has opened and the stock hit that sweet spot on March 6, 2017.

This was when Etsy was trading at 10 bucks.

Of course, it didn’t stay that way for long.

Over the next four months, Etsy slingshots higher and higher...

Going from $9.72 to $44 and change.

And once again... you can see that it had dipped into the red zone by June 18, 2018.

That’s the Profit Launch Window closing.

Time to get out and cash out...

For a gain of more than 359%!

It’s so easy.

And I want to emphasize one very important thing here: Every Profit Launch Window I just showed you consisted of stock gains only. These were not options.

Yes, I do recommend options from time to time to help my readers get massive, life-changing gains – like the Electronic Arts and Children’s Place examples I pulled from my past plays today.

But you can profit from simply buying and selling regular shares!

So to recap, you could have made...

Trust me, you can do this.

With my recommendations, I’ve helped lots of people across all my services make substantial profits.

Herman Wu told me:

“A killing” is an understatement... when I recommended Five9, it was a stock trading for just 10 bucks.

Five9 eventually climbed to $48 a share!

Herman had the chance to make more than $25,000 from that stock! And that was just one of my picks.

Another one of my subscribers, Hank Simms, had a similar experience with two of my picks.

He wrote to me saying:

$29,000 is certainly nothing to sneeze at. But I bet Hank could have made up to 5X that from my options plays.

Whatever you prefer: steady $20K winners on stocks... or huge $150,000 paydays with options...

I know for a fact: you can do this.

Let’s look at one in-depth...

You See It Over and Over Again: Green Means Go, Red Means Cash Out

National Beverage. Ticker symbol: FIZZ. It makes those La Croix flavored waters you see everywhere now.

This was one of my biggest winners back in 2016, and when I looked back at it, I realized it perfectly illustrated my new Profit Launch Windows.

It entered the green zone on April 21.

That was when a Profit Launch Window opened.

And less than 24 hours later, on April 22, I had issued an URGENT “Buy” alert on FIZZ.

Now let’s watch what happened together...

The stock slingshots up, just as predicted.

But here’s where the precision of Profit Launch Windows comes into play...

See how it peaks at $62 on June 30? It had just crossed into the red zone the day before.

That’s the signal to get out. And sure enough, I had recommended closing on this exact day.

Our play on FIZZ produced a 573% gain!

It couldn’t have been any easier.

Imagine if I had known to look out for these Profit Launch Windows back when I was recommending my play. I probably could have helped my readers make even MORE money.

You have a potential advantage they could have never dreamed of! So you’re in the perfect position to get started today.

I’m so excited to upgrade my already powerful system! And it’s so simple...

Wait for green to go and red to stop.

Here’s another example from Royal Caribbean, the famous cruise line. 

By July 5, you can see a Profit Launch Window had opened and the stock had hit the perfect spot.

Selling pressure was at its maximum, giving us the highest upside potential.

I had put out an urgent “Buy” alert to my readers the following day, July 6.

Imagine you came along for this ride... as the “slingshot effect” took hold...

100% higher...

200% higher...


It just kept going!

And once again, the “Sell” signal was clear as day looking back! The stock crossed right into the red zone on September 13, 2018...

That was the time to sell.

And just as it entered the red, I told my readers to close out on September 21.

That could have been a 514% gain for you if you acted on my alert... in just TWO MONTHS!

Here’s one we pulled from the market... it could have made you 10X your money in a matter of months. And again, it’s just a straight stock play – not options.

Intelsat. They run a satellite business.

On January 12, 2018, the Profit Launch Window opened after months of trading flat.

And the stock began to take off like a rocket, climbing 985%.

Then, by October 4, 2018, it hit the red.

The window closed.

I want to re-emphasize that this is just a stock gain. Not options.

And it’s one of the biggest I’ve shown you yet...

964% in seven months!

Now of course, the examples I’m showing you today are some of the most exceptional gains I’ve found in both historical research and in my own track record.

But imagine what even a fraction of wins like these would do for your bottom line!

What would you do if you made 100% on your next investment?


Or 900%, like you could have made on Intelsat?

I tell you what, if you get my next three urgent buys (which I’ll offer you in a moment)... you could find out for yourself.

There’s one thing I love about this system more than anything else...

And that is...

You Can Turn Certain Companies Into Cash Cows, Taking Money Over and Over

It’s consistent.

It works over and over again.

And it builds on an already great, record-setting system!

What you’re about to see is one of my original system’s greatest strengths... targeting the same cash-cow stocks year after year...

Allowing YOU to pull cash out regularly, almost like an ATM.

Let me show how we’ve done this with Nutrisystem, the popular dieting company.

I’ve been recommending this company every year since 2015!

It’s really become one of my readers’ favorites to profit from.

And when I looked at each year’s win in preparation for this video, I was thrilled to discover that virtually every instance also followed a Profit Launch Window!

In 2015, we clocked a 401% return during the Profit Launch Window. The stock entered the green zone on March 2, and I told my readers to get in shortly after!

You know what happens after the Window opens...

The stock jumps higher...

401% higher!

Then I told readers to get out two weeks later, on June 18.

That was our first home run...

In 2016, our play aligned with Nutrisystem’s Profit Launch Window between March 7 and May 5, capturing 175%.

In 2017, we scored 123%. That took only 15 days in March!

And just recently, in 2018, we closed out another 33% gain on this stock... you guessed it, through March and June!

I wish that one could have been bigger.

But given how volatile the markets acted in 2018, I’ll take an easy 30% gain all week.

In total then, we’ve averaged 129% on Nutrisystem.

And keep in mind, this was before I even thought to upgrade the system with the Profit Launch Windows! I can only imagine those returns would be even BIGGER if I had made this game-changing discovery!

Every year around March, I already know Nutrisystem is likely to rise. So now all I have to do is wait for the Profit Window to open and tell my readers to buy.

Ed Carter, one of my readers, knows firsthand just how easy it is for us to make money from this company.

He emailed me, saying:

Ed wasn’t alone.

Dave Bevan told me:

And, as I mentioned earlier in the video, Hank Simms made more than $9,000 on Nutrisystem.

It really is that easy.

And this isn’t the only stock we’ve profited from multiple times.

In L Brands, we collected big wins in 2014, 2015, 2016 and again in 2018, with huge gains of...

And now, going forward, I can use my NEW Profit Launch Window as the exact moment to get in.

Meanwhile, I have all sorts of “Old Faithfuls” that you can grab money from every year.

Cynosure, a laser hair treatment facility. Skyworks Solutions, the iPhone chipmakers. Domino’s Pizza. We’ve been using these companies as easy money for the last four years! Take a look at our top gains...

Of course, sometimes a “black swan” event will interrupt the pattern.

We can’t control surprise events that can hurt a company, like a data breach or product recall. And we certainly can’t control what goes on in Washington.

No strategy is 100% foolproof, and I’m not going to pretend mine is.

We do have losses from time to time. But a loss here and there doesn’t matter when you’re pocketing 174% winners... 500% winners... 1,000% winners...

And now, with the addition of these Profit Launch Windows, I expect even more consistency.

In fact, I’m going to show you how just three exceptional Profit Launch Windows could have made you close to a million in cash... and I’m going to show you only stocks. Not options.

Let me show you with some examples we pulled from the market...

$881,000 From Three Stocks in Less Than a Year!

Let’s start with Esperion Therapeutics, a biotech company.

On January 17, 2017, it entered the green zone. The Profit Launch Window opened.

Now, the share price was just $11.27 at the time.

So let’s say you feel pretty confident... and you put down $10,000. After all, you know Profit Launch Windows work consistently over and over.

Sure enough, the selling pressure releases, and the stock slingshots higher!

Shares hit $34.02.

At that point, you notice that the system has crossed into the red zone. This is the system telling you: “Take Your Profits and Sell!

So you take your 201% gain and run...

Turning your $10,000 into an incredible $30,100 in just three months.

Now, let’s say you took $10,000 out so your initial investment is safe.

And from there, you roll your $20,000 in “house money” into DVAX, another biotech company.

On May 5, just two months later, the Profit Launch Window in DVAX opens. Shares are just $5.40.

You know what happens next...

The stock slingshots higher!

Just five months later, by October 4, it had redlined – the signal to sell!

The share price on that day?


That’s 344% in only five months...

Growing your $20,100 to $89,144.

You’ve made nearly six figures from two stocks in 10 months.

And you never risked more than your initial $10,000.

By this point, you figure it’d be crazy to roll your profits out like that again. So you pocket some of your winnings this time.

You started with 10 grand, so you figure you’ll pocket $40,000. That way you have $50K in the bank, safe and sound.

And you let the remaining $49,000 ride.

Just two months after winning big on DVAX, another Profit Launch Window opens.

On December 29, 2017, Tandem Diabetes crosses into the green zone... The selling pressure is pulling back and creating the slingshot tension we love to see.

A HUMONGOUS Profit Launch Window is opening.

On that day, the stock was just $2.59...

But then it slingshots higher!

As the months go by, Tandem launches from 2 bucks... to $46.57.

And the system would have alerted you to get out on September 4, 2018, a few days after it had entered the red zone. All told, this Profit Launch Window handed you a gain of 1,698%!

You put $49,000 of house money in. You’re walking away with $881,020.


We’ve just proved how starting with 10 grand...

And just three stocks...

Could hand you nearly $1 million.

All by simply waiting for Profit Launch Windows to open... and cashing out when the window closes.

Now of course, this would take exceptional timing on your part – and perfect luck to hit only these top winners.

We wouldn’t recommend rolling your profits this way, which is one of the reasons we took out “house money” along the way.

But it’s a great way to highlight the incredible power of this strategy.

And in fact, I have three urgent buys that could explode in the days ahead.

I’ll give you details here in a moment, as promised.

But first, let me show you the biggest record-setting gain I’ve ever had at our organization.

Looking back, my recommendation aligned with the Profit Launch Window almost perfectly.

Let Me Show You My 2,733% Record-Setter

Columbia Sportswear is the company.

Now on September 30, 2014 selling pressure pushes the stock into the green zone.

Soon after the window opened, the stock went on a downright insane run.

First our play went up 10X...

Then 20X...

And right as the Profit Launch Window was closing...

The stock was peaking at a new all-time high!

Amazingly, we had exited Columbia Sportswear right at the top.

And we locked in a mind-bending 2,733% return.

If you had put $10,000 into my Columbia Sportswear play, you’d have more than a quarter of a million dollars...

$283,300, to be exact.

There’s a lot of money at your fingertips right now...

So let me give you the details on three Profit Launch Windows that are just opening now.

Three Companies That Could Double Your Retirement Portfolio...

As I’ve mentioned, I’m targeting multiple stocks right now, each one pulling deep into the green zone and opening a Profit Launch Window.

Each has an opening that looks just like our telltale pattern... and you know what that means...

Once we’re in the green zone, a Window could open any moment!

So you don’t want to waste any time.

The first one could potentially double your money... it’s one of the most exciting stocks I’ve seen in a long time.

The second could add thousands to your portfolio now that the window is opening... it’s a sector I really love, and I’m excited for you to get into it.

By the time the third one hits, you could be well on your way to six figures. Especially when you see the potential of this third company!

As you’ve seen over and over again today... you already know what can happen when a Profit Launch Window like this opens up...

The stock slingshots higher!

And I want you to be along for the ride for every single one of them.

Oh, and one more thing...

When the Profit Launch Window closes and I recommend cashing out, I want to hear all about any money you made!

Emailing my team about your wins is something I encourage with all of my readers!

I love knowing that you’re making money!

But I don’t want to waste another second – you’ve seen how fast these plays move!

So I’d like to rush you everything you need...

You’ll get the names, ticker symbols, the date when I expect a Profit Launch Window to open... everything you could possibly want... in my report called “3 Urgent ‘Buys’ With Profit Launch Windows.”

Remember, the average of all my winning trades is 174%.

That means you can expect every $5,000 to turn into $13,700 on the average win.

That’s HUGE.

And you’ll get Profit Launch Window updates every week going forward.

I want you to feel like Tom Grissom, a reader who follows my other top strategies, who emailed me saying that his ENTIRE portfolio is up 48% in just three months! He told me:

Tom talked about liberty...

That same type of financial freedom I talked about earlier.

And that’s my goal for you.

Just as it was for Tom.

And just as it was for Marc DeSantos, another one of my readers.

Marc feels that not only has The Oxford Club helped him become wealthier, it will also help his two sons. He told me:

I want you to be the next person to email my team about what a difference my research is making in your life.

That’s why I want to bring you into my new initiative here at The Oxford Club, which we’re calling Matthew Carr’s Dynamic Fortunes.

With Dynamic Fortunes, I will be taking my proven strategy of selecting stocks when they’re at their most profitable and adding the power of Profit Launch Windows.

As a new subscriber, you will receive an email from me every time a Profit Launch Windows open up.

And if you get in today, I can guarantee you’ll have the chance to be $100,000 richer a year from now.

Get on Board With My Profit Launch Windows Today... and I Promise You’ll Have the Chance to Become $100,000 Richer

100 grand. I know. It’s a big promise.

But my track record proves it’s possible. And then some.

I’ve made 1,000% gains look easy!

And as I mentioned before, many of these Profit Launch Windows open at the exact same time year after year – just like some of the favorite companies I’ve already shown my readers how to profit from over and over.

These companies have become regular cash cows for us.

The most important thing you need to remember is to wait for the Profit Launch Window to open... buy into the stock... and then get out when the Window closes. You’ve seen it over and over again today.

I want you to be a part of the next record-setter.

Here’s how it’s going to work when I first send you an alert...

Here’s How It Will Look in Your Inbox

Every day I scan the markets with my new and improved system...

Most days there won’t be any Profit Launch Windows.

But about once a week, by Friday, I’ll find a stock entering the green zone and screaming BUY...

When that happens, I’ll blast out an alert to you, letting you know what action to take.

Let me show you with a real Profit Launch Window I found looking back in the market.

It’s a marijuana stock called Tilray.

This was on August 3, 2018.

After seeing a Profit Launch Window open like this, I analyze the stock and run it through every one of my screening parameters.

Once it’s passed my toughest requirements, I approve it as a “Buy.”

Then I send you a “NEW RECOMMENDATION” email.

It’ll look like this in your inbox:

My email is going to be short and sweet – so if you decide it’s right to invest, you can move quickly.

I’m going to break down the stock I’m recommending. All the nuts and bolts behind the company.

Eventually, you’ll start to feel like you know where certain stocks are going after you’ve profited from them several times over, like we have with Nutrisystem, Boston Beer, Cynosure... and countless others.

Once I make my recommendation...

I’ll keep in touch with you every week on what to do.

You will never be left wondering, “Am I supposed to hold this or sell it?”

Because you’ll receive a very clear “Sell” alert in your inbox like this one:

If I had recommended Tilray, the “Sell” alert would have been easy:

You would have waited just over a month’s time, as this stock launched from $24 to $214.

And on September 19, it peaked in the red “sell zone.”

At this peak you see on the chart, the system would have signaled that it was time to take your profits and get out.

That’s more than 791%...

Enough to turn $5,000 into $44,550 in a just over a month.

Today, I’ve got three unique recommendations for you. And I’ve already shown you how three stocks can hand you more than $881,000.

You’ll get all of them. And after you join, I’ll rush you my report “3 Urgent ‘Buys’ With Profit Launch Windows.”

As I’ve mentioned today, the average return of my winning trades is 174%.

But they’ve gone as high as 2,733%, as you’ve seen with Columbia Sportswear.

And my three new recommendations are the best of the best.

I’ve hand-selected them as your first plays for a reason:

Because I’m 100% confident in all of them.

Each one is perfectly set up for a Profit Launch Window... and looks just like the pattern you’ve come to recognize.

And remember, you get a Profit Launch Window update every Friday when you agree to join Dynamic Fortunes.

That’s a lot of moneymaking potential.

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I’ll Pay for Your Next Service if You’re Not Satisfied

If you do not add $100,000 to your portfolio after your first 12 months of using Dynamic Fortunes, I’ll give you $4,000 to try ANY VIP service you want at The Oxford Club.

Whether it’s Alex Green... Marc Lichtenfeld... Steve McDonald... I’ll see to it that if you no longer want to work with me... you can work with anyone you want.

Basically, I won’t rest until you’re able to make more money than you know what to do with.

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Matthew Carr
Editor, Matthew Carr’s Dynamic Fortunes
Emerging Trends Strategist, The Oxford Club
January 2019