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Bill: Welcome to The Great American Wealth Project; thanks for being with us. I’m Bill O’Reilly.

I’m here today to talk to you about achieving the American Dream. 

What is the American Dream?

To me, it’s about living where you want and doing what you want, when you want, also with whom you want. 

It’s often been said that the best things in life are free. 

And that’s true, but it’s not the whole story. 

You can’t reach your potential or live life to the fullest if you spend your days worrying about money. 

Money liberates you from want, from work that is miserable, from relationships that confine you.

No one is truly free who is a slave to his job, his creditors, his circumstances or his bills.

Wealth is the great equalizer.

Wealth is freedom, security and peace of mind.

It allows you to do and be what you want, to support worthy causes and help those closest to you.

It enables you to follow your dreams, to spend your life the way you choose.

Money gives you dignity.

It gives you choices.

That’s why every man and woman should strive to achieve some level of financial freedom.

Today, one of the nation’s top financial minds and I are going to talk about how to “Make Americans Rich Again.”

And not in a theoretical way.

I’m talking about greatly increasing your wealth... beginning TODAY.

It is 100% possible.

Here’s a shocking statistic: America mints 1,917 newfound millionaires every day... 365 days a year.

Yet millions of other Americans are not doing so well.

We want to change that. 

Joining me on this mission... is a man who’s responsible for showing hundreds of thousands of Americans how to achieve their financial goals.

He’s a four-time New York Times bestselling author...

He’s been a guest on The Factor...

And I’ve quoted him on the air over the years because I respect his views.

In fact, I’ve been personally following his work for more than 15 years.

His writing and research are direct, concise and straight to the point.  And I value that.

Many have begun to call him “the Millionaire-Maker”... because he’s taught so many regular investors how to create a seven-figure net worth.  

He is... Alexander Green, Chief Investment Strategist of The Oxford Club... America’s oldest financial think tank.

You’ll hear directly from some of the millionaires Alex helped create today. 

These are everyday Americans who have gone from worrying about their bills and their futures to becoming freshly minted millionaires. 

Alex should be commended for what he’s done to help folks.

As I said earlier, I’ve personally been following Alex’s work for more than 15 years.

He’s helped me make a lot of money.

I’m going to tell you how in just a few minutes...

And Alex is going to tell YOU about his #1 Stock in America right now.

I’ll bring in Alex in just a moment, but first...

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So let’s get started. Let me introduce you to Alexander Green... Come on in here, Alex…

Introducing Alexander Green, The Oxford Club’s Chief Investment Strategist Since 2001

Bill: Alex, welcome.

Alex: Bill, it’s great to be here with you.

Bill: A lot to get to today, Alex. I’ve got some tough questions about what it will take to help the folks watching today achieve a seven-figure portfolio.   

Alex: Sure, Bill, fire away.  

Bill: A brief introduction to Alex first for those who may not know him... He’s The Oxford Club’s Chief Investment Strategist.

You may have seen him profiled in The Wall Street Journal for beating the markets, which he did for 16 straight years. 

He’s famous for predicting the success of some of the biggest stock winners in history... Apple, Intuitive Surgical, Netflix, Celgene and Amazon... just to name a few.

And he’s one of the most respected stock pickers on the planet.

In fact, in preparation for this event... we went back and looked at his track record.

And here’s what we found.

By following his recommendations at The Oxford Club from the time he took over as Chief Investment Strategist in 2001 through to today... you could’ve turned a $150K portfolio into $1,082,241.

By comparison, if you put that same money in the S&P 500 over the same period, you would have made just $406,777.

It’s complete outperformance. One is a millionaire’s portfolio.

The other is not even close.

And as you’ll see in today’s program, even if you’re starting with a much smaller amount, Alex has a proven track record of helping people retire rich.

But here’s what I love most about Alex.

He doesn’t just give moneymaking recommendations. He puts his money where his mouth is.

The guy is a prolific investor himself – and some of his personal wins will blow you away.

You’ll see some of his personal investments coming up.

OK, Alex. A select number of Americans are getting wealthier in the booming Trump economy... thousands are becoming millionaires every single week.

But many more are getting left behind.    

Alex, let me first ask you about the rich... Why is it that the United States is creating so many new millionaires right now?

 Alex: Well, you wouldn’t know this if you listen to the mainstream media...

But we live in the most prosperous time in American history.

Household income and net worth are both at record highs. 

We have a record number of Americans with a million-dollar or more net worth. 

And everyday people – teachers, nurses, construction workers – who invest in booming stocks are getting richer.

Take a look at a company like Square.

You’ve almost certainly paid for something using their little square technology attached to an iPad or iPhone.

If you’ve been to a farmer’s market or a coffee shop in the last three years, you’ve probably seen this.

Thousands of small businesses use Square to take credit card payments.

This company has a phenomenal leadership team. Its CEO has been referred to as a genius.

The CEO and President Trump have held meetings together since the election.

And the company’s stock shot up EIGHTFOLD since Trump was voted in...

You could’ve turned every $1K into about $8,500...

And every $10K into $85,000.

Now... no matter whether you are young or old... rich or poor... man or woman...

If you own shares in a stock like Square, you can get rich fast.

Let’s look at another company... Restoration Hardware.

It creates top-of-the-line home furnishings.

Restoration stock was trading for about $30 a share when Trump was elected.

As the economy and the real estate market began to soar under Trump, so did Restoration.

From $30, it topped $160 a share within the first 16 months of the Trump presidency.

Now, smart investors who recognize stocks like these are making out like bandits.

Bill: OK, so who exactly got rich?

Alex: Well, one person is Restoration CEO Gary Friedman.

He grew up without a dad. Went to a community college.

Started out as a stock boy at The Gap – but always had a passion to get rich.

Now he runs Restoration Hardware! That’s America for you!

In fact, he believes so much in this economy that he’s pouring his own money into shares of Restoration.

Friedman purchased 33,000 shares at $27 in July 2016...

And he’s just kept on buying along the way. He bought 4,600 more shares when the stock hit $70...

He bought 25,000 more shares when it hit $71...

He bought 10,000 more shares when the stock hit $97.

He’s sitting on more than $5 million in PROFIT in just a couple years on this single stock alone.

Bill: But Alex, what about the average guy?

Alex: Well, that’s the thing: Anyone investing alongside a guy like Friedman can get rich too.

That’s the beauty of the stock market.

You can get the exact same returns as Friedman, Amazon chairman Jeff Bezos or Microsoft founder Bill Gates. 

If you own their stock, you’ll get the same return as the world’s richest men. Sure, they may own a few more shares than you do, but the percentage returns are EXACTLY the same. And they’re available to anyone.

But too often, regular investors just don’t know what to do.

Bill: Why is that? What’s keeping regular folks from getting rich?

Alex: One reason is a basic lack of financial literacy. Schools don’t teach it, and most parents don’t know enough to instruct their kids either.

But the #1 reason is that the media is FAILING at its job to inform the public about the incredible wealth-building opportunities available right now.   

The media scares the hell out of people, to the point where they’re afraid to put their money in the markets.

And the average bank currently pays just 0.05% on deposits. At that rate, your savings will double in just... 144,000 years. Clearly, no one is getting rich that way.

As a result... there are three major problems facing most Americans.


Surveys show that fewer people are currently invested in stocks now than BEFORE the financial crisis in 2008.

Bill: Sad but true.

We’ve been in the greatest bull market in history, yet HALF of Americans are still sitting on the sidelines.

The few who are investing constantly shoot themselves in the foot... buying and selling at the wrong times.

A recent Dalbar study shows the average investor getting pummeled by the S&P.

And according to Forbes, over the past 30 years, investors have only made 1.9% per year.

That’s not even keeping up with inflation.

Alex: That’s why people constantly tell me their #1 concern is “running out of money in retirement.”


Bill: Statistics show that...

78% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.

57% of Americans have less than $1,000 saved.

36% of Americans say they haven’t begun to start saving for retirement.

25% of Americans say they plan to NEVER retire (because they won’t have the money).

And only 18% of workers say they’re “very confident” about having enough money in retirement.

And it gets worse... The average Social Security payout is just $18,000 per year – yet millions of seniors rely solely on Social Security for nearly all of their retirement income.

That’s scary, because the Social Security administration issued a recent report that shows cost exceeding income in the program next year. And the system will be insolvent in 16 years. That’s a real threat.

Alex: Yes, and Americans are living longer than ever.

Which is a good thing, of course, except that living longer also means your money needs to last longer too.

A 65-year-old needs to prepare for three full decades of food, housing, medical expenses and hopefully an enjoyable lifestyle.

Bill: According to one Schwab report, people will need as much as $1.7 million in order to make sure they don’t run out of money.

So how do you do that?

Alex: There’s only one surefire way to retire wealthy in America.

And that’s by owning shares in a breakout business that’s crushing sales records... creating innovative products... and rewarding investors with massive paydays.

Sometimes, just ONE great company... ONE single stock... can pay for your entire retirement.

And I’ve got the details on the new #1 Stock in America right now.

Bill: Our viewers will get the chance to get the details on your #1 stock as part of the Great American Wealth Blueprint...

They’ll also receive your three-step system to a seven-figure portfolio...

Plus, they can also receive a free copy of my book The United States of Trump... 

Now I’m not sure that’s a great deal for me, but you’ll like it.

We’ll have information on how to get all of it coming up.

Great Investing Comes Down to One Thing and One Thing Only...

But Alex, to get back to what you were just saying... what I take away from it is this:

Great investing comes down to one thing...

Buying up shares of great companies that create breakthrough products for millions of people...

And watching the profits come to you.

Alex: Yes. The rich know this. They’ve been making millions as the economy soars by investing in great companies.

Look at Bill Ackman. He saw millions of people lining up at Chipotles all across America. So the billionaire hedge fund manager started investing in Chipotle.

The stock ran up to more than $800 in a little more than a year.  

And he closed the trade for $36 million in February.

Bill: This is really the essence of income inequality in a nutshell, isn’t it? The rich are investing in great companies like Chipotle, while most Americans are getting left out.

Alex: You’re exactly right. Mark Grinblatt, a finance professor at UCLA's Anderson School of Management, studied this...

He said there is income inequality because – and I quote...

There is a group of people who participated in the stock market over a period where it nearly tripled, and theres another group of people who didnt.

It’s that simple.

Let me give you a perfect example of one person who did choose to participate rather than sit on the sidelines.

I think this will help explain the difference.

That person is me.

Let me tell you about one stock I uncovered around 2005. 

I’ll never forget the day I saw a bright-red envelope in my neighbor’s hand.  

My neighbor was putting it into his mailbox.

I asked him, “What’s that?”

“You haven’t heard about Netflix?” he responded.

And then he gushed about the online video rental company that delivered movies right to your doorstep and DID NOT charge late fees.

Now... like everyone else, I personally hated getting hounded by Blockbuster to pay late fees.

One late movie could cost you more than buying the damn thing outright... You remember that?

Bill: I do. I remember that really well.

Alex: But I have a unique approach to investing.

Whenever I hear about a new company that everybody is raving about... I don’t immediately become a customer.

Instead, I became a Netflix investor.

It didn’t take much. A few thousand dollars. After all, Netflix was still trading for a split-adjusted $2 a share back then.

But today, with Netflix trading for up over $300, I still hold every share – with no plans to sell.

That stock alone is more than enough for me to retire on.

And it was just one stock. That’s all it took.

Bill: It’s a good point you make here, Alex.

If everyone had done what you did, we’d have millions more rich people in America.

Alex: That’s right. If each of Netflix’s customers had put just $1,000 into Netflix, they’d all have an extra $286,000 today.

Bill: To me that gets us back to the income inequality issue. And I think that’s where our education system fails us.

Our kids know how to download Netflix onto an iPad. They know how to search for movies and TV shows.

But they don’t know the first thing about how to make money by investing in Netflix.

Alex: Which is too bad, because the few investors who did buy Netflix, like myself, made a fortune.

That’s the power of a single great stock.

So just to quickly sum it up...

If you identify those great companies that are bringing in millions of customers, creating new breakthrough ideas and breaking revenue records... you absolutely can retire rich.

Now, I recently uncovered a stock that reminds me exactly of Netflix when I first bought shares of it years ago.

The Criteria of a “Perfect Stock”...

Bill: Essentially, what you’re looking for here is a “perfect stock,” right?

  1. It would be a leader in cutting-edge technology that changes the way we live... just like Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, and yes, Netflix.
  2. It would have breakthrough products used by millions of customers around the world.
  3. Patents and trademarks would protect its profit margins.
  4. It would have hundreds of millions of dollars, if not billions of dollars, in future sales and profits – not just expected, but contractually guaranteed.
  5. It would be relatively undiscovered and trading for a very low price.

Bill: And the new stock you’re recommending meets all that?

Alex: Yes, it does.

First of all, my new #1 Stock in America is operating in the fastest-growing and most exciting sector in the markets today.

I’m talking about the $17 trillion 5G revolution, which is going to be one of the biggest investment opportunities of our lifetimes...

5G will make wireless technology so lightning-quick it’ll make your head spin... It’s 100 times faster than current 4G networks.

For example, a full-length HD movie can be downloaded on your phone or laptop on a 5G network in just six seconds... compared with the seven minutes it takes to download on 4G right now...

Or the one hour it takes on the outdated 3G markets.

Right now, telecom operators are spending $1.7 trillion on equipment upgrades in order to implement 5G from coast to coast. 

South Korea, the United States and Japan are rolling it out as we speak.

Bill: We’re seeing 5G everywhere, Alex.

Actually, the first 5G network in the United States was just launched a few miles from where we are now in New York City.

There’s no doubt this is a huge growth area of the economy.

Alex: That’s right, we’re looking at trillions of dollars flowing into the companies putting the network in place.

And that gets me to my #1 Stock in America right now.

The company is perhaps the most important linchpin to the entire 5G network...

It makes the 5G microchips necessary for the entire system to work.

To put it bluntly... any business that wants to be involved in this coming 5G revolution needs this company’s product.

And the big businesses are lining up.

For example, you will find this company’s microchips in Google’s 5G Chromecast... Samsung’s Galaxy 5G smartphones... and Audi’s mobile 5G Wi-Fi hotspots.

Without this company, none of those businesses could implement 5G.

The company also just did a deal with SoftBank Group, whose founder is billionaire Masayoshi Son.

Bill: Son is one of the 50 richest people in the world.

Through SoftBank, he made a $20 million investment in Alibaba back in 1999. And it’s now worth some $116 billion.

He made huge money on Uber, WeWork, DoorDash and several others.

According to CNN Money, Masayoshi Son... “is pursuing bold, almost brash, deals designed to keep SoftBank at the center of any trend he believes will fundamentally shape the world.”

Let me restate that... He’s pursuing deals at the center of any trend that will fundamentally shape the world.

And now this billionaire is targeting the 5G company you’re recommending?

Alex: He is.

I think he’s probably seeing the same potential I am.

He recognizes that 5G is in fact one of those trends that will reshape the world.

However – and this is the good news for our viewers – this trend is just beginning. My 5G company’s founder says we’re not even in the “first inning yet.”

And I’ll tell you, he’s not kidding.

This company’s microchips will soon be found in 2.3 BILLION products worldwide.

We’re already seeing this company’s 5G microchips used in the Internet of Things, automotive technology and big data, processing storage, networking and security...

It’s in routers, switches, appliances, data storage and servers... It’s in circuits and adapters too. 

Bill: So what you’re saying is that this company matches your first two criteria... It is certainly a leader in cutting-edge technology.

And its microchips are found in products that millions of customers are buying.

But how can you be sure that another company won’t swoop in and take over its market?

Alex: Well, that’s my third criterion.

I want the companies I recommended to have patents that protect them.

And this company has 10,000 patents to protect its intellectual property – and, perhaps more importantly, its profit margins.

Because of that, sales are skyrocketing.

It’s got $1.7 BILLION coming in 2020 after signing a new deal with NXP Semiconductors.

And it’s sitting on $500 million right now that its CEO says it’s prepared to distribute to shareholders. You want to be in before that happens!

Bill: That’s your fourth criterion, billions of dollars in sales.

Alex: Correct.

And finally, we have the fifth criterion: We want it to be unknown, with a cheap share price.

Now, I’d be shocked if 1 in 1,000 people knew this company’s name.

It’s not a household name... yet.

Which is why it’s available right now at a great price.

It reminds me of a similar tech stock: Mitek Systems, which is up 9,261% over the past decade.

Now, I’ve written up a full-length report detailing exactly how you can profit from this stock.

And I am prepared to send copies of it to everyone watching so they can get in right away.   

Because I can tell you now, if you want to retire rich... it’s finding these single stocks with great fundamentals that are going to get you there.

You Could Get Incredibly Wealthy on Just $20 a Week...

Bill: OK, Alex... I know your report will come as part of the Great American Wealth Blueprint, along with my new book. We’re giving everyone the chance to claim the blueprint at the end of the broadcast.

But a lot of people out there don’t feel they have the money to invest. And many more just don’t know which stocks to invest in.

What do you say to them?

Alex: I believe that’s true, but what I love about the stock market is that if you find the right stocks... you don’t need to be rich to change your life.

You can actually do it with as little as $10 a month.

Think about this, Bill...

How much does the average person pay for their Netflix account?

Bill: About $10 a month, yeah?

Alex: Well, if you took the same $10 a month for your Netflix subscription... and put that into the stock when it launched...

You’d have more than a half million dollars today.

Again, we’re talking about just $10 a month!


And if you put the equivalent of $20 a month into Netflix, you’d be sitting on more than $1 million.

And this is true of many stocks...

For example, if you put the equivalent of just $20 a week into a few exceptional stocks over the past decade...

You’d have made $255,048 on Exact Sciences...

$353,040 on MGP Ingredients...

$436,992 on Sleep Number...

$514,752 on Nexstar...

$559,872 on Jazz Pharmaceuticals...

And $691,704 on Patrick Industries.

Bill: I know that when I started out investing, I had nothing...

Zero dollars and zero idea exactly what I was supposed to do with the money I was making.

But my dad always taught me to save at least 10%.

That was some of the best advice I ever got.

I was putting myself and my future first.

And $20 a week certainly seems like something our audience can handle.

Let me ask you this... How expensive is your #1 Stock in America?

Alex: It trades for about $25.

Bill: Is that too expensive?

Alex: No. Actually, $25 is a great low price.

It’s about what I paid when I bought Amazon back in 2005.

Bill: I can imagine what those shares are worth today. The stock’s gotta be up around $2,000 a share by now.

Alex: Yeah, Amazon, that’s right.

It’s actually up 6,000% since I bought it.

When a stock goes up that much, you don’t need to put much in.

And the 5G megastock I’m recommending now has the same sort of upside potential.

Bill: Alex, there’s no question that finding a great stock can help our viewers make a lot of money.

But the fact is... stocks like Amazon, Netflix, Square and others don’t come around very often.

Obviously, you have had some good luck in identifying them.

My question is, how do you know when to pull the trigger, get out or get in, on these stocks?

Alex: The first step is always making sure a company I’m recommending meets my first criterion.

But then, the next part is almost as important.

I’m always looking for a big upcoming catalyst that’s going to make the company a household name.

Some of these catalysts that propel stocks are... for instance…

  • The launch of a revolutionary new product
  • A surprise earnings beat (a great report can kick a stock into overdrive)
  • New deals (signing contracts with other companies can mean guaranteed revenue for years to come)
  • New leadership (just like every sports franchise needs a great coach, a great new executive hire can launch a stock)
  • The launch of an entire new type of technology.

Apple’s a great example.

It launched a brand-new product, the iPod, in 2001.

In a ten-year span, Apple sold more than 300 million iPods.

The launch of that groundbreaking product propelled Apple stock higher for years and years.

I picked up shares myself back in the ’90s.

And I still hold them today.

My retirement has been built on finding just a few powerful stocks early, long before they became household names...

And quite often, it’s not even the big names that give you the biggest paydays.

The best stock of the past 20 years actually wasn’t Apple...

Or Netflix, or Amazon.

It was Monster Beverage. 

Monster was the first company to ever launch an energy drink in a 16-ounce can back in 2002.

As simple as that sounds, that new product launch was a major catalyst.

Today, you can find Monster beverages in almost every single gas station and grocery store across the United States.

You could’ve made 70,000% gains on its stock over the past two decades.

That’s enough to turn every $1,000 into $700,000.

These are the types of opportunities that are out there, Bill.

Bill: Monster Beverage, if I had only known. So is there a big launch or an upcoming catalyst for the stock you are recommending now?

A Coming Catalyst Could Launch This Opportunity Even Higher...

Alex: Absolutely...

And it’s perhaps the biggest global catalyst we’ll see over the next decade.

I’m talking, of course, about the coming global 5G rollout.

Look at these mammoth projections...

One study estimates that the number of 5G connections will grow from fewer than 1 million in 2019 to 37 million in 2020.

It will then increase exponentially, up to 500 million in 2022 and 1.3 billion the next year.

And the 5G company in my crosshairs is involved in EVERYTHING related to the rollout.

The International Data Corporation (IDC) forecasts 5G-related spending will grow at a compound annual rate of 118% through 2022...  

So the company is perfectly positioned to take advantage of this opportunity for a long time.

Bill: Well, I can see why you’ve named it your #1 Stock in America.

I’ve been following the 5G story pretty closely.

And it’s one of the most interesting things to me – I can imagine your 5G company is heavily involved in this – is how these little 5G devices are going to be everywhere. My dry cleaner has one.

The 5G small cell antennas are going to be found on street lights, utility poles, bus stops, sides of buildings, mailboxes.

Alex: That’s right. And this one company’s microchips are likely to be found in all of those devices.

Remember, we’re talking about 2.3 billion products containing this company’s microchips.

It’s massive.

Again, I’ve got all the details on this company... including the ticker symbol and how to buy it... in a special report that everyone watching today can receive.

It’s calledHow to Profit From the #1 5G Megastock.

And our audience can get it as part of the Great American Wealth Blueprint.

Bill: Now, Alex, I’ve been following your investment recommendations for a long time. I think you do a good job of identifying the key reasons stocks go up in value.

You’re not always perfect.

But more often than not, you seem to find the big winners.

Here’s one from just around the time I first started following your work. Your December 2003 newsletter featured a cancer-fighting company called Celgene bursting onto the scene.

You saw the results of an ongoing Harvard study on one of its prized drugs.

You predicted a “wonderful opportunity” for investors.  

Months later, Celgene won a key approval by the FDA.

Celgene then went on to become one of the most epic runs in stock market history.

Alex: Yes, it’s gone from around $5 to up over $140 at its peak.

One reader who took our Celgene recommendation wrote to say...

My original $25,000 investment generated more than $800,000 in total, and I'm still holding a good chunk of it... What I still hold is now up 2,440%.

There’s no telling just how much total profit he’ll make when it’s all said and done.

Maybe a million-plus...

Bill: You also recommended Intuitive Surgical when it was under $3 a share.

Alex: Oh yeah, this was a big one.

Bill: Your headline read...

“We’re Bullish on Robotic Surgery... And You Should Be, Too.”

The company was way ahead of the curve. Within eight months of your recommendation, Intuitive Surgical won FDA approval for robotic procedures.

It’s exploded from about $3 to around $500 a share today. 

Alex: Bill, that was another life-changing experience for my readers.

I got a chance to meet one reader, Sal Campisi of Lakeland, Florida, who made more than a million dollars from this single stock recommendation.

Bill: We’ve got Sal on video... Here’s what he had to say.

(Alex) recommended it when it was $45 a share. I bought it five times. I made a MILLION-TWO on the fifth time.”

Alex: A “million-two.” How about that?

Bill: That’s why you’re called the Millionaire-Maker, Alex.

Create YOUR Legacy, Starting Today

Alex: But that’s not all...

The reason I’m such a big proponent of finding that one stock that changes everything is not so people can count it all up in their bank accounts.

It’s simply because of the impact this money has on people’s lives.

Sal says he’s been able to create a charitable foundation.

He says all five of his children have ALSO become MILLIONAIRES from this stock.  

Better yet... he’s set it up so that even his grandkids will get significant funds once they turn 40 years old. 

That’s creating a family legacy, which I know is very important to most people.

Bill: As you know, Alex, I’ve personally also done well following your advice.

I have made money on your Diageo, Nordstrom and AT&T recommendations, among others.

You also recommended Berkshire Hathaway B Shares around the time I joined as well.

Alex: Berkshire Hathaway B Shares... that was one of my earliest recommendations at the Club. 

Bill O’Reilly: “I made a lot of dough!”

Bill: I made a lot of dough, a ton of dough. And I’m still holding it all today.

Look at that rocket ride of a stock chart.

That thing is straight up.

Alex, these are the types of great investments you recommend.

Alex: Well, I try to.

There’s always risk, and things don’t always work out perfectly.

Yet I’ve certainly had a lot of success with this system over the years.

I know the future isn’t guaranteed. That’s why it’s so important to block out the noise and just focus on the best-of-the-best companies.

No matter what is going on in the economy... no matter what the Fed chooses to do with interest rates... no matter what sort of economic ordeal or political strife is happening out there in the world...

Even in market downturns, the GREATEST OF COMPANIES generally do well.

He’s called the Millionaire-Maker for a Reason...

Bill: Alex, I know I’ve enjoyed following your work.

But before sitting down with you today, I wanted to speak with some of your readers about their experiences.

So we invited a few of them here today.

I asked them to tell us their name, how long they’ve been following your work... and a little bit about their experience.

Bret Holder: “Reader for 20 years... I set up trusts for my two kids in 2002... Today each account is worth more than 600K, with about 13 years left before they gain access to the funds (age 35). I expect that each account will be well over $1 million by then. I truly appreciate the educational and optimistic approach taken by everyone at The Oxford Club. My children will thank you too in about 13 years!”

Pat Douglas: “Reader for 10 years. I started with $150,000. Today I have $3.5 million despite all my personal and family expenses over this whole period. All of that growth was due to the recommendations I got from The Oxford Club.”

Sandra Hubbert: “My husband and I have been members of The Oxford Club for about 30 years. Because of the Communiqué and what we learned, my husband was confident that we could take an early retirement (55)... If not for what we learned from the Communiqué, we probably would not have had the confidence or courage to invest in our future. Due to our decision, we have been able to live very comfortably prior to Social Security. We would never be in the comfortable financial position we are in now without the knowledge and investing advice we gained from the Communiqué. We are doing what we enjoy. My husband has a rock ‘n’ roll band, and I am writing, having just published my first book, Invest Reinvest Rest: Investment Advice for All Generations. It is based on what I have learned as a Member of The Oxford Club.”

Lenny Bouldin: “The Oxford Club has made me a couple million over the years.”

Michael Gillbanks: “I made probably about a million... Reading Alex’s notes is reassuring. I wish he had a wider audience these days.”

Kurt Hart: “I started investing in stocks in the year 2000, at age 66... Alex’s recommendations gave me the confidence to invest more... I made great profits that allowed me to pay off my house and left me with a portfolio valued at more than $2 million. Alex’s advice gave me and my family confidence in the future and helped me retire with peace of mind.”

Ervin Upshaw: “Since I joined The Oxford Club, my portfolio has grown about 200-fold... As an immigrant who arrived with nothing more than a backpack many years ago, I have done quite well thanks to the opportunities this great country offers. Alex has been beating the drum in his essays about how to be successful and how to secure a good retirement as simply as possible, and it resonates with me, having traveled that path.  All in all, yes, I can say The Oxford Club and Alex have had a significant impact on my life, my best investment ever! So THANK YOU, Alex!“

Vin Giufre: “When I started in 2013, I invested heavily in Alex’s Communiqué recommendations. Once of his stellar recommendations was Berkshire Fund – which was very profitable. When I retired in late 2017, I transferred my deferred tax account into my Oxford portfolio. I never dreamed my investments, not counting my house, would total more than $2 million. I am very grateful for Alex and The Oxford Club’s advice over these years.”

Alex: This is what it’s all about, helping people.

Bill: Obviously, people have done well.

But that’s all in the past, Alex.

Today, with the Great American Wealth Blueprint you’ve put together... you’re giving people the chance to get in on the types of stocks that change people’s lives.

Alex Reveals His Three Millionaire-Making Stocks for You...

Alex: That’s right.

Now, the first company I’ve already talked about today.

It’s the 5G megastock that is my #1 Stock in America right now.

It meets each of my five criteria.

  1. It’s got cutting-edge technology and is a Top 100 Global Innovator.
  2. It’s distributed not just millions, but billions, of products worldwide.
  3. It’s got 10,000 patents protecting its intellectual property.
  4. It’s racking up deals with major tech firms like Samsung, Google, SoftBank Group and NXP Semiconductors to ensure more than $1 billion in future revenue.
  5. And yet it’s almost entirely undiscovered, and trading for around $25.

Bottom line: If there was ever one individual stock to retire on, this could be it.

Bill: So Alex, are you going to tell us the name of this company?

Alex: Unfortunately, I can’t do that... It’s just too cheap to give out to everyone.

We’d risk moving the stock. I’ve reserved it only for my readers.

But I’ve created a special report, “How to Profit From the #1 5G Megastock,” where I’m willing to give everyone watching today access to the complete details, including the stock ticker.

It will go out to every viewer who signs up to receive the Great American Wealth Blueprint.

Bill: Now, is this the only company you’re recommending folks buy?

Or are there others?

Alex: It’s my favorite one, that’s for sure. But there are actually two more millionaire-makers that I’d like to get people the details on...

The second company that could make you a millionaire is a cancer diagnostics company.

It’s attacking one of the biggest problems impacting the entire human race...


And it actually reminds me of Seattle Genetics, a similar company of the past that developed treatments for cancer.

Seattle Genetics ran from $2.30 to $76 today.

It turned every $10K into $330,400.

This company doesn’t just want to fight cancer. It wants to wipe it out.

It’s the very first company to develop proprietary genetic testing tools that help doctors identify small clusters of cancer cells in their earliest stages... before they’re even a threat.

This alone could increase survival rates by as much as 18X.

So that’s Criterion #1 – it’s certainly a leader in cutting-edge technology.

Now, keep in mind, the reason a company like Seattle Genetics shot up 3,204% is that it was creating a solution to a problem affecting millions of people.

And that’s what this company is doing as well.

The market for cancer testing is $144 billion annually... and growing.

In other words, it meets Criterion #2 –it has the potential to help millions of people.

This company also holds nine different key patents and 700 trademarks to protect its technology.

For example, one patent is a brand-new method to determine whether or not a patient needs a prostate biopsy.

Another patent protects an early detection method for screening and providing a prognosis for esophageal cancer.

That’s Criterion #3.

And the sales are now rolling in.

It recently announced deals with QIAGEN and drug giant Novartis to offer testing to breast cancer patients.

It’s got a backlog of $100 million in deals signed with drug companies.

As a result, sales soared 51% over the past year... to record-high revenue.

Both sales and earnings are up double digits in three straight quarters as it continues to smash estimates.

In short, it’s making a ton of money.

That’s Criterion #4 – hundreds of millions in sales.

Finally, #5... this company is unknown, and trading for cheap.

99.9% of investors don’t know its name.

But it’s perfectly positioned to take advantage of the massive growth that lies ahead in this sector.

In fact, according to MarketWatch, this company is projected to be a “key player” in developments in the global cancer-profiling market from now all the way through the year 2023.

Bill: And it’s not an expensive stock?

Alex: No, only about $20 a share.

Bill: And last but not least?

Alex:  The third company combines two industries that have rewarded investors with huge wins in the past: finance and tech.

We call this type of company a “fintech.”

Square, for example – the company I mentioned earlier that’s rewarded investors with 750% gains – is a fintech.

And this new company I’m recommending now has the same sort of upside potential.

Except instead of revolutionizing the way people pay for products, like Square, this company instead is tackling the way people finance major purchases.

It’s created a fast and secure way to get financing online.

So it checks the first box – it’s leading the way in cutting-edge technology.

And it also passes the second test...

It’s developed a breakthrough product used by millions.

It doubled its user base in a year, up to 24 million.

Its technology is backed by 55 software copyrights and has 53 patents pending.

So that’s Criterion #3.

And of course, the company is doing billions in business.

It originated more than $11 billion worth of loans in a single year, on which it is collecting a monstrous profit.

But it is on the verge of getting much bigger.

Think about this... The fintech market could end up being $100 TRILLION, according to one industry insider.

That’s 50 times bigger than Apple, Amazon and Netflix... combined!

So obviously, this company matches Criterion #4... hundreds of millions, perhaps billions, in sales. 

Yet this company has been trading publicly for only two years, so almost no one knows about it.

Bill: And I imagine the stock trades at a great price too...

Alex: That’s right, around $10.

This has all the hallmarks of a millionaire-making stock.

It’s got the trajectory of Square...

Or even Mastercard, another fintech stock that went from $5 to nearly $300 a share.

That turned every $10K into $616,900.

Alex Is Prepared to Give You All the Important Details on These Three Special Companies... FREE!

Bill: Alex, every one of these stocks sounds like a great pick.  

So how do people get all the details on these companies, with ticker symbols and buy instructions?

Alex: As I mentioned, I’ve prepared three FREE special reports that include the names and ticker symbols of these stocks... and which also include easy-to-follow “Buy Now” instructions.

The first report is on my #1 Stock in America. It’s called...

“How to Profit From the #1 5G Megastock.”

The second is an early-detection biotech. It’s called...

“The Millionaire-Making Diagnostics Company.”

And the third is my favorite play on financial technology. It’s called...

“The Top Fintech in a $100 TRILLION Market.”

And these reports are all included in the Great American Wealth Blueprint.

Bill: And as part of the Great American Wealth Blueprint, which everyone can receive today, you’ll also receive my book The United States of Trump.

And that’s not all...

Alex has also created an additional video series to send you, Three Steps to a Seven-Figure Portfolio, in which he lays out his entire wealth-building strategy.

If you’ve never bought a stock in your life, Alex shows you the easiest way to do it in this video series.

If you don’t know the first thing about creating a portfolio... you’ll get the paint-by-numbers instructions on how to do it.

You’ll be off and running with the training you’ll get in this video series.

Now, Alex has promised me our viewers will get everything in this Great American Wealth Blueprint straight ahead.  

But first, I have a question for you, Alex...

I imagine it’s one our viewers have as well.

How can you be sure the markets won’t go into a tailspin, and that these stocks won’t perform poorly?

Alex: Well, we definitely have had some losing positions from time to time in the past.

So there are no guarantees.

That’s just part of investing.

But these three particular stocks I believe are some of the best I’ve ever researched.

I believe they will perform well in any market.

But even if the markets do turn against us, we have also built a system to get people OUT in extreme situations.

We set up what we call Safety Switch Alerts for our readers to get them out before any big losses. That allows us to have strictly limited downside risk, with unlimited upside potential.

For example, when the Great Recession struck, this system was triggered. And rather than getting out with major losses... we ended up closing 45 plays for an average gain of 28%.

Meanwhile, the market fell by 37% that year. 

Bill: That is incredible. Not to mention, you were one of the first financial gurus to tell people to get back in at the bottom.

I remember at the beginning of 2009 you sent out a message to all of us following your work, saying...

“2009 will be a terrible year for the economy. But, shocking and surprising most investors, it should be an excellent year for the stock market.”

The market went on to jump 65% by year’s end.

Alex: That’s true.

I’m a big believer in the idea that when you do get out of the market, you shouldn’t do it for long.

And we jumped right back in at the perfect time.

Reader Joe Martin of California wrote to tell us he made more than $1.3 million thanks to our advice.

“The bottom in 2008 was $1.4 million. Yesterday I was at $2.7 million.”

Bill O’Reilly: A Paying Reader of Alexander Green’s Work Since 2003

Bill: Now, I’ve been reading Alex’s work myself since 2003.

I’m not a spokesman for Alex’s research service, mind you.

I’m merely a happy guy. I’m a LIFETIME reader.

And I’ve been one for 15 years.

It’s clear, concise, award-winning research...

The stock selections are second to none...

And everything is manageable. That’s very important to me.

Let me tell a personal story about how I discovered it. And why I came to be a big believer in Alex and his publication, The Oxford Communiqué.

When I started investing many years ago... I started from scratch. $0.


But I was determined to save as much as I could... and put it toward retirement.

10% here... 10% there... every paycheck. That’s what my father taught me, and I always followed it.

As I started making bigger money, I had trouble finding investment experts I could trust.

Some of the guys I followed led me to investments that went bankrupt, like Global Crossing.

Others would recommend 120 stocks. I mean, come on. As if I could do that!

And other guys would suddenly disappear when you needed them most.

This sort of thing is common on Wall Street...

Bunch of charlatans.

Look what happened to my pal Billy Joel.

We were both rowdy guys from the same neighborhood on Long Island.

As soon as he got famous, he hired Wall Street so-called experts to manage his money, and they stole him blind.

Big court lawsuits followed.

I knew from what happened to Billy – and from my own experience – that I didn’t want to trust Wall Street money managers that don’t have my interests at heart.

I made the decision that I would be the one controlling my own money – with a little help from a small inner circle of guys I trust.

Then I started hearing about Alex Green in 2003.  

What I liked about him... first of all, he kept the recommendations manageable. I could understand them.

Not 120. More like 20.

I also loved that Alex emphasized that “Nobody cares more about your money than you do... and YOU should be in charge of it.”

Alex’s research was really clear. He gave you all the details you needed to make a decision on whether you wanted to buy the stock or not.

And then I could make the trade. I was in control, and I liked that.

Not to mention... he always had a clear plan for how to get out of positions.

Alex, we talked about those Safety Switch Alerts earlier. They protected your readers during the financial crisis of 2008.

That’s the type of planning I really appreciate.

It’s the reason I’ve had success following your Communiqué.

I’ve made great money following your picks, especially that Berk B play that was a home run.

And Alex, it appears you’re just getting better and better with age.

January 1, 2019... you said 2019 would be a “stock picker’s market.”

And the first stock you ought to pick... was Planet Fitness.

That stock has gone straight up.

Next, on June 1, 2019, you wrote to readers, showing them “How to Profit From the World’s Greatest Masterpieces.”

The play was Sotheby's (NYSE: BID), one of the world's two largest auctioneers of fine art, jewelry and collectibles.

Within weeks of writing that article, Sotheby’s got an offer from a French billionaire to go private... and your readers got a chance to pocket an instant 61% gain in a single day. 

Now, Alex, you’re not always right.

Alex: No, but it’s important to be more right than wrong.

Bill: That’s exactly it. And what you’ve done for my own finances, and for the portfolios of so many everyday American folks... it’s unlike anything that I’ve seen.

That’s why I’m here today.

Bill O’Reilly: “I want to see hardworking folks achieve the American Dream.”

I want to share my experience with as many people as possible...

Because as part of this Great American Wealth Project... I want to see hardworking folks achieve the American Dream

So if you want to access the next millionaire-making stocks like Celgene, Intuitive Surgical, Planet Fitness and Sotheby’s... the types of stocks that can singlehandedly supercharge your entire portfolio...

If you want to make to make a lot more money for your retirement...

You need to follow Alex’s program...

And it’s not just my opinion either.

The independent Hulbert Financial Digest has ranked your newsletter among the top 10 in the nation for low-risk, max-reward performance for 16 straight years.

If you had beaten the market for one year, two years, five years, people would say, “Well, you’re just lucky.”

But you’ve surpassed 16 straight years of outperformance.

The people who consistently beat their benchmarks are not just lucky. If you do it long enough, it’s clearly evidence of skill.

If you feel stuck, Alex is the type of person who can help you achieve great wealth.

So how can our viewers get your next stock picks and follow your recommendations?

The Oxford Communiqué With Alex Green: Outperform the Markets by $2 MILLION!

Alex: I alert my readers to every single recommendation in my monthly publication The Oxford Communiqué.

The goals of the Communiqué are simple and straightforward.

I aim to help readers...

  1. Maximize their income
  2. Minimize taxes
  3. At least double the broad market returns
  4. Minimize market risks
  5. And live a financially free life, without money worries and concerns.

My philosophy is simple when it comes to investing.

I don’t try to jump in and out of the markets constantly based on the media-driven news cycle. I don’t try to predict what crazy moves the Fed will make. Or who will get elected president.

Rather, I find perfect stocks that match my five criteria... companies that are truly changing our world by inventing new products, gaining worldwide market share and increasing revenues quarter after quarter.

That approach has led to massive returns like the $800,000 in profit one reader made on Celgene...

The $1.2 million another made on Intuitive Surgical...

And the $3 million in total profit another reader made by listening to all of my recommendations over the long haul.

Getting your shot at big winners like this is easy if you follow my system.

And I’ll tell you which new stock to buy each month in each new issue of the Communiqué.

Bill: In preparation for this event, we went back to look at the long-term performance of your organization. And it is impressive.

Since 1993, a $100,000 portfolio following ONLY the Communiqué picks would have grown to $2,918,216.

By comparison, that same $100,000 put in the S&P 500 would be worth only $876,945.

That’s more than a $2 million difference.

And my understanding is that, along with everything else we’ve promised, you’re going to give everyone watching today a risk-free trial of The Oxford Communiqué.

Is that right?

Alex: That’s absolutely correct, Bill.

Get Everything Promised Today... With an IRONCLAD 365-Day, Risk-Free Guarantee

Bill: So altogether in the Great American Wealth Blueprint...

This is a huge package...

You’ll receive a 365-day risk-free trial run in The Oxford Communiqué...

Along with it, you’ll get Alex’s three-part video series, Three Steps to a Seven-Figure Portfolio...

As well as Alex’s special reports...

  • “How to Profit From the #1 5G Megastock”
  • “The Millionaire-Making Diagnostics Company”
  • “The Top Fintech in a $100 TRILLION Market”

Plus, I’m also going to give folks my brand-new book, The United States of Trump, FREE.

It’s my best piece of writing ever.

It’ll be the most talked-about book leading up to the next election, without a doubt.

One woman I gave the book to could not go to sleep until she read it cover to cover. 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.

It’s a page-turner.

No anonymous sources. Five interviews with the president.

I’ve known him for 30 years. He gave me an interview on Air Force One, and I appreciate his time... all five interviews he did with me.

But I don’t owe him anything other than telling the truth.

The United States of Trump is a history book.

Not pro-Trump, not anti-Trump.

And everyone watching can get it free today, along with the entire Great American Wealth Blueprint.

In a moment, one of the key executives at Alex’s organization, George Rayburn, is going to explain how to get everything we’ve mentioned today.

Alex assures me he’s set up a 365-day risk-free guarantee that ensures all the risk is on his shoulders. You’ll get details on that in a moment.

But before we hand it over to George, let me say this...

You may be thinking that this project and getting started with someone like Alex Green is expensive. 

It should be, but I want everyone to know that I asked Alex to give viewers the best deal his team at The Oxford Club has ever given...

As you'll see, we are talking about getting you started with Alex’s prized newsletter for less than a buck a week! A dollar.

That's incredibly inexpensive. It’s one of the things I love about Alex.

He cares about helping people and doesn’t need to charge an arm and a leg.

And for watching today, you also get my book for free... You are not going to find a better deal than this anywhere.

If you don’t like my book, you can come to my house and yell at me. This is a good book.

All in all, it’s just a phenomenal deal that’s been put together for the Great American Wealth Project.

Thank you to the viewers for taking part.

For Alexander Green, Chief Investment Strategist of The Oxford Club, I’m Bill O’Reilly in New York.

We’re turning it over to George Rayburn – he’s a big shot – Executive Vice President of The Oxford Club.


George: Bill, Alex, I can’t thank you enough. That was simply fantastic.

And thank YOU for taking part in The Great American Wealth Project today.

As Bill said, he insisted upon the best deal we can possibly give on everything promised in the blueprint today...


  • A one-year subscription to The Oxford Communiqué
  • The United States of Trump by Bill O’Reilly (a value of up to $89.99)
  • Three Steps to a Seven-Figure Portfolio video series ($499 value)
  • “How to Profit From the #1 5G Megastock” ($299 value)  
  • “The Millionaire-Making Diagnostics Company” ($299 value)
  • The Top Fintech in a $100 TRILLION Market” ($299 value).

Momentarily, you’re going to see a button pop up... It’ll say “Get My Great American Wealth Blueprint NOW.”

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One gentleman made $1.2 million on a single recommendation...

And all five of his adult children became millionaires on the stock too! It’s just unbelievable.

With a one-year Communiqué subscription, you’ll get...

  • 24/7/365 access to the Oxford Trading Portfolio
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All told, the total value of your package of the Great American Wealth Blueprint, along with Bill O’Reilly’s book The United States of Trump, is $1,485.99!

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Alex and Bill discussed many of the hardships Americans are facing, even in this booming economy.

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That’s why we’re making this risk-free trial of the Communiqué available to you for only $49... That’s less than $1 per week!

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And we’re going to take it up a level...

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To sum it all up...

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On behalf of Bill O’Reilly, Alexander Green and The Oxford Club, I’m George Rayburn.  

I look forward to welcoming YOU as the newest Member of The Oxford Club.

Go ahead and click that button right now!

Thanks for being with us.