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Why I’m Offering a Bonus Year of Lightning Trend Trader ($4,000 Value)

I’m making sure NO ONE misses the most explosive play of my career (I’m trying to beat my record gain of 2,381% in 10 months)...

Right now, I’m giving away one free bonus year of access to my record-setting Lightning Trend Trader research service to anyone who subscribes today.

Normally we charge $4,000 for a single year.

But today I’ve decided to do something special for you.

I’m offering a bonus year of my research service, valued at $4,000 to new members.

Why would I give away a bonus year of such valuable research?

Let me tell you a quick story.

Recently, I uncovered a surging biotech, AbbVie, with a revolutionary Alzheimer’s breakthrough.

So I created an urgent video presentation, much like the one you are watching right now, detailing the investment opportunity...

In it, I made clear just how much money I expected people could make in one year.

Here are my exact words...

That’s right. I was so confident, I guaranteed it.

Yet not everyone believed me.

One online commenter said that my prediction “smells like pig feces.”

Another sarcastically mocked my guarantee, as if there were no way I could deliver.

But they couldn’t see what I saw. They didn’t know about the Alzheimer’s breakthrough that was coming.

And sure enough...

Using a special options play, I delivered a return 4 1/2 times my 519% guarantee...

A return of 2,381% in 10 months on the highest partial closeout, to be exact – my personal record and the second-highest ever in the history of The Oxford Club.

It was a proud moment for me. It wasn’t easy achieving this record. Options come with more risk, so putting my name on the line meant my recommendation could blow up in my face.

That’s the risk you take with options.

But since options are leveraged, they offer far bigger gains than just trading the regular stock.

And on this play, my hard work and intense research paid off – literally.

Vietnam veteran Anthony Valentino was one of the people who took me up on the offer.

And it changed his life forever.

We estimate he and his brother put in around $143,000 if they followed my recommendations exactly... an awfully big bet on an option. More than I would recommend for most people, frankly.

But when the play went up an astounding average of 907%, it paid off in a big way.

Ten months later, he wrote in and said...

It was a HUGE win for a small group of our subscribers... one of the biggest EVER in our 25-plus year history.

And yet... there was one problem.

You missed it.

In fact, only 350 people claimed a copy of the report where I showed exactly how to profit from this opportunity.

Given that there are 150,000 Oxford Club subscribers, that’s unacceptable.

Less than 1% of our Members took action and captured this life-changing gain.

That’s why, today, we’re making damn sure it doesn’t happen again.

You see... I’ve found a new play that I think has the potential to top my first record.

It’s a play that will require an option and more risk than buying regular shares.

But it also comes with major upside.

And with my goal of setting a new record in mind...

Our CEO Julia Guth authorized me to do something unprecedented...

We’re giving away a free bonus year of my Lightning Trend Trader research service to whoever subscribes today.

That way, you have all the time you need to follow my new record-breaking play, along with all the fast money recommendations I’ll make, with me at your side.

We could end up giving away $2 million worth of subscriptions – or more.

But it’s worth it.

Our whole mission here at The Oxford Club is to help you achieve financial freedom.

Just think about the life you’d live if we beat the odds and hit a new record here.

Anthony Valentino took eight family members to Sicily for Christmas and New Year's...

And he plans to take his family on three international vacations every year before his granddaughters reach college age.

Just like him, you could go on vacations without worrying about a tight budget...

Or give back to your church or a charity or start a scholarship program.

All you have to do is watch this video to the end to see how to join and claim your bonus year. And then decide how much you’d like to invest!

And while we normally cap new subscriptions to my Lightning Trend Trader research service...

This time, there is NO LIMIT to the number of people I’m letting in.

Because I have a recommendation ready that could beat my 2,381% gain in 10 months...

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I’m gunning to beat my record by a hefty margin... a 3,000% winner in a year.

Given my PROVEN strategy, you’re looking at capturing a monster of a trade.

And once again, I’m willing to back it up with a guarantee.

My Subscribers Are Getting Rich...
and This Is Your Chance to Join Them!

My name, by the way, is Marc Lichtenfeld.

I’m the Chief Income Strategist here at The Oxford Club.

My life’s mission is to help you grow and preserve your wealth swiftly and safely.

And I love it. It’s my dream job.

Between Wall Street bleeding you dry with fees...

And the mainstream financial media feeding you misinformation...

But I’m here to change that.

I’ve been in this business a long time, and I’ve made a big difference in people’s lives.

Here’s the proof.

I’ve delivered more than 133 triple- and quadruple-digit gains on my best options recommendations in my time here at The Oxford Club...

And my average Lightning Trend Trader stock and options gain – including both winners and losers – is a proud 26.2% with an average hold time of just 99 days.

But we’ve hit it way out of the park on my biggest winning partial options plays, like...

  • 236% on Teladoc Health in 51 days
  • 249% on Intellia Therapeutics in 35 days
  • 386% on J.M. Smucker in 153 days
  • 398% on Idexx Laboratories in 119 days
  • 775% on NPS Pharmaceuticals in 140 days
  • 2,381% on AbbVie in 10 months
  • And much, MUCH more.

My Lightning Trend Trader service has outperformed the S&P 500 for years.

Here’s what that has looked like since 2012.

And these aren’t just numbers on a page.

I have countless letters in my inbox from real subscribers from across my services who are living their dreams because of my research.

Donald Sullivan says, “I have used Marc's stocks to create a retirement portfolio that gives me peace of mind even when the market gets a little crazy. I have the income I need to do whatever I want. I am blessed!”

Ken McElroy wrote, “Marc, I made $11,000 [63.5% in six weeks]. Thank you!”

Colin Jones said, “I made $200K [126% in 46 days] on Synergy thanks to you. Bravo!

And my research is so thorough and mitigates risk so well, professional investment advisors look to me for help.

Reader Larry Frank wrote me and said...

Christopher Miller, a former senior VP of investments, said...

And Malcolm Severson sent me one of my favorite notes I’ve ever gotten from a reader. It’s a little long, but I think it’s important to share.

He says...

“I’m a paralyzed veteran, 53 years old. I'm not able to work in a traditional job anymore, so following the recommendations from Marc and The Oxford Club has given me back a sense of purpose and value in my life, allowing me to provide for my family and gain back some pride again. Thank you!!”

For me, this is what my job is all about.

It’s about helping people take control of their lives... and take pride in providing for themselves and others.

That’s why I’m making absolutely sure you don’t miss the biggest trade recommendation of my career...

One where I’m aiming for 3,000% potential in 12 months.

Of course, 3,000% is exceptional – results like that don’t happen every day. But that’s exactly why I want to give you a FREE bonus year of Lightning Trend Trader when you subscribe today... so you don’t miss this rare opportunity.

Even a fraction of that gain would be life-changing...

And there’s a good reason I’m so confident.

Get Fabulously Wealthy With These “Lightning Strike” Market Events

I’ve been able to identify some of the biggest winners in the history of the market.

The strategy I use is a powerful, proven way to make a LOT of money in a short period of time.

It harnesses the power of special catalysts...

That send seemingly normal stocks to the moon.

I call them “Lightning Strikes.”

A stock might go nowhere for YEARS...

But then, when a Lightning Strike occurs, you have the opportunity to make a LOT of money in a very short period of time.

That’s why I’ve dedicated so much of my life to becoming the foremost expert on these potent market events.

My track record is loaded with examples of subscribers getting the opportunity to make huge money on Lightning Strikes.

Let me show you...

A couple of years ago, I discovered a company called Onyx Pharmaceuticals. It was successfully treating kidney and liver cancers with a drug called Nexavar.

The broader market didn’t fully appreciate what a home run this was...

But I knew it wouldn’t stay cheap for long.

So on April 2, I recommended that my subscribers take a position in Onyx.

Sure enough, lightning struck.

And subscribers had the chance to lock in a 330% gain on a partial options play in just three months.

Similarly, my subscribers had the chance at a massive payday with Celldex Therapeutics.

For about a year, the stock did absolutely nothing.

But I knew a Lightning Strike was coming up.

Celldex was targeting triple-negative breast cancer – a rare, deadlier form of the disease. And it was getting ready to release Phase 2 clinical trial data – a powerful type of Lightning Strike.

So I sent an email to my subscribers on November 28... right before this big event.

And shares in Celldex SURGED 419% in under a year!

The stock soared from $6 to more than $30!

And $5,000 turned into nearly $26,000.

What was particularly amazing about this recommendation was that it was on a pure stock play. 419% in under a year is practically unheard of.

Around the same time, I discovered NPS Pharmaceuticals.

It sold a drug called Gattex to treat short bowel syndrome. It’s a rare disease affecting as few as 12,000 Americans.

So it’s really no wonder why Wall Street wasn’t paying close attention.

NPS was doing practically nothing for an entire year.

But I knew how revolutionary its drug Gattex was.

Sufferers of short bowel syndrome experience severe malnutrition.

Patients must be hooked up to a feeding tube for hours a day.

But Gattex was set to transform these patients’ lives. I knew it was going to be a big Lightning Strike for NPS.

So I sent an email to my Lightning Trend Trader subscribers.

Just 4 1/2 months later...

Those who followed my recommendation saw a 775% gain in their accounts on a partial options play!

Every $5,000 exploded into $43,750.

That’s a lot of money in such a short period of time.

And then, of course there was the giant win in AbbVie.

It was hovering around the same price for three years. It seemed like the stock was dead in the water.

But then I discovered that it had partnered with Google on an incredible Alzheimer’s breakthrough.

I quickly shot a special video on the opportunity and sent it to all my subscribers.

Then, just as I predicted, lightning struck. The stock went on a tear.

My subscribers had the chance to lock in a 2,381% gain on a partial play in just 10 months.

That’s the power of Lightning Strikes.

Of course, this is just a small sampling of the best wins I’ve helped my subscribers collect.

In my time at The Oxford Club, I’ve recommended more than 133 triple- and quadruple-digit gains across my services.

It’s proof that you CAN beat the market...

And you CAN catch up on your retirement...

If you know where to look.

The problem is most financial advisors will tell you the only way to make money is to sit on an index fund for 40 years and pray for 7% annually.

That bad advice is so deeply ingrained into most investors’ brains.

And that’s probably why the vast majority of Oxford Club subscribers missed out on the chance to make 2,381% in 10 months on my huge AbbVie win.

And today, you’re getting a second chance.

I’ve found a new stock about to experience a Lightning Strike. And I believe this one could set my all-time record for gains.

It’s bigger and better than AbbVie.

And I believe it could hand you a 30X gain over the next year.

The reason I’m so confident is simple.

A 3,000% winner is possible when you see the telltale signs of a Lightning Strike about to hit.

Gains that big, while rare, are far more common in the biotech market than other sectors.

Let me show you some of the best historical examples of biotechs achieving gains this big.

Take a look at Genzyme, which experienced a Lightning Strike not too long after its IPO. It started releasing great clinical trial data for a drug to help treat Gaucher’s disease...

And this stock went on to deliver 3,168%!

BioMarin Pharmaceutical was trading for less than $4 on November 5 a few years ago. Then, lightning struck. It announced Phase 3 trials for its drug Phenoptin.

The stock went on to deliver 3,637% gains!

MiMedx Group experienced the same. The stock delivered 3,740%!

Again, exceptional examples like these are certainly rare. But as I said, just one of these Lightning Strikes can light a stock up and multiply your money many times over.

And the play I want to share with you today is definitely primed for a Lightning Strike.

This company has an incredibly profitable business model...

One that allows it to capture millions in profits from drug sales... WITHOUT paying for the expensive FDA testing.

And it has deals with pharma giants like Merck, Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Novartis and more...

But here’s what makes it truly unique.

I believe it’s about to experience not just one Lightning Strike...

But a bevy of Lightning Strikes one after another.

This company is basically a lightning rod.

It has so many catalysts coming up, it would take a nearly impossible series of events to keep this stock price down.

Of course, there are still risks. Anyone who tells you they can predict the market with 100% accuracy is full of it. There’s always the chance you’ll lose some money or make less than projected.

But the fact of the matter is... Lightning Strikes are the most powerful catalysts in the market...

So to maximize your chance at 3,000% in a year, you need to act now.

I’m expecting big new drug royalty announcements to hit on December 16, January 11, February 25 and March 10.

We’re looking at one Lightning Strike after another.

You’ll want to be in well before all of that happens.

In fact, I recommend getting in TODAY for maximum profit potential. Because once the momentum gets going, the price could shoot to the stars.

I’m going to give you all the details on this special stock in the next few minutes...

I want you to have it as part of your subscription to Lightning Trend Trader...

And while there’s no limit to the number of people who can claim their bonus year of my market-trouncing service, Lightning Trend Trader...

This IS a limited-time offer.

After all, I can’t give away $4,000 subscriptions forever.

After tonight at midnight, you may never see this invitation again.

So while there’s still time...

Here’s what you need to know about the potential 3,000% winner in a year... and its upcoming parade of Lightning Strikes.

Ride This Revolutionary Business Model
to Your Biggest Win Ever

The 3,000% winner is unlike any other company you’ve ever heard of...

And it’s the best kept secret in the market.

Let me explain.

You’re probably familiar with the concept of royalties.

What most people know about royalties is that they’re a payment you receive over and over again, usually on a song or a book.

But what most people DON’T know is...

There are ALL sorts of ways to collect royalties.

And the companies that collect these royalties can make a fortune.

Take MV Oil Trust, for example.

It holds royalty interests in about 1,000 oil and natural gas fields.

It doesn't do ANY work.

It just gets a piece of the profits.

Over the years, it’s collected $266 million in royalties.

And as a result, MV Oil Trust delivered a 563% gain!

Wheaton Precious Metals is another great example.

It collects silver and gold royalties.

And as a result, investors in its business earned as much as 1,711%!

$5,000 would have turned into $90,550 in just a few years.

And then there’s Qualcomm.

It currently collects patent royalties of $16.25 on smartphones.

And its stock has increased as much as 7,181% over time!

Companies that collect royalties are some of the most profitable types of businesses you can invest in. Period.

Frank Holmes, CEO of U.S. Global Investors, wrote that...

And the company I’m talking about today is in an even better sector for royalties.

Instead of collecting on oil... gold... or tech patents...

This company collects royalties on pharmaceutical drugs – which may just be the most lucrative business in the world today.

BETTER Royalties... BIGGER Profits

You see, drug royalties offer gigantic payouts.

And the companies that own the rights to these royalties can make a fortune.

They’re able to collect this cash simply by investing in a drug before it goes to market. Then the cash rolls in for years and years.

And they don’t have to spend millions on research and development, FDA testing or marketing.

If you can identify a winning drug, this is EASY MONEY.

Because you’re legally entitled to receive the royalty for years... sometimes forever!

Just imagine the following scenario with me real quick.

Let’s say you were able to secure a royalty on the blockbuster of all blockbuster drugs, Lipitor. And let’s say the rate was something tiny – like half a percent.

That would mean that for every $100 of Lipitor sold, you’d make $0.50. It’s a small cut.

But you don’t have to do anything. You own the rights in perpetuity. You just collect every single time somebody walks into a pharmacy and picks up their prescription.

At its peak, Lipitor did $12.9 BILLION in sales. Even with your small cut, that means you would have made as much as $64.5 million in a year.

And with Lipitor’s lifetime sales clocking in at $141 billion, that means, over time, you would have collected a whopping $705 million.

Just by securing a small 0.5% royalty stream.

And here’s the thing... royalty agreements are usually much higher than that. The company I’m talking about today collects royalties as high as 20%!

All that money... and you didn’t have to lift a finger. No research costs... no marketing costs... no logistics costs...

Now, imagine how great life would be if you truly had access to the benefits of a drug royalty like that.

You may think it’s impossible, but with the company I’m about to show you, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

It’s a chance to reap the benefits every single time somebody picks up a prescription on a ton of medications anywhere in the country.

In fact, the company I’m looking at is primed to be the No. 1 drug royalty company in the world.

A Nearly Endless List of Upcoming Lightning Strikes!

This company isn’t just primed for one Lightning Strike...

But a whole storm of them.

It has one of the biggest portfolios of drug royalty streams out there, which means every time one of these drugs has a big sales quarter... another Lightning Strike will send this royalty company higher and higher.

Over the last few years, it’s quietly gone around making deals with virtually all of Big Pharma.

It has agreements with...

It has income streams established on not one or two, but 24 FDA-approved drugs...

These include drugs that treat major diseases like cancer... osteoporosis... bipolar disorder... epilepsy... and more.

So it should come as no surprise that this company expects to make $165 million in revenue this year...

And that’s without having to develop or market any drugs itself.

But here’s the thing.

This company has also ALREADY locked down royalties on drugs in the approval process.

In total, it has more than 194 drug programs it’s set to collect on.

So once these drugs hit the market...

Revenue could breach $5.8 BILLION in the coming years.

Let me show you exactly how this works with each drug.

A Proprietary Way of Collecting Royalties for Huge, Protected Profits

This company’s main offering is a proprietary molecule it acquired from scientists at the University of Kansas... and now licenses out to other businesses.

This molecule is really special. It makes drugs better, more stable and better absorbed by your body.

In fact, it can make drugs up to 25,000 times better absorbed.

Of course, drug companies want their products to be as effective as possible.

This technology – and others like it – is why this no-name biotech has been able to make deals with pharmaceutical giants like Pfizer, Merck, Novartis, Gilead, Eli Lilly and more.

Drug companies add this molecule to make sure their drugs are as effective as possible.

Then, when the FDA approves it, this molecule becomes a permanent part of a drug’s formula.

That means every time the drug is sold, our company collects a piece of the action.

Here’s an example.

Millions in Revenue... WITHOUT Lifting a Finger!

Amgen has a drug called Kyprolis.

Kyprolis targets multiple myeloma, a cancer of the white blood cells.

It goes after a specific enzyme to make tumor cells self-destruct.

But to make the drug even better, Amgen added this royalty company’s proprietary molecule to the mix.

In clinical trials, this combination kept patients from getting worse – and helped them live 20% longer.

For a disease with a 50% survival rate (in other words, a coin toss), this drug was a godsend.

Amgen pulled in $1.04 billion from Kyprolis last year.

But because it used this royalty company’s proprietary molecule, Amgen had to pay our drug royalty company $23.7 million.

Now, let me be clear. The royalty company didn’t have to develop Kyprolis... or market it... or do a lick of work distributing it.

Amgen did all that work.

That’s it.

And because of this relationship, every time Amgen reports earnings, it’s a potential Lightning Strike for our small royalty company.

Pretty impressive, right?

But remember, Kyprolis is just one of the many drugs in our royalty company’s portfolio.

This molecule is actually in 24 FDA-approved drugs. And the royalty company currently collects on all of them.

But that’s just the beginning.

There are also 50 drugs incorporating this molecule currently in development.

Every time one of these drugs gets approved by the FDA...

Or even passes a clinical trial...

That’s a Lightning Strike for our royalty company. That’s what I mean when I say this company is like a lightning rod. It has SO many catalysts coming in the future. You couldn’t have picked a better time to start profiting from this...

Because clinical trials and approvals can be one of the most powerful catalysts in the entire market.

For example, in 2015, Aquinox Pharmaceuticals jumped nearly 1,000% in just three days on good clinical trial data.

There’s no other event in the market that can get investors this excited.

And in fact, drug royalty companies offer some of the biggest gains every time they experience a Lightning Strike.

Let me show you the incredible gains other drug royalty companies have delivered in the past.

Developing Breakthrough Treatments for Cash Windfalls Like Nothing Else in the Market

Take a look at Ionis Pharmaceuticals...

Last year it collected $293 million in royalties from a drug called Spinraza.

It’s a drug that’s helping people with spinal muscular atrophy stop the progression of their disease – and even increase their motor function.

Bloomberg called it “one of the best launches of a rare-disease drug in memory.”

But here’s the thing. Ionis didn’t have to grind out all the sales and marketing for this drug.

It licensed it out to Biogen, which did all the heavy lifting.

Ionis just sits back and collects the royalties.

It’s this business model that sent shares of Ionis skyrocketing.

Since 2007, it’s collected more than $2.4 BILLION in cash royalties and similar agreements.

And the stock?

It delivered a 2,652% gain between 2005 and 2015!

Every $5,000 turned into $132,600.

Most investors missed out because they had no idea just how profitable drug royalties can be.

You probably also missed out on Enzon Pharmaceuticals.

It collects royalties on a drug called PegIntron.

It’s a drug for hepatitis C. And every time a prescription is filled, Enzon gets a piece of the proceeds.

For years and years, the cash comes rolling in.

It’s this business model that helped propel its stock to a massive 5,260% at its peak in six years!

Of course, it required perfect timing to capture that extraordinary gain. I’m just showing it to you to illustrate the profit potential of businesses like this.

This business model is so profitable that Carl Icahn took a 15% stake in this company a couple of years ago. He bought almost 6.6 million shares.

Investors also had the opportunity to make a killing on Incyte Corporation, another biotech royalty company focusing largely on cancer and immunotherapy.

Much like the company I’m recommending today, Incyte locked down royalty agreements with pharmaceutical powerhouses like...

Because of cash-rich agreements like these, Incyte delivered a massive 7,347% gain between 2009 and 2017! On just the stock!

$5,000 here turned into $367,350.

While these are some of the best historical examples I found in my research looking back...

Most mainstream investors have no idea these specialized drug royalty companies exist...

But they have IMMENSE potential for growth.

And remember, the company that could hand you 3,000% in one year has 24 FDA-approved drugs in its royalty portfolio... and 194 drugs in total! It’s set to collect $184 million this year alone... and perhaps as much as $5.8 billion in the years to come.

When these drug royalties start paying out in full, the profits will be immense.

This stock will take off.

And if you’re not in by then, your chance at collecting a fortune on this one stock will likely evaporate.

My 3,000% goal could end up being conservative.

There are dozens of historical examples of top-performing biotech stocks that experience a Lightning Strike... and then blast higher by even more than 3,000% over the course of several years.

After all, Incyte went up more than twice that amount.

There’s also Intuitive Surgical, which went up 4,876% after getting FDA clearance for its da Vinci Surgical System...

Jazz Pharmaceuticals, which skyrocketed 5,839% after announcing stellar Phase 3 data for a fibromyalgia drug...

And Medivation, which soared a whopping 9,923% after acquiring revolutionary compounds for prostate cancer.

And remember, my 519% guarantee on AbbVie was just one-fifth the highest gain...

We closed out on the first half for gains of 105% in 112 days, the next quarter for 1,038% in 191 days and the final quarter for 2,381% in 319 days – and we did it in less time, too. Ten months.

Anthony Valentino’s family ended up making $1.3 million.

Again, we estimate they put in about $143,000. A lot more than I'd recommend for most people.

But the fact remains: Too many missed their opportunity.

Which, again, is why I’m giving away one free year of Lightning Trend Trader when you join today.

I want to ensure not one single subscriber misses this next one-year 3,000% opportunity.

But you must act quickly.

I’m confident this company won’t stay under the radar for long.

So to maximize your chance at 3,000% in a year, you need to act now.

I’m expecting big new drug royalty announcements to hit on December 16, January 11, February 25 and March 10. We're looking at one Lightning Strike after another.

A DEEP Portfolio of Revolutionary Treatments... All Primed for Lightning Strikes!

For example, our biotech royalty company has an agreement to collect on a drug called Sparsentan.

It’s being developed by a company called Retrophin. It’s for a serious kidney disorder that affects 40,000 Americans.

Sparsentan is currently in Phase 3 trials, which is the last stage before FDA approval.

Passing Phase 3 is, of course, another potential Lightning Strike. But that’s not where the catalysts end.

Sparsentan’s approval – which is likely, according to analysts – will make it the FIRST drug to help people suffering from this disease...

And that means a virtual monopoly when it hits the market.

That’s why analysts estimate it’s as much as an $800 million opportunity.

Our biotech royalty company will collect 9% of all sales of this drug.

That would amount to $72 million...

WITHOUT having to lift a finger!

It also has a royalty on a Pfizer drug for preventing osteoporosis, which is set to be a $25 BILLION market by 2025.

The company has a royalty agreement on a new treatment for non-small cell lung cancer, which is projected to grow from $16 billion to $43.7 billion by 2026.

It's even providing a key molecule in remdesivir, the drug helping to fight COVID-19.

And our drug royalty company even has rights to a whole new type of drug called human therapeutic antibodies. This cutting-edge development is the industry’s fastest-growing class of drugs, set to double from $150 billion in 2019 to $300 billion by 2025.

Dozens of Big Pharma companies are using and developing this type of drug.

And again, our drug royalty company is in the catbird seat.

It’s set to collect royalties from pharma giants like Merck, Teva, Celgene, AbbVie, Aptevo and more.

I could go on and on. The company’s drug royalties span all sorts of diseases and subsectors of the biotech market.

Its portfolio is so deep...

That the revenue potential is off the charts.

Consider this...

If, between the winners and losers, these 194 drugs pull in an average of just $500 million...

And this small biotech collects an average of just 7% in royalties (even though many of its rates are much higher)...

That comes out to $5.8 billion in sales in the years to come...

A 3,039% increase!

But because of this company’s partnerships with the power players in biotech...

I believe the sales and royalty streams could end up much higher.

I’m extremely excited to share this with you.

Now, before I tell you how you can get your hands on this play...

And how to claim your subscription to Lightning Trend Trader – valued at $4,000 – so you can get details on the chance to make 30X your money in one year...

I want to answer a question that’s probably burning in your mind right now.

My Risk Management Is So Sharp,
My Research Service Blows the S&P 500 Out of the Water

You may have heard that biotechs are risky.

And if you don’t know what you’re doing, that certainly can be true.

If you risk it all on one clinical trial without knowing the science and the leadership behind the company...

You could be in trouble.

But if you have an expert on your side, you could make a life-changing amount of money as I show you ONLY the best biotechs on the market.

Again, here’s the track record of Lightning Trend Trader vs. the S&P 500.

This isn’t cherry-picked. It includes all my winners and all my losers. My AVERAGE gain on each play – between stocks AND options – is 26.2% with an average hold time of 99 days.

Not to mention the top gains of 330% in 98 days... 419% in under a year... 775% in 140 days... and 2,381% in 10 months.

How is this possible?

I have a proprietary strategy that allows me to dominate the market’s returns. (I’ll show you each detail in your report when you join Lightning Trend Trader.)

So even though the S&P 500 was in a raging bull market...

My returns make it look like a flatline!

As I’ve already mentioned, this strategy is what helped subscribers collect $11,000 (63.5% in six weeks)... $200,000 (126% in 46 days)... even $1.3 million (907% in 10 months)!

Of course, the biggest gains usually come from my options plays, which involve some risk.

You don’t get this far without a strategy to manage your risk... and let your winners run for as long as possible.

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Options move a lot faster than stocks, so that’s why you might have heard that they’re risky.

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For example, my AbbVie stock recommendation delivered 82% in under a year. Much better than the typical 7% to 10% of the broad market, to be sure.

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Marc Lichtenfeld
August 2020