Dear Reader,

This single technology could wipe 4,800 incurable diseases off the face off the Earth…

And revenue could soar a mind-blowing 303,316% over time starting August 1.

I need you to listen carefully. Because the technology I’m going to show you today is the biggest medical breakthrough in human history...

And it could make you very, very wealthy.

Here’s what you need to know.

An estimated 30 million Americans suffer from one rare disease or another.

There are very few treatments... and virtually no cures.

It often takes years... or even decades for a company to produce even one treatment.

But when it does...

Stock prices SOAR.

We’re talking exceptional gains like 1,653% on Shire...

3,168% on Genzyme...

And a rare 8,735% on Alexion Pharmaceuticals.

Just $5,000 in each of those stocks would have handed you more than $677,000 in pure profit.

And $10,000 in each makes you a millionaire! Nearly $1.4 million in profit, to be exact.

It’s no wonder Forbes calls rare disease drugs “the sweet spot of the biotechnology industry.”

But these gains could pale in comparison to what I’m going to show you today.

Because each of the companies you’ve just seen treated only a handful of rare diseases... 17 in total.

However, one small Boston company just developed a single technology with the potential to eliminate 4,800 rare diseases, including...

The MIT Technology Review calls it “the biggest biotech discovery of the past century.”

Science magazine reports, “The field of biology is now experiencing a transformative phase with the advent of [this technology].”

And David Sabatini, M.D., Ph.D., says, “This is now the most powerful system we have in biology.”

For the 30 million Americans living with a rare disease... this technology is the first beacon of hope they’ve ever seen.

It’s so promising that many of the world’s smartest venture capitalists and venture capital firms are throwing their weight behind this tech, including...

And pharmaceutical giants are doing whatever they can to partner with this technology. I’m talking...

All told, I’m projecting you could multiply your money tenfold in the short term... 29-fold in the medium term... and much, much more as this technology sweeps through the $1 trillion rare disease market.

In other words, you have a very real opportunity here to turn $1,000 into more than $30,000...

$5,000 into $150,350...

$10,000 into $300,700... and beyond.

This company is set to see a 303,316% revenue spike starting on August 1.

So it’s critical that you pay close attention to the amazing technology I’m about to show you.

Here’s a closer look at how this technology works.

It starts with the story of a young boy named Bobby Davis.

At 9 years old, Bobby Davis was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

It’s a disease where your muscles slowly turn into a fat-like substance.

First, it affects your arms and legs... confining you to a wheelchair.

Then it affects your diaphragm... requiring a ventilator to help you breathe.

And finally, your heart stops.

As a result, most people with this debilitating disease only live into their teens.

Today, Bobby is 24 years old. He’s very lucky to have lived this long.

The reality of the situation, however, is that the clock is ticking.

The latest drug treatment for folks with Duchenne today costs $89,000 per year. And that doesn’t include their at-home care or loss of income.

And it’s definitely no cure.

But not all hope is lost.

An incredible breakthrough technology from Harvard and MIT could finally give Bobby the life he deserves.

Here’s what normal muscle cells look like...

But this is what Bobby’s muscle cells look like right now...

You can see there’s no structure whatsoever.

But here’s what dystrophic cells look like after a test run of this new technology...

You can see there’s infinitely more structure here. And they’re indistinguishable from the normal cells you just saw.

These are the kinds of strong muscle cells that could help Bobby walk again.

When he saw it in action, Bobby said, “I try to be realistic with my expectations... But that gave me a sense of ‘Wow, this is here.’”

He has good reason to believe that.

This new technology erases the source of Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

As award-winning scientist Dr. Eric Olson of the University of Texas says, if this continues to work this well...

“This is a cure, not a treatment.”

Because here’s the thing. This brand-new technology doesn’t just work on Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

It could fix nearly every rare disease in the WORLD.

In total, 4,800 horrific – and often fatal – diseases GONE. With a single technology.

The reason I’m reaching out today is that right now, you have the chance to be an early “partner” in this cure by investing in one company at the forefront of this disease-ending technology.

It’s got 19 patents...

And some of the most brilliantly trained minds from Harvard and the University of California on its team.

Forbes estimates that this market is worth – conservatively – $1 trillion.

If you laid 1 trillion $1 bills end to end, you could get to the moon and back an incredible 2,433 times.

If this company captured even 5% of that market, I estimate its revenue could skyrocket 303,316%.

I don’t like to throw this word around, but this technology is nothing short of a miracle.

This One’s Personal...

Hi. I’m Marc Lichtenfeld.

The reason I’m so excited about this technology is that I’ve personally witnessed the pain and helplessness people with rare conditions face.

I’ve lost two close relatives to rare diseases in the past.

I remember visiting them in the hospital for the last time...

I can tell you it’s extremely difficult.

But there is good news.

This company is working with a single technology that could work on ALL 4,800 of these rare diseases.

Meaning you could be a “ground-floor partner” in helping eradicate some of the world’s worst disorders...

And in the process... you could become very, very wealthy.

Massive Breakthroughs Turn Into Mouthwatering Profits

You see, the power of human ingenuity and its ability to defeat the ugliest diseases has always inspired me.

Early in my financial career, I found I had a knack for identifying companies making truly life-changing medical breakthroughs.

I wanted to invest in things that truly helped people. The patients. The investors. Everyone.

A couple years ago, I discovered a company called Onyx Pharmaceuticals. It was successfully treating kidney and liver cancers with a drug called Nexavar.

But the broader market didn’t have a clue.

So on April 2, I recommended that my readers take a position in Onyx.

Just a couple months later, they had the chance to lock in a 330% gain.

You could have turned a $10,000 investment into $43,000!

And you would have felt great knowing that you helped usher a lifesaving treatment to market with your investment.

Similarly, my readers had the chance at a massive payday with Celldex Therapeutics.

It was targeting triple-negative breast cancer, a rare form of the disease.

So I dug into the company.

I put Celldex’s financials under a microscope... and scrutinized the results of its clinical trials.

After analyzing the data, I knew we had a big winner on our hands. So I sent an email to my readers on November 28.

Sure enough...

My subscribers could’ve pocketed a 419% gain!

You could have turned every $10,000 into almost $52,000!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve known several people affected by breast cancer.

Finding a company on the verge of successfully treating this disease was hugely satisfying... as was seeing the investment pay off!

It gets better. Around the same time, I discovered NPS Pharmaceuticals.

It sold a drug called Gattex to treat short bowel syndrome. It’s a rare disease affecting as few as 12,000 Americans. Sufferers can’t absorb nutrients well, so severe malnutrition can develop.

When I saw the clinical data on Gattex... I knew it could help these people.

And when I saw the financial numbers... I knew it could help a LOT of people get rich.

Sure enough, my readers saw a 775% return in just 140 days.

That’s enough to turn a single $10,000 investment into more than $87,000.

I want you to think about a gain like that for a minute.

That’s 775% profit in less than half a year.

It would take the average investor about 28 YEARS to collect a 775% total return in the broad market.

But my readers were able to bring in those wins in mere months... thanks to the explosive biotech markets.

Reader James Cabot wrote...

But all these breakthroughs pale in comparison to the technology I’m sharing with you today. Because it has the potential to wipe out as many as 4,800 rare diseases.

As a result, I expect revenue for one key company to launch a colossal 303,316% starting on August 1.

Here’s how this amazing cure works.

A Single Error... Tragic Consequences

There are about 30,000 individual instructions, also known as genes, in your DNA.

So, as you can imagine, a lot can go wrong.

Each gene provides your body with a different instruction.

And while most simply tell your body to make your hair brown... your shoulders wide... or your metabolism fast...

Many of them can cause diseases if the instruction isn’t written correctly.

For example, you have a gene in your body called DMD.

It normally instructs the body to protect the muscles from breaking down.

But in Bobby Davis’ case, his version of DMD says, “don’t protect the muscles from breaking down.”

But that’s literally the ONLY thing wrong with Bobby’s body. Just a single instruction of the DNA.

In fact, for most rare diseases, just one of these 30,000 instructions is wrong.

Like with sickle cell anemia. A single error in your HBB gene tells your body to manufacture sickle-shaped blood cells.

This jagged shape causes excruciating pain. And the life expectancy of someone with sickle cell can be as short as 40 years...

Their blood cells are abnormal because just one instruction in their DNA was off.

The same goes for progeria syndrome, which is caused by a faulty LMNA gene. It causes children to age 10 times faster than normal. Most die by age 13.

That’s what’s so tragic about these diseases. These people are otherwise PERFECTLY normal. But if one gene in their DNA is even a little bit off... it can have tragic consequences.

So the solution is obvious...

Erasing the SOURCE of Every Rare Disease

If we want to snuff out the source of these diseases... and not just treat them...

We have to rewrite the problematic gene so it gives the correct instructions.

If you could do that, you could wipe out ANY disease with a genetic cause.

Of course, that’s easier said than done.

Doctors have dreamed of being able to do this ever since the discovery of DNA in 1953.

But there has never been a way to rewrite a single gene with absolute precision.

As a result, the vast majority of rare diseases have NO treatments, let alone a cure.

It’s been a pipe dream...

Until now.

The cutting-edge technology I’m going to show you today can do exactly what doctors have been dreaming of.

It’s what I call the “Genesis Cure.” Because it goes back to where everything starts... deep in your cells... down to the DNA that makes you who you are...

And extinguishes the source of your disease.

Let me show you what I mean.

The Genesis Cure:
An All-Cure With Billions of Years of R&D

The Genesis Cure was discovered in a place nobody expected...

In microscopic single-celled organisms.

They’re the smallest forms of life...

But they hide an enormous secret...

One that could eventually cure 30 million Americans’ diseases... and help hundreds of millions more.

You see, these single cells developed their own method of defense against disease.

Using a single specialized enzyme...

They could edit their own DNA... and even “edit” the DNA of attacking viruses to make them completely harmless.

In studying these microscopic organisms, a brilliant Harvard-educated biochemist asked a simple question.

Could we use this enzyme to edit other kinds of DNA?

It’s a question that will forever alter the course of human history.

Because the answer – published in a 2012 scientific paper called “A programmable dual-RNA-guided DNA endonuclease in adaptive bacterial immunity” – was a resounding YES.

This scientist successfully repurposed a naturally occurring enzyme to edit single genes with striking accuracy...

Suddenly, using this enzyme, doctors could fix the tiny imperfections in genes.

It has the potential to eliminate the source of virtually EVERY rare disease.

If your DNA is a blueprint... and a rare disease is just a single bad instruction...

The Genesis Cure literally erases the bad instruction and replaces it with the right one.

Every expert who’s taken a serious look at this technology immediately realized it’s the most incredible medical breakthrough since vaccines or even antibiotics.

The prestigious Nature science journal says it’s like “editing out disease.”

Stanford University calls this approach “the holy grail.”

Forbes reports that it’s “the most efficient way of cutting-and-pasting DNA yet invented.”

Dr. Boris Nikolic, former chief science and technology advisor to Bill Gates, said it’s “one of the most exciting and important frontiers in science.”

In a sample of Bobby Davis’ cells, Dr. Eric Olson used this miracle of modern science to replace the bad DMD gene with one that says, “protect the muscles from breaking down.”

And you saw what happened...

Bobby’s jelly-like cells turned into strong, able cells.

Up until now, the only tools we had to help Bobby were expensive drugs that slowed the breakdown of his muscles.

But with the Genesis Cure, we could reverse all signs of his disease... at a fraction of the cost (more on that in a moment).

No overpriced drugs... no toxic chemicals... and definitely no lifetime of simply “managing” symptoms.

It would be as if Bobby had never had Duchenne in the first place.

Dr. Ronald Cohn of the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto said this breakthrough is “an INCREDIBLY exciting step forward.”

And it’s amazing news for up to 30 million suffering Americans.

This single technology has the potential to cure 4,800 genetic diseases.

But here’s the thing...

From an investment standpoint, one company behind this technology is on the verge of unprecedented growth.

Once our brilliant Harvard Ph.D. realized what a revolutionary system she had on her hands...

She immediately applied for the patents to protect her breakthrough.

She was the very first person to ever apply for a patent on the Genesis Cure.

And her company is about to take the $1 trillion rare disease market by storm.

One Little-Known Company Perfectly Positioned to Profit From the Genesis Cure

If you’re looking for the type of biotech that can leap 10-fold in a very short span, this small under-the-radar company is in the perfect position.

It has just $16 million of revenue... But it’s poised to be the driver of a whole new industry surrounding the Genesis Cure.

The company is backed by the prestigious University of California, home to a whopping 61 Nobel Prize winners.

And it holds 19 patents for the Genesis Cure.

As a result, the big contracts are already flowing in.

The company just inked a $293 million deal with pharmaceutical giant Novartis...

It also made a deal worth $445 million with Regeneron Pharmaceuticals.

There are whispers among biotech insiders that Gilead Sciences is next in line.

And you can see why so many top-level players want in.

The team behind this Genesis Cure venture consists of some of the most brilliant minds in the world.

They’ve brought in top scientists and executives from ...

In addition, the CEO has his Ph.D. in molecular biology and has already co-founded three life sciences companies.

In the past, members of this team have even helped bring blockbuster drugs like Humira to market. With $14 billion in annual sales, Humira is the best-selling drug in the entire WORLD.

This is what I love seeing in a biotech company.

The best and the brightest scientists in the world... great leadership... a wide patent moat... and a track record of success a mile long.

They’re set to increase revenue by 303,316%...

Because there are more rare diseases for which the Genesis Cure can produce miracles.

Cure After Cure After Cure...

I’ve examined cases where Stanford doctors corrected the faulty gene that causes sickle cell disease in human cell tests with this technology.

The Genesis Cure took painful sickle cells and turned them into perfectly functioning ones...

Potentially giving sufferers their healthy lives back... and effectively doubling their life spans.

I’ve also seen scientists at the elite Yonsei University in South Korea “cure [test subjects] of hemophilia” – again, with NO side effects.

People with hemophilia have bleeding episodes that can last a very long time. So any tiny cut or bruise can turn into a life-threatening emergency.

Scientists were even able to use the Genesis Cure to correct a faulty RGPR gene that causes a rare form of blindness called retinitis pigmentosa.

Compare that with the official government-sanctioned treatment for the disease...

The National Institutes of Health tells patients to consume high doses of vitamin A... and that’s about it.

Needless to say, simply taking more vitamin A does not cure retinitis.

But with the Genesis Cure...

Patients could simply go to the doctor... receive a single injection...

And their vision would clear up.

The same could happen for any rare disease with a genetic cause, including...

The long and short of it is...

The Genesis Cure could save millions of lives.

An early version of the Genesis Cure approach has already saved a one-year-old girl named Layla, who had leukemia.

All other treatments had failed at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in London.

Then Dr. Waseem Qasim and his team “were able to obtain special permission to treat her with the new technology,” as reported by Nature science journal.

Layla is now doing great.

There has never been any medical breakthrough even remotely like the Genesis Cure.

In fact, this technology is so versatile, it could even be used for pets.

As you may know, purebred dogs often inherit major genetic health problems.

But one Mississippi kennel operator plans to use the Genesis Cure to rewrite the gene for hyperuricemia in his purebred Dalmatians.

The opportunities are endless. And this one single company holds the key.

From an investment standpoint, this could be the biggest opportunity of your lifetime.

Revenues are set to SOAR 303,316% starting on August 1...

And I predict you could see an astounding 1,010% return in the near term... 2,907% in the medium term... and much, much more in the future.

The Biggest Biotech Breakthrough of the Century Will Lead to the Biggest GAINS of the Century

In the past, medical breakthroughs in rare diseases have led to some of the biggest gains in the stock market.

Take Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, for instance. I’ve been following the company since it burst onto the market back in 2014.

It’s developing drugs for just six rare diseases.

But you still could have seen gains as high as 285%!

A modest $10,000 investment turned into more than $38,000 in just one year.

The same thing happened with Celgene. It sells Vidaza, a drug for a rare blood disorder called myelodysplastic syndrome.

Back in 2009, I told my readers about the company.

At the time, it was trading at just $26.93.

Had you gotten in when I wrote about Celgene, you could have seen gains as high as 401%!

I also alerted readers to Ariad Pharmaceuticals when it was trading at just $2.41.

I knew it was destined for great things. It was developing a potent knockout for a rare sarcoma.

From that exact date, it went on to deliver peak gains of 944% before being acquired by pharma giant Takeda.

You could have turned $10,000 into more than $104,000!

The profit potential here is just outrageous.

And we’re just getting started.

Let’s take a look at BioMarin Pharmaceutical. It develops treatments for some of the world’s toughest and rarest diseases.

If you’d invested when BioMarin was developing the first treatment in the world for a rare disease called phenylketonuria...

You’d have seen top returns of 3,637%!

Your $10,000 investment would have exploded into more than $373,000!

And even a smaller $5,000 investment would’ve turned into a gigantic $186,850 payday.

But here’s the thing.

While these breakthroughs have helped people...

Altogether, these companies offer treatments for just 15 rare diseases.

According to my research, the total market for these companies’ rare disease drugs is as small as 122,000 people...

And yet, they STILL would have delivered gains between 285% and 3,637%.

Now just imagine what will happen to the company providing technology that could lead to a CURE for 4,800 diseases... for 30 million Americans.

The potential market for the Genesis Cure is 24,350% bigger.

Now, like any revolutionary medical breakthrough being tested, nothing is guaranteed.

But this one company has all the right patents for the Genesis Cure. So it could make you extremely wealthy in the years to come.

And best of all, the company is still small, so you can amass a very big stake for a small amount of money.

At $16.4 million last year, this company’s sales are just getting started.

And even if it captures only 5% of the rare disease market...

We’re looking at an unprecedented 303,316% revenue growth.

The Potential Is Virtually Unlimited... and the Smart Money Knows It

This is the kind of opportunity that happens once in a lifetime – if you’re lucky.

It may just be the biggest biotech opportunity in human history.

And all the smart money knows it.

$1.92 BILLION is behind this technology.

And a FLOOD of venture capitalists rushed to get behind this technology as soon as they could.

Bill Gates has poured $75 million into the Genesis Cure.

Former Facebook President and Napster founder Sean Parker pledged $250 million.

And huge funds like Fidelity, Google Ventures and T. Rowe Price have also seen the massive potential of this technology.

They’ve invested millions in the Genesis Cure. So have 10 of the biggest venture capital funds.

It would be extremely difficult to overstate how big the impact from the Genesis Cure will be.

Top Scientists All Over the World Are Dropping Everything to Study the Genesis Cure

Pretty soon, there could be 4,800 more entries on the list of extinct diseases, alongside polio and smallpox.

Of the 6,000 rare diseases in existence, 80% of them are genetic. Which means the Genesis Cure has the potential to make quick work of them.

Because the entire scientific community is rallying around this technology.

To unlock more and more of the Genesis Cure’s potential, some of the most prestigious institutions in the WORLD are researching it, including...

More papers are being published about it every single day...

More than 6,300 have been published on the Genesis Cure since its discovery just a few years ago.

Faster than even the most exciting recent discoveries, like adult stem cells...

Clearly, scientists all around the world are shifting gears...

To go ALL IN on the Genesis Cure.

In fact, it could potentially cure diseases that affect billions, like cancer and heart disease.

But more on that in just a moment.

I want to show you how this flash flood of progress is poised to make one tiny stock absolutely skyrocket... starting on August 1.

A milestone event in human history could bring the spotlight...

And if you follow my instructions today, you could be positioned for the biggest profit ride of your entire life starting August 1.

I’m confident you could see as much as 1,010% gains in the short term... and much, much more over the long haul.

Because here’s the thing...

There’s More Profit on the Table Than You Can Even Imagine...

Not only does this small biotech have 19 patents for the Genesis Cure...

It’s also been granted the patents for this revolutionary technology in Europe and the U.K...

And in June, this company announced it’s been granted a patent in China!

Consider that for a moment.

If it could achieve 303,316% revenue growth just from the U.S. rare disease market...

Think about how much MORE growth it’ll see globally!

That’s an additional 30 million people in Europe...

And an estimated 100 million more in China.

That’s a LOT of room for growth.

According to my calculations, just 5% of the global market would be a 1,617,685% increase in revenue!

Of course, growth that big will take a few years.

But I have no doubt that the Genesis Cure has the potential to be the highest-grossing medical breakthrough of all time.

In addition, every major pharmaceutical company has its eye on the ultra-profitable rare disease market.

In fact, the deals the company has already inked put it on pace for 4,378% growth in the very near term.

Sure, that kind of growth is rare and extraordinary. But this is a rare and extraordinary technology.

Scientists never could have imagined there’d be a single technology that could work on 4,800 diseases.

So this could be the single most profitable investment you ever make.

Of course, as with all investing, nothing is guaranteed. But I can’t stress this enough: You have to act before August 1.

This company has been moving at a feverish pace.

Nature magazine reports, “[The Genesis Cure] has swept through labs around the world.”

Use of this incredible technology is accelerating faster than anyone expected.

Easy, Fast and Inexpensive Cures

Because... while other niche biotechnologies can require decades of training and education...

The Genesis Cure is extremely easy to use. 

Not only that, but it’s inexpensive.

It costs as little as $30 per use.

Compare that to other forms of biotechnology that can cost as much as $5,000 per use in the lab. And they aren’t nearly as accurate or simple.

It’s one of the reasons I love this company.

It has the chance to improve millions of people’s lives... while making the technology available at a reasonable price. And yet, the potential reach is so large, it also has the chance to reward investors heavily!

You can see why scientists are so excited about the possibilities of this new technology.

And as the Genesis Cure sweeps through the world...

It’s not just rare diseases that could be eliminated.

The fact is, many scientists believe there will be even bigger applications for this new tech.

Completely Eliminate Disease? “I Cannot Think of Any Reason Why We Couldn’t Do That”

I’ve already said the Genesis Cure is the biggest breakthrough in human history.

But it might be even bigger than I’ve let on so far.

Because the fact is... more widespread diseases like cancer and heart disease ALSO have genetic sources.

Which means the Genesis Cure can also target humanity’s biggest killers.

Just recently, German researchers were able to edit out DNA mutations that cause cancer in mice.

Two months after that, researchers used the Genesis Cure on a patient with aggressive lung cancer.

And just this past May, researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine were able to combat aggressive forms of liver and prostate cancers.

With the Genesis Cure, they removed the mutated cancer gene. Then they “replaced it with a gene that leads to death of the cancer cells.”

100% of test subjects who received the treatment saw their tumors stop spreading. And all of them survived past the study.

The researchers report...

And because the Genesis Cure only targets the bad instruction...

It doesn’t affect healthy cells like chemotherapy does.

But that’s not all. It can even make existing cancer treatments better.

Like CAR-T cell therapy.

Patients who had only a few months left to live were given this therapy at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

Afterward, 27 out of 29 patients “showed no trace of cancer in their bone marrow.”

And as you can see here, the therapy melts tumors.

The Genesis Cure can actually enhance this extremely powerful therapy... while also making it cheaper and faster.

In fact, CAR-T cell therapy is one of the reasons pharma giant Novartis signed a deal with the company I’m talking about today.

I expect the combination to sweep the cancer market – which is expected to reach $150 billion in the near future – turbocharging this one company’s revenue even more.

So you can see why you could make even MORE than 2,907% as this incredible technology takes off.

But it doesn’t stop with cancer.

This company could also get a slice of the heart disease market, which is expected to reach $146 billion...

Because scientists used a single shot of the Genesis Cure to reduce cholesterol by 40% in a human liver.

Just imagine...

Instead of taking your statins every day (which have a lot of side effects)... watching what you eat... and killing yourself to exercise...

You go to the doctor’s office...

Receive one injection... and boom.

Your cholesterol numbers are better than they’ve ever been!

No more worrying about a heart attack or stroke.

In fact, on August 2, The Wall Street Journal reported researchers were able to edit out a “common cause of sudden cardiac death” from human cells. And get this...

When Scientific American asked the head scientist on the cholesterol study if we’ll “be able to completely eliminate disease” in the future...

She replied...

The possibilities are virtually endless.

That’s why I truly believe the MIT Technology Review was understating the Genesis Cure’s potential when it called this “the biggest biotech breakthrough of the past century.”

And it’s why you could take your retirement to the next level by riding one company’s potential 303,316% revenue surge.

So now is the best time to get in... before revenue starts to skyrocket on August 1.

This is going to change everything – perhaps even your financial future.

Over the course of stock market history, biotech stocks have consistently delivered some of the biggest gains ever.

Gigantic Gain After Gigantic Gain From Biotech Breakthroughs

Take Achaogen, for example.

In November of last year, you could have picked up shares for $3.99 each.

The following month, it announced amazing Phase 3 results for its superbug-slayer Plazomicin.

The stock shot up 616%!

Massive short-term growth like this turns every $10,000 into $71,600!

Imagine making that much money in just a couple months.

But it gets better.

On July 31, 2015, Aquinox Pharmaceuticals was trading for $1.84.

Less than one month later, it announced stellar Phase 2 results on its drug AQX-1125. It did wonders for patients with interstitial cystitis, a painful bladder disease.

By August 14, the price had skyrocketed to $22.13.

That’s a 1,102% gain in just two weeks.

Imagine putting $10,000 into a stock...

Checking back on it only two weeks later...

And seeing $120,200 sitting in your account.

Now look at MiMedx Group.

It was trading for a measly $0.40 a few years back.

But it was working on something BIG...

A revolutionary way to create tissue grafts for transplants and reconstructive surgeries.

It SOARED 3,740% over time.

That turns every $10,000 into $384,000.

These kinds of gains are rare...

And very few investors have ever experienced making more than 10 times their money in such short periods of time...

But this happens all the time in the biotech sector!

The thing is...

You have to act before these companies announce their results and earnings.

And something very BIG is coming August 1 for one key company behind the Genesis Cure.

That’s why I’m pounding the table, trying to get the details on this opportunity to everyone I can. Because even a small investment could hand you bigger gains than ANYTHING you’ve ever experienced.

I don’t make that claim lightly...

Don’t Jump In Without an Expert at Your Side

When I’m researching a biotech for my readers, I look for very specific characteristics.

  1. Good science – I look at the company’s drugs and treatments to make sure its trials are producing real life-changing improvements for patients.

  2. Catalysts – What’s coming up that will send this stock into a frenzy? Phase 2 clinical trials... potential acquisitions... earnings announcements... I like to call these events “lightning strikes.” That’s how I was able to deliver 775% gains on NPS in just 140 days.

  3. Extraordinary leadership – I want to know that the people in charge have a proven track record in biotech.

  4. Strong financials – Fiscal discipline is especially important in small biotechs. I need to see the company making strong and responsible decisions with its cash.

  5. Industry buzz – In my 20 years in the financial markets, I’ve made some very high-level connections. I personally call these contacts to make sure other experts are seeing what I’m seeing.

The Genesis Cure company easily meets all these specifications.

It holds patents on technology that has demonstrated the power to correct debilitating rare diseases... as well as a potential to do the same for cancer and heart disease.

Its next announcement on August 1 could be the beginning of its legendary market dominance.

Its team is made up of the top minds from all around the pharmaceutical industry... One even helped bring the best-selling drug in the WORLD – Humira – to market.

The company is using its cash extremely wisely...

And everyone in the industry has their eyes on this technology.

Not only that, but insiders have quietly loaded up on 1.6 million shares...

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Marc Lichtenfeld
Editor, Lightning Trend Trader
The Oxford Club
August 2017