Cut Through Wall Street’s Deceptions and Get the FULL TRUTH About the Stocks Set to Soar Next

Hey, Bill O’Reilly here.

I’m hosting today’s event once again alongside Alexander Green, the Chief Investment Strategist of The Oxford Club.

But this time, we’re broadcasting in person directly from Oxford’s historic clubhouse, just outside the nation’s capital.

From right here in the boardroom, a meeting place for The Oxford Club’s most powerful Members...

We are going to show you how to make money in the market by being smart and disciplined. That’s it. That’s all we’re trying to do.

In the next few minutes, you are going to hear about a technique Alex says can do exactly that.

He calls it “perfect” for volatile markets and says... this technique is the definitive way to know whether a stock is likely to rise or fall.

Today, I’m going to investigate whether that’s true.

Now, before I bring Alex in, I want to start by telling you a story...

It’s a story about what appeared to be an excellent stock.

Everything looked great.

The CEO of the company bragged that liquidity was “strong,” saying its primary businesses were “all doing extremely well.”

Earnings were expected to more than triple!

And Wall Street was singing the praises of the company...

Bear Stearns wrote in 2001 that the company should be “compared to leading global companies like GE, Citigroup, Nokia, Microsoft and Intel.”

Goldman Sachs put the company on its “U.S. Select List,” which is made up of what the firm considers to be its very best stocks.

It even went so far as to compare this company to Michael Jordan, the basketball superstar.

Of course, the financial media were drooling over the company as well.

Fortune declared it, “the most innovative company in the country” for six straight years!

The New York Times said it was a “model for the new American workplace.”

And Businessweek even went so far as to say, “The risk is remarkably small.”

Folks... you can see why many Americans bought this stock...

It sounded amazing.

But you know what the name of that stock was?


And as you all probably know, Enron totally collapsed.

The crooks running it went to jail.

It was a complete disaster.

And yet...

The CEO of the company... Wall Street’s so-called analysts... the bumbling financial media...

All had deceived us about how great this company was for years!

They were either too stupid or too dishonest to let regular folks know the TRUTH about what was really going on.

It was all just SPIN! But here’s the thing...

There actually was one way to know the truth about Enron...

A way to completely avoid that disaster.

It’s a technique I first heard about directly from Alexander Green.

According to Alex, it’s “the smartest investment strategy of all time.”

And today, Alex is here to teach you this powerful secret as well.

Learn it... and he says it’s like having your own personal “truth detector” for stock prices.

You’ll know which stocks are destined to fail and, more importantly, which ones are likely to succeed in a big way.

Keep in mind, this technique isn’t just a way to avoid failing stocks. It’s a smart and disciplined way to identify some of the biggest winners in the market.

In fact, you’re going to see stories today of how this truth-detection technique for stocks has led to vast fortunes for a growing number of Americans.

It’s used by powerful traders like Warren Buffett, Carl Icahn and Jamie Dimon to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in profit.

These are legends of investing, of course, but regular folks who follow Alexander Green also use this to pull in substantial sums of money.

And that includes me.

I’ve personally used this strategy not only to protect but also to grow my wealth.

It’s worked for us. And it could work for you in a way far beyond what you’ve experienced in the past.

Now you’re going to see it for the first time in your life.

That’s BIG.

Only the best and most connected investors know it... and you should know it too.

We’ll go over everything. Risk... reward. Then YOU decide what to do.

If you don’t like it or you think it’s too risky, you do what you think is best. We respect that.

Now, we’ve got a lot to get to.

I suggest everyone watching have a pen and paper handy, because Alex is going to give us some great information today.

He’s going to detail three stocks he’s identified with this technique that could be big winners in the months ahead...

He’s going to discuss how you can use this truth-detection approach for yourself...

And he’s got a number of bonuses that he’s prepared to give our viewers today.

Alex has been profiled in The Wall Street Journal for delivering max-reward, minimum-risk recommendations to his readers for more than a decade straight.

He is a New York Times bestselling financial author with four national bestselling books, and is highly sought after by the major financial networks.

So let’s bring him in now and get started.

ALEX: Thanks, Bill. I’m excited to be here.

I want to just start off by saying what I love about the strategy we’re going to share with the audience today.

For one, it’s totally straightforward...

We look for just one specific signal. And that signal tells us whether a stock is very likely to rise or fall.

Of course, there’s no guarantee in the markets.

But this signal is historically quite reliable.

And there’s extensive proof behind it...

A joint study by Harvard and Yale professors found that this strategy beat the market by double digits.

A University of Michigan professor of finance found it results in “abnormal returns.”

And a report by Foundation Capital said, “When it comes to investing, [this strategy] tilts the odds in your favor.”

BILL: You know, it’s perhaps the most unfair advantage an investor can have in the markets. But why shouldn’t “We the People” have it? But I’d bet 99% of the people watching today don’t even know it’s legal!

So let’s get into it. How could Americans have used this approach to avoid Enron?

ALEX: Well, as you said, everything looked positive when it came to Enron.

Wall Street gave it top ratings... the media wrote glowing articles about it... and the CEO himself, Kenneth Lay, repeatedly told everyone the company was in great shape.

But there was one HUGE red flag that really stood out.

There’s one thing he was NOT doing...

BILL: What was that?

ALEX: He wasn’t buying his company’s shares with his own money.

BILL: Not putting his money where his mouth was.

ALEX: Exactly.

In fact, he and all the other executives were selling!

Collectively, they sold $1.1 billion worth, all while hiding behind their glowing reviews.

Why would they do such a thing?

Simple. They knew something the general public did not. They knew Enron was going under.

They knew it was a scam! They were spinning the truth.

They certainly weren’t about to pour their own personal money into it.

BILL: That makes sense. In other words, Americans should’ve been focused on what Lay was DOING... NOT what he was saying.

ALEX: That’s right. No matter what the CEO says... no matter how much money they claim the company is making... sales, earnings, growth...

Ask yourself this question: Are they putting their OWN money into the business?

If so... especially if they’re investing millions of dollars...

There’s no better sign that the stock is about to make a big move higher.

BILL: So that’s it, Alex.

That’s the ultimate truth detector in the stock market.

You ignore Wall Street, the media and even public statements by company executives, and instead, you watch what they’re doing with their own money.

Can you give us an example of an insider putting their money where their mouth is?

ALEX: Sure, I’ve got hundreds.

Let’s look at Vince Holding – a perfect example.

In April 2017, the media was bashing it.

Zacks had the company listed as a “Strong Sell.”

And Seeking Alpha said Vince Holding was in a “death spiral.”

But Vince Holding Director Marc Leder wasn’t shaken by the media spin.

Together with 10% owner Rodger Krouse, the two purchased 35.5 million shares that September.

BILL: 35 million shares? That’s an investment that’s unbelievable..

ALEX: It’s certainly not common. An insider is going to buy that many shares only if they’re certain the stock is undervalued and likely to rise.

Sure enough, the very next month, Vince Holding announced a reverse stock split, along with a restructuring plan, and the stock took off like a rocket.

It went from $5 to $22.67 in under a year!

Leder and Krouse saw roughly a $28 million increase from their initial investment.

And the thing is... you could’ve cashed in right alongside them!

That’s why I block out the media noise and pay attention to what truly matters... whether the insiders are investing in the company with their own money.

That’s how you learn the truth about where a stock is headed.

BILL: Alex, did you see this in real time?

ALEX: I did. In the case of Vince Holding, I mentioned this stock to a small group of my readers when it was at exactly $6.10.

Those who took action had the chance to pocket 141% gains in exactly one year, right alongside the insiders.

In this case, I didn’t make an official sell recommendation, which means some folks could’ve made less... and others could’ve made as much as 272%!

It’s a simple concept.

But it’s so effective.

And you should know... I’m not the only one who believes this is so powerful.

Same goes for the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett... the most famous and most successful investor of all time...

Buffett says, “I feel better when directors of our portfolio companies have had the experience of purchasing shares with their savings.”

BILL: Buffett’s preferred strategy certainly seems smarter than using Wall Street ratings or listening to the media or even to your broker... who doesn’t know jack.

If he did know jack, he’d be living in the Bahamas... with Bloomberg.

Forget all that.

We should be focused on what the insiders do with their money.

ALEX: That’s 100% correct, Bill.

BILL: So, Alex, the coronavirus scare has influenced the markets, and many of us – including me – had stops on our stocks, and they were sold. Not a bad thing if you want to preserve capital. But now the question becomes how do you turn this chaotic panic from coronavirus into profits down the road? Because there will be opportunity.

ALEX: Yeah, absolutely. You know, the first thing to realize about this market break, Bill, is that the sell-off is entirely rational. Sometimes we see emotional sell-offs or sometimes inexplicable sell-offs in the market, but this is fundamental because when the coronavirus spreads, as it has been, that means people will go out less. That means they will spend less. That means retail sales will be down. That means corporate profits will be down. So what's important for investors now is to realize that there are some companies that will be badly hurt by the coronavirus. We already know that airlines, cruise lines, hotels, and brick-and-mortar retailers are all suffering as a result of the coronavirus.

There are other companies, like healthcare companies for instance, that won’t have much change at all in their prospects, and there are even a few companies – like Netflix, Amazon and Stitch Fix – whose business will actually go up if people stay in. So the important thing as an investor is to realize what's happening and take advantage of opportunities that arise out of the chaos.

BILL:Now, what we're going to do today is indicate to people what the so-called smart money does, the insider money. Not insider traders or anything like that, but the people who understand what certain industries are.

ALEX: Right.

BILL:And they ­– the CEOS and people attached to these companies – may buy, but the public never knows that. They don't get that information.

ALEX: Right. Exactly. And here's the important thing to realize: These insiders don't know what the future of the coronavirus is. Nobody knows at this stage. What they do know is the prospects of that company are good enough or unaffected enough or improved enough, despite the virus, that they're still willing to buy millions of dollars' worth of their own stock at that market price. So they're not oblivious to the coronavirus, and they're saying, "We have a coronavirus. We have an economy that's reacting to it, and yet our share price is so cheap," because there is one other reason to buy the stock. I mean, you can sell your stock as an insider for lots of reasons that have nothing to do with the outlook of the company. Maybe you're diversifying your portfolio. Maybe you're putting your kids through private school or buying a second home or getting divorced, and you have to sell half your shares.

But when you turn it around and say, "Why would an insider invest millions of dollars of their own money in their own company's stock at the current market price," there is only one reason: Given everything they know about the prospects of the business – including lots of material, nonpublic information – they think the stock is trading for a lot less than what it's worth. It really is that simple.

BILL: OK, Alex, before we go any further, let’s help the folks at home understand this better. 

Tell us first, who qualifies as an insider?

And, folks, this is where you want to start taking some notes.

Alex is a true expert – this is what he does – and he’s going to give you some really good stuff.

ALEX: OK, from a legal standpoint, insiders are one of three things, Bill...

They are officers (like the president, chairman, CEO and CFO who oversee the daily operation of the company)...

Directors (who sit on the board)...

Or major shareholders (meaning they own at least 10% of the outstanding shares of the company). 

BILL: And what gives these insiders such a big advantage?

ALEX: Well, insiders have access to material, nonpublic information.

These insiders see the day’s receipts every evening.

They know the direction of sales since the last quarterly report. They know about all the new products and services in development.

They know if the company has just gained or lost any major corporate customers. They know the status of pending litigation.

Sometimes they even know if someone wants to make an unsolicited takeover bid – or take the company private.

BILL: So having access to that information is obviously a huge advantage.

If they know sales are skyrocketing, then of course by buying the stock, they’ll have a great chance to profit.

Watching when insiders buy their own company’s stock is a way to get the TRUTH out of them when it comes to how the business is doing.

ALEX: Yes, that’s absolutely right. It’s the ultimate truth detector.

Insider buying indicates higher future sales, new product launches or big mergers.

Here, let me give you another example. This is not one of my personal recommendations, but it shows you exactly what I’m talking about.

Look at the financial tech company USA Technologies.

In February 2019, there were negative reports about analyst downgrades on the company.

And in May, the media posed this question: “Can USA Technologies Stay Alive?

BILL: Seems like a suggestion the company could go under.

ALEX: Typical media fear tactics. A headline like that is alarming to most regular investors.

But beneficial owner Doug Braunstein, through his firm Hudson Executive Capital, was loading up on shares.

In fact, he bought more than a million in September at a price of $4.43.

BILL: That’s an investment of nearly $4.5 million.

A pretty big bet.

Do you think he knew something was coming?

ALEX: Well, let’s look at what happened.

A few days later, a positive earnings announcement blasted shares up more than 30% in a single day.

From there, they continued rising... topping $9 a share by January.

Braunstein’s investment doubled... increasing his position by more than $5 million in just five months!


But here’s the thing...

Once again, you could have captured gains right alongside him.

If you had timed it perfectly with this insider’s buy, you could have quickly grown $10,000 into more than $20,000 over that same time frame.

BILL: It’s so simple and effective. This is a smart and disciplined approach to the markets.

But I’m sure our audience has a big question.

I know I had this question when you first told me about this technique, Alex...

And that is... isn’t insider trading illegal?

People like Martha Stewart famously went to prison for it.

I even interviewed her brother after that. He tried to defend her actions, but to me it was wrong because she had an unfair advantage.

She acted on an insider tip just to protect herself from losing $45,000... a paltry sum compared with her millions, but she did it on the sly.

I wouldn’t want to be involved with something like that, and I don’t think our folks watching today would either.

So let’s be blunt.

What’s the difference between what you’re talking about and what she did?

Isn’t insider trading illegal?


ALEX: OK, this is a great question.

Most folks believe all insider trading is illegal.

But that’s simply not true.

What Martha Stewart did was illegal because she was trying to hide what she was doing.

However, insiders are certainly allowed to legally buy shares in the company they run, but... and this is the important part... they must do it publicly.

BILL: The government DEMANDS it. That’s big.

Because it means investors can track it.

ALEX: That’s correct. The federal government realizes that people with inside information have a huge unfair advantage over the little guy.

And so – to level the playing field – anytime they buy or sell their own companies’ shares, Uncle Sam requires them to file this so-called Form 4 with the SEC, detailing how many shares they bought, on what date and at what price.  

And once this information is public, we can act on it. 

BILL: But, Alex, the everyday investor has no idea how to access Form 4 filings.

But you do?

ALEX: That’s correct. My team and I utilize something called the EDGAR database.

It’s the system used at the SEC to publicly track insider moves.

If you’re a company insider... and you want to buy or sell your own company’s stock... you must file through this database.

That’s how I’m able to track every single insider purchase made daily.

And when these filings take place, I’m among the first to know about it.

BILL: I have to imagine there are thousands of filings reported daily. What exactly are you looking for?

ALEX: Right, Bill. Actually, more than 2,000 Form 4s flood into EDGAR every day.

It would be overwhelming, if not nearly impossible, for any regular investor to analyze.

That’s why I have a system to help me filter each as they come in.

I look for four specific things...

The first is BIG purchases.

I’m not interested in meaningless $10,000 buys.

It’s the seven- and eight-figure purchases that let me know something BIG is on the horizon...

For instance, when I saw Abbott Laboratories CEO Mitch Wilkinson put $14.8 million into his business in November 2016, I knew I should take a closer look.

BILL: That’s a LOT of money to put into a single stock.

You’re not going to risk that much unless you are pretty sure it’s going to rise.

ALEX: That’s right, Bill. The great Peter Lynch, who grew the Fidelity Magellan fund from $18 million to $14 BILLION, says, “When an insider buys, they do it for one reason only: They think the price will rise.”

In the case of Abbott Labs, I sent my readers a buy recommendation on November 28, telling them to get in right alongside the CEO.

And sure enough, just two months after he made his big investment, Abbott completed an acquisition of St. Jude Medical.

BILL: So it would appear this guy knew the acquisition was in the works. Maybe he had some idea it was going to push the stock up in value?

ALEX: Right.

And once the news of the acquisition came out, the stock started climbing immediately.

One year later, Wilkinson was already up nearly $6.5 million.

But regular people had the chance to make big money too!

In fact, I have an email list where I tell people when something like this is going on.

In the case of Abbott Labs, I actually sent out instructions on how to play it.

And my recommended options play shot up 278% in under three months.

Of course, I don’t have to tell you that, Bill. You’ve been on my list for many years now.

Since 2001, my subscribers have seen an average 5% return on their stock positions, and 10.4% on options, with an average hold time of 80 days.

And we’ve seen some really massive individual wins... which of course vary based on when subscribers bought and sold.

One gentleman wrote a thank-you note to me saying he made a $10,200 profit on Abbott on a 101% gain.

Another fellow said he made $11,600 on a 184% gain.

Another made more than $15,000... a 78% win

And yet another man said he “made $28,000,” a 98% profit.

BILL: Certainly not bad for just three months’ time.

And I think this proves the power that regular investors can gain... by following what the insiders are doing with their own money.

Now, let’s get back to the four things you’re looking for...

Big seven- or eight-figure purchases... that makes sense.

But you said there were three others.

Go ahead.

ALEX: Next, I look for cluster buying...

This might be the most powerful signal of all when it comes to insider moves.

Cluster buying is when a number of insiders are all buying at the same time.

It’s a sign that things are going SO well internally that lots of insiders want to pick up shares.

For instance, in February 2018, a group of several directors at Simply Good Foods bought more than 700,000 shares, an investment of more than $8 million.

I find cluster buying situations like these often lead to the biggest wins.

Because if multiple insiders all pour their savings into a stock at the same time, you can bet it’s not on a whim.

It means they are seeing so many positive signs within the company that they KNOW the stock is likely to soar.

BILL: And let me ask you this, Alex...

Were these insiders right?

Did something positive come out after they bought up all these shares?

ALEX: Right after they loaded up, the company announced fantastic third quarter earnings.

There’s not much doubt the insiders knew this was coming.

It’s the only explanation for why they would all invest millions of dollars at the exact same time.

And the folks on my email list whom I alerted beforehand got a chance at a 236% gain in just two months on my option recommendation.

A $5,000 investment would’ve become $16,800.

You can see why I consider this the ultimate truth detector.

BILL: Right, by tracking the insider moves... especially such a high number of them... it’s almost like wiretapping the boardroom.

You get a really good idea that big things are coming, whether it’s an acquisition or a great earnings report.

OK, so you’ve got big purchases, and you’ve got cluster buys. What else are you looking for?

ALEX: This one is somewhat obvious.

I want to see far more purchases than sales.

Look at the last example again: Over a three-month period, there were a total of nine buys.

But there were ZERO sales.

That’s a sign the business is headed in a good direction.

But with a company like Enron, where the insiders were selling more than $1 BILLION in shares...

That’s the kind of situation you want to avoid.

BILL: Alex, WorldCom was another one where investors got killed, wasn’t it?

Insiders were unloading shares on a massive scale.

ALEX: It’s a perfect example.

With WorldCom, the CFO, Scott Sullivan, publicly reported the company had a $1.4 billion profit in 2001.

If you took him at his word... the company looked great.

BILL: You know, I read an interesting story about WorldCom back then.

Citigroup rated WorldCom a “Buy” at that time.

But it was later discovered that the Citigroup analyst in charge of the buy recommendation had made a secret deal.

He had agreed to keep WorldCom’s “Buy” rating in exchange for help getting his children into a prestigious Upper East Side private school.

What a bunch of crooks.

But again, folks, that’s just another reminder why you don’t take these Wall Street guys at their word.

You don’t trust what they SAY...

You watch what they actually DO with their own money.

ALEX: In this case, you can forget about Citigroup’s “Buy” rating.

What was important was that the CFO was selling $45 million dollars worth of shares. That’s why you watch for Insider purchases or sales.

Nothing gives you a clearer picture where a stock is going next.

BILL: And what’s the final signal you’re looking for?

ALEX: This is the last one we’ll look at today – but it’s perhaps the most interesting. I look for insiders with an unblemished track record.

For example, I track one insider who is a so-called whale investor who makes huge buys.

Since 2012, he has made 24 insider purchases...

He’s made a $77 million buy, a $123 million buy and a $129 million buy.

He’s making HUGE bets on his company.

And so far... for eight straight years...

He’s been right 100% of the time!

BILL: In other words, each of the 24 times this guy made an insider trade, the stock rose, and of course he’s made hundreds of millions of dollars.

ALEX: Correct, he’s made millions. And anyone who followed him into those trades made money right alongside him.

Now, there are a number of insiders like this who have never been wrong when trading shares of their own companies.

I’ve found 15 of them in total... an elite group who have NEVER lost... and you better believe I track them all VERY closely.

BILL: For the folks who are watching this, I’m sure you can see why this is so powerful.

Watching what insiders are doing with their own money is the clearest way to get a picture of what’s going on at a company.

If you want to make money in the markets, you need to see these signals.

And Alex is the premier expert at tracking these signals.

Alex, you’ve had great success doing this doing this, no doubt about it.

And I should know.

I’ve been receiving your emails about legal insider trading since the very beginning. More than a decade now.

When you see major insider buying at a company you like...

You send out an email to explain why you personally believe in the company... you detail how much the insider is investing... and why it’s a good buying opportunity.

But most importantly, you give clear, concise instructions on how to capture these gains alongside the insiders.

And you send out only the best of the best.

You don’t overwhelm the reader. You stick to tracking insiders like the group you just talked about with a very high success rate.

ALEX: That’s right. And while there’s no such thing as a crystal ball when it comes to the markets, I’ve found that this is the greatest strategy to target stocks that could be quickly heading up.

BILL: There’s no denying that. In fact... I remember a recommendation on Newmark Group.

I bought it after reading your take, and I’m happy to say, it rose fast.

ALEX: Glad to hear it, Bill! Yeah, Newmark is a great example of what we’re discussing.

Though if you recall, I didn’t recommend it as an insider play...

I actually recommended it for my former value service, but it follows the same pattern.

It caught my attention when Newmark’s CEO, Barry Gosin, purchased nearly $9 million worth of his own company shares.

Now, THAT big of a purchase from a CEO is just what I’m looking for.

After all, he’s led the company for 40 years... so you better believe he knows the business inside and out. He’s actually one of the founders.

That’s why when he invested $9 million, I sent you and the rest of the followers of my value service a detailed breakdown of what was going on.

BILL: I’ve actually got a copy of it right here.

Your email alerted readers to the fact that the CEO had purchased exactly 993,792 shares, a big number, for an investment of $8.99 million.

You said, and I quote, “The stock is so undervalued that he should ultimately enjoy a big payday.”

Now, Alex said to buy at $9.85 or better. And over the next couple of weeks, it was already up to $11.70.

That’s a quick 20%.

ALEX: Not bad for a couple of weeks. And some folks had a shot at even bigger gains.

When I see a CEO making a huge bet like this, I know it means the stock is likely to move up quickly.

So I like to recommend a special options play in my emails for those who want to supercharge their gains.

Now, options can come with more risk if you are just blindly investing in any company.

But when you are reasonably certain a stock is going to rise... like when you see an insider investing big money... an options play can dramatically increase your profits.

In this case, the options play I recommended soared 127% in just 18 days!

That’s enough to turn $1,000 into $2,270...

Or $10,000 into $22,700.

BILL: All in less than a month.

ALEX: That’s right.

But you never would have known about this if you were just listening to the mainstream media.

Get this... one week before my email went out, Yahoo Finance ran a story about Newmark.

It pointed out the stock was down 8.5% on the year and wrote, “Investors should be wary of buying into a poor-performing stock.”

BILL: So once again the media got it wrong.

ALEX: Yes, yet again. And investors missed out.

BILL: Unless they were following your research, as I was.

Folks, the email list to receive Alex’s research is something you might want to consider jumping on.

I’m on it. Have been for more than a decade now.

I’ve tried following other so-called stock experts, and none have worked out like Alex has. This is a guy whose recommendations I actually trust.

Of course, they don’t always work out... Remember that. That’s very important. Stocks always come with some measure of risk. So Alex recommends you never bet the farm on any one trade.

It’s all about being smart and disciplined, as we always say.

In preparation for this meeting, I asked Alex to gather some feedback from his readers...

I wanted to see if it was working well for the folks.

Here are just a few of their notes...

Randy McDougall said he’s into six figures with his trades. He wrote...

John Kirkland also made big money on STK, saying...

And Ralph Foreman nearly doubled his money on a single trade in just six weeks...

He wrote...

BILL: In a minute, Alex will tell us exactly how we can get on his email list.

Now, remember, this strategy has worked for us in the past.

And it could very well work for you in a way far beyond what you’ve ever seen.

But if you don’t like it Alex’s strategy... that’s fine.

You do what you think is best.

I’m not here to convince you of anything. I merely want you to understand what I believe is a smart and disciplined approach to investing in the markets.

In a moment, I’m going to ask Alex to give details on three stocks that insiders are LOADING UP ON right now.

As you’ve seen today, when that happens... it’s a very good sign that they know something big is coming for the company.

And the stock price is likely to react.

Again, Alex will show you how to add your name to his list in just a bit, but first, I think it’s important we ask Alex to show us some more examples of how he finds these recommendations.

A 228% Gain Alongside the CEO and VP of Medtronic

Now, Alex, you sent another good one recently... on a medical device company called Medtronic.

This is a classic case where the media totally got it wrong.

Take this headline from CNBC. It highlights a battle between the CEO and the critics who say the company has a “spotty record.”

ALEX: If you saw that headline as an investor, you wouldn’t know what to do. Do you trust the CEO or the critics? It’s anybody’s guess.

BILL: But again, it’s not what people say. It’s what they DO that’s important.

ALEX: Exactly. And in this case, the company had almost everything I look for.

Insiders making BIG purchases... cluster buying... and top-level executives betting their own money on the stock.

That’s why I sent you and the other members on my list an email about Medtronic.

BILL: I’ve got a copy of that email right here.

In it, you pointed out that Chairman and CEO Omar Ishrak had just purchased 12,000 shares... an investment of more than $1 million.

That’s huge.

But he wasn’t alone.

The CFO also bought 3,000 shares, another investment of more than a quarter-million dollars.

These are the top people at the company... the CEO and the CFO.

If anybody knows something good is coming up, they do...

So what happened next, Alex?

ALEX: Well, shortly after, some interesting news came out...

Medtronic smashed earnings and raised expectations two quarters in a row.

Obviously, the CEO and CFO knew this was coming.

It’s the only explanation for their investment of $1.25 million.

BILL: But CNBC didn’t have a clue until AFTER it had already happened.

The only way to know the truth about what was coming was by watching what the insiders were doing with their own money.

ALEX: Exactly. Because by the time the media caught wind, the stock had already soared.

Medtronic went straight up, and my readers could’ve captured a 31% gain on the stock in just over a year.

And the option I recommended handed readers a quick 228%!

A 228% gain would turn every $1,000 into nearly $3,280...

And every $10,000 into $32,800

Imagine the impact something like that would have for our viewers.

BILL: It certainly would.

Now, one of your more famous investment calls was on a company called Tandem Diabetes Care.

Everyone was talking about it at the time because you first mentioned it to your followers when it was at just $3.86 a share... before it climbed to $73 in just one year.

Gains like that are incredibly rare.

Most people don’t see returns like that in a lifetime.

So I have a question for you... Did you find that one through insider buying as well?

ALEX: Yes, this one was incredible, Bill.

A bunch of top executives were cluster buying and loading up at cheap prices.

It was four directors along with the president and CEO, Kim Blickenstaff.

On February 13, 2018, the five of them together put nearly $4 million of their own cash into the business... and scooped up almost 2 million shares.

BILL: They must have known something good was coming up... maybe a big earnings announcement, a merger, the launch of a new product... any of those announcements would send a stock upward.

ALEX: Yes. And together, they decided February 13 was a good time to invest nearly $4 million.

The move caught my attention.

And I shared my research on Tandem at an investment conference in Vegas where some of my top followers were in attendance

It wasn’t an official recommendation... but I’m still quite proud of this one.

BILL: OK, hang on, Alex. The insiders were putting their money into the stock... I get that.

But what actually caused the stock to rise?

ALEX: Well, in this case, Tandem won FDA approval for an automated insulin-delivery solution.

It’s not easy to gain approval. It can sometimes take years...

But obviously, the people inside the company had a pretty good idea this approval was likely to happen.

So when it did... of course the stock took off.

I targeted it right at $3.86 in early March...

BILL: And just a year later, it was more than $73 a share.

Folks, that’s a 1,795% gain. I can hardly say that without my tongue falling out.

ALEX: Enough to turn $10,000 into $189,500!

And that’s a pure stock play! We’re not talking about an option here.

BILL: All you had to do was listen to Alex and follow the insiders in.

Out of curiosity, how much did the executives of Tandem make off their big investment?

ALEX: In one year’s time, their original $4 million investment had risen all the way to around $135 million.

BILL: Wow. And folks who listened to you could have captured gains right alongside them.

That shows the power of following the insiders.

The media... Wall Street... they’re just guessing.

But the insiders are the ones who truly know what’s going on.

If they are betting millions of dollars, we should be thinking about that.

Now, you mentioned earlier that there is a group of insiders who have perfect track records.

Can you give us another example?

ALEX: Sure thing... as I mentioned, some insiders are so good at investing in their businesses... that they’ve NEVER lost a trade.

As you might expect, it’s a tiny group... I’ve identified 15 high-level executives at the moment.

Over the last two decades, they’ve made a total of 137 trades.

And EVERY TIME they bought... they made money.

I call them “100 percenters” because they’re an undefeated 137-0.

For example, Insider No. 3 on my list has made 12 perfect buys since 2010.

Each time she bought, the stock moved higher...

One of her purchases, a $1.2 million investment... has increased her position by more than half a million dollars!

Then there’s Insider No. 12...

He’s made 18 perfect buys since 2013...

I’m talking thousands of shares at a time...

Including a $448,000 purchase in 2014. The stock has more than tripled since... earning him more than $1 million.

But Insider No. 7 has done better still...

He’s made 13 perfect buys over the last 13 years.

And every single one has made him money...

One time, he bought 1,200 shares for $388,000...

And that investment alone has given him a $2,000,000 gain.

If you had invested alongside him, you too could’ve made more than five times your money on that single trade.

Now, as good as these insiders are, I don’t follow them into every single trade...

Sometimes they’re buying to hold for a year or more, and I’d rather get in and out quickly.

But if you’re looking to just win no matter what...

I can’t think of a better way to succeed in the stock market than following this group.

BILL: But, Alex, the average guy on the street doesn’t know how to find these insiders, and certainly doesn’t know how to track their moves.

It sounds like a lot of work.

ALEX: Well, quite frankly, Bill, it is a lot of work. My team and I spend 150 man-hours each week scanning, researching and pinpointing every single insider opportunity we recommend.

Then I send out the best ones to my readers.

BILL: Folks, in a minute, Alex is going to explain how to get on his list.

That way, the next time one of these insiders makes a big purchase, he’ll alert you right away.

But before we get to that... I have a question for you, Alex...

We’ve seen chaos in the markets at the beginning of 2020… mainly due to the coronavirus. 

But with chaos often comes opportunity…

We’re in the middle of an election year...

That creates some uncertainty.

We don’t know exactly who will be in charge or what policies they’ll put in place.

So I wanted to ask you, how well does your technique, which we’ve outlined, work when there is uncertainty in the market?

ALEX: That’s an important question, Bill.

And the fact is, I’d say tracking insiders is the single best smartest strategy to use during election years.

Insiders Have Incredible Track Records During Election Years

Think about this for a minute...

The insiders at a company don’t operate in a vacuum.

They know what kind of risks are out there.

So if they are STILL buying shares even with those risks... there must be a very good reason.

That’s why, during elections, I pay even more attention to insider buying than normal.

I’ve actually got the perfect example of this from back in 2008...

BILL: That was the middle of the financial crisis. Obama had just gotten elected. Investors were running scared and going 100% to cash.

ALEX: Almost nobody was buying at that time.

Except for one guy...

Sheldon Adelson – CEO of Las Vegas Sands.

BILL: I know him. Oh yes, he’s a heavy conservative donor. He was an outspoken critic of Obama, especially at that time.

ALEX: He was. And yet, despite his misgivings about Obama and the economy, he poured millions of dollars into his own business right around Obama’s inauguration.

He bought more than 12 million shares... an investment of $37 million...

Why? Certainly not because the markets were looking strong.

And not because he trusted Obama to right the economy.

He bought for one reason and one reason only...

Because he believed in the health and longevity of his business.

He was so confident it would recover that he was willing to put millions of dollars on the line despite the uncertainty.

And it paid off.

His business did so well that by 2014, his gains from that massive purchase approached $1 billion.


BILL: Today, Sheldon’s No. 24 on Forbes’ “Richest People in the World” list, just behind Jack Ma of Alibaba fame.

So you could say he’s doing pretty well.

But you can also say he capitalized out of chaos. That he turned chaos into profit.

ALEX: Yes, chaos into opportunity. He’s doing VERY well.

And my subscribers did well on Las Vegas Sands, too! They pulled in an official gain of 82% after I alerted them to the opportunity.

BILL: And, in fact, you did alert your readers right as that happened, Alex.

I have a copy of what you wrote right here.

It’s dated April 6, 2009.

You say, and I quote, “Adelson, a billionaire and member of the Forbes 400, wouldn’t throw this kind of money around lightly. He appears to believe that the worst of this business downturn is behind him.”

Folks, this is why Alex Green is so good at this stuff.

He does the work.

He tracks the insiders.

Then he tells you what action to take.

You get to see the analysis and decide for yourself. That’s very important.

You can buy when he says buy, sell when he says sell. Follow this and you will set yourself up to possibly make yourself money.

ALEX: You can bet that during the next few months, during all the uncertainty, there will be some great insider buying opportunities.

Uncertain or volatile markets actually help us. They push things too far down sometimes.

By tracking the insiders, we know which stocks are likely to rise.

BILL: This happens every election cycle?

ALEX: Every one. Let’s look at one from 2012.

Obama was preparing to run for reelection. His opponents were concerned about what that meant for the economy.

But on May 24 and 25, despite the uncertainty, Carl Icahn poured $44 million into CVR Energy, where he was a director and 10% owner.

BILL: He was essentially saying, “I don’t care who wins the election. I know my company is solid.”

ALEX: And in the next year, look what happened.

It ran from around $26... all the way to $68.

And handed him a $64 million gain.

BILL: You recommended CVR Energy to subscribers on your email list, including me!

I have a copy of that one here.

You said, “Carl Icahn, a director, invested $19 million in the stock last week... bringing his total holdings to more than 70 million shares.”

Then you said to buy at $27 or better.

ALEX: I did. And our readers who followed Icahn into the trade saw the chance to pull in as much as 1,248% on the options position I recommended.

Enough to turn every $10,000 into $134,800.

And it took only four months!

When we fully exited the position, it produced a 208% average win.

That’s how powerful tracking insiders during an election year can be.

BILL: Now, Alex, I know you’ve got a lot more where that came from. I get your emails all the time.

You message me just about every week, along with your other readers... and share a couple of insider plays each month.

Not too many. I don’t like to have so many positions that I can’t follow them. I’m a simple man. Instead, you send us only your best insider plays.

ALEX: That’s correct.

Over the course of each year, we average about 24 plays.

And I’ve been doing this for nearly 20 years.

BILL: That’s what I like about this strategy. It’s proven over a long period of time.

But don’t forget, folks, this is investing, so not every play works out. I really want you to think about that.

ALEX: I couldn’t agree with you more, Bill.

Insiders do get it wrong from time to time.

Like all humans, they aren’t perfect. (Well, except for those 15 insiders I mentioned before who do have a 100% success rate.)

But over time, we’ve done exceptionally well with our insider plays.

Since 2001, my subscribers have averaged 5% on stocks and 10.4% on options with an average hold time of just 80 days... and that’s including the 2008 financial crisis and the coronavirus crash.

And now we’ve had some great wins. Like:

  • 644% on Freeport-McMoRan in three months
  • 240% on Netflix in 3 1/2 months
  • 739% on ProQuest in three months
  • 430% on NYSE Euronext in 2 1/2 months
  • 268% on Continental Resources in three months
  • 324% on Simply Good Foods in three months
  • 502% on Walgreens in 2 1/2 months
  • 508% on AbbVie in three months
  • 260% on Bank of America in two months
  • 229% on Medtronic in eight months
  • 256% on Titanium in 1 1/2 months
  • 240% on NuStar Energy in two months
  • 480% on Hain Celestial Group in four months
  • 329% on Motorola in 3 1/2 months
  • 274% on Seagate Technology in 3 1/2 months.

And there are many, many more.

These are proven, official wins.

In fact, we’ve booked a total of 179 triple-digit wins since my inception in late 2001.

That’s about 10 per year.

BILL: All right, Alex, we’ve had enough of your bragging.

We know the system works.

After all, I’ve been getting these emails from you for more than a decade.

Every single major insider move... you seem to be on top of it.

Folks, you’ve heard me say it before on my program... the only reason I agreed to host this interview with Alex for The Oxford Club is...

I have prospered from what Alex has published... I’ve seen the amount of work he puts in... and I believe his strategy is an effective one.

I’ve made money on his trades... and I want you to have the same experience.

But don’t take my word for it...

Alex receives thank-you notes all the time from folks who follow his research.

Charles Shaw said...

And I’ll read just one more...

That’s $116,000 on just two trades.

And I know Alex is offering people the chance to get his insider-focused research today.

Alex, how does that work?

The Insider Alert

ALEX: It’s really simple. As you know, I run a research service called The Insider Alert.

In it, I track the types of major insider moves we’ve discussed today.

When I find a big purchase by an insider or cluster of insiders, I send it out to everyone on my email list.

So, for instance, on October 15, 2019, I saw a major insider purchase in a company called Advanced Drainage Systems...

Anytime I see something like this, I immediately start researching... studying the company’s fundamentals... and finding out whether there’s cluster buying...

I look at the track record of the insider to see how reliable they are. PLUS, I like to investigate what reason the insiders might have for investing right at that moment.

Once my research is complete, I put together a brief, one- to two-page email detailing everything with easy-to-understand instructions on how to profit.

In the case of Advanced Drainage Systems, I sent that to my whole reader list – including you – on October 15 of last year.

BILL: I’ve got a copy of that in my dossier as well.

In it, you say Director Ross Jones purchased 230,000 shares for $7.3 million.

That’s certainly a vote of confidence...

But that’s not all... you also mention that clusters of insiders purchased 16% of ALL shares of the stock.

They believed in it that much?

ALEX: Yes, insiders were loading up across the board.

No doubt they expected sales and earnings to trounce expectations and lift the stock higher.

And that’s exactly what happened.

In December, they raised guidance on their 2020 outlook due to strong sales growth and increased profitability.

When earnings came out in February, net income was up by 42% from the prior year, blowing away expectations.

At that point, I alerted folks to close out a portion of our easy options trade for a 500% win.

And it took only four months.

When we fully exited the position, it produced a 208% average win in four month.

BILL: So that’s how it works.

Alex, you do all the research.

And we regular folks just get to give it a quick read and take action if we like what we see.

What I like the most is that it’s direct and to the point. No spin.. everything’s really simple. Because I’m a simple man.

ALEX: Well, I’m glad you mentioned the simplicity because that’s my goal. I want to make my recommendations really easy for everyone...

It takes a lot to track the moves of thousands of insiders every day.

But my goal has always been to take all that information and simplify it so my readers get only the most important insider moves.

All they want to know is who’s buying... how much they are buying... and how to capture gains alongside them.

BILL: It’s perfect for somebody like me.

I don’t have the time OR the know-how, I admit it, to sit in front of my computer all day looking for a good trade.

Especially when I can just open Alex’s email and have everything I need right there.

So if you’re like me, folks...

And you’d rather let someone else do the hard work for you...

All you’ve got to do is subscribe to become a part of Alex’s Insider Alert, like I am...

And you’ll start receiving his valuable research and recommendations each week.

Speaking of which, Alex, I know you’re tracking a few big insider trades right now.

What can you tell us about them?

ALEX: Well, my system has identified three major insider transactions that were just reported.

The first is a bustling media company... It’s absolutely perfect for an election year.

It’s growing like crazy, now reaching 220 countries worldwide.

And two directors just made big buys.

One bought $4.6 million of new stock. The other... bought $74 MILLION.

And that insider publicly stated that he believed the stock was cheap.

It’s very cheap, Bill, trading for around $25 a share.

BILL: OK, what’s No. 2?

ALEX: I’ve targeted a world-class engineering firm that’s raking in new revenue.

It has $60 BILLION worth of contracts locked up for future business.

One of its directors just bought $8.5 million of the stock. This fellow now owns 5.9 million shares and just keeps loading up.

Bill, this stock is an absolute bargain.

BILL: So that’s two stocks... and the third?

ALEX: Last but not least, I’ve got a premier energy company... one of Fortune magazine’s Top 10 “Most Admired Companies”... and it’s experiencing telltale cluster buying.

Eleven officers and directors racked up 42 insider purchases in the last few months.

One director just added around 3 million more shares to his stockpile.

And the company is extremely undervalued.

One Forbes research analyst is calling it “the buying opportunity of a lifetime,” and I couldn’t agree more.

I’ve got all the details on these plays... including the ticker symbols... in a special report I’m prepared to email to everyone watching. It’s titled “3 Breakout Insider Buys to Make TODAY.”

Everyone watching will get the chance to claim this valuable report as part of their subscription to The Insider Alert.

A button is going to pop up shortly, and when you click it, it will take you to a secure sign-up page where you can subscribe to my Insider Alert... and get my special report, “3 Breakout Insider Buys to Make TODAY.”

I make it very easy.

BILL: Folks, don’t put this off.

These insiders know far more about their businesses than you or I ever could.

And – as a result of their inside knowledge – they’ve decided that RIGHT NOW is the perfect time to buy.

ALEX: Not only that, but the companies are healthy and have strong, competent management... and, according to my calculations, they are decidedly undervalued.

There’s no question in my mind they’re going to rise in value...

And the insiders have just pushed their chips in, signaling that NOW is the time to act.

BILL: OK, so Alex is going to give everyone who subscribes the details on those three trades.

Everything you need to know is in the bonus report “3 Breakout Insider Buys to Make TODAY.”

But is that all new members get, Alex?

ALEX: Not at all. I also want to give folks a second special bonus report, “Alexander Green’s Definitive Guide to Profiting From Insiders.”

This is about everything we’ve discussed today, Bill... and more... condensed into a concise, easy-to-read report.

It’s like a cheat sheet.

BILL: That’s a lot already...

But I’m going to press Alex for one more bonus for viewers at home...

You see, one of the things I found most fascinating today is that list of the 15 undefeated insiders who have a 100% success rate when trading their own company’s stock.

So I’ve asked Alex to do something special for our audience and reveal who those insiders are...

ALEX: Bill, I’ve got the complete details on these 15 perfect traders... who they are... the companies they’re investing in...

I reveal everything in a third bonus report, “The 15 Perfect Traders to Follow.”

Everyone watching today can get their hands on it.

BILL: Folks, I encourage you to claim your copy today.

And Alex is not done just yet...

In addition to all that, he’s put together a valuable three-part video series.

ALEX: It’s called Options the Easy Way: Turbocharge Your Profits With 1 Click.

And it’s part of the Insider Alert package I’ve assembled for you today.

I like to include an options play along with each recommendation I send for a shot at even bigger gains.

For those who prefer sticking to stocks, go ahead and keep doing that.

The options are only there for those who want to take shots at really big gains over short periods of time.

Options are super exciting, but they come with more risk than the stocks themselves.

So keep that in mind.

That’s why I put together the video series for everyone.

It will walk you through everything you need to know in three simple steps.

And it’s all very easy to understand.

BILL: You get this as part of everything you receive when you join The Insider Alert research service.

All together... you’re getting a ton of value here, folks.

Alex, can you recap it for us?

ALEX: Sure.

With a one-year subscription to The Insider Alert research service, you’ll get...

  • Automatically added to my VIP email list.
  • Bonus 1: My BRAND-NEW report, “3 Breakout Insider Buys to Make TODAY
  • Bonus 2: The cheat sheet, “Alexander Green’s Definitive Guide to Profiting From Insiders
  • Bonus 3: The undefeated insiders report, “The 15 Perfect Traders to Follow
  • Bonus 4: My three-part video series, Options the Easy Way: Turbocharge Your Profits With 1 Click.

Plus, as a part of your Insider Alert subscription, you’ll get one to two new insider picks every single month – ON TOP of the three you get today in my new report.

Finally, if you are worried in the least about ever missing an email, we also provide optional text messaging for those who are constantly on the run. It will let you know when I’ve sent out a new alert so you don’t miss a thing.

My goal is to provide people – not professional investors, but regular people – an easy way to learn how to take their trading to the next level.

I want it to be as simple, profitable and low-risk as possible.

So let me ask you one last question, Bill...

Have you found it to be those things – simple, profitable and low-risk?

BILL: Absolutely. 100%.

But I still want to emphasize to the folks at home, this is the stock market.

Nothing is guaranteed. I believe what we’ve talked about today is one of the best strategies available in the markets.

Now that you know the strategy, it’s up to you to decide whether it’s right for you.

Remember, this strategy is about being smart and disciplined. Smart and disciplined will always lead to success.

It’s not gambling on pot stocks...

Or bitcoin...

Or risky penny stocks.

This is a tried-and-true strategy for understanding where stocks are headed next.

I said it during The Great American Wealth Project, and I’ll say it again now...

If you feel stuck...

Alex is the guy who can help you achieve great wealth.

Even though this is faster-paced, higher-level stuff than what you get as a part of his Oxford Communiqué newsletter...

Alex agreed to make a special deal today for everyone watching at home. We’re talking just a few bucks a day.

Now, remember... I’m here only because I personally follow Alex and have had a great experience.

I’ve made a ton of money from his plays over the years... and I look forward to making more in the years ahead.

I hope you’ll join me as Alex helps us all track the insiders together.

Now I’m going to turn it over to George Rayburn...

He’s The Oxford Club’s Executive Vice President, and he’s going to explain how you can get involved... and receive the exact same emails I get from Alex with The Insider Alert.

Alex, thank you for the complete breakdown of your strategy.

Great to be with you again.

ALEX: Thank you, Bill. It’s been my pleasure.

BILL: For Alexander Green, Chief Investment Strategist of The Oxford Club, I’m Bill O’Reilly.

George, take it away.

GEORGE: Thank you, Bill; thank you, Alex.

That’s really exciting stuff.

As Bill said, I’m George Rayburn, and I’d like to tell you how you can receive everything discussed today.


  • A one-year subscription to The Insider Alert research service
  • Inclusion on Alex’s VIP email list

Three special bonus reports...

  • “3 Breakout Insider Buys to Make TODAY”
  • “Alexander Green’s Definitive Guide to Profiting From Insiders”
  • “The 15 Perfect Traders to Follow”

And a three-part video series...

  • Options the Easy Way: Turbocharge Your Profits With 1 Click

In just a minute, you’ll see a button pop up below this video.

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He’s delivered 24 triple-digit wins over the last two years, with an average gain of 320% per triple digit winner.

Because we’re agreeing to give you Alex’s full Insider Alert portfolio in the next few minutes, we can’t allow refunds.

For obvious reasons, we can't allow you to join, receive the research and recommendations… and then request a refund right away.

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But you must get started now if you want to take advantage of Alex’s three newest plays.

The first is a media company in an election year... Insiders spent almost $80 million on new stock.

The second is a world-class engineering company with $60 billion in future deals secured. One director just loaded up on $8.5 million worth of shares.

And the third is an energy company where 11 different insiders just piled in. Big cluster buying action there! A Forbes analyst calls it the buying opportunity of a lifetime.

For details on how to get started, simply click the button below now.


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Or Continental Resources, which handed his readers a shot at an incredible 463% in 2019.

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On behalf of Bill O’Reilly, Alexander Green and The Oxford Club, I’m George Rayburn.

Thank you for joining us today, and I look forward to welcoming you as the newest member of The Insider Alert.

George J. Rayburn
Executive Vice President, The Oxford Club
April 2020