Swing Trader Summit

Discover How to Trade Up OR Down Market Swings... and Get the Chance to Make Up to 100% Every Week

JONATHAN: Hi, I’m Jonathan Roth.

I’ve been a part of interviews with many of the world’s most influential people.

People like the Rev. Franklin Graham, author Salman Rushdie and primatologist Jane Goodall.

But today, I’ll be speaking with someone I’ve wanted to interview for many years.

He’s of the most successful traders of our time, former hedge fund manager Nicholas Vardy.

At the VERY BOTTOM of the market, following the dot-com bust, Nicholas went against the herd... and founded one of the world’s top quantitative hedge funds.

Then, after the 2008 financial crisis, he called the massive bull run in the U.S. markets... and exactly ONE YEAR after his prediction, the markets regained their 2007 highs.

Now he believes you’re seeing the next big wealth opportunity of our lifetimes.

Today, Nicholas is here with me to blow the lid off why hedge fund managers LOVE a volatile market like this.

Though nearly across the board... they NEVER share how to trade it with regular investors.

And that’s why we’re here.

For the first time ever, Nicholas will walk us through a special type of trading that professionals use to profit from the markets’ wild swings.

It’s a strategy that the world’s RICHEST and most successful traders make on a regular basis...

Like Paul Tudor Jones, who made $100 million when the markets fell 20%.

Or Larry Williams, who won an investing championship when he turned $10,000 into $1.1 MILLION in a single year.

Or Dan Zanger, who turned $10,775 into more than $42 million in less than two years.

Today, Nicholas will show us the most powerful examples of this trading strategy that can produce more than 100% gains in a week.

In the next few minutes, we’re going to...

  • Discover exactly how Nicholas knows when to make these trades... down to the day
  • Find out why these trades work in ANY market – bull or bear
  • Get proof on how it’s possible to turn $500 into $7,000 in a single week on the very best trades
  • See why pro traders like Nicholas HATE regular stock charts... and what he does use.

So stick around and you’ll see how you could collect up to 100% in a week or less.

Now, let me be clear... you’re personally leaving money on the table if you close your browser and leave this video.

Nicholas, welcome.


NICHOLAS: Yes! Thank you, Jonathan. I’m excited to share this with our viewers today.

This has been a troubling few months in the markets.

Many investors saw years’ worth of gains wiped out in weeks or days.

Yet few had any answers.

Go to cash?

Buy Treasurys?

Sell and hope to get back in when everything settles down?

It’s hard to know what to do.

But for hedge fund traders, markets like this don’t come with worry... or doom and gloom.

Quite the opposite.

For me, markets like these are like manna from heaven.

And for the first time ever, I’m showing our viewers EXACTLY how to trade the markets’ sharp swings – whether up or down.

Hedge funds have kept what I’m about to show you an industry secret for years...

But I’ll give everyone watching the capability to make up to 100% in a week or less.

JONATHAN: Nicholas, you’ve been a disrupter your whole life.

You grew up partially behind the Iron Curtain in Hungary when it was under the control of communists...

Needless to say, people were not encouraged to think outside the box.

But you dreamed of a better life. And nothing would stop you from becoming successful.

You packed up and moved to the West... attended Stanford University... then Harvard Law School...

And after graduating...

You started one of the world’s very first quant funds... back when most people thought it was crazy to use computers to pick stocks.

You spearheaded not one but four funds for a firm that now manages more than $300 billion in assets.

In fact, you’ve spent decades managing a bevy of mutual funds and hedge funds...

You even built a quantitative hedge fund from the ground up...

And created complex trading systems to find a true edge in the markets.

Simply put, Nicholas, you’ve been one of the central figures in the quantitative revolution we’re seeing today.

NICHOLAS: It’s true... I used one of the early quantitative trading programs to manage my very first fund.

Back then, I bought market data on CDs.

I had to manually switch out the disks on an IBM computer... and this was no sleek Apple laptop... This computer was a clunky, slow and ugly behemoth!

While this approach seems archaic today, it was revolutionary at the time.

And now, quantitative funds rule the market.

Quants like me trade on predictable patterns to collect massive profits in very short periods of time.

Consider the story of fellow quant trader Jim Simons.

Simons works with an army of rocket scientists to spot patterns others can't see. They spend their lives mining reams of data to pick stocks.

Bloomberg Businessweek called his quant system “a money printing press.”

It’s easy to see why...

Since 1988, his Medallion Fund has generated average annual returns of 66% before fees.

His company, Renaissance Technologies, has generated more than $100 billion in trading profits!

In 2008 – when the market was devastating regular investors – his fund made a 98% gain.

JONATHAN: A 98% gain... while the overall market lost nearly half its value?

NICHOLAS: That’s right.

And the thing is... the trading strategy I’ll show you today was a HUGE piece of his puzzle.

When the market falls, the people who know how to trade it can make an absolute fortune.

Because there’s never been a market correction or bear market that has not ended.

In fact, the bigger the drop, the bigger the bounce.

Unfortunately, few regular investors have the tools to profit in a market like this.

But quantitative hedge funds like Renaissance Technologies do.

It’s one of the biggest advantages quant funds have.

And believe me, they DO NOT want it getting out.

JONATHAN: I’m sure they don’t. Hedge funds make all their money by positioning themselves as the experts.

The 0.01% pay hedge funds to manage their money precisely because they have advantages that others don’t.

And the hedge funds make a fortune as a result.

Run-of-the-mill hedge funds charge a fee of 2% on the funds invested, plus a massive 20% on the profits.

Simons’ Medallion Fund charges hefty annual management fees of 5% on all assets and as much as 44% on gains.

So it’s no surprise that many hedge fund guys become billionaires.


And you can see why they are so secretive about trading techniques like the one I’m going to share with our audience today.

In fact, The New York Times did an investigation on Simons’ Medallion Fund.

It was eye-opening to learn how far hedge funds go to protect their advantages.

As the Times reports, the Medallion Fund “is secretive to the point of paranoia. Employees sign ironclad nondisclosure agreements and are told to avoid media appearances and industry conferences.”

Bloomberg says what Medallion trades “remains a secret hidden within its computerized trading system.”

And quant fund giant Bridgewater Capital plays its cards just as close to its chest.

The Times reports its trades are a “secret not only to investors but to most of the firm’s 1,500 employees. No more than a dozen people have a full sense of how the firm trades.”

But today I’m breaking the hedge fund industry’s blood pact of secrecy...

And telling you EXACTLY how to identify trades that could make you up to 100% in a week or less.

What’s more, I’ll show you why you don’t need a giant bank account or a billion-dollar supercomputer to do it.

JONATHAN: All right, Nicholas, I'm ready to hear you break that blood pact. What is this system of yours all about?

How does it work?

NICHOLAS: Over the years, I’ve developed a system that helps me identify stocks BEFORE they experience big swings in price.

I then “swing trade” these individual stocks.

That’s why this market is PERFECT for my strategy.

You see the market crash one day... then swing right back up the next.

And I LOVE it when this happens.

JONATHAN: Why’s that?

NICHOLAS: Well, for most people these moves look random.

But with the way I use my system, I can ride these short, fast swings to lock in incredible gains of up to 100% or more.

To put it simply, I believe there is no better way to grow your wealth today.

JONATHAN: Can you show us?

NICHOLAS: Absolutely.

I’m going to show you some supercharged swing trades – using recent top examples I picked straight from the market...

Take a look at this candlestick stock chart.

Candlesticks are what quants use to track where a stock is headed next.

What you’re seeing here is trading in action.

Each of those bars represents ONE trading day.

The red bars tell you that sellers pushed the stock down for the day...

And the green bars tell you that buyers swung it back up.

What I’m looking for is streaks.

I want to see periods where every day is the same color.

Let’s look back at one of the worst periods for the market in 2020.

In February this year... Cantel Medical experienced one of these streaks.

Look at the candlestick.

See those seven straight red bars?

That indicates the sellers are pushing it as low as they possibly can... Seven days in a row, in fact.

The stock had become greatly oversold.

Then you see the green bar in the middle?

That’s what I call a “reversal.”

It means the buyers are about to swing the stock back in the other direction.

So all you had to do was type in the ticker symbol when you saw the reversal...

Then place a simple short-term trade designed to profit from the swing...

And sure enough... what happened?

The stock swung back up into the green.

Here’s how it could’ve looked if you’d placed a trade like this in real time.

Type in this symbol... press submit... then you’re done for the day.

Play a round of golf with your friends. Spend some time with the family. Go about your life.

And exactly seven trading days later, you could’ve sold when you saw the swing back up for a 250% gain!

JONATHAN: Wow, that sounds great. Especially the round of golf with friends while I'm making those gains, but can you show me another one, Nicholas?

I’m not sure I got it fully on the first example.

NICHOLAS: No problem.

Here’s another big winner...

Nokian Tyres.

See the huge streak of red bars?

The sellers were pushing the stock down every day for, let’s count them... one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight straight sessions!

JONATHAN: It was WAY oversold.


That created a lot of pressure for the stock to swing back up.

And then...

On Monday, April 1, 2019, the reversal hit right here.

This is the moment where the stock flips back from red to green.

So you bet on a rebound in Nokian Tyres...

And by Monday the 8th, you could’ve sold for a 593% gain!

OK, here’s one more.

Looking back to June, there was another great trade opportunity on Keurig – ticker symbol KDP.

You see that, for five days straight, the bars are red.

You know that eventually the reversal will come.

And sure enough, it hits right here on June 27.

The upswing begins when you see that big green bar...

And by making a supercharged trade there... in five trading days, you could have been up 218%.

Looking back at the market, I’ve found example after example of top trades just like these...

Each gaining 100% in a week.

JONATHAN: Incredible.

Those are huge gains for just a single trade each week.

Nicholas, how do you know when to get out of these trades.?


I look for another reversal when the streak of green days ends.

When I see that, I know the swing is over.

In a moment, I’ll show our viewers the best way to time it.

But here’s what I love about swing trading.

This strategy can find winners in ANY market.

I don’t worry about whether we are in a bull or bear market.

Instead, I stay completely focused on the individual swings of stock prices.

JONATHAN: But can you really make money in any market?

NICHOLAS: Actually, yes.

This is one of the few strategies PROVEN to work in BOTH up and down markets.

It’s not perfect. The market is never 100% predictable.

But research shows this strategy works across the board – in bear markets, bull markets and everything in between. And that can give you a huge advantage.

JONATHAN: So these swing trades hold up in a bear market?

NICHOLAS: Actually, they can do even better.

In a moment, I’ll show you how.

But this is why true quant traders don’t care whether the market is going up or down.

Once you’ve perfected this type of swing trading, it becomes irrelevant.

You could wake up tomorrow and the market could be down 300 points... It wouldn’t matter... These swing trades can still work.

All you need to do is watch for a big swing in share price... place the trade... and then hopefully close it out for a big gain.

JONATHAN: Can you show us another example?

NICHOLAS: Sure, let’s look at a stock everyone knows – Amazon. Ticker symbol AMZN.

At the end of last year, it began to show a perfect swing-trade setup.

Check out the candlestick chart and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

You can clearly see the big swing...

Look at all the red bars on one side...

The sellers are pushing it down...

But then the reversal hits here.

And it swings right back up to the buyers.

In this case, a simple trade at the reversal would’ve generated a 162% return in just eight trading days.

How many regular investors do you know who collect nearly 200% in less than 10 days?

JONATHAN: Hardly any.

NICHOLAS: That’s right.

Of course, there’s no crystal ball for the markets, and you might not see triple-digit returns like these all the time.

But this could give you the chance to make more money than many people make in years – in just days!

That’s why I’m breaking the hedge fund code...

And exposing these extraordinary opportunities today.

JONATHAN: OK, how does it work? How do you identify when a swing will occur and give you a big profit opportunity?

NICHOLAS: OK, let’s look at an example from a favorite stock of mine - Chipotle.

Here’s the candlestick chart.

Now, what I’m looking for is a period where the sellers consistently push the stock down for a week straight.

So in this case... what do you see?

JONATHAN: I see 10 straight days with red bars.

That means the sellers pushed the stock down for 10 straight days, right?

NICHOLAS: Correct.

And that’s unsustainable, especially if it’s a blue chip stock like Chipotle.

So if this was in real time, my quant system would alert me to any stocks that have had at least five red bars in a row.

And then I watch those stocks closely every day.

JONATHAN: You’re waiting for the reversal, right?

Because that’s the sign that the stock will swing back upward?

NICHOLAS: Exactly right!

So looking back at this example, the reversal happens right here.

And as you can see, the green bars take over in the swing up.

In this case, investors who spotted this swing could’ve made 323% in 11 trading days!

JONATHAN: But I have a question for you, Nicholas.

How do you know that the swing won’t reverse again immediately?

How do you know that these swings will last?

NICHOLAS: That’s a great question.

Now... it’s important to note that nothing is 100% predictable.

But the level of accuracy with this system is actually very HIGH.

And it’s possible for only one reason.

Wall Street trading nowadays is actually far more predictable than ever before.

And to tell you the truth... it’s actually my fault.

JONATHAN: Your fault? Nicholas... what did you do?

NICHOLAS: Well, as I said... I was a pioneer in the world of quant funds. I started using computers to develop trading systems decades ago.

At the time, it was a huge advantage for us.

But today, every trading house uses the same types of supercomputers.

Consider this...

On a typical trading day... 70% of the trades made on Wall Street are actually executed by computers. Not humans.

JONATHAN: I’ve read the number is even higher on volatile days like we’ve seen lately.

NICHOLAS: That’s right. On some days, it can reach 90%!

As CNN Business reports, Wall Street’s “wild ride isn’t driven by nervous portfolio managers, retirees looking at their 401(k) statements, or any other human traders.”

Instead, its computer-driven algorithms that are making the trading decisions.

Forbes reports that, “401(k)s have been squandered by the sheer speed of stock market machines... [this] costs regular investors up to $5 billion per year.”

The Wall Street Journal says that these firms use “powerful computers to move in and out of markets at lightning speeds.”

You’ve seen it in action this year...

You saw the fastest bear market in history... and the largest one-day gain in history... all within weeks.

And nine of the top 10 largest intraday stock swings occurred in March.

JONATHAN: That sounds a bit scary... that machines are completely in control of the stock market.

NICHOLAS: Yes, but it’s a terrific opportunity for smart traders.

JONATHAN: Why’s that?

NICHOLAS: Because we humans are naturally unpredictable.

We are driven by emotions that can change on a whim.

But machines are completely predictable. Machines don’t change their minds. Under the same conditions, they make the exact same decisions... every time.

The computer algorithms are programmed to automatically sell on downward momentum... and buy on upward momentum.

And they quite often move together.

So when you see a stock go red, red, red many days in a row, it’s because all the machines are trading in lockstep...

When this happens, millions of trades are pushing the stock down...

But then the reversal happens.

All it takes is one upward swing, and suddenly the machines completely alter course.

They, too, swing back to buying instead of selling.

And the days following all go green and the stock SWINGS back upward.

JONATHAN: So this is what you do.

You watch individual stocks closely to see when the computer algorithms will switch from selling to buying...

And you capitalize on that swing?

NICHOLAS: Yes, and in fact, my computers analyze the stock swings in a universe of more than 4,000 stocks.

I use the same sophisticated software some of the big hedge funds use.

So that way, if my computers switch to buying from selling... I know that the other computers are likely doing the exact same thing.

It’s incredible how easy it is to predict these movements. And it’s wildly effective.

It’s almost too easy once you know what you’re doing.

Small investors simply don’t have access to the sophisticated software to do this sort of swing trading.

Which is a shame...

Because if they did, you’d see regular folks capturing gains of up to 100% or more in a week’s time.

JONATHAN: I think our audience would appreciate seeing more of these examples.

I believe we’re seeing a real breakthrough in trading here.

And I know that if our viewers can collect wins of this magnitude in such a short period of time... it would be a real game changer for many of them.

NICHOLAS: OK, let’s look at another example...

You can clearly see here, there were several big down days.

It’s clear with the candlestick because they’re red.

But then, in the days after the drop, what do you see?

JONATHAN: A jump higher, all in green.

NICHOLAS: Exactly.

You see the reversal here. And then the swing higher.

On this one, you could’ve made 125% in just 11 trading days.

Here’s another.

This stock was pushed down for five days – one, two, three, four, five.

Then you see the reversal here.

And there’s the swing back upward. Here savvy investors could’ve made 122% in five trading days.

Look at one more...

That’s a six-day drop. One, two, three, four, five, six.

Then the inevitable swing up. One, two, three, four, five, six days.

And a single trade would’ve made 104% in six trading days.

What you’re seeing here is Wall Street’s algorithmic trading in action.

Again, the quants algorithms are programmed with much of the same software.

They often operate in lockstep.

So when one computing system is selling... most of the others are too.

Then, as the sentiment swings in a positive direction...

The computers trained to recognize this all switch to buying as well.

Most investors wouldn’t see this...

But once you’ve worked with these computers, it’s very simple to spot.


NICHOLAS: Because after Wall Street’s quant algorithms push a stock lower, it’s all but inevitable that you’ll see a swing back as those same Wall Street computers push it higher.

Because just like before... when you swing too far in one direction....

JONATHAN: The computers will all swing it back the other way once the reversal hits.

NICHOLAS: Precisely, Jonathan.

JONATHAN: So how do you know when to sell?

NICHOLAS: Honestly, that’s one of the easiest parts of the system.

Quite often, with these short-term moves, the upswing is roughly the same size as the downswing.

It’s like Isaac Newton’s third law of motion: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The sellers push the stock downward...

And the buyers swing it right back up to where it started.

And when the buyers get back to the top, I’m looking for a green bar that signals the end of the run.

Like this...

Or this...

Or this...

JONATHAN: I can see why hedge funds and quant traders use this strategy so successfully.

It seems like if you know how to use these sophisticated computer systems, you have a major edge in the market.

And now you’re finally helping regular folks use this to their advantage.

NICHOLAS: Simply put: These types of supercharged trades can generate extraordinary gains in a short amount of time.

In fact, I haven’t even shown you some of the biggest past wins yet.

Like Canopy Growth...

Same pattern. Stock was pushed down for five days... and once the reversal came, it quickly swung right back up.

And a single trade would’ve handed you a 760% gain in three days!

Or Sunnova Energy.

A HUGE swing downward – the stock was pushed down for six days.

So you know once the reversal comes, the upswing could be huge.

And this is no exception. If you had timed this swing to maximize your gains, this single trade could’ve handed you a 925% gain in seven days!

The folks who have used this type of swing trading strategy have seen their lives completely changed.

Like Gregg S... He’s made more than $10 million trading. He said, “My biggest profits are from swing trading.”

Today, I’m putting that kind of profit potential in our viewers’ hands.

JONATHAN: Look, I know you can spot these... Harvard degree and all... but can anyone, even novice investors, spot these?

NICHOLAS: Jonathan, swing trades are very easy to spot.

If you know how to access the right candlestick charts.

Look at BJ’s Restaurants.

You can clearly see a big downswing in the stock took place last September.

But after that big down swing, you can clearly see the beginning of a reversal.

JONATHAN: That green bar.

NICHOLAS: Exactly! You’re catching on.

Wall Street’s money machines are about to swing the stock straight up.

You could’ve bought that day.

And by placing a single trade that morning, you could’ve made 106% in six days.

All we have to do is look for those periods when you get five or more red bars in a row... then make a trade when the reversal hits... and collect a win as the greens take over.

It happens all the time

Like with Gilead Sciences.

The pattern is clear as day.

Looking back, you can see a huge drop in red in late April...

Then you see a big green bar...

That’s the reversal... and then the green bars take over.

And in this case, you could’ve made a 160% gain in nine days!

JONATHAN: Nicholas, there are thousands of stocks trading daily.

How are you able to find the ones where these patterns are forming?

NICHOLAS: If you tried to do it individually, it would be next to impossible!

You could spend ALL DAY searching stock by stock, and you might not find any!

Out of the 4,000 or so publicly traded companies, our swing pattern will show up in only a handful of stocks each week.

Most stocks simply trade randomly and don’t enter a swing pattern.

For example, here’s the type of stock chart where you’ll NEVER see the pattern.

It’s all over the place.

There are some up days, some down days.

But it’s clear there’s no pattern at all.

We DO NOT want to trade those.

And if you were to pull up 100 stocks, I bet 99 of them would look like this chart.

But with the aid of new technology, I’ve developed a special way to spot swing patterns as soon as they happen.

JONATHAN: How does it work?

NICHOLAS: In short, I’ve built an algorithmic trading system that searches through all publicly traded stocks and identifies only those companies that have been oversold for several days in a row.

My system is connected to the most powerful quant database in existence – one that tracks more than 7 million stocks down to the second.

So it’s very accurate.

And once my system scans these 7 million stocks... it identifies the few companies that are oversold.

There are usually only two or three.

But I start watching very closely for the reversal.

That way I know exactly when the swing upward will begin.

Here are some past examples of what my system looks for.

Swings like...

The one NIO went through.

It was WAY oversold last September.

You can see it clearly in the chart...

Nine straight days of almost pure red.

When I see that, I am overjoyed.

Then, the reversal hits... and it would have been a chance for a BIG short-term payday.

JONATHAN: And all you had to do was wait for the next big green bar? That’s the reversal?

NICHOLAS: That’s it. It tells you exactly when the stock’s swinging back up.

And in this case, you could’ve made a 128% gain in a week!


You’d more than double your money...

That’s incredible.

If our viewers could do that regularly, it would be life-changing.

NICHOLAS: It is life-changing!

These swing trading techniques have helped traders like Paul Tudor Jones build his hedge fund from a tiny $30,000 startup to a $7.8 billion industry leader.

Jones said, “I have always been a swing trader, meaning that I believe the very best money is to be made at the market turns.”

Jim Simon’s Renaissance Technologies began to have extraordinary success when it started to focus on identifying reliable and repeatable short-term patterns in the market in 1990.

The result?

Its fund scored a gain of 55.9% in 1990, a dramatic improvement on its 4% loss the previous year. 

With this strategy, you no longer have to worry about the broad market, the Fed or GDP growth.

You just trade the predictable swings on individual stocks.

Here’s the same pattern again in Franco-Nevada – a popular gold royalty company.

You see that big downswing?

JONATHAN: It’s pretty obvious.

NICHOLAS: What do you think is going to happen?

JONATHAN: The computers will reverse course and it will swing right up?

NICHOLAS: Precisely!

It’s like a beacon of green here.

And that’s when we know the upswing has begun.

That day, you could’ve placed a simple trade...

And banked an incredible 110% gain in four days!

But, Jonathan, here’s what’s so great about these swing trades... and why they can build money so quickly...

The same week, there was another swing on Coty...

The pattern is clear as day.

A huge drop in red ...

Then you see a big green bar...

That’s the reversal... and then the green bars take over.

And in this case, you could’ve made a 462% gain in seven days!

JONATHAN: OK, Nicholas, that’s more than 500%... on two trades... in a single week.

NICHOLAS: Not bad for about a week of work, right?

JONATHAN: Nicholas, do trades like this happen all the time?

NICHOLAS: Jonathan, a gain like 400% is rare, but it does happen.

But that’s why I’ve created this system – so we have the chance to capture the biggest price swings... even up to 1,000%!

I want to show the viewers the full power of swing trades with these past examples.

With these options trades, you can see extraordinary gains.

But I typically try to capture more common wins, like 100% in a week.

JONATHAN: Heck, I’ll take a 100% gain in a week any day!

I’d take 10% per week!

NICHOLAS: True enough.

I feel the same way. Even 10% per week is incredible.

So if you’re not happy with a 100% gain in a week, well...

JONATHAN: OK, now I have a question for you...

You’ve shown us that this works in a bull market.

But you mentioned that it can also perform in a bear market.

Is that true?

I mean, a lot of people are concerned about the market today...

Can you show us examples of how it works when stocks go down?

NICHOLAS: A lot of folks are worried about the stock market. After all, we’ve seen huge volatility in the market this year.

JONATHAN: And we all know how bad that can be.

Most of our viewers have lived through many of the harshest stock market collapses in recent history.

The dot-com collapse saw the Nasdaq drop 76% in less than three years’ time.

And the financial crisis saw the S&P get cut in half.

Some folks are still working back to where they were BEFORE those crashes.

And they’ve seen the market’s sharp decline with the coronavirus crash.

That’s why you need to be able to make money in bull AND bear markets, no matter what system you’re using!

JONATHAN: That’s the main reason hedge funds exist, right...

To figure out ways to make money in all markets?

NICHOLAS: The No. 1 goal of a hedge fund is to NEVER LOSE MONEY.

That’s why in developing my new service, I wanted to be sure we have the best shot to win NO MATTER what happens in the broad markets.

JONATHAN: Can you show me how it works?

NICHOLAS: Sure – you’ll catch on quickly.

Let’s look at Domo.

Last year, the stock nosedived.

JONATHAN: The stock dropped by half, right?

NICHOLAS: More than half – the stock fell 65%.

Most people avoided it like the plague.

But remember, we don’t care how a stock performs in the long run.

All we care about is the short-term swings in the stock price.

And Domo had some very predictable swings to profit off of.

First, there was a normal upside swing.

It starts with... count ‘em... one... two... three... four... five days in the red.

Then the reversal hits.

It swings up and you could have collected 109% in nine trading days.

JONATHAN: Pretty good, but that’s just a normal upside trade.

NICHOLAS: That’s right, and watch what happens when the next reversal hits.

Domo goes red again right here.

That’s the moment you know the buying has stopped. You can see it here:

Now just watch as the stock swings right back down to the floor.

And with a single downside trade, you could’ve made 328% in five days.

JONATHAN: So with these options plays you could have made 100% on the upside swing and turned right around and collected 300% on the downside.


Now, it looks like the pattern repeats itself in the chart?

NICHOLAS: Sure does, Jonathan.

That’s what makes swing trading so great.

If you had just tried to buy the stock the regular way during this period, you probably wouldn’t have made any money.

But by trading purely on the swings, you can actually collect big wins SEVERAL TIMES.

With the way these computer algorithms work, you’ll often see a stock swing from lows to highs over and over again.

In the case of Domo, the first upswing gave you the chance at a 109% gain in just nine days.

The second downswing gave you the chance at 328% in five days.

But then the third swing up came right after, and investors could have picked up another 281% in just six days.

JONATHAN: Is it really that easy to play the downside?

NICHOLAS: If you know what to look for... and what trade to make... the downside can be even easier and more powerful than the upside.

Consider Dropbox.

Same pattern we've seen over and over today, just in reverse...

Count ‘em up... One, two, three, four, five days of green.

Then the reversal hits here...

And boom, you have seven days moving to the downside.

JONATHAN: I can see that the upward swing is almost exactly the same size as the downward swing too.

NICHOLAS: Yes, you could say that’s almost baked into the computer programming with the way these quants trade.

It’s not 100% perfect, but it is very predictable.

JONATHAN: And how much would you have made on this trade?

NICHOLAS: 170% in seven trading days!

And let me tell you, if the market does go through a down period, we will see a lot of these downside swings.

Now, remember that all investing does carry risk and this strategy of buying call and put options is no exception.... So I never recommend you risk more than you can afford to lose.

But the bottom line with swing trading is this...

Stocks go up? You can make money.

Stocks go down? You can make money.

The examples are endless.

Like when a swing trade appeared in ChannelAdvisor.

You can see all the red moving downward clear as day.

Then the reversal here.

And a VERY big swing to the upside.

On this one, you’ve could’ve made 600% in six days – turning a $1,000 investment into $7,000!

Or how about when a swing pattern appeared in Akoustis Technologies:

Classic swing trade here.

Count them... one, two, three, four, five, six, seven days it was red!

JONATHAN: When you see so many days in the red in a row, does that indicate the upward swing will be more powerful?

NICHOLAS: Absolutely.

You had a big reversal here.

Then one, two, three, four, five, six, seven days in the green!

With this one, just a single trade could make you 800% - turning $1,000 into $9,000.

JONATHAN: So that’s $14K in profit in two trades.

Heckuvalotta money when you consider you’re starting with just $1,000 in each.

NICHOLAS: Well, when you’re collecting wins of this size in days... you can quickly turn a small amount into some serious money. 

Sometimes before the week is even over!

Unfortunately, most people never get high-level, fast-moving trades like these....

The type of trades that can pay out in a week or less.

But today, I want to change that.

And as I said, my system is constantly scanning the market for stocks experiencing big swings.

And after analyzing all the data, I am coming up with at least TWO swing trading opportunities EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

Meaning you could see the chance to double your money twice per week.

JONATHAN: Are you watching any stocks currently that are setting up for one of these big swings?


Right now, I’m looking at TWO perfect setups.

Each one is showing a big swing opportunity. 

When the reversal hits, it will be an opportunity to collect up to 100% in a week – and perhaps much more.

You can see why hedge funds NEVER share this information with the public...

But I’m blowing the lid off it all today and giving our viewers the chance to harness the power of swing trading.

JONATHAN: So how do the folks watching today get the lowdown on these opportunities?

NICHOLAS: Well, I have a big announcement to make.

Introducing... The Oxford Club’s First-Ever Swing Trading Research Service

Today, I am launching a brand-new research service called Oxford Swing Trader.

Here’s how it will work...

Every day, I’ll use my algorithm to scan the markets in real time to find those few stocks that are way oversold – or overbought, if it is a bear market.

I’m looking for at least five days in a row where red bars appear on the candlestick chart.

Once I identify these stocks with the algorithm, I’ll dig in and do my final research.

In this step, I’m looking to make sure the company’s fundamentals are strong.

If they are, then I know the upward swing is likely to be large and sustained.

And then I wait for the reversal.


Each week, I’ll send my subscribers simple email alerts before the markets open with my insights and step-by-step instructions on the swing trade.

Then, if you decide to act, you can place a simple trade and enjoy the rest of your day.

Simply sit back and enjoy life.

Play a round of golf or spend time with your family...

Enjoy an afternoon drive, grab your favorite food...

The fact is, you can do what you want, when you want.

Because our trade will likely last somewhere between two and 10 days.

And I will alert you when the swing ends and it’s time to sell.

It’s that easy.

JONATHAN: So this is not like some day-trading system where you have to be there 24/7?

NICHOLAS: No, you might make one trade on a Monday... and then close it on Friday.

And I plan on sending at least two of these types of trades per week.

It takes about 10 minutes in total to complete the trades each week.

And all you need is my alert telling you when I see a trade setup.

Then, if you wish to take action, go to your brokerage account and execute the trade.

JONATHAN: What if someone doesn’t see the alert right away?

NICHOLAS: You don’t have to worry if you aren’t exactly on time.

As long as you get in before the market open, you’ll be in great shape to profit.

Same thing for the sell alerts. Just make sure you get to them that day.

And if you miss one, it’s not a big deal.

There will be more than 100 trades throughout the year.

So you’ll have plenty of chances, even if you miss one!

You’ll get every single one when you become an Oxford Swing Trader subscriber.

JONATHAN: You heard it here first, folks.

This is the FIRST time Nicholas has shared this new system... based on trades that few outside the quantitative hedge fund world have access to.

And I can tell you... the spots in his service are going to go very fast.

In a minute, you’ll see how to claim one of them.

But before we get to that, I wanted to let our viewers see everything else new members of the Oxford Swing Trader research service will get.

New Members of Oxford Swing Trader Get...

You see, a lot of so-called gurus would stop at just giving you recommendations, but Nicholas is truly a teacher.

I mean, giving you the chance to see how to collect 100% wins in a week is a pretty big opportunity as it is.

But as we’ve seen today, Nicholas is NOT a normal stock expert.

And he's about to do something special for our viewers.

NICHOLAS: That’s correct, Jonathan.

I’ve achieved my goal of escaping socialism and living the American Dream.

I’ve run several million-dollar funds... and it’s been incredibly exciting.

But it’s time to move on to my next adventure.

And I’m excited to say that it’s helping folks who want to achieve their dreams.

I will do everything in my power to help them see how to maximize their portfolio and become the hedge-fund-level investor most people WISH they were.

To start that journey, I want to give you something free when you sign up for 12 months of my Oxford Swing Trader research service.

I’ve Put Together a Guide Showing You How to Make Swing Trades

Obviously, the No. 1 thing you need is an instruction guide telling you how to take action on my swing trade recommendations.

I’ve just completed it.

It’s called The Swing Trader Master Class.

And it’s one of the first things I’ll send new readers today...

You’ll be able to access it securely on a password-protected website set up for ONLY Oxford Swing Trader members.

This will be your go-to resource for any questions you have regarding my strategy.

It will give you a complete breakdown of my strategy...

In it, I’ll walk you through how to set up swing trades on video.

I’ll show you screenshots explaining exactly where to type everything in, step by step.

And this isn’t some class with confusing terms where you need a scientific calculator!

This video series is for ordinary folks who want to learn more about swing trades – fast.

You’ll learn how to get a trading account set up, including common mistakes to avoid and step-by-step directions on how to do it correctly...

So you can see how to start pocketing gains immediately.

Plus, if you do have any questions... I have another benefit for you.

Access to the Swing Trader Concierge Team

We have a concierge team available at all times when the markets are open, if you should have any questions about your Oxford Swing Trader subscription.

My team will help you in any way they can.

I wanted to make this as easy as possible for everyone.

So that’s why I insisted we have REAL people right here in America available on the phone to ensure you’re getting it all right.

I hate when I call a company and get some recorded message... or I have to keep dialing numbers to fight my way through a maze of automation... or I reach some call center in another country.

Our concierge team does NOT have any of those problems.

They’ll happily answer any question they can within seconds of your calling them up! And they’re some of the friendliest people you’ll ever talk to.

So go ahead and add the Swing Trader Concierge Team to your list of benefits.

There’s one more bonus I’d like to tack on.

My “Options Quick Start Guide”

I’ll explain how to make regular stock trades in my Swing Trader Master Class.

But honestly, making regular stock trades is like riding a 25-horsepower Prius when you could drive a brand-new 400-horsepower Ferrari!

The fact is real pros don’t touch regular stocks.

Yes, 99% of people invest in boring stock shares...

But to get returns likes the ones I showed you today, many of the pros use supercharged OPTIONS.

JONATHAN: Why is that?

NICHOLAS: Because quant trades are so predictable... the smart money uses options recommendations to reap the biggest profits.

I’ll give you five reasons why...

One, you need only a TINY fraction of the cash... Stocks – especially safe blue chips – go for hundreds or thousands of dollars for a single share. But I like to recommend ONLY options that trade for less than $5 per contract. I found many this week that are trading for less than $1 per contract!

So you can invest in these trades with far less cash than buying the regular stocks.

Two, you can make up to 50 times more money on a stock’s swing with an option... As we’ve seen today, my strategy could give you far more than 100% in a week. This is ONLY possible with options.

Three, profits can come in a fraction of the time. Most regular stocks take months... or even years... to give you double or triple returns. With options, you can bank a double within a week, if not sooner.

Four, you can do it over and over again.

All the stocks I recommend will have options as well. And with each trade recommendation, I’ll walk you through exactly how to make the trade if you decide to invest.

JONATHAN: And you’re offering a special training guide on top of that, correct?

NICHOLAS: Yes, I just finished my “Options Quick Start Guide” as part of the package you will receive as a new Oxford Swing Trader member.

In it, you’ll find out everything you need to know to see how to profit on options.

Once you understand how to trade options, you’ll find it’s just as simple as trading stocks... but the profits can be FAR BIGGER.

I’ve also included screenshots that show you what to input in a brokerage account if you want to take action in order to potentially profit from a stock’s UPSWING or DOWNSWING.

Now, some people like to just trade the upside.

And that’s fine if you’re more comfortable with that.

But I’ve found that they are equally effective. And in the instruction guide, I’ll show you everything you need to profit no matter where a stock’s moving.

So to recap everything you’ll get as a new member of Oxford Swing Trader...

Your Entire Oxford Swing Trader Package

A 12-month subscription to my Oxford Swing Trader research service.

All My Oxford Swing Trader Research and Recommendations: This will include instructions on when to trade and how to set it up.

My Swing Trader Email Alert System: You’ll get a message from me two to three days each week. It will give exact instructions on how to act on a swing trade recommendation. My alerts will contain details on the trade... why we are making it... and what steps you need to take.

The Swing Trader Master Class: This three-part video series will show you exactly how to make swing trades. It’s super simple, and you can refresh yourself by watching anytime you want.

The Swing Trader Concierge Service: This is direct phone access to our team of REAL PEOPLE... available to answer any questions you have about your subscription.

“Options Quick Start Guide”: This comprehensive report will give you full instructions on how to complete options trades so you can supercharge your gains.

PLUS, I have three more special benefits for you...

Sell Signal Alerts: I’ll send these out to you directly when it’s time to close a play and take any profits. These are fun emails to send because they signal when we have seen winning opportunities and it’s time to celebrate.

Our Oxford Swing Trader Website: If you ever miss anything... you can always come directly to our secure website, where I will archive everything I mentioned above. This is your one-stop shop to ensure you have everything you need to profit.

And here’s one last special bonus for you...

Each month, I will host a LIVE meeting where we will discuss the past week’s trade recommendations.

Subscribers can send in questions and I'll answer the most popular ones during the meeting, live, on video.

So that’s your third bonus: my Monthly Swing Trader Roundup.

In short, with all of these benefits, I believe you’ll have everything needed to see how to profit from our trade recommendations.

In a moment, a button is will appear below this screen that will give you access to all of this.

JONATHAN: It’s an incredible package.

And I have to say, after seeing the results of the top past examples we’ve looked at today, this is an incredible value.

NICHOLAS: More than that, it’s going to be fun!

I’ve waited years to be able to share my best quant trade opportunities with people.

There’s nothing out there – nothing – that offers more upside potential.

But these highly lucrative, fast-moving swing trades are the ONLY type of opportunities we’re going to focus on. You’ll never have to wait long to see results.

And we focus ONLY on plays that could hand out gains of up to 100% in a week or less.

Which is why I’m strictly limiting the membership to my service.

This is a standard quant hedge fund practice – for a VERY GOOD reason.

Too much money going into a trade reduces returns.

So I want to keep my service nimble – we want to get in and out quickly.

If I had too many people piling into each opportunity, that could water down the profit potential.

At any given time, we have as many as 500,000 people reading our research at The Oxford Club.

If I sent my recommendations to everybody, there’s no way all our members would be able to buy enough shares to make big profits.

It’s not fair. But that’s the reality.

So we can’t let everyone in with this offer.

It’s going to be a privilege reserved for those who join us today.

JONATHAN: I understand.

And considering you’ve never opened trade opportunities like this to ANYONE before, I know membership is going to be extremely limited.

And your spots will go very fast.

First come, first served.

But here’s the thing...

For those who do get in, the opportunity is going to be huge.

You’ve never before offered up this kind of research to the public.

It’s similar to a strategy you used at a firm that now manages $300 billion.

Pretty incredible.

Which is why I highly recommend you become one of the members of Oxford Swing Trader today.

Nicholas, you’re opening up your service for charter members today, correct?

A Special Offer for Charter Members Only

NICHOLAS: That’s right.

I’m about to send out the first of my recommendations.

And from there, we’ll be targeting our next big weekly wins.

JONATHAN: So, folks, you aren’t going to want to miss this.

This is an elite research service – something you won’t get outside a big quant hedge fund.

I imagine that’s quite expensive to run.

NICHOLAS: It absolutely is.

It costs millions of dollars every year just on technology, staff and research data.

But it’s worth it because it’s the ONLY way you can find hidden patterns in the market...

Giving you an edge no one else has.

JONATHAN: And that could lead to those big weekly gains we’ve seen today.

Now, because of the high cost to run this service, I know the retail price for Oxford Swing Trader is quite high.

NICHOLAS: I can tell you, it was not easy putting a price on this.

If I were to work for private millionaire clients, the standard fee for managing big money would be 2% of the invested capital and 20% of the profits.

For a $200,000 portfolio that grew to $400,000, the cost would be $44,000.

Which, of course, would be worth it to grow your portfolio that quickly.

But what I’m offering you today doesn’t cost close to $40,000.

Because I’m not here to help millionaires become multimillionaires...

I’m here to help regular people see how to unlock the retirement of their dreams.

In fact, I think we’re going to be pricing it around $4,000 retail... far less than I ever would have charged for this type of analysis at one of my hedge funds.

Of course, even at that price, if all goes as I hope, these trade opportunities could pay off the subscription cost in a very short period.

Consider... you just saw that $1,000 in only two swing trades could have paid out $14,000.

That’s more than three times the retail cost to join.

NICHOLAS: Now, because this deal is so good...

And because these spots could be sought after by tens of thousands of viewers today... I have to make one thing clear.

I cannot allow anyone to take up a space in this quant research service if they don’t plan to keep it.

It’s just not fair to take another person’s spot... if they’re going to see only a few trades and then skip the rest out of pure laziness... especially compared with someone who will be truly committed to making money.

So all sales will be final.

JONATHAN: Makes sense.

And, Nicholas, you told me you have something special planned for charter members, which I think is truly incredible.

$100,000 Gains in the Year Ahead or I’ll Work for Free...

NICHOLAS: Yes, I do.

For members, I’m actually going to make a guarantee I’ve never done before.

NICHOLAS: I want my readers to have all the tools they need to fund their lifestyle... week after week.

So I’m making a $100,000 guarantee.

I’m so confident you’ll discover how it’s possible to make an extra $100,000 this year...

I’m willing to put money on the line.

And I will essentially become their “money servant” for another full year!

JONATHAN: Wait... you’re going to work for FREE for another year if you don’t help the folks watching see how to make $100K in a year?

NICHOLAS: I certainly am!

I'm highly confident this goal is achievable with my new cutting-edge swing trading strategy... and it could FAR outperform anything we've done in the past!

I showed you earlier how just two top trade examples could’ve handed you a gain of $14,000 in a single week.

So it’s a very reasonable goal to hit.

Because I expect we’ll have 104 chances to hit that number in the coming 12 months, I’m confident we can achieve this guarantee.

JONATHAN: That’s great, Nicholas.

I know our viewers are going to really appreciate it.

Now, folks, for those of you who want to be sure to lock in your spot...

We are going to go ahead and open up the research service to new members right now.

Just click on the button that popped up below on your screen.

It says, “Yes, I Want These Swing Trades Now!

Or, if you’d prefer to call right away, you can do so at 888.570.9830 or 410.864.3090.

Remember, this is the first time Nicholas has EVER offered something like this.

And I can tell you:

These spots are going to go FAST.

So I would suggest clicking here and claiming your spot immediately.

Look, you really have three options here.

Your first option is to do nothing at all.

Maybe continue just investing in mutual funds or ETFs.

If you enjoy waiting years to compound your returns, then that’s fine.

You can just keep going with that plan.

But since you’ve watched this far into our presentation, I’m guessing you’re not happy with your current annual returns.

If that’s true, then you also have a second option...

You can invest in a quant hedge fund.

But keep in mind... it’ll take about $5 million to buy into a good one, if they’re taking new clients.

Then you’ll pay your fees.

For the Medallion Fund, yearly management fees run as high as 4%... then tack on 44% of your returns as a “performance fee.”

For $5 million, that’s $200,000 on yearly management fees alone!

Or you have the third option...

Get help from a quant pro like Nicholas.

Someone who already ran several quantitative funds...

Someone who’s already put in all the hard work...

So YOU don’t have to.

Remember, you could make up to 100% within a week on a single trade...

Just ask yourself, out of these three options which one is the easiest for you?

The choice is yours, but...

You must hurry... because space is limited to the first 99 members today.

With this kind of no-brainer offer, I'm pretty sure the 99 spots will be filled quickly... maybe even in the next hour or so.

Trust me, you DO NOT want to wait too long only to be told all spots are filled.

Go ahead and claim that spot right now by clicking “Yes, I Want These Swing Trades Now!” below.

Or call 888.570.9830 or 410.864.3090.

March 2020