First came his 1,889% gain on SAM… then a record-breaking 2,733% return on COLM…

Thanks for joining me.

I’ll get right to the point.

Imagine for a minute taking just $10,000 today... and turning it into $415,500 by this time next year.

I know that sounds crazy, but I’m going to show you exactly how to hit that target.

Moreover, I GUARANTEE it’s easily within your grasp if you follow my lead.

You see, I’ve created a market indicator that’s helped me achieve award-winning success during my near-10-year tenure at The Oxford Club. It’s predicted market-shattering returns and can help make my readers extremely rich.

I call my proprietary indicator the “V Score.”

And it’s the single greatest stock predictor you’ll ever see.

Today, I’m going to discuss the one stock it’s just pinpointed... with one of the best V Scores in history.

It’s essentially a perfect score – something even I, the creator of this indicator, have rarely seen.

And I believe it’s set up to deliver a 4,055% gain in the year ahead.

I don’t make that claim lightly.

It would be the biggest gain in the 28-year history of our organization.

Why am I so confident?

Because I’ve already set the record for the biggest gain at The Oxford Club on two separate occasions.

First, there was my 1,889% winner in 2013.

And then there was my 2,733% home run in 2015.

And, thanks to the most remarkable V Score I’ve ever witnessed, we are about to break the record again in the year ahead.

I’ll show you how I calculate the V Score in just a moment.

But for now, here’s what it boils down to...

When a stock’s V Score is as close as possible to a perfect 100, it means the stock is likely headed straight up...

And the closer it is to zero... the more likely the stock is tumbling toward a crash.

The V Score is by far the easiest...

Most effective...

Most valuable...

And most timely way to identify winning stocks a full 24 hours in advance...

Just look at some of the V Scores I’ve found according to our historical back tests.

Like Chimera Investment Group, for example.

It would have had a 76.3 V Score on March 28, 2016.

That’s an okay score.

Its V Score that day marked the start of a steady climb for Chimera.

It went up 59% in a year.

Then there’s TriNet Group, which had an 84.1 V Score.

It shot up 112% over the next year.

Not bad!

But once you start seeing V Scores in the 90s, then you’re really cookin’.

Though it’s rare to see stocks with V Scores this high.

Like Red Hat Inc.

Its V Score would’ve been a stellar 90.91.

Look what happened next...

You could have collected 1,331% gains over time!

Gilead had an even more impressive 91.52 V Score.

My V Score strategy could have handed you 2,144% gains over time.

That was one of the biggest V Scores...

Until now.

I’ve just uncovered a stock with a V Score as close to a perfect 100 as I’ve ever seen.

It’s a whopping 99.39.

And my analysis shows it could hand you as much as a 4,055% gain.

And that’s why I’m speaking with you today.

As I mentioned, I’ve set two Oxford Club records for the biggest wins in company history.

The first was a 1,889% gain on Boston Beer... enough to turn $10,000 into $198,900.

The second, just a year later, was a 2,733% gain on Columbia Sportswear... enough to turn $10,000 into $283,300.

Now, to put it in perspective... when looking back at these extraordinary gains, I found those two companies would’ve had V Scores of 95.3 and 95.4, respectively.

But now, I’ve found a company that I’m convinced will blow those gains out of the water...

And help me set my third Oxford Club record...

Based on its remarkable 99.39 V Score, I project it to leap 4,055% by this time next year.

Enough to turn $10K into $415,500.

You’ll find out today how YOU can come along for the ride.

Out of the 3,812 publicly traded companies on the NYSE and Nasdaq, this company has by far the best V Score I’ve seen.

And this isn’t some risky over-the-counter penny stock.

This is a safe profit-churning company with a LOT of room to explode higher.

Its whopping 99.39 V Score is the closest to a perfect 100 in existence.

I’ve been waiting for a moment like this my entire career.

And today, for the first time, I’m sharing the details with YOU and a very small inner circle...

And laying out how it could hand you a stunning 4,055% return by this time next year.

Forget Everything You’ve Ever Heard About
Picking Stocks

As the Emerging Trends Strategist at The Oxford Club, I specialize in identifying the biggest, most profitable market trends before they happen.

My modern approach to investing is the exact opposite of Wall Street’s... where they’ve been doing the same old stuff for 100 years.

The Wall Street money managers LOVE to say, “Regular investors can’t beat the market.”

It justifies their jobs. But it’s a load of bull.

And the mainstream media can’t get it right either.

You’ll see articles on the CBS News website like “You Can’t Beat the Market, So Stop Trying.”

Or... as USA Today put it, “Buy and hold through thick and thin.”

Or, what I think is the worst advice (and I can’t even count the number of times I’ve read it): “Hunker down in bonds and savings accounts.”

Savings accounts?!

You’ve got to be kidding me.

Those pay 0.2% on average!

That’s no way to get ahead.

Rather, I’ve found a proven, precise way for you to beat the market and do it by a wide margin.

My readers would back me up.

Wendell Yandek of Northport, New York, said my V Score strategy “is off the charts!

Jerry Simpson of Hartford, Connecticut, said, “I’m up 258%.”

Your recommendations have done very well for me,”he said.

In regards to the trades you suggested, I made a very nice 272% profit,” said James Cardon of Richmond, Virginia.

Most I have ever earned!

You see, it’s entirely possible to not only beat, but destroy the big indexes.

In up... down... even sideways market conditions.

We’re able to do it thanks to my V Score... perhaps the most successful trading strategy you’ll ever see.

The Simplicity of the V Score Makes Investing EASY

It’s really simple and easy to follow.

A V Score of 100 is perfect.

A V Score of 0 is garbage.

So, not only should you buy stocks with as high a V Score as possible...

You NEVER want to be holding any stocks with a low V Score.

For example, look at First Solar.

In March 2016, it set a 52-week high, trading for nearly $72 a share.

Investors were piling in and getting greedy, and it’s no wonder why.

They were being brainwashed...

Street Insider, just weeks prior, had excitedly reported, “Goldman Sachs upgraded First Solar from Neutral to Buy with a price target of $100, suggesting an upside of 50%.”

But looking back, First Solar’s V Score would’ve been a measly 35.3.

I’d be screaming at investors to run for the hills!

That’s because I ignore any stocks whose V Scores are under 70.

And I actively run away from any under a 50.

So what happened after First Solar scored a 35.3 in late March 2016?

Take a look at its stock over the next year...

It dropped 58% over the next 13 months.

On a $100,000 investment, you’d have lost $58,000.

The media, as well as Goldman Sachs, couldn’t have been more wrong.

And First Solar’s largest shareholder, Lukas Walton, could have saved himself an estimated $647 MILLION LOSS... had he known about the power of my V Score.

Now look at a good stock like Weibo Corporation.

Why do I call it a good stock?

For one, it had great fundamentals... but how many times have you seen a stock with everything going for it... and then it STILL went down?

Its V Score of 88 on March 30, 2016, was all I would’ve needed to know about Weibo.

Look what happened next...

It’s up 181%.

Now look at BioMarin Pharmaceutical.

Its V Score was once a stellar 91.25.

Killer score.

Look what happened next...

You could have collected 659% gains over time!

My V Score targets great companies like these again and again...

Like WellCare Health Plans Inc. It once had a 92.6 V Score.

And it would have produced 922% gains today!

Then there’s Alaska Air.

It once boasted a 92.36 V Score.

Its stock went on a rocket ride up 1,941%!

Of course, past performance isn’t indicative of future success... but when you see the potential windfalls my V Score can find, you find there’s no denying its power.

Consider... had you invested $10,000 into each of those four stocks...

You’d have $370,300 in PROFIT today.

Now imagine walking into a real estate office and pointing to a listing of this beautiful waterfront home on the Columbia River that divides Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington.

Now imagine telling the agent, “I’ll pay for it in cash right now!

Or perhaps you’ve got your heart set on traveling.

You could easily afford to get away on a six-week European vacation...

Or maybe you’ve made it a lifelong goal to set up education funds for your kids or grandkids.

You could accomplish it in no time.

That’s just a taste of what you could expect from the power of my V Score.

Forget all the stomach-churning worry over picking stocks.

Just find a company with a great V Score and sleep easy knowing its stock is set to rocket higher in the weeks ahead.

But find a stock with a bad score, and you know you shouldn’t touch it with a 10-foot pole.

Today, I’ll unveil the one company that just reached one of the best V Scores I’ve ever seen in all my years in the markets – a massive 99.39.

My estimates show it’s poised to jump 41-FOLD in the year ahead.

That’s big enough to turn $10,000 into $415,500!

We could all stamp our names in The Oxford Club record books.

But to capture the biggest gains, you’ll need to act fast.

In fact, I wouldn’t wait a minute after fully viewing this presentation.

That’s because my V Score alerts me to a stock’s movement 24 hours in advance.

Do NOT miss out by being late.

I’ll show you how you can get in on this potential 41-bagger in just a moment.

But first, let me share with you how I created my V Score strategy.

I must admit, I’m not the first to use a mathematical formula to identify winning stocks.

The roots of my work began with a brilliant Stanford Ph.D. accountant.

How “an Accountant’s Approach”
Crushed the Markets

His name is Dr. Joseph Piotroski.

You’ve likely never heard of him...

Forbes tried to profile him, but said he “shuns publicity and rarely gives interviews... You won’t find him blabbering on cable news about his latest stock picks or boasting about his returns on the lecture circuit.”

The reclusive Dr. Piotroski was one of the first to realize that with the right mathematical formula, you could beat the market quite easily.

I won’t bore you with a math lesson, but in essence, his initial formula was based on three important factors every investor should know...

1. Profitability
2. Liquidity
3. And operating efficiency.

Piotroski’s strategy managed to beat the broad markets handily.

On an annual basis, the average returns of Dr. Piotroski’s formula came out to 23%.

That’s nearly triple what the S&P 500 delivers yearly.

And between 1976 and 1996, with his formula, $10,000 could have turned into an estimated $628,206.

Returns that BIG put him up there with Buffett, Lynch and many other greats.

And I have to admit, seeing the effectiveness of this formula had a major impact on my life and career.

Dr. Piotroski proved once and for all that if you create the right formula, you can beat the markets... and by a pretty wide margin.

I knew the next step was to take what the doctor had learned and create a new, even more effective formula...

One that would tell me the potential growth of a stock.

One that would pinpoint the exact day to buy a stock.

And one that would also protect me in a bear market.

The Birth of My V Score

It was 2008.

And I had just gotten married as all hell was breaking loose in the markets.

Yet I was determined my new bride and I would start our marriage together on solid financial footing.

I was just setting up the foundation of my V Score system.

No matter how hard I searched, I wasn’t seeing many good opportunities anywhere.

Which meant... there weren’t many companies to invest in.

So I took a cautious approach while $10.8 trillion in U.S. wealth started disappearing from the markets.

But by late December 2008, as the Great Recession approached a bottom, historical back tests proved there were a lot more attractive V Scores climbing back into the 90s.

Magic Software was one.

Its V Score would’ve been 90.7 on December 31, 2008.

Not too long after that, I bought in.

The stock went from $1.04 at its low to a high of $9.11 over the next couple of years.

That’s a 776% gain in 23 months.

Then there was Las Vegas Sands.

Its V Score was 92.8. back on December 31, 2008.

To me, that was a clear sign the market was turning around.

Again, I bought in soon after.

As the stock was taking off like a rocket...

Las Vegas Sands shot up 680% between February 2009 and February 2010...

It was up 2,089% after two years...

And it maxed out for 3,930% gains in five years!

Once this happened... and I saw what it did for my own finances by helping my wife and me live a wonderful life full of fun and travel...

I knew I had to share it with as many people as I could.

Here it is...

The Incredible Accuracy of My V Score

Let’s jump right into the mathematical formula...

Jot it down if you like:

Now, I know this looks confusing.

But it’s an incredibly valuable equation...

To put it as simply as I can... the V Score tells me first the maximum amount of profit potential a stock has.

And second, when it’s likely to begin moving upward.

It separates the best companies from the worst.

The higher the V Score, the higher the stock will soar.

Take Insperity Inc. for example.

On March 28, 2016, its V Score would have set up like this:

That’s a decent score.

Here’s what happened to Insperity’s stock.

It went up 72%.

Now, most people would love to get that sort of return in a single year.

But I’m constantly searching for bigger ones.

Like CEVA Inc., which had an even better 83.6 V Score.

It went up 101%.

Steel Dynamics had an 85.2 V Score on February 10, 2016.

It shot up 115%.

V Scores in the 90s get my mouth watering.

Like Tesoro Energy.

It once had a 91.62 V Score.

It would have delivered you 1,063% gains over the following few years.

And before then, Western Digital would have had a 91.43 V Score.

You could have bought that stock for 2,350% gains over time.

Those are just five historical examples of good to great V Scores, which could have handed you 3,701% total gains.

$10K into each play could have handed you a $370,100 profit!

You see... My V Score strategy is designed to give you the chance to experience a string of triple- and potentially quadruple-digit winners.

Plus, it’s pinpointing one of the highest V Scores ever seen...

It’s a nearly perfect 99.39!

Using my strategy could hand you the chance to collect 4,055% gains in the year ahead. 

The best part is, using the V Score to your advantage doesn’t require much investing experience. Anyone with a laptop and internet access can benefit from it.

You don’t need in-depth knowledge of how the economy works.

You don’t need to worry about what direction the market is heading next.

The V Score does all the heavy lifting for you.

Like it could’ve done for PDF Solutions.

Back-tests show, it had an OK 75.2 V Score on March 31, 2016 .

It shot up 80% in nine months.

Then there’s LogMeIn.

It had an 80.7 V Score.

It went up 156%.

And EOG Resources would have once had an awesome 93.46 V Score.

And over time, it took off for 1,130% gains!

You see, my V Score is so accurate... and so successful... that I’ve made it the foundation of strategical approach... what I call my VIPER Alert system.

My VIPER Alert System Is Your BEST Method
for Crushing the Market

I think you’re starting to see why the V Score serves as an integral part of my overall approach to stocks.

It tells me when to get in – 24 hours in advance – and it tells me how much profit to expect.

But my overall strategy is more than that.

In order to maximize the potential profit, before I even run them through the V Score process... I use an in-depth system to hand-select the very best stocks to target.

Let me give you a peek under the hood of my VIPER Alert system.

It scans all 3,812 publicly traded stocks every single day... searching for the best stocks that fit five crucial metrics.

  1. Value: Are shares priced below their 52-week highs?
  2. Income: Is it rising at least 25% per year?
  3. Profit: Are future profits expected to be 25% higher than current profits?
  4. Earnings: Is EPS growth for the current year more than 25%?
  5. Revenue Growth: Has it grown 25% or more year over year?

The bottom line is this...

ONLY IF a company can answer a resounding “YES” to these five important metrics (which boils down to a fraction of 1% of all publicly companies)...

Will I then measure the company by using my proprietary V Score.

If a V Score is below 70, you can bet we’ll stay away.

If it scores in the 70s or 80s, I’m likely to recommend it.

If it’s above 90, you can be darned sure you’ll hear from me ASAP.

Please understand, I’m not interested in single-digit gains...

And I certainly don’t want any losers.

That’s why I only target companies with very high scores.

I must say, my VIPER Alert system has been an extremely successful approach.

Returning gains of 236%... 324%... 379%... and an exceptional 555% last year.

In fact, we did a historical test going back 10 years... sorting out only the best stocks that met my V Score criteria...

And found this approach dominated the S&P 500 performance 935% to 240%.

Had you started with $100,000 in 2009 and invested in the S&P, you’d have $340,000 today. Not bad.

But had you been able to invest $100,000 using my strategy in 2009, you’d have more than $1 MILLION today!

Take a look at a few of the special plays I recommended on companies with V Scores in the 80s and low 90s in just the first full year of my VIPER Alert service...

8x8 soared 236%.

Fortinet exploded 324%.

Gigamon shot up 379%.

And Shutterstock roared for exceptional 555% gains.

$10,000 in each could have delivered $101,300 in pure profit!

But my V Score system does more than just deliver breakout gains.

It also helps you avoid disaster stocks.

The V Score Sniffs Out the Land Mines

Helix Energy Solutions Inc. was a real doozy.

In April 2015, it was trading for $15 a share and the financial news media was pumping it up.

In fact, a prominent website ran this headline:

It featured Helix as the “one winner” whose insider bought $1 million worth of shares in the month prior.

It can be hard to read hypey articles like that and not want to buy!

But that prediction couldn’t have been more WRONG.

All you would’ve needed to do was see Helix’s measly 41.6 V Score at the time to know that!

Remember, companies with a V Score closer to ZERO are almost always destined to fail.

Sure enough, Helix’s stock crumbled…

In fact, it dropped 83% within just a few months!

You would have lost $83,000 on a $100,000 investment.

Avoiding crushing losses like this is critical for safeguarding the money you’ve worked so hard to build up in your portfolio.

And these ticking time bombs are all over the market.

For example, Canadian Solar recently had a V Score of 32.1 last year.

It went down 37%.

And Fossil Group Inc. had a terrible 12.4 V Score on April 22, 2016.

It’s down 62%.

This is one of the reasons my V Score is so helpful.

You can avoid the portfolio killers… And load up on the profit makers...

It’s why I’m constantly on the hunt for companies with V Scores in the 80s and 90s...

Looking back, I found more great proof...

United Rentals once had a 91.5 V Score.

It went up 353%.

Valero had an awesome 93.56 V Score.

It rocketed an amazing 751%.

And then there was Celgene.

It had a fantastic 93.75 V Score.

Its stock shot up an epic 4,797%!

Enough to turn $10,000 into nearly a HALF-MILLION-DOLLAR PROFIT!

Of course, nothing in investing is ever certain...

But with the way V Scores continue to play out, you can’t deny the explosive profit potential.

The good news is that no one else knows about this...

NOT even Wall Street.

They all essentially trade the exact same way! They’re not using precision math like Dr. Piotroski...

They’re using the same old buy and sell ratings that tell investors NOTHING.

So by going outside the box, I was able to create a new formula that accurately pinpoints big movements in stocks... a full 24 hours in advance.

And because I followed my V Score, I’m now on the verge of setting a third record here at the Club.

In fact, right now I’m targeting a company with a nearly PERFECT V Score (of 99.39). It’s the best I’ve ever seen. And it’s set to take off 41-FOLD...

I guarantee it.

Let’s examine this future record-breaker.

What Will You Do With a 4,055% Winner?

The company I’ve got in my crosshairs is a wildly successful insurance company with a $697 million market cap.

It fits all of my VIPER criteria.

  1. Value: Are shares priced below their 52-week highs? YES!
  2. Income: Is it rising at least 25% per year? YES!
  3. Profit: Are future profits expected to be 25% higher than current profits? YES!
  4. Earnings: Is EPS growth for the current year more than 25%? YES!
  5. Revenue Growth: Has it grown 25% or more year over year? YES!

I get excited when a company can answer a resounding “YES” to all five of my VIPER questions.

But it’s this company’s V Score that has me on cloud nine.

It indicates this play is set to rise 4,055%...

As I enter its V Score today, it scores a near perfect 100:

That’ll go down as one of the best of all time!

My calculations show a special play on this company is projected for 4,055% gains starting as soon as within the next 24 hours.

I do NOT want you to miss out.

I have a full report that I can send to you the minute this presentation ends.

You’ll get access to the company’s name and ticker symbol, as well as every critical piece of information about this record-setting opportunity.

I’m happy to get it to you as soon as possible.

But this company isn’t the ONLY one I want to tell you about...

4,055% Is Just a Taste of What’s to Come... There are Potential Extra 820% and 1,400% Gains for You Too!

There’s also a beauty products retailer with a $524 million market cap that’s got a beautiful V Score...

It sets up like this...

My projections show a potential820% gain on a special play in the year ahead.

And there’s also a digital printing tech company with a $630 million market cap that’s got an awesome V Score...

Here’s how it’s setting up...

My calculations show a massive 1,400% gain on a special play in the year ahead.

So, if you were to capture the full projections from all three of these great companies, including...

Then you’d be looking at 6,275% total gains!

That’s enough to turn $10K in each into $627,500 in profit!

I’d like to get you the full scoop on these three companies...

Which I can do immediately following this presentation.

You really could make that much money.

I’ve proved it repeatedly.

Of course, as with all investments, nothing is certain... but since the start of 2016, my readers could have collected these money-doublers... -triplers... and -quadruplers from companies whose V Scores were in the 70s, 80s and 90s:

Let me repeat... I recommended every single one of those companies with exceptional V Scores.

$10K in each could have handed you... get this...

$238,500 in pure profit!

That’s nearly a quarter of a million dollars.

Now, while you imagine life-changing profits like those, why don’t you hear from some of my readers who are actually capturing these moneymakers as we speak...

It was great to get a 103% gain!” said Len Lawrence of Washington, D.C. “Keep up the great work.”

And Tim Gonzalez of Mesquite, Texas, said he’s using some profits specifically for “some summer fun, preparing for a future vacation, and to reinvest.”

Matthew, I just wanted to say thanks!” Gonzalez wrote. “I’m up 48% overall in my portfolio in about three months, and that’s a new record for me... It’s making a big difference in my quest for financial liberty!

Henry Wang of Los Angeles, California, said simply, “Your VIPER Alertsystem is the best. I’m making a killing!

And Brian Franklin of Boca Raton, Florida, said he more than doubled his money on three of my recommendations so far...

Matthew, you do a great job. I anxiously look forward to your picks and updates.”

It’s notes like these that make it all worthwhile.

And today, I’d like to share my VIPER Alert system with you... so YOU can experience the same kind of life-changing results I’ve shown these people.

I’d like for you to get all the information on the potential 4,055% winner I’m pinpointing, along with two other companies with amazing V Scores bound for 820% and 1,400% gains...

You’ll get all the details in my report:

“The V Score: Prepare to Set a New Oxford Club Record.”

I can give you access to this report in just a moment...

But given all the volatility out there, I want you to know...

My VIPER Alert system can help protect you from potential disasters.

Bull, Bear or Sideways Market, You’re
Always Protected

So what happens if the market implodes?

A lot of people are worried about that right now...

And after eight years of a bull market, it’s understandable that people would be cautious.

And that’s another reason I love the VIPER Alert system.

Historical tests show it would’ve “predicted” every single bear market from the dot-com crash... to the 2008 collapse... to the 2011 mini-correction.

And it does so by becoming much more selective when stocks get expensive.

In 2008, before the Great Recession set in, there were only two good V Scores my VIPER Alert system would’ve targeted.

So the system essentially warned me to remain cautious.

Amidst a market full of turmoil, we were protected.

After years of perfecting my VIPER Alert system...

And now that I’ve pinpointed three companies with V Scores high into the 90s...

Including one with a near-perfect 99.39... and a record-breaking 4,055% gain projection...

I’m finally ready to share this timely opportunity with as many people who will listen.

Starting with YOU, right now.

All the details on the three companies set for nine-fold gains... 15-fold gains... and historic 41-fold gains... are in my report:

“The V Score: Prepare to Set a New Oxford Club Record.”

I’ll send you this report... for FREE... for simply giving my VIPER Alert research service an honest look today.

You’ll Never See Anything Like My VIPER Alert...
Ever Again

In short, my VIPER Alert is the only service in the world that targets companies poised for remarkable growth due to their V Scores.

In testing, this indicator has been so accurate, it’s uncanny.

Last year, HealthEquity Inc. had a 75.3 V Score. It went up 73.2%.

CEVA Inc. had a V Score of 83.6. It went up 101%.

Steel Dynamics had an 85.2 V Score. It shot up 129%.

BioMarin Pharmaceutical once had a 91.25 V Score.

You could have collected 659% gains over time!

Alaska Air had a 92.36 V Score a few years back.

Its stock went on a rocket ride up 1,941%!

And Celgene had a fantastic 93.75 V Score.

This special play exploded an incredible 4,797%!

Relying on this critical factor is what’s helped my readers collect supercharged returns...

I’m talking recent gains as high as 236%... 324%... 379%... and an extraordinary 555%.

There were more than a half-dozen other triple-digit winners in the first full year.

But now, I’m targeting stocks with V Scores even higher... and one whose V Score – a 99.39 – is the best I’ve ever seen.

I believe that single play alone could set a new Oxford Club record with a 4,055% gain... and turn $10K into more than $415,500 by this time next year.

But that’s just the first in a long line of gains...

You Won’t BELIEVE the Amount of Money You Could Make With The VIPER Alert

With my VIPER Alert research service, I often pick one to three top plays each and every month based on the strongest V Scores I’m seeing across the markets.

You can expect to see between 12 and 36 profit-loaded opportunities throughout the year... including my goal of a triple-digit winner every single month.

Now imagine what ONE triple-digit winner every single month could do for you.

Just one a month.

Here, I’ll show you.

Let’s take a handful of the recent winners I recommended.

We’re going to start with just $1,000... then roll the winnings over from each play to the next.

This is a hypothetical.

I would never recommend you take all winnings and do this... We’re not undisciplined gamblers here.

But I just want to show you the potential of a monthly triple-digit winner over the course of your first seven months.

You saw that correctly.

You’d have...

$1.4 million.

On just seven trades.

In only seven months.

Exceptional? No doubt. But that’s the exponential power of my V Score...

And right now I’m seeing a handful of great opportunities...

Please note that I have to conceal the names of the companies. It wouldn’t be fair to my subscribers to reveal them.

Let me tell you, with V Scoresthis attractive... it’s a very strong sign that certain stocks like these are going to do very well.

And with big potential winners on the horizon, I believe NOW is the perfect time to open the doors again to my VIPER Alert service.

But it’s not often we bring in a new round of subscribers.

We only did this three times in 2016.

And once in 2015.

And on each special occasion we do open the doors, it’s only for a two-week period.

Now, I can’t say for sure how long we’ll leave this opportunity on your plate.

There’s simply no way for me to tell when exactly you’re viewing this video.

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October 2017

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