How Swing Trader Jump-Started My Portfolio... and My Life

“I’ve gotten 10% in three business days swing trading, instead of scratching and clawing for 1% as a day trader.”

– Russell B., 37, Swing Trader Subscriber



My name is Russell.

Much like many of you watching, I’m just a regular guy.

I’m an Oxford Club Member who wants to follow the Club ideals... to develop a sense of financial freedom that gives me peace of mind as I follow my life’s journey.

I enjoy many of the same things you probably do.

My wife and I love to travel.

We live for the great outdoors and experiencing wildlife.

As I said, we’re fairly normal.

So why am I speaking to you today?

Well, because I have an important story to share with you that I believe could have a big impact on your financial freedom as well.

So I’m just going to read what I have written on the screen, so I don’t ramble too much.

Today, I want to share with you a story about my life...

It’s 100% true.

And it’s a cautionary tale for millions of investors, especially in today’s markets.

You see, 20 years ago, I received an inheritance.

I was lucky, and I knew I had a big responsibility to make it last.

So, like many reasonable people, I invested it... the entire thing.

And... in mere months...

I lost it ALL.


Looking back, I know why.

It’s because I fell prey to the siren call of “Get. Rich. Quick.”

A friend of my dad’s was supposedly an extremely wealthy stock trader...

He said, “Hey, give me your money, and I’ll make you a millionaire - fast!”

When he ran off to Hong Kong without explanation, we knew we’d been scammed.

Of course, it wasn’t quite that clear at the time. (I made a mistake, but I like to think I’m not stupid.)

So today, I’m going to share that true story – in full – with you...

I’d like to reveal a few of the warning signs I missed...

And more importantly, I’m going to show just how I turned my misfortune around.

Because I’m living proof that you CAN “catch up”...

You CAN take back your financial future...

And you CAN rebuild.

Now, let me make one thing crystal clear...

Since my epically stupid mistake... I have paid for many subscriptions to different financial newsletters.

I’ve seen it all. I’ve heard all the pitches...

One from a day trader who drinks only 24-karat-gold honey lattes...

And another one from a Miami playboy in a neon Lamborghini who says you too can become a millionaire from penny stocks...

Another from a guy on the beach in the Caribbean who says you too can live in paradise if you trade futures just like him...

I’ve learned a lot, both good and bad.

There is one big thing I now know with certainty.

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, can make you rich overnight.

If you think you can multiply your money 100-fold in a week, then I can’t help you.

That just isn’t possible.

But here’s what 20 years’ experience bouncing back from disaster taught me IS possible.

With the right discipline – and a little bit of patience – you CAN beat the broad market by double, or even more.


Well, after my fiasco, I vowed that I’d NEVER invest again unless a situation came up that satisfied three new rules I set for myself.

First off, I’d want to make sure anyone giving me recommendations had impeccable credentials.

Too many gurus look like 20-year-old shysters trying to scam people with their “internet marketing” tricks. 

No thanks. That’s not for me.

Second, any strategy would have to be something that I (and my wife) could easily understand.

If I can’t explain it to “the boss,” we’re not signing up!

And third, while I damn well don’t want any crazy get-rich-quick promises...

Any strategy I’m going to follow must be proven to beat the market by a good margin.

Otherwise, why bother?


So it wasn’t until about eight months ago that I came across a true game changer...

nicholas vardy

It’s a new trading method created by Fulbright scholar Nicholas Vardy...

He’s a super-smart guy... I mean, the guy’s got bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Stanford...

And a law degree from Harvard...

He’s been featured on all the major financial TV networks... CNBC... Fox Business... CNN International... you name it.

His credibility is without question.

So that took care of Rule No. 1.

And yet, despite his brilliance, he’s able to break down his proven technique – he calls it swing trading – in a way that’s so simple...

Even a newbie to his system like me can use it.

That satisfied Rule No. 2, “no complicated b.s.”

And what about Rule No. 3... beating the market?

Well, as I speak, (and I confirmed this)...

Oxford Swing Trader’s official track record has delivered 13.8% within a year.


The average equity fund investor made 4.25% a year over two decades, according to Dalbar.

The average hedge fund made 4.96% annually over the past decade according to Barclay and NYU Stern School.

So we are talking about potentially beating hedge funds by more than DOUBLE.

And beating average equity fund investors by more than THREEFOLD.

And as you’ll see, Nicholas Vardy’s Swing Trader research service could outperform some of the most legendary fund managers of all time. 

More on that in just a bit.

Real traders understand how incredible those performance levels are.

And sometimes the wins come even faster on some of his leveraged recommendations...

I have personally seen Nicholas book official wins of...

  • 46.6% on Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals in two days
  • 58.3% on Thermo Fisher Scientific in six days
  • And 66.7% on Western Digital in five days.

It’s incredible.

Nicholas is giving his subscribers like me that kind of performance.

It comes from a mix of losses, solid wins and some breakouts that can make a big impact on your portfolio. And... we win far more often than we lose.

So if you are serious about finding an exciting new way to make money...

If you actually understand how much a consistent service can do for you over time...

Then let me tell you about Nicholas’ system, which I believe is one of the best I’ve ever experienced.

In short, Nicholas’ swing trading system targets stocks that swing either upward or downward.

He looks for stocks that have swung too far in one direction... and then helps people like me profit when they swing back in the other direction.

Simple enough.

But so impressive when it works.

After seeing the effectiveness for myself, I began posting FREE online reviews of my Oxford Swing Trader experience everywhere I could...

YouTube, Facebook, you name it...

My first public review was posted on May 28, 2020.

I wanted to get the word out because I actually got 10% in three business days instead of scratching and clawing for 1%, like most day traders.

10% is what most people HOPE to achieve in a year.

I made that in one one-hundredth of the time.

That’s why I believe swing trading is the perfect “happy medium” between long-term buy-and-hold and stressful day-trading craziness.

Today, I’m prepared to show you the exact trades I’ve made...

And how simple it is to do it (with Nicholas’ guidance)... 

Because swing trading can help you achieve YOUR goals too.

For example, right now, my wife and I live in Austin, Texas.

I say “right now” because we still haven’t found the perfect place to call HOME. 

It’s the sixth different state and second country we’ve lived in over the past decade...

We’ve lived in great places from coast to coast, like Washington, where we enjoyed hiking...

Florida, where we rode swamp boats...

And even sunny California until, like most, we concluded the taxes were just too high there.

We even lived in the U.K. for a bit, but I don’t think that’s where we’ll end up either.

But I believe Oxford Swing Trader will help us ultimately find the perfect place to call home.

I believe it could help you achieve your goals too.

OK, now let’s jump into some of my trades.

The Proof Is in My Own Results

So in late May 2020, I decided to give it a try.

Now, to be clear, my results differed a bit from the official Oxford Swing Trader model portfolio... That’s just the nature of these fast-moving plays.

Early on, my nerves would get to me and I’d jump the gun before Nicholas said to sell. Fortunately, things still often worked out. 

Nicholas’ very first recommendation was a play on Kroger, the big grocery chain.

Its price had been pushed down due to an overhyped news story about how it was compensating its employees.

The price drop had nothing to do with Kroger’s fundamentals.

In other words, the price had SWUNG too low and was due to swing back.

Nicholas said his swing trading system...

Fired on 5DD, the channel system and overreaction. Supported by relative strength index (RSI) oversold indicators.”

I wasn’t sure what all that meant.

Fortunately, Nicholas also provides simple instructions in his email alerts.

Exactly what to buy.

Exactly how much to pay.

So I bought at $32.26 on May 21.

And I cautiously sold at $33.10 on May 27.


At this point, I was just trying the system out, and I did not follow his instructions to a T.

So while the official play closed slightly in the red, I was happy with a small win in just four business days. 


Now I was eager to see if I could win again...

An Early COVID-19 Play Pays Off...

His second alert covered a name many investors will recognize, Gilead Sciences.

Excitement had built over the company’s COVID-19 drug, remdesivir.

But the stock dipped when Gilead said it planned to give away its entire supply to the U.S. government.

But the dip was too large. It had swung too far to the downside.


Nicholas noted it was the ideal time to buy. So, on May 22, he issued a “Buy” alert...

“Gilead is still the only company with an approved COVID-19 therapy and first-mover advantage. Any good news on remdesivir will pop the stock.”

And I won on the trade, closing it out for a 3%-plus win within two weeks.


Granted, that may not sound like much.

But again, if your account increases 3% every 12 days, you could greatly grow your portfolio. You can run those numbers in your head. It’s incredible. 

This is how serious investors think about money.

They aren’t concerned with getting 1,000% in the next week.

They find a consistent way to make money... rack up the wins... and keep going to the well over and over.

And that’s what Nicholas has helped me do.

Booked a 10% Winner in Just Three Trading Days

The next play I tried was another biotech, Moderna.

You may know it better as the maker of one of the successful COVID-19 vaccines.

Again, Nicholas’ alert noted that a news story reported that several of the participants in Moderna’s early vaccine trial suffered an adverse reaction to its experimental drug.

This triggered an almost 10% dip in its shares.


But on May 28, Nicholas’ swing trading algorithms recognized the pullback was just an overreaction.

A very human overreaction. 

His algorithms told him Moderna was set to swing back.

That’s exactly when his Swing Trader fired a buy signal.

Sure enough...

I bought Moderna that day for $57.30...

And I sold on June 1 for $63.50.


A tidy 10% profit in three trading days...


That’s more than a year’s worth of profits in the S&P 500 in less than a week.

What I really loved, though, was the simplicity and professional nature of his Oxford Swing Trader

The alerts are quite detailed, with Nicholas’ full “due diligence.”

You can dive in and see all of Nicholas’ research... which is beyond amazing...

And you ultimately get the exact buy instructions and profit target so you’re fully prepared to make your move.

Just as I did...

Collected 7% in Seven Minutes!

The next recommendation from Nicholas that caught my eye was on Werner Enterprises.

It’s a shipping company based in Nebraska.

Now, I did something different this time.

I played a quick options trade on it, as Nicholas recommended.

You see, Nicholas also makes an options recommendation on all of his trades in addition to the basic stock recommendation.

Now, let me be clear... I didn’t have much options experience at all. 

I was always told options were too risky... or for the pros.

But I noticed that swing traders could make potentially bigger money from Nicholas’ options recommendations... 

For example, had I also placed Nicholas’ additional options trade on Moderna, I could have made 24% in 43 days... more than double the return I got by buying just the stock.

So I decided the time was right.

I took Nicholas’ simple instructions... bought calls on Werner with just a few clicks of my mouse... and made 7%...

In seven minutes!



As a newbie to options...

I accepted the fact that I COULD LOSE... After all, nothing is ever guaranteed in trading, and Nicholas never recommends you bet the farm on any one trade.

So I was overjoyed to make any kind of profit at all.

But here I was booking a 7% options winner on Werner Enterprises (about a full year’s worth of typical “buy and hold” gains)...

In less time than I spend at lunch!

Again, I got out a lot sooner than Nicholas suggested, so the model portfolio showed an official 10% win in 19 days!

In the very short time since I started following Nicholas’ swing trading technique...

I’ve seen him deliver hard-hitting options wins as high as...

68% in five days...

93% in six days...

And even 104% in just 12 days! These are some of the best, proven wins straight from the track record.

OK, by this point, it was clear that Oxford Swing Trader fulfilled my three requirements...

  1. Nicholas’ credentials were world-class.
  2. Swing trading was easy to follow.
  3. It was proving to outperform the broader market.

In fact, Oxford Swing Trader crushed average equity fund investors by more than THREEFOLD within a year.

What’s amazing and a bit scary to me... is the thought that I could have easily missed out on all of this...

Had I not been paying attention to my inbox.

My Journey Began With an Email

(Thank GOD I Didn’t Delete It)

Because my swing trading journey began with an email...

Now, if you’re anything like me, you get a bunch of emails. 

Especially ones from financial “gurus.”

I often delete emails without even reading them, because, let’s be honest...

Most of them are b.s... and a waste of time.

I don’t know about you, but I get pretty sick and tired of the clowns who promise the moon and the stars... and 1,000,000% gains overnight.

I’m not stupid.

But I am interested in the stock market

I am interested in making money in the stock market with smart, proven techniques.

I am interested in following what the smartest investors are doing with their own money.

Like Paul Tudor Jones – whose hedge fund grew from around $30,000 in 1980... to $7.8 BILLION in 2019.

And Jim Simons... whose Medallion fund has generated 66% annual returns since 1998... generating profits of more than $100 BILLION... 

With an average hold time of just two days.

Here’s what I learned...

Jim Simons... Paul Tudor Jones... and Nicholas Vardy... all use swing trading strategies.

So thankfully I paid close attention to an email about Vardy’s first-ever FREE Swing Trader Summit back in the middle of 2020.

swing trading summit

And thank GOD I didn’t delete it!

I attended the free online summit, and I’m so glad I did.

Because at the live event, Nicholas showed – in full – how his swing trading strategy worked.

And how it can work for everyday traders like me.

Nicholas wasn’t promising me outrageous, overnight riches. 

I respected that.

He was merely sharing his vast expertise...

So people like me could see how guys like him, Simons and Jones make money when the markets move up or down.

The best thing I did... was keep an open mind.

Because I’m naturally a skeptic.

Perhaps you are too.

But what I found is this...

Swing trading...

Was the perfect SOLUTION to help boost my portfolio. And it can be for yours.

With it...

The profit potential is substantial... and the risk is limited.

Nicholas delivers around two swing trades per week so there’s plenty of action.

And yet swing trading doesn’t take up too much time... just 20 minutes or so each week.

So my wife and I can travel the world and enjoy life.

We’re still young, and we’re still on the hunt to find the best place in the world to establish roots...

And here’s the thing... anyone can swing trade.

Look How Simple It Is to Spot These Moves

Take a look at some of the recent swing trades Nicholas has recommended...

On January 27, 2021, he showed us Bank of America. 

It suffered several big down days in a row... indicated in red.

bank of america

Again, there was no fundamental reason for the pullback.

Financial stocks just fell out of favor for a week.

Bank of America was an example of a classic downswing.

But before that, the stock’s primary trend was upward. 

bank of america

Personally, I never knew to look for these before, but Nicholas showed me how.

Nicholas said his swing trading algorithms were triggered, indicating that it was, as he said, “a solid swing trade candidate.”

He listed the stock as a “Buy,” and it immediately swung back up.

bank of america

And Nicholas said sell exactly one week later for a 2.9% gain on the stock...

And a 14.9% gain on the option. 

On February 1, Caterpillar offered a similar opportunity.

Its primary trend was upward, but then it got hit with a multiday sell-off.

See how it looks similar to the Bank of America chart?


This is one of the things I really like. Nicholas’ system is consistent and easy to understand for everyday investors like me.

Nicholas said his algorithms were triggered... and he listed the stock as a “Buy.”

Almost like clockwork, the stock immediately swung back up...


And just two days later, we were looking at a 3.9% gain on the stock... and a 19.6% gain on the option.

Excellently done.

While past performance doesn’t guarantee future success, these are the types of rock-solid swing trades that can really boost your trading profits.

Plus, you’ve got a true pro in Nicholas Vardy to show you exactly how to do it...

You need to know a bit more about this guy... If you’re like me, you think it’s incredibly important that you’ve got the right person leading the way.

Trust me on this.

From Stanford... to Harvard... to Launching Investment Funds

Nicholas is one of the few Fulbright scholars in history, I’d have to imagine, to hold both a bachelor’s AND a master’s from Stanford University...

As well as a J.D. from Harvard.

He worked as an editor for the Harvard International Law Journal, then went to work for the world’s biggest multinational law firm at the time, Baker & McKenzie...

There, he helped dismantle communist economies by advising on the privatization of some of their biggest companies.

Then he got hired at an old guard bank founded by the Rothschild family.

He launched its very first Eastern European investment fund.

Then, one of the most prestigious investment firms in the world – which today manages more than $300 billion in assets – hired Nicholas to help run four of its investment funds.

He’d eventually leave to start his own hedge fund, Convergence Capital, at the bottom of the dot-com crash in 2001.

He’s successfully navigated every major market event since then.

Today, he has been a regular commentator on CNN International and Fox Business.

He has also been cited in The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Newsweek, MarketWatch, Yahoo Finance and MSN Money Central.

Even the pros are impressed by him...

Karim Rahemtulla, a leading options expert and bestselling author of Where in the World Should I Invest, said...

“Every trade you’re going to make with Vardy is going to give you the opportunity for three times more profitability than anybody else.”

And Matthew Carr, longtime Chief Trends Strategist of The Oxford Club, said... 

“One of the biggest benefits Vardy offers is the time frames are so short. Two to 10 days where you can grab a double-digit gain and get right out. The stops are pretty tight. So for people who are very active, this is a very attractive approach to potentially building wealth in a very short period of time.”

I booked a 10% win in three business days, so I can confirm what Matthew just said.

And here’s the thing...

As I look back on my own experience, it was clear I desperately needed good, honest, quality help.

Because I was once taken for a ride.

Remember I said I once had an inheritance... and lost it?

Well, let me quickly share the story...

I Once Lost It All... But Never Again.

When I was about 20 years old, I got some inheritance from my mom’s side when she passed away...

A friend of my dad’s was supposedly an extremely wealthy stock trader and had his own investment company.

My family doesn’t come from money... We’re not investors. So we figured we’d have to trust this guy who “knew what he was doing.” We gave this guy some of our money... well, most of our money...

To invest in the stock market for us, and he claimed he could give us returns of 5% to 10% A MONTH.

I started compounding the potential gains for my entire inheritance and life savings essentially.

And I quickly realized... WOW... I’m going to be a millionaire!

Soon he was sending me statements every month that show the money compounding at 5% to 10%.

That all went well up until the point where we asked to start withdrawing some money from the fund...

And suddenly there were all these excuses, and it was like...

“Oh no, we don’t really... Um, there’s some... bureaucratic issues... blah blah blah.”

He’d actually run off to Korea and would just go silent for weeks at a time when we asked him for money.

I can laugh about it now, but it really wasn’t funny back then…

As time went on, the truth came out and a lot of his ex-girlfriends and family members came forward and said this guy was doing the same thing to them.

At the end of the day, we never actually got any restitution or anything because we just kind of let the whole thing drop.

No justice... unfortunately.

However... a silver lining came out of this.

That was the exact moment I realized there are a bunch of corrupt brokers like him running around out there.

And I decided right then and there... that I would NEVER let this happen to me again in the future.

I would be much more careful.

I would control my own money, make the trades myself and learn the techniques I needed to succeed.

There was a lot to learn.

But, of course, I was distrustful.

From that day forward, I would deeply research anyone who claimed they could help build my wealth.

That’s one thing I immediately liked about Nicholas.

He doesn’t manage people’s money.

He actively teaches you how to trade and then you make the right decisions for yourself.

Before I got started, I did all the necessary research on Nicholas.

The guy’s got impeccable credentials.

Really well-respected.

And I’m seeing the results.

Here I stand, 20 years later... I’ve rebuilt my wealth.

In a major way.

Now, I’m in charge of my own money at all times.

I decide which of Nicholas’ trade recommendations I want to follow...

And I trade them myself. He shows me exactly how to do it.

Here, I’ll show you how it works.

This Method Is Brilliant (Yet Simple to the Naked Eye)

Swing trading operates on a simple concept.

In a general bullish or bearish trend, stocks will always “swing” around a long-term “primary” trend.

These swings in share price allow you to keep your swing trades short, sweet and profitable.

No matter what the market is doing.

Let me show you what I mean. Take a look at this historical chart for Advanced Micro Devices, stock ticker AMD. 


This is an ideal pattern for a swing trade.

AMD’s primary trend is usually upward... In fact, it’s been up for five straight years.


When the algorithms behind Wall Street’s trading systems determine the stock is overbought in the short term, they start selling.

And after a few days of this selling, the stock becomes oversold.

Understanding this basic pattern gives savvy swing traders an edge. That’s because, unlike human traders, trading algorithms can become predictable.

You see, algorithms act only on cold hard logic. Never emotion.

They are superior to human investors in every way. Algorithms can pick up on patterns no human could.

Let’s return to the AMD chart.

You can see the selling pattern of algorithmic traders pushing AMD’s share prices down for several days.

As swing traders, we look for stocks with this pattern for five or more days.

Nicholas calls this the “five days down pattern.”


For a stock like AMD in a primary uptrend, this kind of pullback rarely lasts.

Think of the pullback like a spring. It can be compressed or stretched only so far before rebounding.

As Newton’s third law states, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

After the selling drove AMD’s price down, those same trading algorithms identified a short-term opportunity to buy a great stock at a low price...

And expect a rebound. And that’s exactly what happened.

AMD resumed its primary upward trend. And the stock went on to hit new highs.

Swing traders like us profit by buying near the stock’s point of reversal.

Near the lowest point of the sell-off.

Swing trading algorithms help you identify the times to buy low and then sell high.

You ride the rebound and sell soon after... aiming for no longer than 10 days.

Swing traders always look for these brilliant, profitable short-term moves.

Let’s take a look at some real-time examples...

Swing Traders Started 2021 Off With a BANG!

Swing traders like me started the new year off with a bang.

On December 30, Nicholas recommended Western Digital.

The stock had been steadily climbing, but it was in the midst of a big downswing, just what Nicholas watches for.

He alerted readers that the stock had triggered his algorithms... “suggesting the stock is due for a bounce.”


Nicholas’ timing could not have been better.

Western Digital’s shares immediately bounced back. 

Five days later, on January 4, Nicholas instructed readers to sell for 11.9% stock gains...

And 66.7% option gains. A great win to start the year.


Two days later, on January 6, he recommended Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals.

Like Western Digital, Arrowhead had just swung downward after a steady bull run. 

Again, the algorithms behind Nicholas’ Oxford Swing Trader system had been triggered.


He alerted readers, saying that the pullback “spells a terrific opportunity for us short-term swing traders.”

Nicholas nailed it again.

Two days later, on January 8, he said to sell.

The stock jumped 9.6%... and the options were up 46.6%.


Another excellent win.

But it’s not just the profits that make swing trading so great...

It also allows you to take control of your financial future. That control is key.

“I find the Oxford Swing Trader service the best for short-term gains”

– Subscriber Mark Salmon

Look, there are many benefits to swing trading... 

You can...

  1. Capitalize on market fluctuations
  2. Win BIG in any market, bull or bear
  3. Rely on the easy-to-understand chart patterns the world’s best traders use.

All great. And I can go on and on.

But I think that a critical part of any premium stock alert research service is the education.

As a subscriber to a handful of different services...

I can assure you, the training provided with Oxford Swing Trader is simply unmatched!

Whether you have a lot of experience trading or none at all, you CAN be successful.

Nicholas even includes an options guide with the service, which makes options easy for anyone to understand.

Fellow Oxford Swing Trader subscriber Luke Yasensky would agree...

I am a new solo investor using options, and your guidance is extremely important to me,” he wrote in a letter to Nicholas. “I am extremely satisfied with your recommendations especially under these unpredictable market conditions.”

Mark Salmon is another fellow subscriber... and he is more experienced.

He appreciates Oxford Swing Trader for the same reason I do...

I am a lifetime Oxford Club Member and have used all the services with Oxford Club - Lightning, VIPER, Trailblazer, Dynamic, Momentum, to name a few,”he said. “I find the Oxford Swing Trader service [is] the best for short-term gains.

That is strong praise for Oxford Swing Trader, especially considering all the other excellent services offered by The Oxford Club.

Jack Nolan is an 83-year-old, semiretired insurance consultant in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who started following Oxford Swing Trader as a way to boost his and his wife’s retirement. He wrote in to say he won big on Infosys...

“I profited $3,513.83, which is a 70.3% gain over costs in about a month. Thanks, Nicholas, for developing your Oxford Swing Trader program. It’s helping clear up my financial future.”

Mo Hollins wrote to say he won big on the stock Carvana.

Total return on position: 65% (within two weeks),” Hollins said. “I could do with a few more of these!

I could too...

And so could you.

Look, I’ve finally found something that works for somebody like me... and I want to spread the good word.

In fact, I lined up a special deal to help ensure you can benefit too...

I Made a Special Request on YOUR Behalf... And I’m Happy to Report:

Nicholas and His Publisher Accepted!

Originally, I started posting FREE online reviews on YouTube and on my own website...

It’s not something I was asked to do.

I was just a happy customer who wanted to tell others.

But then The Oxford Club contacted me and asked whether I wanted to share my experience using Oxford Swing Trader with others...

I happily obliged.

I genuinely want people to do well...

And Oxford Swing Trader has been great for me.

My wife and I have the world at our fingertips. We will continue to explore... looking for the right place to establish our roots.

I owe a debt of gratitude to Nicholas Vardy and his team.


I did make one special request... on YOUR behalf.

Although many consider the retail price of Oxford Swing Trader to be fair... a bargain, even...

I requested that the price come way, way down...

I’m talking more than HALF OFF. LESS than what I paid to join.

This way, serious people like YOU get the best chance to experience a true portfolio difference-maker.

I’m happy to say Nicholas Vardy worked some magic with his publisher!

But... this service will remain available at this great a discount for only the next few days. And then it’ll be gone.

Before I step aside and let Nicholas Vardy take over from here... let me say with absolute certainty...

Swing trading can help you boost your portfolio.

Not every trade will be a winner. Nothing in investing is ever guaranteed.

But having a brilliant game plan and an expert to guide you in the markets is key.

I really do hope you give this a try and find the same success I am having.

So at this point, I’m very excited to hand it over to the Fulbright scholar...

The Stanford and Harvard graduate...

And the Editor of Oxford Swing Trader...

Nicholas Vardy!

The Quant System’s Edge


Thanks, Russell.

I really appreciate those kind words.

And hello, folks.

Nicholas here, coming to you from my home office in London.

First, I’d like to thank Russell for sharing his experience with my swing trading strategy.

You know, I write a lot about swing trading…

So it’s great to see real people benefiting from it. Now it’s your turn.

As Russell said, my publisher and I have worked out a terrific deal for you...

But before we get to that, I want to make sure you understand exactly how Oxford Swing Trader works.

With that said, let me show you a bit more about my algorithmic screening process...

And how I’ve perfected it to target the biggest gains over the shortest periods.

Oxford Swing Trader’s Screening System...

(in Simple Layman’s Terms)

As Russell mentioned, swing trading operates on a simple concept.

In the short term, stocks will always fluctuate, or “swing,” around a longer-term, or “primary,” trend.

These swings in share price allow us to take advantage of big (and profitable) short-term moves.

What I really love is that you can make money no matter what the overall stock market is doing.

So volatile markets like the ones we have nowadays are ideal for us.

Let’s look at a quick historical example.

Here’s a chart of Chipotle.


Russ showed us this kind of chart earlier...

But you should know a few more important details.

This is what we call a classic “candlestick” chart.

If the candle is RED, it means the stock closed lower than it opened.

The bears were in control and drove the stock DOWN.

If it’s GREEN, it means the stock closed higher that day.

The bulls were in control and drove the price UP.

The length of the candle illustrates how far the price moved up or down.

OK, so those are the basics of reading a candlestick chart.

As swing traders, we look for stocks that have been pushed down for at least five days in a row

That’s one of the cornerstones of our swing trading system.

And, not surprisingly, we call it a five days down pattern.

Look again at the Chipotle chart.


You can see the selling pattern that drove its share price down.

For a big blue chip company like Chipotle, this kind of pullback rarely lasts.

Its primary trend is up.


As Russ mentioned, we can think of the pullback as a spring. It can be compressed or stretched only so far before rebounding.

When the selling trend drives Chipotle’s price way down, it creates an opportunity to buy a great stock at a low price.

Buyers rush in, which drives the share price to new highs.

We profit by buying near the stock’s point of reversal.


That’s the lowest point of the sell-off...

Just before the first green candlesticks appear after several days of red.

You ride the rebound to the next reversal and sell.

It’s a simple method to try to accomplish what every investor wants...

To buy low and sell high.

Here, let me show you how my actual recommendations have performed since I started the Oxford Swing Trader service.

A Closer Look at My Oxford Swing Trader Recommendations

As I fired up my computers last July 1, my swing trading algorithms quickly homed in on an opportunity in the cannabis sector. 

It was Innovative Industrial Properties, a business that focuses on providing properties for cannabis companies. 

In July 2020, the stock was selling for $88.

That’s when the company announced a huge increase in the size of an upcoming stock offering.

My algorithms all indicated an increase in demand would push the share price up in the coming days. 

Take a look at the candlesticks in this chart...


Notice that for two months the stock was trending up.

But then something curious happened.

A big downswing.

Five days in a row, the candlesticks went red.

This is exactly what I look for.

Nothing had changed about the business. The stock was just going through a natural downswing.

You can see a cluster of red bars as the share price dropped.

But on July 1, all my indicators showed that we were at the bottom... and that the stock was due for a reversal.

As swing traders, we want to take advantage of that kind of short-term bounce. 

And bounce it did!

Just 29 days later, the stock had soared...

And we closed out the position for a 60.4% options gain.


That would turn a $5K stake into $8,020... in just about one month!

But here’s the thing.

Swing trader gains typically take even LESS time.

Consider my play in early June, for example...

Textbook Case of a Successful Swing Trade...

That’s when I issued a recommendation for AtriCure.

It’s a small medical stock that had a market cap of only $1.8 billion at the time.

In this case, the cluster of red candlesticks are hard to miss! Just look at that chart.

Once again, the overall trend is up.

But in early June, a sudden downswing hit.

This is all part of the ebb and flow of trading. And it’s the best moment to buy.


Indeed, my swing trading algorithms fired on the five days down pattern.

I recommended my followers like Russell get in on a near-term bounce in AtriCure on June 3.

And by June 8, it was already time to book profits.

We racked up a 47.8% option winner in just five days.


It was a textbook case of a successful swing trade.

And speaking of textbooks...

Booked a 48.7% Gain on a Classic Pattern in a Month...

It was late November when several of my algorithms pegged one stock as a strong swing trade candidate.

It was New Oriental Education & Technology Group. 

It’s the most recognized brand in Chinese private education.

Now, look at this chart here...


You’ll notice that this chart has swings up and down throughout.

That’s always a positive sign for me.

It means that the downswings are almost always followed by a sharp upswing... perfect for a swing trader.

Now, I’m sure you can spot the classic swing trade five days down pattern setting up in late November.


My algorithm certainly did. And I sent my readers a buy recommendation on November 30.

The stock went on an immediate tear upward.


Exactly 31 days later, on New Year’s Eve, we celebrated in high style.

Our algorithm had spotted the trade, and we came away with a 48.7% options win in the books.

Now, I want to pause for a moment here.

Because there’s something I haven’t been telling you...

My Screening Goes FAR Deeper

Every day, after the markets close, I download the prices of 4,000-plus stocks.

On the first run-through, my screen picks the handful of stocks that meet the five days down pattern.

So far, so good.

But after that, I run that data through a proprietary set of additional algorithms.

You’ve seen the first algorithm, the five days down pattern

five days down

The second algorithm focuses on identifying a trading channel. A stock’s price action while trading in a channel often signals a prime swing trade opportunity.

tradihg channel

The third algorithm is the overreaction pattern... 

The fourth is the RSI, or Relative Strength Index pattern... 


And those are just a FEW of my primary filters.

The ideal stock will fulfill the trigger on at least four of these patterns...

And will be supported by a number of additional proprietary indicators.


The final decision will always be based solely on the numbers.

NOT emotion.

That’s critically important.

By removing human emotion and human error from trading, your chances for success rise dramatically.

We rely only on the numbers.

For you, it’s simple...

All you have to do is open an email...

Read my analysis...

Place your trade if it makes sense for you...

And get the chance to lock in more winners.

Like this one from late 2020...

Turned Pandemic Pullback Into Fast 58% Profits...

Massachusetts-based Thermo Fisher Scientific is a large medical manufacturer that saw its share price soar during the pandemic.

Plenty of healthcare businesses did well.

Yet in late November, my algorithm spotted a big downswing in Thermo Fisher...

We saw the classic five days down pattern.


When the Oxford Swing Trader algorithms pegged it as a strong swing trade candidate, I went through all the data and issued a buy recommendation on November 25.

Sure enough, the stock popped almost immediately...


I sent my readers a sell alert just six days later...

And you could’ve locked in a 58.3% gain on the options recommendation...

In just three trading days!

It takes “buy and hold” investors six years to make that kind of money.

OK, here’s one of my recommendations that Russ talked about earlier...

Lightning-Quick 46.6% Winner - in Two Days!

Pasadena, California-based Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals came to my attention in January 2021.

It was already in the portfolios of 22 leading hedge funds...

And had a huge annual growth rate of 61% over the past five years.

So it’s been on a primarily bullish trend.

Yet, as you can see in the chart, Arrowhead had swung down by 15% from its recent peak in December.


You know, I love this kind of downswing because I know the company itself is in great shape.

The downswing is just a chance to buy shares of a fantastic company at a great price.

And that spells a terrific opportunity for us short-term swing traders.

I issued a buy recommendation on January 6...

And just two days later, when I closed the play...

Readers could have booked a 46.6% gain on the options recommendation for Arrowhead!


That’s two big winners in the medical and biotech sectors.

And we’ve done quite well with technology stocks as well.

A Fast 59% Payday on Fastly...

In midsummer 2020, I targeted Fastly.

The company’s platforms speed up the delivery of apps and data from the cloud. Perfect for the massive shift to working from home.

No wonder Fastly’s earnings had soared...

Yet you can see the red candlesticks as the price swung downward...


So on July 20, I strongly recommended buying.

And the call option for Fastly did great: Readers could have booked 59.4% in 11 days.


Now, I’m showing you a lot of examples of this.

And there’s a reason for that.

I want you to see the consistency of this approach to trading.

It’s not perfect, and there will be losses along the way.

But it’s a system that makes sense and pays off more often than not.

Quant genius Elwyn Berlekamp, the original brains behind the Medallion fund, once famously said, “If you trade a lot, you need to be right only 51% of the time.”

We’ve won on 62% of our trades.

That’s the REAL way you make money in stocks... while other people are waiting for the 1,000,000% win that will never come...

Let’s look at two more examples...

Booked 66.7% in 5 days on Western Digital...

First, take a look at the chart for Western Digital, the Silicon Valley storage device company.

You can see it had pulled back by more than 10% from a mid-December peak of nearly $55... It was then priced at about $48.


Nothing had changed about the company.

It was just trading at a much lower price.

And when downswings like this happen, if the metrics all add up, a big upswing is likely.

And in this case, the stock triggered five of the Oxford Swing Trader algorithms, each suggesting the stock was due for a bounce.

On December 30, I told my readers, “Buy Western Digital Corporation at market today.”

Those who followed the recommendation enjoyed a joyful start to the new year...

We closed the options play on January 4... and booked a giant 66.7% gain in five days.


Now, that’s excellent.

And sometimes you can book even bigger gains.

I was even happier to give my readers the chance to MORE THAN double their money on another one of my recommendations...

Carvana DOUBLED in 12 Days!

Headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, Carvana has quickly become one of the leading online car retailers in the U.S.


You can purchase and finance a vehicle right from your living room. Days or even hours later, the car is delivered to your home.

Given this business model, Carvana has thrived in the COVID-19 world.

The stock was soaring until a big downswing in September.

It plunged 21%.


Had the business changed?

Not at all.

It just was suddenly much cheaper.

So on September 10, I recommended it to my followers like Russell.

Just 12 days later... we closed out the options play on Carvana for a 104.3% gain in 12 days.


So how has my system performed overall?

Collecting Winning Gains... Well Above Market...

Since inception, I’ve closed out 143 positions.

They total an average gain of 0.81% with an average hold of 16.6 days.

That can work out to about 13.8% per year...

The average equity fund investor’s return over 20 years, by comparison, is just 4.25% annually.

In short, swing trading can give you threefold outperformance of your peers.

And, as Russell Barbour mentioned earlier, we’ve outperformed some of the greatest fund managers of all time.

You also heard the name Paul Tudor Jones today.

Now look at Tudor Jones’ Global Macro Fund..

It made 11.9% through November 30,2020. 13.8% is almost 15% better!

You’ve also heard the name Jim Simons.

The performance of his legendary Renaissance Technologies Fund was negative in 2020.

What Simons would’ve given for our Oxford Swing Trader performance...

Maybe these facts are not good enough for you... If not, that’s your call.

I can tell you that serious investors like Russell recognize the power of these kinds of returns.

This is how pro trading is done today... You play the swings and lock in short-term profits.

In just the past year, we’ve seen additional ultra-fast gains, including...

10%... 12%... and 41%... all in just TWO days... as well as 20% in ONE day!

OK, so here’s how this is going to work for you and me...


How to Trade Like a World-Class Pro...

Every day, I’ll use the Oxford Swing Trader algorithms to scan the markets in real time.

I’m targeting those handful of stocks that meet my rigid set of criteria as oversold – or overbought, if it is a bear market.

Once the algorithms winnow the thousands of candidate stocks to a mere handful, I’ll dig in and do my final research.

In this step, I’m looking to make sure the company’s fundamentals are STRONG!

I want to be clear about this.

I look for good companies... I don’t gamble on dogs.

All the companies I recommend are moving in a clear uptrend.

Then, I recommend buying on the downswings because I know the upward swing is likely to be SUSTAINED.

At this point, I wait for the algorithms to flash, “Go!”

When they do...

I’ll send my subscribers a simple email alert – within 10 minutes of the market open – with my recommendation and step-by-step instructions on how to execute the swing trade.

The instructions include a recommended buy price, a stop price, a target price and specific options recommendations.

Then, if you decide to act, you can place the recommended trade and enjoy the rest of your day.

Simply sit back and enjoy life. Play a round of golf... spend time with your family... enjoy an afternoon drive... or grab your favorite food...

The fact is, with Oxford Swing Trader, you can do what you want when you want.

Because our typical trade will likely last somewhere between two days and one month.

We might make one trade on Monday... and then close it that Friday.

And I will always alert you when the swing ends and when it’s time to sell.

It’s that easy.

I recommend about 100 trades throughout the year... or about two per week.

So you’ll have plenty of swing trading opportunities even if you miss one!

You’ll get every single recommendation when you become an Oxford Swing Trader subscriber.

In a minute, you’ll see how to claim a spot in this service just like Russell did last year.

But before we get to that, I wanted to tell you about everything else new members of the Oxford Swing Trader research service will get.

New Members of  Oxford Swing Trader Get...

I want to give you a special bonus when you sign up for 12 months of my Oxford Swing Trader research service.

I start with an instruction guide telling you how to take action on my swing trade recommendations.


It’s called The Swing Trader Master Class.

And it’s one of the first things I’ll send new members like you today...

You’ll be able to access the class on a secure, password-protected website set up exclusively for Oxford Swing Trader members.

In the class, I’ll walk you through how to set up my recommended swing trades, step by step.

I’ll show you screenshots explaining exactly where to type your order, step by step.

And this isn’t some class with confusing terms that requires a degree in economics!

This video series is for ordinary folks who want to learn everything about swing trades – and fast.

You’ll learn how to get a trading account set up, including a couple of common mistakes to avoid and step-by-step instructions on how to get started correctly...

So you can see how to start pocketing gains immediately.

Plus, if you do have any other questions... I have another key benefit for you.

Private Access to the Oxford Swing Trader Concierge Team

I don’t EVER want you sitting in front of your computer wondering how to act on one of my recommendations.

So let me assure you...

That’s NOT going to happen to my Oxford Swing Trader readers.

We have a concierge team standing by.

If you should have ANY questions about your Oxford Swing Trader subscription... our friendly representatives are just a phone call away.


These guys (and gals) are pros. And they will help you in any way they can.

I hate when I call a company and get some recorded message... or I have to keep dialing numbers to fight my way through an automated menu... or I reach some call center in another country.

So I insisted we have REAL people headquartered in America available on the phone to make sure you’re 100% satisfied, 100% of the time.

They’ll happily answer any questions you may have immediately!

And they’re some of the friendliest people you’ll ever talk to.

So go ahead and add the Oxford Swing Trader concierge team to your list of benefits.

There’s one more bonus I’d like to tack on.

My “Options Quick Start Guide”

I explain how to make regular stock trades in my Swing Trader Master Class.

But honestly, making regular stock trades is like riding a 120-horsepower Prius when you could be driving a brand-new 400-horsepower Ferrari!

To get the biggest returns, many of the pros use supercharged OPTIONS.

I’ll give you four reasons for this...

First, you need only a TINY fraction of the cash... Stocks – especially safe blue chips – can go for hundreds or thousands of dollars for a single share.

Ideally, I like to recommend options that trade for less than $5 per contract. I’ve recommended many that are trading for less than $1 per contract!

So you can invest in these trades with far less cash than buying the regular stocks.

Second, you can make far more money on a swing trade if you trade options...

As we’ve seen today, swing trading offers you the possibility of double-digit gains, often in a week’s time or less.

Such gains are a rarity with stocks... but they are common with options.

Third, profits can come in a fraction of the time.

Most regular stocks take months... or even years... to double your money.

With options, you can potentially bank double within a week, if not sooner.

And fourth ,you can do it over and over again.

That’s why all the stocks I recommend in Oxford Swing Trader will come with an option recommendation as well.

And with each trade recommendation, I’ll walk you through exactly how to make the trade if you decide to invest.


I just finished my “Options Quick Start Guide” as part of the package you will receive as a new Oxford Swing Trader member.

In it, you’ll find out everything you need to know to see how to profit on options.

Once you understand how to trade options, you’ll find it’s just as simple as trading stocks...

But the profits can be FAR BIGGER.

Just take a look at this list:

  • 46.6% on Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals in two days
  • 47.8% on AtriCure in five days
  • 48.7% on New Oriental Education & Technology Group in 31 days
  • 58.3% on Thermo Fisher Scientific in six days
  • 59.4% on Fastly in 11 days
  • 60.4% on Innovative Industrial Properties in 29 days
  • 65.5% in H&R Block in 49 days
  • 66.7% on Western Digital in five days
  • 68% on Foot Locker in five days
  • 93.1% on Caterpillar in six days
  • An astonishing 104.3% on Carvana in just 12 days!

And there are many, many more.

I’ve also included screenshots that show you what information to enter in a brokerage account to potentially profit from a broad market’s UPSWING or DOWNSWING.

Remember this: In swing trading, we love short-term volatility. It gives us the potential for even bigger wins.

In the instruction guide, I’ll show you everything you need to be able to profit no matter which direction the market is moving.

Plenty of regular folks have already told me about their successes with Oxford Swing Trader.

Regular Folks Booking Fast, Significant Profits...

For example, Mark Salmon, who you heard from briefly earlier, wrote in to say...

“I have acted on your recommendations and have done well. My last gain was with Akamai Technologies, which I purchased at $380 and sold for $700 when you recommended to sell. Nice 84% gain.”

Rob Smalley told us in an online review that in about 46 days...

“I made a solid 28% on STMicroelectronics.”

And Greg Patterson had good news as well...

“Great results on your initial introduction with your Oxford Swing Trader service. Today I closed Take-Two Interactive with a 69.4% win (in nine days). I have a rule: trade small, trade often! Just wanted to say thank you, enjoying the service.”

And Jack Nolan, whom you heard from earlier, just wrote back to me again to say...

“Last week, I closed out the Morgan Stanley trade you sponsored. My profit is $ 9,909.44, pure yield of 205.1% gain over cost (in a month and a half).

My log lists about 25 trades I’ve made in Oxford Swing Trader. I’ve lost on a few but gained 41% over costs for entire group. Great idea you had, Nicholas.

Thanks for helping me strengthen my retirement.”

Jack’s 41% overall performance is even better than our official track record, which is outstanding.

I just love to hear from people whose lives are changing thanks to Oxford Swing Trader.

Your Entire Oxford Swing Trader Package

So to recap, here’s everything you’ll get as a new member of Oxford Swing Trader...

  • A 12-month subscription to my Oxford Swing Trader research service.
  • All My Oxford Swing Trader Research and Recommendations: This will include instructions on what and when to trade and how to set it up.
  • My Oxford Swing Trader Email Alert System: You’ll get a message from me two to three days each week. Each alert will give you exact instructions on how to act on a swing trade recommendation - including details on the trade... why we are making it... and what specific steps to take.
  • The Swing Trader Master Class: This three-part video series will show you exactly how to make swing trades. It’s super simple, and you can refresh your skills by watching anytime you want.
  • The Oxford Swing Trader Concierge Service: This is direct phone access to our team of REAL PEOPLE... available to answer any questions you have about your subscription.
  • “Options Quick Start Guide”: This comprehensive report will give you full instructions on how to complete options trades so you have the chance to supercharge your gains.

PLUS, I have three more special benefits for you...

  • Sell Signal Alerts: I’ll send these out to you directly when it’s time to close a recommendation. These are fun emails to send because they signal that we are booking profits and it’s time to celebrate.
  • Our Oxford Swing Trader Website: If you ever miss anything... you can always come directly to our secure website, where I will archive everything I mentioned above. This is your one-stop shop to ensure you have everything you need to profit.

And here’s one last special bonus for you...

Each quarter, I will host a LIVE meeting where we will discuss the most recent trade recommendations.

Subscribers can send in questions and I’ll answer the most popular ones during the meeting, live, on video.

So that’s your third bonus: my quarterly Swing Trader Roundup.


In short, with all of these benefits, I believe you’ll have everything you need to profit from our trade recommendations.

A Privilege Reserved for YOU

In a moment, a button will appear below this screen that will give you access to all of this.

And I have to say, after seeing the results of the top past examples we’ve looked at today, this is an incredible value.

More than that, it’s going to be fun!

I’ve waited years to be able to share my best swing trade systems with our Members.

There’s little out there – nothing really – that offers a smarter approach to active investing.

But swing trades do move quickly and work best with a small group of core members.

That’s why I’m strictly limiting the membership to my service.

It’s not fair. But that’s the reality.

And I never want to water down the profit potential for people like Russell who have done so well with Oxford Swing Trader.

So we can’t let everyone in with this offer.

It’s going to be a privilege reserved for those who join us today.

First come, first served.

But here’s the thing...

For those who do get in, the opportunity is going to be huge.

That’s why I highly recommend you become a member of Oxford Swing Trader today.

A Special Offer for Members Only

I’m about to send out the next swing trade.

And from there, we’ll be targeting two trades each and every week.

This is an elite research service. It employs some of the same algorithms used by big quant hedge funds.

Research costs these funds millions of dollars every year in technology, staff and data.

And because this is a high-end, premier service, the retail price for Oxford Swing Trader is quite high, but still fair.

It’s not easy to put a price on it.

If I were to work for private millionaire clients...

The standard fee for managing big money is 2% of the invested capital per year and 20% of the profits.

For a $200,000 portfolio that grows into $400,000, the cost would be $44,000...

Which, of course, would be worth it to grow your portfolio that quickly.

But what I’m offering you today doesn’t cost close to $40,000.

Because I’m not here to help millionaires become multimillionaires...

I’m here to help regular people use swing trading techniques to beat the market three times over or more in the year ahead.

We’re talking about speeding up your path to retirement.

That’s why the retail price is $4,000... far less than I ever would have charged a hedge fund for this type of analysis.

Of course, even at that price, if all goes as I hope, these trade opportunities could pay off the subscription cost in a very short period.


You’ve just heard from one gentleman who made $9,900 in a month and a half on a single swing trade...

That’s more than TWICE the retail cost to join.

But here’s the thing...

Russell, who’s using Oxford Swing Trader to boost his portfolio... strongly urged me to do something special for our viewers today.

Instead of the full $4,000 retail price...

Members who join today will be able to get in at more than HALF OFF for just $1,649.

That’s even LESS than what Russell paid to join.

Hey, he insisted!

Why such a big discount?

Because this should be attainable for EVERYONE.

Not just exclusive clients who have access to the world’s top hedge funds.

So I want to make sure subscribers get the very best deal.

Remember, you are just one click away from receiving...

  • A 12-month subscription to my Oxford Swing Traderresearch service
  • All My Oxford Swing Trader Research and Recommendations
  • My Oxford Swing Trader Email Alert System
  • The Swing Trader Master Class
  • The Oxford Swing Trader Concierge Service
  • “Options Quick Start Guide”
  • Sell Signal Alerts
  • Our Oxford Swing TraderWebsite
  • Our Quarterly Swing Trader Roundup.

It’s an incredible package.

And, on top of that, I want to take away any risk to join...

Remove it as best I can.

So I’m going to do something really special...

52 Winning Trades in the Year Ahead
or Your Money Back...

For new members, I’m actually going to make a guarantee I’ve never made before.

I want my readers to have all the tools they need to help fund their lifestyle... week after week.

So I’m making a bold guarantee... and prediction.


I am guaranteeing you 52 winners in a year... so you can average one per week...

Or your money back.

So if you don’t have the opportunity to capture 52 winning swing trades in the next 12 months...

Per our model portfolio...

Simply call us up at the end of your 365 days...

And get a full refund.

Not a credit. A full 100% CASH refund if I don’t deliver winner after winner.

I’m highly confident this goal is achievable with my new cutting-edge swing trading strategies... 

And it could FAR outperform anything we’ve done in the past!

So it’s a very reasonable goal to hit.

I know our viewers are going to really appreciate it.

Now, folks, for those of you who want to be sure to lock in your spot...

We are going to go ahead and open up the research service to new members right now.

Just click on the button that popped up below on your screen.

It says, “Yes, I Want These Swing Trades Now!

Or, if you’d prefer to call right away, you can do so at 888.570.9830 or 410.864.3090.

Remember, these spots are going to go FAST.

So I suggest clicking here and claiming your spot immediately.

You Are at a Life-Changing “Fork in the Road”

Look, you really have three options here.

Your first option is to do nothing at all.

You can continue investing just in mutual funds or ETFs.

If you enjoy waiting years to compound your returns, then that’s fine.

You can just keep going with that plan.

But since you’ve watched this far into our presentation, I’m guessing you’re not happy with your current annual returns.

If that’s true, then you also have a second option...

You can invest in a quant hedge fund.

But keep in mind... it’ll take about $5 million to buy into a good one, if they’re taking new clients.

Then you’ll pay your fees.

For the Medallion fund, yearly management fees run as high as 4%... then they tack on 44% of your returns as a “performance fee.”

For $5 million, that’s $200,000 on yearly management fees alone!

Or you have the third option...

Get help from a quant pro like me.

Someone who has already run several investment funds...

Someone who is able to put in all the hard work...

So YOU don’t have to.

Remember, you could make double digit gains within a week on a single trade...

Just ask yourself, of these three options which one is the easiest for you?

Russell chose Option 3.

And now he’s living a great life...

With a lifetime of fun and travel ahead.

The choice is yours, but...

You must hurry... because space is limited to the first 395 members today.

With this kind of no-brainer offer, I’m pretty sure the 395 spots will be filled quickly...

Maybe even in the next hour or so.

Trust me, you DO NOT want to wait too long only to be told all spots are filled.

Go ahead and claim that spot right now by clicking “Yes, I Want These Swing Trades Now!” below.

Or call 888.570.9830 or 410.864.3090.

Thanks for watching, and I look forward to hearing about your success as a new Oxford Swing Trader member!


Nicholas Vardy
March 2021


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