America’s #1 retirement income expert reveals...

The GREAT 2020 Real Estate Redo

Discover how you could make 5X to 10X your money in the coming years with...
NO Upkeep / NO Deadbeat Tenants / NO Flipping

Hi, I’m Marc Lichtenfeld, Chief Income Strategist for America’s #1 financial research group, The Oxford Club.

I want to start off by telling you the one thing I hear from people when I first talk to them about money...

More than ANYTHING else when it comes to investing...

It’s their REGRETS.

More than their big wins... more than the next big idea... people think about the ones that got away...

Those missed opportunities that COULD have changed their lives.

I want you to think about the biggest missed opportunity in your investing career.

Go ahead, give it some thought.

Was it not buying Apple back when it was $2 in the ’90s?

Or not loading up on stocks just after the financial crisis in 2009?

Or not buying bitcoin at $2 in 2011?

I’ll tell you mine...

Not buying Tesla back when the stock took a dive.

The stock was trading at a MASSIVE discount... and I knew that it had the most fanatical customer base I’d ever seen. There was no way the price would stay that low for long.

It was a golden opportunity... but I didn’t pull the trigger. And I missed out. I would have more than quadrupled my money in one year.

And the unfortunate truth is... in life, we rarely get do-overs, leaving our regrets to haunt us.


I’m here to tell you that right now... is the biggest chance at a do-over you will ever see in your lifetime. A chance to wash away one of the BIGGEST investing regrets you may have ever experienced.

Because right now in this market, you suddenly have a chance to get a do-over on the greatest real estate buying opportunity of this century.

2009 was incredible for real estate prices.

Houses in Dallas, Texas, that went for $225,000 jumped to half a million dollars...

In San Francisco, a tiny 489-square-foot house valued at $427,000 shot up to $850,000...

In Florida, we saw homes that sold for $440,000 near the bottom more than double to nearly $1 MILLION...

But it was in real estate stocks that the best gains were made.

For example, look at Extra Space Storage.

In 2009, it was available for just $6.

In a few years, it was up to almost $50. That’s 8X your money.

A $2,500 investment with income reinvested paid out $20,825.

Or how about One Liberty Properties?

In 2009, it was available at an absurdly low price – just $2.91.

Four years later, it was almost $30 – a 1,267% gain if you reinvested your income! You would have made 13X your money.

$2,500 paid out $31,675 in only four years...

These were some of the top-performing examples we found... and I’m seeing the same types of opportunities popping up right now.

And here’s one more – Ashford Hospitality Trust.

It paid out an amazing $30,175 in just five years!

In total, that’s $82,675... on just three $2,500 investments.

Looking back, it was easy money, wasn’t it?

That’s the problem.

It always seems easy looking back...

But it never seems easy in the moment.

In the moment, it takes courage, intelligence and a willingness to block out the media’s negativity.

And that’s why I put this presentation together for you.

Due to the "corona crash" disrupting the WORLD... real estate went from expensive to dirt cheap almost overnight.

It’s a complete 2009 do-over.

With no foot traffic to homes... and offices and restaurants sitting empty...

Some real estate investments are now available at HUGE discounts!

The recovery is happening as we speak... so I urge you to listen closely.

Many sectors of the real estate market are still sporting some of the lowest prices I’ve seen since the housing crisis.

But here’s the thing... no matter what the fear-mongering media tries to tell you...

Just like the housing crisis passed, this will pass too. And probably much faster than anyone thinks.

And here’s the beauty of this situation.

You can make anywhere from five to 10 times your money on the real estate plays available right now...

Without flipping houses...

Without tenants...

Without even picking up a hammer.

But this is the time to move.

In my opinion, it’s even BETTER than 2009 right now.

But it’s not going to last long.

That’s why I’m urging every one of my readers to look at snapping up some of the best cheap real estate investments right now.

In the next few minutes, I’m going to give you the details on three real estate stocks that are ridiculously cheap. All three have 5X to 10X potential.

In fact, I have one specific real estate investment that I believe is a MUST-BUY right now.

It’s trading so cheap that the values of the properties it holds by themselves are worth more than the share price.

Seeking Alpha – one of the most widely read financial outlets in the world – reports that this type of investment...

And this special type of real estate investment has “historically done much better than the broader stock market during most recessions.”

But here’s what’s really interesting.

With this real estate play, it takes just five minutes and a few hundred dollars to get your foot in the door and get started... rather than the unbearable load of time and money you’d spend flipping houses.

You don’t have to manage properties... fix even a single leaky faucet... or chase down checks from flaky tenants.

The money is directly deposited from the tenants... into this unique asset...

And then into your brokerage account in the form of dividends.

For just a few dollars per share, you can essentially become an owner in ultra-cheap real estate all over the country.

If you have the guts and the smarts to put down just a small starting stake... you could collect MASSIVE income for years.

I think there is a definite chance we will see gains of more than 1,000% on the best real estate plays in the year ahead... just like we did in 2009.

So let’s get started.

My Expertise Makes People Money. Period.

As I said, my name is Marc Lichtenfeld.

I’m the country’s #1 retirement income expert.

I’ve spoken about subjects like macroeconomics, stocks and financial literacy on Fox Business, CNBC, Bloomberg Radio and more.

And I specialize in finding ways to ramp up your retirement savings.

The goal is to help all of my readers create passive income that pays them forever.

I laid out my retirement vision in my book Get Rich with Dividends, which has become an international bestseller.

It’s been translated into multiple languages across the world, from Polish to Thai to Japanese.

I have won two Book of the Year Awards from the Institute for Financial Literacy.

And I have hundreds of thousands of people reading my daily newsletter, Wealthy Retirement.

This is my mission in life – to help regular folks generate consistent retirement income they can count on.

Here are a couple of stories from across my various research services...

Some start small, like my reader Matthew Miller:

“I’m up $2,500 [600%-plus] in two months. Woo-hoo!”

Or Sarah Schriefer, who told me...

“I made $6,000 [30%]. Not bad for a couple weeks!”

Or Ken McElroy, who wrote...

“Marc, I made $11,000 [63.5% in six weeks]... thank you!”

And others are already taking my research to a higher level.

Anthony Valentino said...

“Our family made $1.3 million [2,381% in 10 months] on this!”

Kevin Hannigan told me he had $381,000 in his investment account at the end of 2008. Then he started using my research.

He says...

“At the end of 2017, my investment account totaled in excess of $2.7 million.”

My point is, I know how to help regular folks generate REAL retirement income.

And today, I want to bring my income expertise DIRECTLY to you.

I’ve uncovered the BEST income opportunity of the next 12 months...

And likely the single greatest real estate play of the next DECADE.

It’s a way to turn back the clock for the chance to make HUGE gains like we saw in 2009...

Because anyone who bought real estate investments at that time crushed the market.

Back then, Simon Property Group was trading for just $33.

Five years later, it was up to $161.

If you reinvested your dividends, it handed out $11,675 on just $2,500 invested.

Sunstone Hotel Investors was another real estate play available for dirt cheap.

In 2009, it dropped all the way to $2!

Everyone can afford a stock like that.

And in five years, it was up to nearly $14, a gain of 522%.

You could have made $13,050 on $2,500.

And then there was Regional Health Properties, another real estate investment everyone ignored back in 2009.

It was selling at just $0.80 a share. $2,500 would have bought you 3,125 shares.

That’s a ton!

But in just more than two years, you could have been up 754%!

You’d have made $18,850 on this deal!

And here’s the thing...

In 2009, these plays rewarded bold investors...

And it’s about to happen again.

Many real estate investments are trading at a massive discount.

And you have the chance to get in very cheap as they come roaring back in the years ahead.

You see... one of the great things about real estate is that your investment is backed up by the real value of the properties.

Real estate is not some investment fad like penny stocks or cryptocurrency, where the whole business could go belly up.

It’s a real asset with real value.

As Mark Twain once said, “Buy land, they aren’t making it anymore!”

That’s why I always advocate taking advantage of those moments when real estate is cheap.

It’s an investment philosophy I live by.

Bringing Powerful Real Estate Income to Main Street

For example, after the last two crashes, I bought a couple of properties in California and North Carolina.

In just a few years, I made well into the six figures on the rebound.

A great return on investment, no doubt.

But I’ll admit, I did it the hard way... by purchasing the properties myself.

I had to put down a LOT of money for down payments and to get through inspections... find tenants... the whole nine yards.

Most people don’t have that kind of time, energy or capital.

That is why I recommend a special type of investment called a Real Estate Investment Trust, or REIT.

REITs are easier to buy and have bigger upside potential, and you can do very well if you buy them. And let me stress this: THEY ARE CHEAP.

Billionaires like George Soros... Sam Zell... and even Donald Trump have made massive fortunes with this approach.

And here’s why...

Real estate investment trusts work differently from most stocks.

Let me break it down for you.

Let’s take a normal stock like, say, Walmart.

Walmart runs its stores, collects revenue... and then pays for the operations, salaries and utilities of its stores. It all adds up.

And at the end of the day, Walmart decides what to do with its remaining cash.

It can either invest it back in the business, or pay it to shareholders.

And in general, big blue chip stocks usually decide to pay 2% or so to investors, if that.

It ain’t much.

But here is how real estate investment trusts work.

In short, the trusts own hundreds of properties in highly sought-after areas all over the country.

Through them, you can get paid on government buildings like FBI and Department of Defense offices...

Luxurious hotels and resorts by the likes of Marriott, Wyndham Grand and Park Plaza...

You can even collect rent on the Empire State Building!

These properties are rented out to businesses...

And the real estate investment trust then collects all of that rent as income and passes it along to shareholders.

And here’s where it gets really good.

Due to their special tax status, 90% of all real estate income from these assets MUST be paid to investors.

So by being an investor in a real estate investment trust, you can get a piece of all these properties and the income they produce...

Without doing one bit of work.

You could literally own a share of these properties for as little as $5... $10... or $20.

Now, when the economy is humming along, these trusts can get expensive.

Everyone wants in.

But that’s NOT the time to buy, because you end up paying too much.

And right now...

Prices are cheaper than ever. You can get in for pennies on the dollar.

And when the economy does come roaring back, as it always does, the value of your investment could go much, MUCH higher.

That’s why right now I’m pounding the table on these high-income-generating real estate stocks.

And this isn’t just something I’m recommending.

I’m doing this with my own money.

I’m personally invested in similar deals collecting income on hotels across America, houses in major cities on the East and West Coasts, apartment complexes and even a marijuana farm.

I’m also looking at some Texas real estate, with the goal of collecting income on pipelines and oil fields. And I'm even looking at a server farm where 90% of the world’s Fortune 1000 companies hold their data.

Today, YOU have the chance to get in on real estate plays like these.

Now, I want to be clear. I never invest in plays I recommend to my readers.

I always recommend plays specifically tailored to Main Street Americans.

Because most of my readers are just regular folks trying to improve their situation in life.

And that’s why I’m reaching out to you today.

There’s so much opportunity RIGHT NOW.

You can play the market at large... or little subsectors like real estate used for energy, cannabis, tech and more.

In 2009, all kinds of different real estate plays turned into big winners.

Like Lamar Advertising.

It actually owns the real estate rights to billboards and other public ad spaces. It’s the company getting paid for all those ads on the highway.

Back in 2009, you could buy shares for just $6.92.

Within five years, they were up to $53.

Reinvest dividends, and you’re getting paid $16,875... with just $2,500 down.

Or how about Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust?

It owns 20 malls across the country, including in Pennsylvania, of course, but also in Maryland, the Carolinas, Virginia and more.

In 2009, this thing was so cheap, it was a wonder it wasn’t on the front page of every financial publication in the country.

It was just $3 to get a piece of all those income-producing properties.

But in just four years, it was up to more than $21.

A $2,500 investment paid $19,475 on this deal.

These are the exact same types of investment opportunities I’m seeing today...

Real estate opportunities that are trading at massive discounts to previous highs.

You can give yourself the chance at anywhere from five to 10 times your money in the next couple of years.

Of course, nothing in investing is guaranteed, and you should never invest more than you can afford to lose.

But as I’ve shown you, just $2,500 can deliver HUGE real estate income in a relatively short period of time.

However, you MUST take action today.

If you sit on the sidelines...

You may end up being one of the folks who emails me saying, “Marc, I regret not getting in earlier like you said to.”

Because the fact is...

Real Estate Looks Exactly the Same as It Did in 2009...

Here’s a chart of a real estate index stock back in 2009.

Prices are steady... and then they drop off a cliff. 50% gone. Just like that.

The same thing happened this year. You can see prices take the EXACT same trajectory.

That is the most OVERSOLD chart pattern you’ll see for something as ESSENTIAL as real estate.

It makes sense, though.

The coronavirus caused 81% of home builders to see a drop in prospective buyers...

And more than half had trouble getting the necessary materials because of supply chain problems.

Even in the hottest real estate market in the country, San Francisco...

Where the average house sold for $1.3 million – yes, the AVERAGE house, not a mansion...

Things got hairy FAST.

Zillow economist Jeff Tucker said...

“Starting around March 16, we saw traffic on Zillow listings, on our website and on our apps plummet 30% pretty much overnight.”

And home sales in the Bay Area dropped 35%.

If that sheer drop happened even in a red-hot market like the Bay Area... where almost half of the houses were selling for MORE than the asking price...

Imagine the carnage around the rest of the country.

Orlando, a few hours north of where I live in Palm Beach, was a ghost town.

The theme parks were empty... all the rides were shut down...

And all the surrounding businesses – hotels, tours and shops – were making ZILCH.

This is what caused real estate prices to drop so quickly...

But here’s what the media isn’t talking about right now.

The recovery happens much faster than people think.

Be Bold... Seize This RARE Opportunity

And the 2020 RECOVERY is playing out the same way as the recovery in 2009 – except at a much faster pace.

For one thing, the Fed has basically offered unlimited liquidity to make sure prices don’t collapse.

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act, or CARES Act, is the largest economic rescue package in history.

And the online publication Government Executive called the CARES Act...

Wharton School of Business guru Jeremy Siegel says it’s the buying opportunity of a lifetime. He even added that the bottom is in and that 2021 could be a BOOM year.

Again, let’s look at the proof.

Here’s what happened when the 2009 stimulus passed... a stimulus MUCH smaller than ours today...

We experienced an EXPLOSIVE recovery.

And as you’ve seen, the individual opportunities could have handed you...

$20,800... $30,150... or even $31,675!

And it didn’t take much. No need to scrounge up the equivalent of a down payment on a house. Just $2,500 to put into each opportunity was all you would have needed.

This year, we are already seeing real estate prices coming back.

Forbes reports...

Mansion Global announced...

And’s economic analysis found that...

It’s like watching the same movie twice.

What’s more...

Major money managers – including BlackRock – are eyeing the exact same recovery trades as in 2009.


Bloomberg reports that...

Will you join the smart money?

Or will you get left behind like last time?

I hope you’ll pick the former.

This is why I am recommending that my subscribers look very closely at real estate investment trusts.

And in a moment, I’m going to give you details on my three favorite REITs.

But first, let me give you a few more reasons why these are the perfect investments for this moment.

The EASIEST Way to Collect MASSIVE Real Estate Income

First, the shares of these trusts are publicly traded, just like stocks... and you can buy them directly in any brokerage account.

So buying them is far easier than trying to invest directly in real estate properties.

Second, they offer some of the HIGHEST income payouts on the market... and a few unique benefits.

For starters, they must, BY LAW, pay out 90% or MORE of their income to investors.

It’s not like Apple, which is famously sitting on a $200 billion HOARD of cash. And only pays out a tiny 1% dividend to shareholders.

REITs are the opposite.

They collect mountains upon mountains of cash from rent checks...

And then MUST pay out nearly all of their income to shareholders.

It’s an IRS rule.

In exchange for following this rule, REITs enjoy a special tax status.

That brings me to the third advantage.

Most of the time, REITs do NOT have to pay corporate taxes on the income they pay out.

So they actually end up being able to pay out MORE of their revenue than regular income stocks, since a huge chunk isn’t going to the government.

That means more money in YOUR pocket.

Another advantage of REITs that I touched on earlier is that you can collect rent from all sorts of real estate...

Not just houses.

REITs own state-of-the-art offices in Silicon Valley and rent them out to promising startups that could be the next Amazon or Google...

They own luxury resorts in Vegas and Hawaii...

They buy up entire apartment complexes and housing developments...

Skyscrapers in New York City...

Casinos and billboards...

Even high-tech data centers and next-generation marijuana farms.

Anything that requires land or a building... there’s probably a REIT you can invest in.

On top of ALL that, here’s advantage No. 5...

REITs can just flat-out make you more money than regular real estate.

Forbes reports that...

And “Data proves REITs are better than buying real estate.”

REITs even beat the stock market over the long run! Take a look at this chart comparing the average returns of regular real estate, the S&P 500 and REITs.

A study from the blog Intelligent Income proved that $10,000 into REITs in 1972 would have turned into $700,000 by 2018!

So not only are you getting real estate profits with the ease of buying a stock...

But you could also actually make BETTER returns than you could by trying to get your hands on an investment property!

That’s why REITs are some of my favorite stocks to recommend to my readers.

I helped folks win big on Omega Healthcare Investors...

Bank 106% on Four Corners Property Trust...

And win big again on a data center REIT with an open gain of 247%!

With my research, regular folks around the country are raking in HUGE gains.

Raphael Taylor said...

“Locked in a 315% gain!”

That’s enough to turn $2,500 into $10,375 in just 2 1/2 months.

Wallace Milan told me...

“I have a number of double-digit gains, and a few where I have made better than 400% over several years.”

That large of a gain turns every $2,500 invested into $12,500-plus!

Frank Yellen wrote me to say...

Even with my little experience in the market, I was able to make 790%. Exhilarating!

That’s enough to turn every $2,500 into $22,250 in four months.

But here’s the thing, we collected those gains at the HEIGHT of the market.

In the rebound, the profits could be MUCH higher.

Fund ANYTHING You Want in Your Retirement

Take a look at Medical Properties Trust, which focuses on hospital real estate around the world.

People don’t stop getting sick during a downturn... and hospitals still have to pay their leases.

But if you’d bought $2,500 worth of this REIT in 2009... when shares of the trust were trading at just $3.49...

You could have collected a TON of income over the following few years of the rebound...

$15,600, to be exact.

Then there was CubeSmart, which rents out 36.6 million square feet worth of storage units... and pays out more than 90% of the rent to shareholders.

With the recession pushing the price down to just $2.50 in 2009, you could have picked up literally a thousand shares for $2,500.

And over the next few years, as American real estate recovered...

You could have collected $18,925!

Sun Communities was another BIG winner.

It collects on affordable residential communities and RV resorts.

With $2,500 invested, you could have collected $20,825 during the rebound!

On just these three deals, you could have collected $55,350.

And keep in mind, that’s based on a single $2,500 investment in each.

What would you do with that kind of extra income?

Would you surprise your loved ones with some special gifts?

Would you increase what you donate to your church or favorite charity?

Would you travel the world?

And let me be clear. To lock in this income, your upfront investment was just $2,500 in each of the REITs I showed you. Instead of, say, $80,000 for a down payment on an investment property.

So it’s much easier for Main Street investors to actually get in on these investments.

In fact, you can start with as little as $30...

Your upside won’t be as high...

But anybody can do this, no matter how little they have to start with.

And if you have a little more in your account, just $2,500 can explode into big five-figure payouts, as you’ve been seeing.

If you’re able to invest in multiple opportunities, the potential is virtually limitless.

And today, I want to send you my TOP THREE REITs to play this real restate recovery.

Just make sure you find out NOW... because this will kick off much faster than you might think.

This Is Your Second Chance at MASSIVE Market Rebound Profits

Now, the biggest thing holding people back right now is the question...

Will the economy recover?

I can understand that.

It’s always scary to invest when the media is pumping out bad news day and night.

But the fact is, NEVER in the history of the stock market have you lost in the long term by buying after a crash.

Look at 2009...

Here are some of the articles the media was publishing:

Based on those stories, folks thought the economy would IMPLODE and NEVER recover...

But instead, we came back with the LONGEST bull market in history.

Stocks more than tripled...

And real estate prices blasted higher... shattering all previous records.

But that’s not the only time we’ve seen a rebound like this.

After the dot-com bubble in 2001, U.S. stocks came back with a vengeance.

And real estate soared.

And after the crash of ’87, U.S. stocks roared back to life.

So did real estate.

There hasn’t been a single crash that has kept us down for long.

Remember Warren Buffett’s mantra:

“Be fearful when others are greedy... and greedy when others are fearful.”

People are scared... but they forget their history...

We’ve ALWAYS come back stronger.

We WILL recover from this.

And there’s no better bet than real estate in the best country in the world.

But you have to get in now.

Don’t wait until a year from now, when you’ll likely have to put down TWICE as much capital to make half as much profit.

There were folks out there who waited TEN YEARS after the recovery, and they were still scared to get back in.

I promise, you don’t want to end up like them.

Right now, you have the chance to hitch a ride on the next inevitable recovery... and do right by yourself and your family.

Real estate investment trusts are my #1 way to secure the MOST income possible as America gets back on its feet.

History has shown us time and time again that they’re the EASIEST and BEST way to play real estate.

Better Than ANYTHING You’ve Tried Before

I can give you example after example of trusts that handed investors huge wins back in 2009.

Like First Industrial Realty Trust, a REIT that rents out supply chain and logistics buildings to major corporations.

After five years of reinvesting dividends, you could have collected $19,725 on a $2,500 investment!

That’s my approach: BIG money, small starting stake.

On the other hand, you could have done it the regular way, putting the same amount of money in the S&P 500.

It would have paid out only $4,100...

You tell me...

Nearly 20 grand... or $4,100?

Which would YOU choose?

Here’s another example.

Sotherly Hotels was trading for just $0.91 in 2009. You could have grabbed nearly 3,000 shares for just $2,500.

Then... over the next couple of years, you would have seen your account rise by $22,175.

The S&P 500 would, again, have made you only about $4,000 over the same time period.

That’s $22,000 my way... or $4,000 the regular way.

Then there was Pillarstone Capital, a REIT focusing on office real estate.

With shares at just $0.25 in 2009, you’re looking at TEN THOUSAND shares for only $2,500.

Then, over the next few years, you could have collected $22,500.

But with the S&P 500? Only $3,300.

My way produced nearly 600% MORE profit than the S&P.

Of course, these are some of the best examples I found looking back on the market.

But all in all, that’s $64,400 from just three REITs.

The S&P 500, on the other hand, while not a bad investment, just doesn’t have the power to multiply your money the same way.

That’s why some of the smartest investors out there LOVE REITs...

Good Enough for Billionaires... Good Enough for YOU!

Mark Cuban and President Trump have owned REITs...

Sam Zell built his $5 billion net worth largely using REITs...

And billionaire George Soros owns $114 MILLION in REITs too.

He collects $8.4 million each year thanks to his casinos, including Caesar’s Palaces in both Vegas AND Atlantic City.

Warren Buffett owns $337 million worth of real estate in his Berkshire Hathaway portfolio.

He likes his stable, solid businesses, so he’s collecting income thanks to Bass Pro Shop, AMC Entertainment, Ashley HomeStore and more.

Buffett’s investment is paying out more than $26 million each year.

Bill Gates, via his foundation, owns $758 million in REITs.

He actually profits off 5G cell towers to the tune of $25.6 million a year!

Yes, you can even collect on the latest tech trends with this special real estate play.

It’s no wonder The Wall Street Journal writes that...

But you have to get in NOW.

I mean, just look at the kind of REIT income you had the chance at in 2009.

$2,500 in SL Green Realty paid out $20,750 in a few years ...

$2,500 paid out $25,175 on a REIT called iStar...

And $2,500 in CBL Properties paid out $27,000 in four years.

Altogether, that’s nearly $73,000 on just three REITs.

You might even find your income grows even higher, like some of my readers you’ve heard from today.

And I want to help YOU get to this level.

Your Recovery Roadmap to Retirement Riches

To get you started, I want to send you my special report, “The Great 2020 Real Estate Redo: Three REITs for MASSIVE Income.”

I’ve used every shred of my nearly 25 years of market experience...

Dissecting the hundreds of REITs available...

Using my strictest criteria to ensure you can get the MAXIMUM income available.

Here are the criteria I use...

  1. The REIT must be trading at a big discount to previous highs so you can get as many shares as possible.
  2. The REIT must have a long history of INCREASING its payments as it acquires more properties and collects more rent.
  3. The REIT must operate in a booming sector. This will make it more likely that your shares themselves multiply in value.
  4. The REIT must be lesser-known, so you can get in at a good price before everyone else discovers it.

These criteria brought me to the TOP THREE REITs on the market right now... and my favorite way to play the impending real estate rebound.

The first is a technology REIT that rents out data centers to huge companies.

Data centers are essential to new technologies like cloud computing, 5G and the Internet of Things. All that data processing has to happen somewhere...

And this first REIT gets paid by clients like AT&T and IBM to house and operate their computing power.

AT&T and IBM pay the rent (you can bet they never miss a payment), and then the REIT pays out 90% of the profits directly to investors.

It’s paying out a total of $1.2 BILLION per year to shareholders.

And right now, you can get shares at a big discount from their recent highs because of the crash.

And that’s just the first play.

The second is an industrial REIT that rents out logistics real estate for e-commerce. Think warehouses and supply chain buildings.

Its biggest tenant? Amazon.

Amazon has warehouses all over the country so it can get you your package as fast as possible... and it’s adding more all the time.

Imagine collecting income from all the shipping Amazon does.

But get this – this REIT also collects rent from companies like UPS, FedEx, Target, Wayfair, Samsung and more.

It’s paying out $214 million each year... and you get paid MONTHLY, just like collecting a real rent check.

AND this REIT is trading for 25% off recent highs.

To get the most bang for your buck, I personally recommend reinvesting the dividends you’ll get each month until you need the money.

You’ll get more shares... and eventually see massive income streams.

But if you need the money now, by all means, collect that monthly payment!

The third REIT in your special report is a play on LEGAL marijuana.

You see, legal marijuana is set to be a $200 billion market in the next few years.

But what’s the #1 resource this industry needs to reach that mark?


And the third REIT in your report leases out land to medical marijuana growers... and rakes in the dough.

It’s paying out $78 million this year. But it’s been rapidly increasing payments as more and more states legalize marijuana.

I fully expect the share price to go through the roof come November, when as many as 16 more states will vote on marijuana measures.

But shares are still extremely discounted from the recent crash... about 30% off... so you can claim a share of the millions on the CHEAP.

In your special report, you’ll get in-depth research on each REIT’s financials, fundamentals and future growth as we rebuild from the crash.

Just $2,500 in each REIT could turn into hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars of income.

What’s more, your initial stake can actually INCREASE in value... letting you sell it for a big lump sum payment if you want! It’s just like selling a property outright. (But without all the hassle.)

And I’ll even show you a way to collect the REIT income tax-free!

Each of these three REITs is trading at a BIG discount because of the recent crash...

And each of them is set to benefit greatly from the rebound...

Allowing you to collect as much as five to 10 times your money or MORE in real estate income.

Of course, nothing is guaranteed in investing. But the fact of the matter is, these REITs are paying shareholders right now.

If you don’t get the details... you WILL miss out.

And actually, that’s not the only thing I want to send you today.

I have an added bonus that I uncovered as I put this presentation together.

Part II of My Recovery Roadmap

It’s a very special REIT recommendation.

This one is a little more speculative than the income generators I mentioned above...

But it has the power to turn $1,000 into as much as $10,000 and BEYOND in a short period of time.

You see, with some REITs, the value of their holdings gets pushed SO low by a crash... that when things get better (as they always do), their value can multiply MANY times over.

For example, check out HGS Real Estate.

It went for only $0.08 in March of 2009!

That’s nothing.

Yet four years later, it was at $12.65.

Just $500 became nearly $79,000. And $5,000 became a whopping $790,000!

Now, of course, this is an extraordinary example. And it’s not the sort of investment I typically recommend, because a stock that’s $0.08 comes with a fair amount of risk.

As I always say, you should never put in more than you can afford to lose.

But sometimes, at a time like this, it’s fun to take a risk on a stock trading for just pennies...

Because if it turns around, a couple hundred bucks could change your life.

And I have a REIT that fits the bill for a speculative stock.

It invests in residential mortgages, and as of now, shares are trading at a hefty discount to book value.

As a refresher, here’s what “book value” means...

Book value is what the properties and assets this REIT owns would be worth if all of them were sold.

So if, for example, the shares are trading at a 24% discount to the value of the properties, that’s like getting 24% off!

Think of it this way... imagine there was a property in your neighborhood worth $1 million.

But the guy who owns it suddenly has to move, and he wants out quick. He says he’ll sell it for a 24% discount, just $760,000.

You buy it, then turn around and put it right back on the market for $1 million, pocketing the difference.

It’s like “flipping” a REIT... except you don’t have to fix anything. You’re just waiting for the market to realize it’s undervalued.

Best of all, you’ll collect income while you wait! It’s a win-win.

The report I’d like to give you is called “10X Your Money With THIS Moonshot REIT.”

And that’s not the only bonus I have lined up for you.

I have something I believe every American has the right to own.

Part III of My Recovery Roadmap

It’s called “The Ultimate COVID-19 Market Recovery Blueprint.”

I recently created this blueprint as a foolproof guide to help my readers navigate the uncertainty in the broader markets.

Inside, you’ll find...

  • My #1 post-pandemic dividend stock. This company currently is developing a COVID-19 treatment that is “leading the race to a coronavirus cure,” according to CNBC... and it pays a hefty dividend to boot.
  • My top three dividend stocks trading at a HUGE discount. While their shares are cheaper now, they’re still paying the SAME dividend! So the yields are tremendous here.
  • And my #1 stock to AVOID. This company has promised treatments for decades and hasn’t brought a single one to market. Its latest scam? A supposed coronavirus vaccine with nothing but an investor lawsuit to show for it. I’ll even show you how to make up to 500% as the stock likely crashes and burns – for good.

I’m giving you this along with my moonshot REIT to 10X your money...

And the three recommendations that could pay you five to 10 times your investment in real estate income in the coming years.

Altogether, these three reports have a value of $897.

But you won’t pay anywhere near that today.

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Your Expert Guide to MAXIMUM Post-Corona Income

The Oxford Income Letter is a passion project I started to help Main Street individuals secure the retirement income they deserve.

The kind of income that could let you retire right now if you wanted to...

Fully pay off your house and live in your favorite vacation spot full time...

Travel to see your family as much as you want...

Help your children or grandchildren pay for college or start a business...

Or simply have the FREEDOM to do whatever you want, whenever you want.

That’s what I want for you today.

In my nearly 25 years in the markets... I’ve uncovered income secrets that 99% of regular folks have NEVER heard of.

And I’m going to share them with you in The Oxford Income Letter.

Here’s how it works.

Along with your three reports...

You’re going to get a full suite of easy-to-follow resources for building an income engine that spits out money like clockwork.

Every month, I’ll send you an issue of The Oxford Income Letter. Each 12-page issue will be packed to the gills with new ways to generate a flood of income.

I might tell you about a stock that’s working on a new lifesaving drug... all while paying a hefty dividend.

You might discover a type of investment that offers legally guaranteed payouts... while your initial investment is protected by LAW.

You might even learn about little-known asset classes that generate income – safe from the volatility of the stock market.

But that’s just the start. The Oxford Income Letter is a full wealth-building system.

Professional-Grade Model Income Portfolios... Tailored to Specific Goals

I have FOUR different model portfolios, each specially designed for a different retirement goal.

If you’re looking for cash NOW... there’s the Instant Income Portfolio, filled with solid companies paying great dividends right NOW and boosting those payouts so you get paid more each year.

If you have some time and want to experience the awe-inspiring power of compounding... there’s the Compound Income Portfolio, featuring stocks that are growing their dividends year after year.

If you reinvest those dividends, you’ll have a FLOOD of income ready to burst the dam when you retire.

If you’re a little behind on your retirement savings... I even have a Retirement Catch-Up Portfolio with high-yield dividend stocks to really juice your nest egg.

I also have a Fixed Income Portfolio, filled with best-of-the-best corporate bonds and other fixed income plays that are pretty much guaranteed to keep your money safe – while still offering scheduled payouts.

So wherever you are in your financial journey, I have something for you.

And since launching in 2013, my portfolios have sported average returns as high as 23%, with open gains up to 237%!

A stockbroker would KILL for gains like these.

So it should come as no surprise that your reports and model portfolio access come to more than $1,200 in value.

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I’ll Be There EVERY Step of the Way on Your Journey to MAXIMUM Retirement Income

What’s more, I’m happy to say my subscribers have done very well through the recent crisis.

John Ryerson in Omaha, Nebraska, said I help him make a ton of annual income... and that most of my recommendations held up nicely through the downturn.

He said he and his wife “can do what we want, where we want!

Donald Sullivan says...

“I have used Marc's stocks to create a retirement portfolio that gives me peace of mind even when the market gets a little crazy. I have the income I need to do whatever I want. I am blessed!”

My reader Blake Ibanez told me something truly amazing about the recent crash. He said...

“The best part is even though my portfolio dropped 35%, I lost no income, so my lifestyle did not change.”

Someone in Blake’s situation doesn’t fear ANY bear market.

With my help, Blake will be able to outlast any FUTURE downturns as well.

Stories like these are why I’m so confident The Oxford Income Letter can help you take your wealth to the next level.

In fact, I’ve put together three more resources to help you maximize your income.

First Added Bonus Today: “How to Claim Up to an Extra $130,000 in Social Security”(Value: $99)

The first is “How to Claim Up to an Extra $130,000 in Social Security.”

This report distills all the information you need in order to MAXIMIZE your Social Security payouts over the lifetime of your benefits.

(Please note, this message is NOT approved, endorsed, or authorized by the Social Security Administration. All information regarding Social Security discussed or mentioned here is available for free from the Social Security Administration.)

The problem is, there are 2,700 different rules governing Social Security!

And you have as many as 567 filing options. It’s nearly impossible to pick the one that will maximize your payouts – unless you have help.

That’s why I wrote this report. It covers EVERYTHING you need to know in a matter of a few pages. It Includes...

  • A simple way to triple a portion of your Social Security income based on your spouse
  • Five mistakes to AVOID when filing for Social Security (in total, these mistakes could cost you more than $130,000 in lifetime benefits)
  • How to collect more than $3,500 every month – 2.5 times more than the national average – for the rest of your life if you haven’t started collecting your benefits yet
  • How to use the “Viagra Benefit” to increase your family’s Social Security payments by 50% if your children aren’t adults yet
  • And MUCH more…

 Because YOU deserve to collect everything you’re owed after a lifetime of hard work in this country.

My second bonus is a report on a little-known type of income I call “Extreme Dividends.”

Second Added Bonus Today: “Extreme Dividends: How to Achieve 100% Income Yields on Your Savings” (Value: $99)

Extreme dividends are rare but incredible.

They require finding companies that grow their dividends so high and so fast, they end up paying you more than 100% of your initial investment every year.

So for example, if you put down $5,000... you get paid $5,000 or more just in dividends each year.

Sometimes it’s even more.

In the case of Novation Companies, within just five years, $5,000 invested paid out a staggering $75,340 in dividends annually.

Of course, that’s one of the best examples I found looking back, but most folks don’t know this is possible at all. They’re used to being wowed by a 5% yield.

But in my report “Extreme Dividends: How to Achieve 100% Income Yields on Your Savings,” I’ll show you exactly how it’s possible... and provide the details on three stocks that could pay out extreme dividends if you get in today.

And I have one more bonus to add if you’re looking for the be-all, end-all of retirement tips.

Third Added Bonus Today: “101 Ways to Grow and Protect Your Retirement Savings” (Value: $129)

It’s called “101 Ways to Grow and Protect Your Retirement Savings.”

This 159-page e-book is filled to the brim with retirement income secrets I’ve uncovered in my nearly 25 years in the markets.

On Page 5, you’ll learn how to become a 401(k) millionaire over a 40-year career on a $35K-per-year salary...

On Page 109, you’ll discover an unusual “side gig” that could pay you for watching your favorite TV shows, a perfect income generator for a post-corona world...

On Page 141, I’ll show you how to take all-expenses-paid cruises around the world for FREE...

On Page 78, you’ll see how to get prescriptions at up to 98.9% off...

And much, MUCH more.

All in all, you’ll get 101 tips just like these in my book.

Join a Prestigious Group of Dedicated Financial Freedom Seekers

So just to recap, this is EVERYTHING you’ll get when you take a risk-free trial subscription to The Oxford Income Letter today...

  • 12 months of The Oxford Income Letter
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  • Special Added Bonus #1: “How to Claim Up to an Extra $130,000 in Social Security”
  • Special Added Bonus No. 2: “Extreme Dividends: How to Achieve 100% Income Yields on Your Savings”
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The value of all the bonuses here comes to a staggering $1,662.

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Mort Davidson said...

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I just might take you up on that, Paul.

My readers can achieve this kind of income because I’m ALWAYS sending them new opportunities – like the Great 2020 Real Estate Redo I’ve been talking about today.

I cannot stress this enough...

If you missed out on the huge real estate profits in 2009, this is your one chance at a redo.

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Before you click that button, though... let me tell you just one more story to show you the true power of my income system.

$2.4 MILLION With MY Wealth System

Kevin Hannigan, whom I mentioned earlier, is from Massachusetts. He’s a longtime subscriber of mine.

His story is something I wish upon every single person, including you.

Here’s what he had to say.

“Marc, at the end of 2008, I had $381,000 in my investment account. Shortly thereafter, I began using the ideas put forth in The Oxford Income Letter as my go-to strategy.

At the end of 2017, my investment account totaled in excess of $2.7 million.

Thanks for all the insights, and especially for the financial freedom to retire on my terms.”

Stories like these mean the WORLD to me. They’re why I get out of bed in the morning.

Kevin became a multimillionaire in just nine years. And he started right at the bottom of the last crash...

It’s just like what YOU have the chance to do RIGHT NOW. I put together this presentation because we can aim for the kind of results Kevin experienced once again.

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Thank you for your time. I sincerely appreciate you hearing me out today.

I’ll see you on the inside.

Marc Lichtenfeld

Editor,The Oxford Income Letter
Chief Income Strategist, The Oxford Club
August 2020


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