Extraordinary Way to Turn Modest Stake Into $2.6 Million or More



GEORGE: Hi, I’m George Rayburn, Executive Vice President of The Oxford Club...

Welcome to a special event with our No. 1 fast-money expert Matthew Carr...

He’s revealing a new discovery... one that could hand you thousands of dollars – per trade – no matter what happens in the markets.

It all has to do with this screen behind me.

You are one of the very FIRST people to see this.


Matthew’s NEVER revealed this strategy... UNTIL RIGHT NOW.

I don’t know if the folks at home realize this, but Matthew’s behind many of the biggest gains in Oxford Club history.

He identified Tilray before its 1,000% launch from IPO.

He locked in a 1,034% gain on L Brands. 1,888% on Boston Beer. 2,733% on Columbia Sportswear.

He’s helped our Members make LIFE-CHANGING MONEY from the marijuana stock boom.

Like Henry Martin – who made more than $800,000 thanks to just four of Matthew’s recommendations.

But today, Matthew, you’re going to show us something you say could blow your past records out of the water?

MATTHEW: That’s right, George.

Today, I’m going to reveal how you could make $5,000... $10,000... even $30,000 on every single trade.

And you’ll NEVER need to look at a stock chart again.

GEORGE: Why’s that?

MATTHEW: Because when you look at a normal chart, you’re looking at OLD news. Prices that have already happened. Meaning they’re useless to help you make money.

You can’t look at these kinds of charts alone and expect to make money.

But... this screen here...

GEORGE: Now, Matthew... what is this measuring? It looks like the gauges I see when I fill up my tires with air.

MATTHEW: Exactly right, George.

It’s a visual representation of my proprietary quant-trading algorithm.

I actually discovered this secret during an intensive Harvard computer science course.

Now, Harvard has one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers... It’s housed in a 10,000-square-foot facility... connected to hundreds of miles’ worth of data centers... It takes more than a megawatt of power to run it, enough to run your house for a week.

That’s more than 1 million watts of power. It may be the single most powerful computer in the nation.

My algorithm uses similar analytical power... It’s connected to a raw database that tracks 88,000 stocks in more than 100 countries...

And it crunches all that raw data to spot one single hidden force behind many massive stock jumps.

In real time.

Now, I know that sounds complicated.

GEORGE: Oh, you think? 

MATTHEW: But you were DEFINITELY on to something George – if you can read a tire pressure gauge, you can easily use “Pressure Points” to make a TON of money.

Take a look...

Here’s the normal chart for one of my favorite stocks, Canopy Growth.

This is the REGULAR stock chart.

This is what most people see. Not a lot of information there.

Now here’s the Pressure Point I’m talking about... one that’s directly connected to my algorithm.

You see that HUGE movement on the gauge? It gauges what happens behind the stock chart... the upward pressure on stock’s price. You could have watched as the pressure rose.

GEORGE: OK, I’ve never seen anything like this.

MATTHEW: Most people haven’t – until now.

Because this shows the hidden pressure placed on Canopy Growth.

You could have seen the Pressure Point hitting right here... and check out the gauge. It rose with it.

This shows you the EXACT point the pressure began to build – the Pressure Point.

Now, let’s expand our chart and see what happened to the stock afterward:

As you can see, AFTER the Pressure Point...

The price blasts higher as pressure rises...

Until it reaches MAXIMUM pressure.

And you could’ve snatched $9,400 in ONE MONTH!

That’s nothing, though. I’ve shown my readers even BIGGER profits than that before today’s discovery with some of my other research...

John Fellows made $18K.

Ryan Bowers made $74,850.

Look, if you can pump up a bicycle tire... you can EASILY read these Pressure Points for a chance at gains like these.

And the opportunities with this system come incredibly fast.

Like Vaxart...

Pressure Point... and a 118% gain in 15 DAYS.

Or GrowLife...

Pressure Point... and it shot up 195% in 24 days.

And Long Blockchain...

Pressure Point... then it jumped 307% in just 10 days!

When you invest with this strategy, it’s like shaking a champagne bottle... once the pressure is built up, you know it’ll blast off into the air!

It’s so simple to snatch big paydays like these... if you know how to spot what I call Pressure Points.

Look, I’ve done an in-depth, FIVE-YEAR historical analysis on ALL the top-performing plays I am showing you today.

And once I discovered the potential of Pressure Points, I knew I had to share it with my readers, so I launched a brand-new research service around this strategy.

GEORGE: OK, Are you seeing a lot of them right now? Even in a market like this one where investors are having trouble getting returns?

Where the markets can lose 700 points in a day as we saw in August?

MATTHEW: George, I’m finding Pressure Point opportunities nonstop every time I scan the markets.

Even on days the ENTIRE market sells off as I’ll show you in a moment.

A lot of people are having a hard time even thinking about trading stocks right now.

I want to change that.

My extensive, no-holds-barred analysis shows that the system could have helped me find 476 Pressure Point trades over the last FIVE YEARS.

By simply buying a stock when you see a Pressure Point... then selling when it hits MAXIMUM pressure...

My back tests show you could’ve AVERAGED a 237% gain.

That includes losers, George. NO cherry-picking.

GEORGE: Are you serious? I can’t think of a single strategy capable of that.

MATTHEW: I’m dead serious.

More importantly, my test data shows you could've had the opportunity to take part in many exceptional stock gains, like:

  • 277% on Prime Global Capital Group
  • 277% on Aly Energy Services
  • 395% on Wohne High-Tech International
  • 685% on Nocopi Technologies
  • And 890% on CoroWare.

That’s more than 2,500% in returns... from just FIVE Pressure Points.

GEORGE: Almost leaves you a little speechless!

MATTHEW: You bet.

Which is why I'm so excited to be going public with my findings today.

I'm going to explain what these Pressure Points are...

And how to find when they appear in stocks...

And how easy it is to trade them.

Look, for people who know how this works, making money is as easy as a few clicks of a button...

And my goal is to show our viewers how to make $5,000... $10,000... even $30,000 every single time they press buy.

The great part is these Pressure Points never stop.

Pressure Points NEVER Stop

Just look at some of the fast-cash payouts you could’ve snatched using this system:

GEORGE: Matthew, many of those are within days!

Heck, the last example was a 242% gain...

And it would’ve taken only 11 days.

MATTHEW: It’s amazing, George. As I said, I found 476 trades... averaging a 237% gain.

This is NOT cherry-picking. These results include ALL the trades we uncovered.

Starting with a tiny $5,000 portfolio in 2015, you could’ve made a staggering $2.6 MILLION by simply trading these Pressure Points.

Now look, there are always risks in the market - it’s part of the game.

But my Pressure Point strategy gives you such a massive advantage... it almost feels unfair competing with folks who don’t know about it.

And what’s even crazier is that these are REGULAR stock gains.

All you need to do is follow these Pressure Points... press a few buttons, relax, and watch the opportunities roll in.

GEORGE: That’s a boatload of money, Matthew.

Are you going to show our viewers exactly how they could grab profits like these for themselves?


I’m putting the massive trading power of Pressure Points in the hands of ordinary folks.

As I’ve said, all you need to do is spot the first Pressure Point...

Which, as you mentioned, is as simple as watching the gauge like you may have seen before.

You can ride the wave as pressure builds...

And snatch profits when it hits MAXIMUM pressure.

It's that simple.

Look at this stock...


The Pressure Point would’ve hit on December 4.

See it there?

GEORGE: I mean.... I see a line you’ve highlighted here... but I’m no expert. Can you show me the Pressure Point gauge again?

MATTHEW: Absolutely. As you can see, the needle started to move!

This indicates the underlying pressure was FORCING the stock to rocket higher.

Then, on February 4, it hit MAXIMUM pressure.

And you could’ve snatched up a $14,066 gain, TRIPLING our $5,000 goal in just THREE months!

Here’s another...

Look at Corvus Pharmaceuticals – ticker CRVS.

Corvus is a company that creates precise treatments for hard-to-cure cancers. The technology it creates is amazing – this is really space age stuff.

It’s developed a revolutionary treatment that directly targets cancer cells and unleashes the body’s natural cancer-killing response.

Now take look at the stock chart...

Do you see the Pressure Point on December 17, 2018?

GEORGE: Yes, it’s when the Pressure Point gauge hits green right there. 

MATTHEW: Perfect. You got it!

GEORGE: See? And they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

MATTHEW: I want everyone watching at home right now to look where George is pointing.

99.9% of regular investors would’ve missed this buying opportunity.

But... if you knew about this amazing indicator...

You could have made a massive profit.

After the Pressure Point, the stock price immediately jumped.

And once it hit MAXIMUM pressure...

You could have snatched a $9,237 win.

GEORGE: So here’s what I take away from these examples you’ve pulled from the market... and feel free to stop me if I’m not getting it...

But it seems like all you have to do is...

  1. Watch for Pressure Points...
  1. Then snatch up profits when it hits MAXIMUM pressure.

Is it that simple?

Am I missing anything?

MATTHEW: It really is that easy, George.

When you spot these Pressure Points, you can snatch profits almost immediately. Sometimes in a single day as you mentioned earlier.

I want to show people watching today how they could use Pressure Points to bank $5,000... $10,000... even $30,000 on every trade...

GEORGE: $30K on every trade? You show our readers how to do that and they could move up their retirement timelines by YEARS.

Heck, I just might start trading these to boost my own savings!

MATTHEW: That’s what my goal is, but you DON’T want to bet the farm on these trades. Only put in as much as you can afford to lose.

And of course, gains will vary depending on how much you invest.

One of the best parts of my strategy is that you can risk a tiny amount and see a HUGE upside, as I’ll show you in a moment.

I’ve made it so ANYBODY... no matter their net worth or trading experience... can take advantage of this.

All you need to do is buy at the Pressure Point...

And sell when you hit MAXIMUM pressure.

$1,000 per Day!

Like here, with Durect, a small tech company that has got a huge $200 million exclusive deal with Gilead Sciences.

And if you were watching the regular stock chart at the time, you NEVER could have seen the spot when it’d turn around.

But here’s the Pressure Point screen... 

MATTHEW: With it, I think you might be ready to start trading!

And see how the price spiked right AFTER it took place?

It hit MAXIMUM pressure in six days!

And you could have snatched an easy $6,226 in pure profit.

GEORGE: Six days! You’re saying that a regular stock could have handed me about $1,000 per day with one trade?

MATTHEW: At the very least, George! The profits can be even higher.

GEORGE: Well you know what I’m going to say next, Matthew...

Prove it.

To me and everyone watching.

MATTHEW: OK, let's look at another big example, Health Insurance Innovations. Forbes recently listed this company as No. 1 of the top 100 fastest-growing companies in 2018.

But with Pressure Points, you could’ve found it BEFORE Forbes picked it up.

You can see the Pressure Point would’ve appeared on September 28.

And once you hit MAXIMUM pressure, you could have snatched $9,475!

GEORGE: So, Matthew, you’ve said this a couple of times... but I want to make sure we get this straight.

All of these are regular stock gains? Trades you can make in a normal brokerage account?

MATTHEW: You’re always skeptical, George. I think I know why they picked you to host this!

Nothing gets by you!

So let me make this very clear:

All of the examples I’ve shown you so far are regular stock gains. Which shows you just how powerful Pressure Points truly are.

GEORGE: OK, just making sure!

And this isn’t a once-a-month phenomenon, right? These are happening all the time?

MATTHEW: Absolutely. There are hundreds of these Pressure Points happening in the market at any given moment.

I simply try to identify the biggest potential winners.

GEORGE: OK, so what about in a down market?

MATTHEW: Actually, you can find EVEN MORE Pressure Points in a down market!

Meaning while everyone else panics...

You can make BIGGER money.

Here’s one for Uxin, a company that’s the Amazon of online car buying. People are buying more and more cars from this website than almost any other on the internet. But most U.S. investors have never heard of it because it’s based in Asia.

Now, do you remember December last year, George?

GEORGE: Hoo, boy... I think everyone does. I remember reading the news one morning, and they said it was the WORST MONTH since the Great Depression.

It was awful.

MATTHEW: For regular investors, it sure was.

But you could’ve seen the Pressure Point hit right here...

December 4, 2018.

The $3 stock IMMEDIATELY jumped.


Once it hit MAXIMUM pressure at $10...

You could’ve snatched a $23K payout.

That’s a 237% GAIN in 15 days!

And this was in December 2018... when the markets tanked! And everyone was getting a lump of coal in their portfolio!

The fact is, no matter what’s going on with the market, the economy, the Fed...

GEORGE: You’re saying it doesn’t matter what’s going on in the stock market?


Take August 2019.

Wall Street lost its mind over tariffs!

One day, the Dow dropped 760 points.

But look at Arcadia Biosciences.... it had a big Pressure Point on August 1, when the stock traded for $2.


Once you hit MAXIMUM pressure at $7...

You could’ve snatched a $24,200 payout.

That’s a 242% GAIN in 11 days... while the market tanked!

All you had to do was spot the Pressure Point.

And snatch your profits at MAXIMUM pressure.

This is just the start.

With the opportunities that I’m seeing from my extensive back-testing analysis...

I believe folks could turn a modest stake into $2.7 million.

I’m going to show you exactly how in a minute... because there’s a special way I haven’t revealed to make EVEN bigger gains using Pressure Points.

GEORGE: You’re talking gains of more than $2 million???

That’s got to be one of the most extraordinary promises I’ve ever heard. Even for a guy like you who handed someone $800K from just four stocks.

MATTHEW: I know... that sounds like a LOT of money. It takes truly insane, once-in-a-lifetime trades to deliver that kind of result...

But in a moment, I’ll show you how it’s possible.

On just seven of these very special trades.

The fact is...

This is the biggest discovery of my career.

When I say it's possible for ANYONE to make this kind of a money, I mean it.

GEORGE: Is it possible to make truly life-changing money like this, Matthew?

I mean, $2.7 million would change many of our readers' lives.

They could take care of several generations of their family.

Add a wing to their local church. Donate to cancer foundations.

And still have enough left over to live the good life.

MATTHEW: You’re absolutely right, George.

Imagine... just a fraction of that $2.7 million would give many people total freedomTotal financial independence.

No more waking up at night stressed about money.

No more worrying about the future.

No more slavery to the system!

I’ve experienced this for myself. 

And I’ve helped other folks make a LOT of money...

In fact... you told me you read some of my reviews from real people online?

GEORGE: I did – I always look up reviews before I do anything.

And I’m surprised by the kind of success you’ve helped our readers achieve so quickly....

Here, I printed out a few reviews from your other research services.

Hold on, let me get my glasses... 

A barbecue restaurant owner in Sebastian, Florida, made $72,651 from your research.

Another guy said he made $74,815 on Canopy Growth stock.

And yet another gentleman, Jim in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, banked nearly $256,000!

Oh, here’s the one who made close to a million dollars.

And then... wow, this one is incredible.

You helped one gentleman make $240,000 in ONE DAY?

Now that’s wild...

What’s your secret, Matthew?

MATTHEW: First off, it truly is wonderful hearing from all the people who’ve made money from these recommendations.

And to answer your question, my secret boils down to this.

Plain hard work.

I learned this very early on in my life.

GEORGE: Yes, a lot of people don’t know this about you... but you grew up in a very poor family in West Virginia.

Now you’re a millionaire...

You live a life of 100% financial freedom.

How did you do that?

MATTHEW: George, I’m living proof anything is possible...

My drive and work ethic came from my upbringing.

If you grew up poor, you worked.

You mowed lawns, pulled weeds, delivered newspapers, handed out flyers, washed dishes, waited tables...

So very early on, when I got a shot, I knew for sure I was going to work harder than anyone to make it count.

When I was very young, I took a Greyhound to Washington, D.C., with about $0.50 in my pocket. And that was where I got my chance.

My big break happened when a company in the commodities markets gave me a shot.

The company was in D.C. - just blocks from the White House.

And I went up to the company's headquarters and said I’d work for next to nothing just to get a chance.

I started at the very bottom – as a market researcher.

But those years changed my life. Shaped how I look at data and price movements.

The guys I worked for were brilliant investors. They taught me the ins and outs of the commodities markets, uranium, international trade, investing, how to analyze the markets, how to view volatility and, most importantly, how to predict price surges.

In fact, it was at that time that I started to learn about Pressure Points.

You see, the commodities markets go through ups and downs more than almost any other markets.

They sometimes experience extreme upside pressure and then completely collapse.

All of our viewers have seen that.

And after my time there, I realized I could apply these principles to the regular markets – just like the Pressure Points I’ve shown our audience today.

It's been almost 20 years since I got my start. But what my original mentors showed me helped me become a millionaire trading stocks. 

That's what I think about most often. Not my upbringing. Not the struggles. But that this group of the smartest guys I ever met shared their knowledge with me, and it changed my entire world.

And that’s why I’m telling people about my techniques today.

To pass along that knowledge.

My goal is to help people change the course of their lives. 

I’ve personally made a small fortune trading stocks... if I can do it coming from my background, well anybody can.

No excuses.

That’s why I’m here today.

To help YOU gain complete financial freedom with my new discovery.

And with Pressure Points happening ALL the time... you could have the chance to snatch $5,000... $15,000... even $30,000 per trade.

GEORGE: Now, Matthew, let me interrupt you for a second...

What I really want to hear is WHY Pressure Points work.

In my 20 years in the business, I’ve never heard anything about pressure in stocks.

MATTHEW: Sure, George.

You know there are hundreds of technical and fundamental metrics you can apply to stocks?


MATTHEW: Price-to-earnings. Moving average. Momentum oscillator. Earnings growth. The list goes on and on and on.

But there’s one big problem with them ALL.

GEORGE:And that is?

MATTHEW: They use PAST information.

Price-to-liquidity? That’s four-month-old data!

Momentum? That means the stock is already making news.

What you’re looking at today is one of the ONLY indicators I’ve seen that tells you what’s happening RIGHT NOW.

It measures when a stock is at its maximum profit potential... the exact moment when traders put HUGE pressure on the price... meaning you can put down a little and potentially walk away with a LOT.

GEORGE: So what you're telling me, Matthew, is – out of all the stocks in the market – you know which ones are poised to rise?

MATTHEW: The best way to explain is to show you...

Here... look at this stock, Axsome Therapeutics.

It’s a small biotech, but it does amazing work. The company creates new treatments for diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Already it has 145 patents and millions in cash investments from Silicon Valley.

Let’s say you bought this stock right after it announced the FDA was fast-tracking its Alzheimer’s disease treatment.

GEORGE: That’s a huge announcement. I’d say a stock would fly up after that!

MATTHEW: You’re not the only one...

That’s because most investors use information that everyone already knows.

And sure, you would’ve seen short a bump... for a gain of 31%.

GEORGE: Hey, 31% isn’t so bad.

MATTHEW: No, but it’s not good enough for my readers.

We don’t settle for average, middling returns.

Now, let’s see what was going on at the time... and why the stock didn’t go up much.

Using the Pressure Point gauge...

As you can see, that was actually a bad time to buy!

No underlying pressure AT ALL.

GEORGE: Yeah... the needle isn’t moving, that’s for sure!

MATTHEW: Now... let’s see when the perfect time would have been.

See here?

All you had to do was wait until you saw the Pressure Point...

Then once it hit MAXIMUM pressure, snatch profits of 347%!

Would you rather make 30%?

Or more than 300%?

It’s an easy choice!

GEORGE: And this is just the stock?

MATTHEW: This is regular stock shares that went up 347% in two months.

No special training or brokerage account needed.

No options or any leverage.

And it’s a pattern you’ll see repeated over and over as I’ve discovered in my intensive testing.

GEORGE: Now, Matthew, I just want to be 100% sure...

Because this market scares the hell out of our Members.

You’re saying this is NOT buying dips?

You’re not dumpster diving hoping these stocks will go up, right?

MATTHEW: No, simply buying a stock that’s down is like throwing darts at a board.

We never do that.

Take a look.

Here’s the stock chart for Proteostasis Therapeutics – ticker symbol PTI.

There’s NO pressure to push that stock higher.

The stock isn’t dropping in this case.

It’s just sitting there... flat... doing nothing.



Right here. 

GEORGE: OK. Let’s see what happens next...

MATTHEW: The stock went from $1.70 to $10.30!

A 499% gain.

It was the PERFECT time to buy this breakout stock.

If you had bought it any earlier, you’d have waited around for months and gotten NOWHERE.

The only thing that matters is the pressure.

You just wait to see the PRESSURE POINT.

Then snatch profits once it hits MAXIMUM pressure.

That gives everyday investors an incredible advantage.

They get in at the BEST price. Then enjoy a fast profit when the stock surges higher.

You can make a lot of money faster than you ever imagined simply by getting in BEFORE the stock price inevitably shoots higher.

Find Tomorrow’s Biggest Winners... TODAY

GEORGE: OK, Matthew... no more beating around the bush.

I want you to spill the details on the next stocks with a Pressure Point.

MATTHEW: Right now my system is targeting three companies that are getting close to Pressure Points.

  • This is the chart for a tech company that’s quickly becoming the PayPal of the healthcare industry. As you can see, it JUST hit its Pressure Point... and I’m forecasting a huge move in the coming days.
  • Here’s a company I’m really excited about. This company has developed an odorless, tasteless cannabis product that’s perfect for beverages. I recently interviewed the CEO, and he revealed that it’s planning on releasing a product at a lower price than beer. This is big news... I’ve been following this company for years, and it’s finally hit a Pressure Point... so now’s the perfect time to get in.
  • And look here... This is a cybersecurity company that’s taking off like a rocket. Revenue surged 162% to $45.9 million this year. That’s rarely seen. I’m looking at a huge Pressure Point building... and when you combine that with record-breaking growth, your stock surge could be outstanding.

The third has a HUGE Pressure Point building up here.

GEORGE: And you think these could take off any day?

MATTHEW: They could hit their Pressure Point in HOURS, George.

And it could pay off big-time.

Look, as I said, I think my readers could cash in at least $5,000 from each of these plays.

But that’s the low end.

I want my readers to be able to make FAR more money like I have already done for many other readers in the past.

Like Tim Spence, who made $15,000 on one trade... then made $10,000 on another right after!

Another, Jonathan Andros, made $54,900!

And Jim Brown recently made more than $300,000 thanks to a single play! He says he’s “in love with the picks.”

I believe my readers will have EVEN BIGGER profits with Pressure Points...

Because once you learn about Pressure Points, you can play them over and over again for potentially huge gains.

Because I'm confident that you'll be able to use this same Pressure Point gauge to:

Buy stocks only at their HIGHEST PROFIT POTENTIAL!

GEORGE: Can you explain that to our viewers? What do you mean by highest profit potential?

MATTHEW: It’s all thanks to the laws of physics.

GEORGE: Physics! I remember that class. Lieutenant Albright was my teacher.

MATTHEW: You’ll understand this.

GEORGE: OK, fine, go on then...

MATTHEW: I’ll make this very simple to understand...

Imagine you're filling up a flat tire.

The instant you start filling it up with air, the tire immediately rises...

And rises.

The gauge goes with it.


No more air can get in.

The best part is, you know EXACTLY when this happens.

Because you can measure it!

You know EXACTLY when you hit MAXIMUM pressure.

The same thing applies to stocks.

Take a look at this chart for a small company called Cannabics Pharmaceuticals – ticker symbol CNBX.

This company is amazing.

It combines two of the biggest trends in the market today: marijuana and artificial intelligence.

GEORGE: Pot and AI? How the heck does it do that?

MATTHEW: It’s pretty cool actually...

It uses AI to create custom cannabinoid treatments for cancer patients.

Its headquarters are right here in Maryland. But its research center is in Israel, where it has a license from the government to study marijuana and cancer. 

Here’s its stock chart.

You can see, for months, nothing really happened.

That’s because there was NO PRESSURE building up.

Then, on October 26, 2017, you can clearly see it hit its Pressure Point.

That Pressure Point is like the moment you start filling up a tire with air.

The pressure increases...

And the stock can go only one direction.

GEORGE: Straight up.

MATTHEW: Exactly, over the next three months, that pressure pushed Cannabics higher and higher...

Until it hit MAXIMUM pressure on January 3, 2018.

And just like a tire gauge hitting maximum pressure, you KNEW it couldn’t go any higher. It hit its limit.

That’s when you sell – when the pressure peaks and begins to release.

In this case, you could’ve made a $32,400 gain in three months.

Now look what happened after it hit MAXIMUM pressure...

GEORGE: It deflated back down...

MATTHEW: Exactly!

GEORGE: And you just follow the Pressure Point gauge? That’s it?

MATTHEW: That’s it.

All you had to do was buy shares at the Pressure Point – when Cannabics began to build pressure.

And sell when it hit MAXIMUM pressure.

Here’s another perfect example...

This time in INVO Bioscience.

On February 5, 2018, it hit its Pressure Point.

And just like a tire being filled up with air...

The pressure builds.

And the stock can do only one thing...

GEORGE: Go straight up.

MATTHEW: Right again.

Then, after jumping 566%...

It hit MAXIMUM pressure on March 26, 2018.

And you could’ve snatched $56,560.

Look at Bitcoin Services.

December 22, 2016 – the Pressure Point appears.

Meaning huge pressure was building in the stock.

Then it hit MAXIMUM pressure on February 23, 2017 – after the stock had risen 1,091%.

And you could’ve snatched a staggering $109,000 on a $10,000 investment

It’s just like the laws of physics.

When pressure builds a move is predictable and, most importantly, measurable.

GEORGE: So when pressure builds up in a stock, the stock MUST make a move?

MATTHEW: Yes. Now, I’m not saying the stock will rise every single time we see this indicator.

But I do believe this indicator shows you the IDEAL time to invest for your shot at huge gains.

GEORGE: All right, so now, Matthew, can you show us how you calculate this pressure?

MATTHEW: Absolutely.

The success of Pressure Points all comes down to this simple computer code...

Now, I don’t expect anyone other than a few computer science grads to really understand this code.

All you need to know is this:

When you apply this equation to a stock, it creates a gauge between zero and 100, which you’ve seen on every example today.

When the gauge hits 60, that’s the Pressure Point.

When it reaches 100, that’s when it's hit MAXIMUM pressure.

Now, most people could plug this into their normal computer and nothing would happen.

The amount of data to construct these Pressure Point gauges is IMMENSE.

I created a proprietary data analysis program...

Which I hook up to one of the world’s largest databases. This database runs thousands of calculations on nearly every stock in the market.

It would probably cause the power to go out in your home if you tried to use this data.

That’s how powerful it is.

But if you have the equipment to use it at full power, it can tell you EXACTLY when these Pressure Points hit.

Just like you see here.

I use the Pressure Point to research and show you a window for when you should enter a particular trade.

GEORGE: For instance?


Take a look at this chart for Aly Energy Services.

On December 5, the Pressure Point gauge hit 60. The Pressure Point.

Pressure IMMEDIATELY went up... and so did the stock’s price.

Then, on May 15, it hit 100.

MAXIMUM pressure.

And you could’ve sold that day for a 2,273% gain in six months!

GEORGE: 2,273% on a regular stock? You’ve got to be joking!

MATTHEW: I’m not, George!

Of course, you have to time it perfectly to make these sorts of gains.

That’s what makes my Pressure Point system so powerful.

It indicates EXACTLY when to buy.

And EXACTLY when to sell.

There’s no guesswork.

Let me show you how accurate it is...

Here’s the chart for a company called Xtera Communications – ticker symbol XCOMQ.

Xtera is a small company in the subsea fiber optics sector.

Look at what happened in the stock in 2017.

It flatlined for months.

NOBODY wanted to touch the stock.

GEORGE: I mean, running cables across the ocean does sound kind of crazy.

MATTHEW: It does, George. You know I’m not going to argue with that.

But that’s the thing about Pressure Points.

They guide you to unusual stocks the mainstream public would NEVER know to look at.

In this case, there was a clear Pressure Point on May 22, 2017.

That day, you could’ve bought 10,000 shares for, get this, just $30.

GEORGE: Wait a second... all 10,000 shares... for $30! It’s that cheap?

MATTHEW: It was that cheap.

But look what happened after the Pressure Point...

The Pentagon hired this TINY company to run its underwater fiber optic cable from Cuba to Miami.

Price tag? $43 million.

The stock went haywire.

Then, on August 24, it hit its MAXIMUM pressure.

And you could’ve sold for a 2,385% gain in four months!

GEORGE: And that’s at its peak... the day it topped out?

MATTHEW: That. Very. Day.

That’s what makes this system so unbelievably accurate.

There’s no guesswork...

You NEVER have to worry that you sold too soon.

Or that you held on for too long.

Because you ALWAYS sell at MAXIMUM PRESSURE.

Like in Ethema Health – ticker GRST.

Ethema took a big hit back in 2015 – crashing to only 1 cent per share.

But look at November 23, 2015.

A Pressure Point.

And over the next month, the stock shot up.

Then, on December 29, it hit MAXIMUM pressure.

And you could’ve sold for a 1,045% gain in just 36 DAYS.

GEORGE: So if I put $5,000 in, I’m walking away with $52,000?

With money like that I could pay off my mortgage...

Help out a few members of my family...

I’m sure folks watching at home could easily imagine what they’d do with an extra 50 grand if they had it.

Now, let’s get real for a second, Matthew...

I’m just going to say what everyone at home is thinking:

How can you be so sure this success will continue? How do you know with certainty that a stock will rise after a Pressure Point? It seems like such a simple concept.

And this market is FAR from simple.

MATTHEW: Look, I get it.

This market is volatile right now, and past performance is no guarantee of future success.

But using extensive testing covering the past five years – in up and down markets – I’ve found 476 Pressure Point trades just like this.

That’s about eight Pressure Point trades that would’ve appeared every single month.

You could've averaged a 237% gain.

All you had to do was..

  1. Buy your shares when you saw the Pressure Point...
  1. Sell when the stock hit MAXIMUM pressure.
  1. Snatch your profits.

GEORGE: And how long would you hold them?

MATTHEW: It wouldn’t take you long... around two to four months.

But some happen MUCH faster.

Like this 298% windfall in 16 DAYS on One Horizon Group

And a 327% winner in 45 DAYS on TMSR Holding.

A 118% gain on Vaxart in 15 DAYS.

A 120% winner on SemiLEDS in NINE DAYS!

A 177% gain on Praetorian Property in 13 days.

And a 307% gain on Long Blockchain in just 10 days...

That’s what I love about Pressure Points...

It doesn’t matter whether the markets are going down or up... bull or bear... every time a Pressure Point shows up, you KNOW that the stock is being pushed higher.

And you know exactly when you hit MAXIMUM pressure.

GEORGE: Matthew, you said that the trades you could have found averaged a 237% gain... but some of these are less than that.

What’s happening here?

MATTHEW: George, I’d love to show my readers a 200% gain on every trade, but that’s just not realistic.

The fact is, sometimes these trades will bring in more, sometimes less.

But no matter what, I’m ALWAYS going to recommend selling at the MAXIMUM Pressure Point...

Look at My Size, which hit a Pressure Point on February 9, 2017...

It hit MAXIMUM pressure just four days later for a 185% gain!

I hate that it wouldn’t have tripled your money...

But hey, I’d take the 185% gain every single day!

I’ve never had anyone complain to me that we made only 100%... rather than 300%.

So yes, sometimes we take lower gains.

Like in Odyssey Marine Exploration...

December 6, 2016, a Pressure Point...

Then a 60% gain once it hit MAXIMUM pressure.

Again, not 237%, but we’ll take it!

Or look at U.S. Stem Cell...

On July 31, 2018 – the Pressure Point hit.

Then a quick 83% in eight days!

GrowLife, a fast-growing marijuana company...

The Pressure Point hit... and it shot up 195% in 24 days.


The Pressure Point showed up when the stock was trading for only $0.53 a share.

It shot up 296% in 57 days.

GEORGE: Now that definitely meets your goal!

I think when people start getting upset about making ONLY 100% or 200%... they might want to take a good hard look in the mirror.

Now, Matthew, I noticed a lot of these are cheaper stocks. Is that on purpose?


Actually, most of the stocks I’ve shown you today trade for under $5.

That’s because I want to make sure ANYBODY can access these trades.

Look, when I started out, I had almost NO money.

I couldn’t have bought Amazon for more than $1,000 a share.

No way!

And I know a lot of people just aren’t interested in buying two to three shares at a time and tying up a TON of money like that.

That’s why I’m targeting stocks that trade for under $5.

So anyone – I mean anyone – can access these trades.

GEORGE: And folks, that’s why we have a very big announcement to make.

Matthew agreed to launch an exciting research service.

Matthew will show his select group of Trailblazers how to trade Pressure Points.

He’s calling this service Trailblazer Pro.

MATTHEW: And, George...

My goal is to show ordinary folks the absolute BEST way to build wealth fast...

To show people how they could collect $5,000... $15,000... even $30,000 every single time a Pressure Point occurs.

You're going to get the chance to make money in a way NOBODY else knows how to... blazing a new trail.

Your friends and family will probably wonder if you've won the lottery or something!

I’ll be there guiding you and your fellow Trailblazer subscribers along the way... helping you with every step.

Think of me in the co-pilot seat with you.

As a subscriber, you'll never go it alone.

That's what Trailblazer Pro is all about.

GEORGE: Matthew, we’ve got a lot of people watching... How difficult is it to buy these? You don’t need special training to do this, correct?

MATTHEW: No. You don’t need any special training.

Even though my system is complex, my recommendations are EASY to trade.

You simply wait for my Pressure Point recommendation...

And snatch any profits when it hits MAXIMUM pressure.

But there’s one problem...

GEORGE: What’s that?

MATTHEW: We’re targeting the smallest companies in the market...

Plays that can hand you gains of 200%... 300%... even 1,000% in a matter of days...

So I’m strictly limiting the number of new subscribers to my research service through this offer.

If I had too many people piling into each opportunity, that could water down the profit potential.

At any given time, we have as many as 500,000 people reading our research.

Some of these stocks trade only 50,000 shares a day.

If we sent it out to everybody, there’s no way all our members would be able to buy enough shares to make big profits.

It’s not fair. But that’s the reality.

So we can’t let everyone in today.

In fact, I can’t even have 500... it would dilute this opportunity too much.

The number is far, far smaller than that.

I can allow only 175 Trailblazers to access my Pressure Point research and recommendations in the next 24 hours.

That’s the biggest number I can bring in and still guarantee the maximum profit opportunity.

So I’m watching the numbers come in minute by minute... and if they reach 175, I will close the offer to new subscribers immediately today.

GEORGE: Matthew, we have more than 1.1 million readers.

And when something this big comes out, we usually meet our limit quickly – sometimes in a single day.

With only 175 spots available, how are you going to decide who gets a spot?

MATTHEW: I want to keep it fair. So it’s first come, first served.

This is for serious people...Trailblazers looking to grow their wealth NOW. Not tomorrow. Not next week.

Because the sooner we get started, the sooner we can bank these Pressure Points.

And there are dozens right around the corner.

GEORGE: Now, Matthew, as you said, we have to keep our numbers very limited.

Considering this is time-sensitive, what can our viewers expect after joining Trailblazer Pro?

MATTHEW: I’m going to give Trailblazers the chance to see how to repeatedly transform a few hundred dollars into thousands – even tens of thousands of dollars – often in a single pick.

Every day of the week, my proprietary system will monitor thousands of small, fast-moving stocks.

It's going to be watching for Pressure Points.

Once a stock reaches a Pressure Point, I will analyze that data and then immediately send out a recommendation to my readers.

At that point, I'll step in and use my two decades of experience to ensure there’s maximum profit potential.

My exact parameters are strict. Extremely strict. I won’t even show them in full to anyone who is not on my research staff.

We have a three-part verification process...

The first I’ve already touched on...

  • I want these stocks to be cheap. I want stocks that have access to big markets – more than $1 billion – but that still trade for pennies on the dollar or a couple of bucks MAX!

I target ONLY stocks with the most explosive growth potential. Small caps, microcaps, stocks that will show the BIGGEST gains when a Pressure Point hits.

You can get hundreds, sometimes even thousands of shares for just a single $100 bill.

So anyone can get started – even with just $500 dollars.

  • Second, I want these stocks to show explosive revenue growth in the top of their class and asset growth growing at an astonishing rate.

They better have 20% growth in each category or I won’t even turn the page past that point.

I want the growth to be so fast that the share price can’t keep up!

  • Third, I look ONLY for stocks that have the HIGHEST risk-reward ratio. The No. 1 rule is to never lose money. So I recommend only stocks that I believe have the LEAST risk and BIGGEST upside possible. We want to make only the BEST trades... and leave the rest for the dogs.

The best part is, my system can track this in REAL TIME...

It’s the ULTIMATE advantage of my system.

Once a Pressure Point trade meets 100% of my criteria...

I'll send my analysis and specific trading instructions to our Trailblazers via email.

Now, remember, small cap stocks like this can move up the charts FAST, leaving the market in the dust.

But with that heightened volatility, it's important you don't go chasing it! Even if it keeps flying up the charts.

So stick to my instructions to ensure you stay on the right side of the trade.

GEORGE: Sounds like you’ve thought of everything.

MATTHEW: I try to make it as easy as possible, George.

And with EVERY single Pressure Point recommendation, I’ll send a movement alert email with a FULL breakdown of the opportunity. And if the opportunity is right for you, simply buy the regular stock in your brokerage account.

If you’d like, I’ll even send you a text message to let you know whenever I’ve issued a new recommendation via email.

It’ll be fun. It’ll be fast-moving. And there’s NOTHING out there like it.

When we’re ready to close out, I’ll send out a profit alert.

So every seven days on average, you’ll see the opportunity to collect AT LEAST $5,000.

Now, as I said earlier, I have a bigger goal...

And that’s showing you the opportunity to turn a small side investment into $2.7 MILLION over time.

GEORGE: Hold on, hold on! I’ve been waiting for this... How in the heck are you going to do that?

MATTHEW: Here's what could happen, George.

Readers can invest in Level 2 Pressure Point trades.... a handful of easy-to-make trades could give you the chance to turn $7,000 into $2.7 MILLION.

GEORGE: You got me there... When you say “Level 2 trades,” what do you mean?

MATTHEW: Well, up to this point, most of the examples I’ve shown you have been regular stocks.

GEORGE: Even the examples that gained more than 1,000%?

MATTHEW: Even those.

Those are what I call Level 1 trades.

Regular stocks that can hand you thousands every single time you see a Pressure Point.

But for the first time ever, I’m announcing a new type of Pressure Point plays: Level 2 trades.

These are special options trades that could turn a modest stake into $2.7 million.

Here... let me show you just how big these speculative Level 2 trades can be...

Health Insurance Innovations... up 10,300%...

PG&E... up 16,550%...

Sientra... up 17,533%...

Gridsum Holding... up 23,000%...

ChinaNet Online Holdings... up 57,200%...

Hanger... up 74,600%...

Enova International... up 79,150%...

Now, think about this...

If you’d invested JUST $1,000 into these SEVEN trades, my back-testing shows you would now have an extra $2.7 MILLION for retirement in less than five years.

GEORGE: Now, Matthew, I’ve seen some of these crazy gains... where people roll profits into more than a million dollars.

Is that what you’re doing here?

MATTHEW: No, this is NOT that.

I’m talking about seven trades... $1,000 TOTAL investment in each.

GEORGE: So you’re telling me with a small side investment, you could be sitting on $2.7 million.

Makes me want to throw a few grand into these millionaire makers!

MATTHEW: Now, George, I know you like to go all out... but I’m not asking people to risk ANY more than a small amount.

After all, this is play money. Extraordinary gains come with greater risk.

But it just goes to show you the raw power of this strategy.

GEORGE: But let me ask you this, what if your Trailblazers want to invest less than $1,000 in these Level 2 trades?

MATTHEW: No problem at all!

For example, $500 in each could’ve turned into more than $1.3 million.

As I told you earlier, I had about $0.50 in my pocket when I started... now I’m a millionaire.

Many people ask how that’s possible...

I can tell you, it’s from fast-moving, high-growth stocks just like these.

And what’s even better for my subscribers: every single one of those top-performing examples... even the rare 79,000% one... would have traded for less than $0.50!

My point is Trailblazers will have two levels to make money.

They can play one or both.

Whatever makes them feel more comfortable!

Our standard Level 1 Pressure Point stock trades that can give our members the chance to see $5,000... $15,000... even $30,000 each and every time...

PLUS the special Level 2 Pressure Point plays that could turn a small amount into millions.

GEORGE: This is an unprecedented opportunity for our viewers. It’s like getting TWO research services in one!

MATTHEW: It is, George. And these Pressure Points are NEW.

This is the FIRST TIME I’ve ever revealed this secret.

And I’ve NEVER been more confident that our new Trailblazers can become very rich this year.

As I said, our first opportunities are ready and waiting right now.

GEORGE: Matthew, you’re giving something else to our viewers, is that right?

MATTHEW: In addition, I’m going to give folks our Trailblazer Pro Quick-Start Series.

I’ve compiled EVERYTHING I’ve learned over my two-decade career.

All the mistakes to avoid...

All the best tricks to make money...

All my research on Pressure Points...

And broken it down to a fun, fast-moving five-part video series.

Folks will learn exactly how easy it can be to use Pressure Points for a shot at collecting thousands per trade.

And exactly how to trade Level 2 trades for a shot at turning a small stake into millions.

GEORGE: I love that you’re doing this for our Members, Matthew.

It’s one thing to act on your trades...

But it’s priceless to show them how they, too, can make these trades.

MATTHEW: And it gets better because in addition to the Trailblazer Pro Quick-Start Series, I’m inviting today’s 175 new members to our Trailblazer Pro summit.

This is a chance for our Trailblazers to meet in person and talk about their successes.

I’ll personally be there presenting the latest market trends and answering the most asked questions onstage.

GEORGE: That’s great, Matthew. I’ll be attending as well to ensure our new members get the very best treatment.

But I want to start that treatment NOW.

So I’ve set up a dedicated Trailblazer Pro VIP concierge service.

I’ve hired our top VIP representatives to respond and act on any questions your Trailblazers have about their subscriptions.

I want all the 175 new Trailblazer Pro members to have the top-level VIP treatment.

Folks, I hope you take Matthew up on this offer today.

Let me summarize everything you get...

  • One-year subscription to Trailblazer Pro newsletter
  • Trailblazer Pro Level 1 alerts sent weekly
  • Trailblazer Pro Level 2 recommendations
  • Trailblazer Pro weekly updates
  • Trailblazer Pro Quick-Start Series videos
  • Trailblazer Pro VIP concierge service
  • Trailblazer Pro summit
  • Special Report: “Collect Up to $30K With Three NEW Pressure Point Trades”

And keep in mind, subscribers to Trailblazer Pro will get Matthew’s incredible Level 2 trades.

Trades that could turn a small investment into $2.7 MILLION.

Plus, Matthew, you’re making it even better for these new Trailblazers?

MATTHEW: Yes, I’m willing to back up everything I’ve said with a powerful DOUBLE guarantee.

Here’s my first guarantee...

Trailblazer Pro SIX-FIGURE Guarantee:

You will see the chance to make at least SIX FIGURES over the next year per my model portfolio... or I’ll work for free.

As I’ve said, my goal is to show our readers how to make at least $5,000 on EVERY Pressure Point trade.

So let’s do some quick hypothetical math...

If you were to get a minimum of $5,000 on two trades a month... that works out to at least an extra $10,000 per month.

That’s $120,000 per year.

So here’s what I want you to do...

Mark your calendar one year from today.

I guarantee that by that date, my recommendations will show you how to make SIX FIGURES on these Pressure Point trades.

If that doesn’t happen, contact my team immediately.

I’ll give you another year on the house.

That means I’ll work for free...

My entire team will work for free...

For YOU... for an entire year.

That’s my first guarantee.

And here's my second guarantee...

Trailblazer Pro 20X Guarantee:

You’ll see the chance to make 20X your money over the next year, per my model portfolio, or I’ll work for free.

As I said, my goal is much, much bigger than getting thousands of dollars per trade.

I want my readers to have all the tools they need to become millionaires... within a year.

So I’m making this 20X guarantee.

Let me make this very clear...

I’ll give you an extra year of Trailblazer Pro on the house if my model portfolio doesn’t show you the chance to make 20X your money over the next 12 months.

But from what I’m seeing with these Pressure Points, we could hit that goal in our first THREE TRADES.

I'm completely certain this goal is highly achievable with my new cutting-edge Pressure Point strategy... and it could FAR outperform anything we've done in the past!

I showed you earlier how a single Pressure Point trade could’ve handed you a gain of 79,000%.

My guarantee is ONLY a fraction of that gain.

So it’s a very reasonable goal to hit.

Because we’ll have at least 52 chances to hit that number this year.

And when you consider our Level 2 trades...

Opportunities that could turn a small retirement portfolio into $2.7 million...

I’m confident this guarantee is EASILY achievable.

In fact, I showed you a single trade that produced 16,550% in just FOUR MONTHS.

The choice is yours...

You can make 6% to 8% – maybe – in this volatile market...

Or you can make easy Pressure Point trades that I’m guaranteeing will show you the chance to make 20X your money this year!

GEORGE: Now, folks, please understand, these are the biggest guarantees we’ve ever offered.

The only way I got them approved is because Matthew’s service is strictly limited.

As Matthew said, he’s opening Trailblazer Pro for only 175 new members for 24 hours.

First come, first served.

Now I'm sure folks are wondering how much this is going to cost...

And, Matthew, I believe with the value our Members get from you... even $25,000 would be a bargain for Trailblazer Pro.

MATTHEW: I think that’s true, George...

But I truly want to make this affordable for everyone...

Anyone who's ready to claim their shot at serious wealth.

So I can tell you now the price is NOT going to be $25,000.

And it's not going to be $10,000.

The people who act quickly will get Trailblazer Pro for the lowest price possible.

A full year of access to my Trailblazer Pro research service costs $4,000.

I realize that’s a serious price.

But as you already saw today, many of my subscribers from my services at The Oxford Club have made FAR more than that.

Like James Gallo from Las Vegas, who says...

Or Roger Birt from Mobile, Alabama. He says...

Tom Wesley from Augusta says...

And here’s a big gain from Gary D’Antoni...

Because you’re getting access to every one of my top trading secrets... and my most powerful guarantees… I can’t risk Members who aren't Trailblazers taking advantage of that...

So all sales today will be final.

That’s the only way it makes sense for me to offer such a big discount.

GEORGE: I mean, what you’re charging for this is crazy, Matthew. I couldn’t believe it when I heard it.

As I said, we have 1.1 million readers, and with only 175 spots available today, I'm sure this will sell out fast. 

I hope our subscribers take advantage of this today.

All that’s left is for you to click the link below.

It’ll take you to a special order form... You’ll be able to see everything you’ll get.

Fill it out and you can secure your spot.

There are only 175 spots open during this 24-hour subscription period.

So don’t wait!

Don’t miss out on your chance at millions.

If you have any questions about the research service and how it will work for you, I encourage you to contact the VIP team I’ve set up at 888.570.9830 or 410.864.3090 (for international calls).

Again, if you pass this up, you may not get another opportunity.

Just click below to see everything you’ll get.

I'm George Rayburn.

For Matthew Carr and everyone here at The Oxford Club, thanks for watching.

September 2019