Follow the world’s ONLY investors with a 100% win rate since 2003...

“The Perfect Traders”

Alexander Green tracks these elite market operatives...

And now you can get the chance to collect an average of $1,400 every eight days... GUARANTEED.

Buddy: Hi, I’m Buddy Pittman.

I’m here today to tell you about a very special group of people.

There are 272 of them.

They range in age from 43 to 80.

They come from all walks of life.

But despite their differences, this group of people all share one thing in common.

None of them has EVER lost on a specific type of stock trade.

Not one!

To find them, we examined more than 7.8 million total trades made since 2003...

And over those 15 years, we discovered this elite group had made 917 trades in total.

All 917 went up.

Zero losses.

How is that possible?

Because these traders have a unique advantage that regular investors don’t.

Our Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green... one of the country’s leading financial analysts... calls this well-connected and highly successful group “the Perfect Traders.”

Today you’re going to see how you can start following these perfect stock pickers...

And get the chance to collect an average of $1,400 in profits every eight days.

In fact, we’re so confident, we’re going to guarantee it.

Why wouldn’t we... considering these are traders who have never lost on this specific type of trade?

We’ll also FedEx you this special device that can help you achieve the same success these traders have experienced. More on that in a moment.

Now, sitting next to me is the man who first identified the secretive Perfect Traders, Alex Green.

He has a special “in” with the Perfect Traders – which you’ll soon see could help you achieve your dream retirement.

You likely know Alex as The Oxford Club’s Chief Investment Strategist.

In this role, he’s delivered a whopping 501 triple- and quadruple-digit winners, including partial plays. His gains include...

1,122% on Skyworks Solutions...

1,248% on CVR Energy...

And 1,481% on Chipotle Mexican Grill...

Not to mention an incredible 109,811% in total winning gains (including every time he’s taken profits).

Readers of Alex’s services have made $800,000... $1.3 million... even as much as “a couple mil,” according to one letter he received.

But Alex is raising the bar even higher!

Today he’ll reveal the secret behind the single most successful group of moneymakers on Wall Street...

The Perfect Traders.

To uncover the hidden profits of these ultra-wealthy investors, Alex’s team has spent more than $1 million digging through their transactions...

They partnered with a genius DNA scientist and computer programmer... and worked with the Google Cloud Platform to max out its profit-targeting power.

And now, they’ve perfected a method for tracking the Wall Street elites who ALWAYS made money...

Serious money.

We’re talking gains like...

With these types of wins (and no losses), the Perfect Traders are raking in the cash... no matter what else is happening in the markets.

Perfect Trader Ernie Kroll got in on a beaten-down bank 10 times...

And won every single time.

His total profit after six months? A $128,200 windfall.

Perfect Trader Stephen Fritz made four trades on a shaky chemical company.

Its prospects weren’t looking good.

But this Perfect Trader had a special advantage... and each time, he knew the stock price was headed higher.

As a result, Stephen won on every single one of those four trades.

His total profit? A whopping $3.5 million.

And Perfect Trader Jacquelyn McDonald is six for six on a little-known financial company...

21 other traders took notice... and followed her into one of her trades.

Altogether, they were up $1.7 million!

That’s how profitable following these Perfect Traders can be.

In total, just these three Perfect Traders led the way to $5.4 million in profit!

That’s the power of the Perfect Traders.

They can rack up millions on just a few special trades.

Today, you’ll hear directly from Alex himself about how this exclusive group of 272 traders ALWAYS got it right...

And Alex will also fill you in on the three trades some of the Perfect Traders are targeting NOW.

But before we get started...

I’m going to ask you NOT to share this information with anyone.

We want to reserve this strategy as a special benefit for Oxford Club Members ONLY.

Alex is about to reveal the single biggest investing achievement of his professional career...

Bigger than the secrets he’s learned from his conversations and friendships with legendary investors like Burton Malkiel, Steve Forbes, Jeremy Siegel...

Bigger than landing an executive position at one of Wall Street’s oldest and most respected wealth management firms...

Bigger than when The Wall Street Journal honored his newsletter for being among the top 10 in the world for high returns with low risk during the last THREE market cycles.

Today, you’re going to discover how Alex’s tracking system works... and how YOU can use it for the chance to collect an average of $1,400 every eight days over the next year, guaranteed.

At $63,875 per year, that’s almost four times the average annual Social Security income.

So let’s get right to it.

Alex, I’m glad you’re here today. This discovery could be a game changer for our Members who are looking to boost their retirement accounts with big cash windfalls.

After all, what could be easier than following a group of stock traders who have NEVER lost?

Alex: Thanks for having me, Buddy.

And I agree. That’s why I’m very excited to be here today.

Buddy: OK, so our viewers likely know you as the Chief Investment Strategist here at The Oxford Club...

And the mastermind behind the award-winning Oxford Communiqué portfolio...

Which has safely more than DOUBLED the performance of the S&P 500 over the past 20 years.

Maybe they’ve read one of your FOUR national best-selling books about growing and preserving your wealth...

Or maybe our viewers – along with hundreds of thousands of others ­– read your daily guidance on the markets in Liberty Through Wealth, Investment U or The Oxford Insight.

But a LOT of people tuning in today don’t know about your depth of expertise.

Can you tell us a little about your background and how it led you to uncover the Perfect Traders?

Alex: Sure thing.

I got my start on Wall Street 33 years ago.

I was a stockbroker at what’s now the second-largest global wealth management company. We’re talking hundreds of billions of dollars in assets under management.

And I can tell you from firsthand experience, the advantage we had over the average investor was overwhelming.

We got the best prices on stocks we purchased... our high-speed trading units could move in and out faster than a regular investor could ever dream... we paid millions of dollars for specialized data you can’t find searching the internet...

Advantages like these are the reason that Wall Street raked in $71 billion in trading revenue alone last year...

While the average Main Street household brought in only $61,000.

But here’s the most important advantage we had by far.

Because we were such a powerful trading house, we had connections and access to top executives of the stocks we were looking to trade.

If I wanted to call the CEO of a company directly and talk to them about what was going on in their business, I could. I could go visit the company, tour its facilities, test the new product launches.

THIS was our premier advantage.

And here’s why...

Top-level corporate executives have access to all sorts of information you and I don’t have.

They see the daily sales report...

They know about the big upcoming product launches...

They know what big deals are about to close...

They’re clued in on the settlement of pending lawsuits... and takeover bids from other companies...

In short, they know pretty much everything there is to know about customers, suppliers, employees and competitors.

They have an information advantage nobody can match.

But there is a problem.

Buddy: And what is that?

Alex: No insider is ever going to give you a completely truthful scoop on their company.

If things are going really well, they’ll brag about it from sunup to sundown.

But if things are going badly, they aren’t going to tell you about that.

Rather, they’ll try to spin it as positively as possible.

Buddy: So you had to try to read between the lines and figure out the truth?

Alex: In a way, yes.

But it’s actually much easier than you think.

You see... company executives can paint as rosy a picture as they want about their business... but here’s what you really need to look for...

What they’re doing with their own money.

If they are buying significant amounts of company stock at market prices, you can bet the company is performing very well.

But if they aren’t buying, don’t count on everything they’re saying being the full picture.

Buddy: So you track what they’re actually buying with their own money?

Alex: That’s right. We use software to monitor what hundreds of insiders do every day. We want to know with 100% certainty if they’re putting their money into their own companies.

Buddy: But, Alex, I have to ask, what does this have to do with the Perfect Traders?

Alex: I’ll explain exactly how the Perfect Traders fit into this in a moment.

But first, let me show you how successful you can be just by tracking the insiders.

Buddy: Looking through your record, it’s clear this strategy gives your subscribers an unfair advantage over regular traders.

Let’s look at one of your recommendations – Overseas Shipholding Group back in 2011.

It’s a stock I’ve never even heard of.

Alex: Actually, unknown stocks are some of the best to track because far fewer traders are following the moves of these insiders.

Buddy: I see that Overseas Shipholding Group operates a fleet of oil transport tankers to ship oil around the world...

And that 2011 was a bad time to be in that business.

Bloomberg reported...

The average investor would have stayed far away. They would have assumed Overseas Shipholding was going to bite the dust too.

Alex: That’s right, but that’s exactly when Carl Fenton, Director of Overseas Shipholding, started loading up on shares.

Here’s what I wrote in my recommendation...

“Fenton purchased more than 156,000 shares this month alone. He now owns more than 470,000 shares.”

Buddy: That’s an awfully big bet. He must have been very confident the stock was headed higher.

So that’s why, on April 25, you sent an alert to your readers telling them to get in.

And what happened next?

Alex: It will come as no surprise that Overseas Shipholding crushed earnings.

The stock soared.

Buddy: Clearly, Carl Fenton had a pretty good idea the company was doing well. And Alex, I see that you closed out a special play for 121% in 15 days.

I want the viewers at home to imagine getting in on a regular Tuesday...

And cashing out with a profit of $6,050 just two weeks later.

If you could repeat those results throughout the year, you could add $147,217 to your annual income!

Here’s another amazing example.

You uncovered an urgent opportunity in VeriFone back in 2009.

This company makes the payment processing systems every store owns so that they can take credit cards.

As you can imagine, it makes money when the general public is spending a lot.

But in 2009, the painful memories of the financial crisis were still very fresh.

So when you sent your readers a “Buy” recommendation on May 27...

Right before an earnings announcement...

People probably thought you were crazy, Alex.

Alex: They may have, but I didn’t do it on a whim. I did it because CEO David Black bought 100,000 shares for $624,000.

That’s a confident move.

Buddy: And sure enough, VeriFone knocked it out of the park that quarter, beating earnings estimates by a large margin. And your subscribers locked in a 147% gain in just six days.

A modest investment on Wednesday yielded $7,350 in pure profit the following Tuesday.

Looking at these numbers, it’s easy to see why you’re comfortable guaranteeing new subscribers the shot at $1,400 payouts every eight days from this strategy.

And it’s not just earnings surprises, either. According to my notes, your strategy can help your readers benefit from ALL kinds of good news. Is that right?

Alex: Yes, Buddy, that’s correct. The company executives inside the business know if there is turmoil in management, if a new product is testing well or if a big new contract is on the horizon.

So when they buy shares, especially in large quantities, there simply is no better sign.

Buddy: Here’s a good example.

A little while ago, you zeroed in on Huntington Bancshares. There wasn’t an earnings date coming up...

Regular investors probably had no clue something good was about to happen to the stock.

But you had your system running, looking for big moves by the people in charge.

And sure enough, Chairman and CEO Scott Sanders purchased 300,000 shares at $3.40, an investment of more than $1 million.

So you sent out a “Buy” recommendation on April 27.

Then Bank of America released a report forecasting BIG profits for Huntington. The report drove shares through the roof.

Your readers locked in an incredible 267% gain on a special play in only 14 days...

And had the chance to capture $13,350 in profit!

If you could repeat that, you’re looking at $348,054 in a year.

And these are NOT back-tested gains. These are all REAL results from your recommendations.

I have to say, this is amazing, Alex. It’s like you’re seeing into the future... predicting big stock-moving events with your strategy.

But I can’t say I’m surprised.

I have an extensive list here of what you’ve done for your readers.

I already mentioned how you’ve delivered 501 triple-digit gains across your services...

And an incredible 109,811% in total winning gains.

But these aren’t just numbers on a page. Your research changes people’s lives.

Here are some comments from a few of your readers.

Fred Baker from North Carolina said...

Randy Waterson from Kentucky says...

Jack McMillan said his portfolio cratered during the 2008 crisis – but that by April of 2011 it was worth $2.96 million.

Ron Bernard from Pennsylvania said...

This is exactly what you set out to accomplish when you left Wall Street. That must feel amazing.

Alex: It does. But with our discovery of the Perfect Traders, we’re about to take it to the next level.

About two years ago, we set off on a mission to do something special.

We knew that tracking insiders gave us a big advantage. It’s been one of the longest-running strategies that’s continually worked for our Members.

However, we also know that insiders aren’t perfect.

Just like with any set of traders, some insiders were better than others.

Some were too optimistic and would buy at the wrong time. Others would sell too early.

So we started perhaps the most comprehensive study of insiders ever completed.

We used a specialized data stream to get hold of 7.8 million insider trades going back to 2003. Terabytes of data.

As many as 4,000 insider trades worth up to $56 million are reported every single day...

And sorting through them all, going back 15 years, was a massive undertaking.

Our genius programmer and DNA scientist worked tirelessly... writing 10,000 lines of code...

To find only the best insiders.

We even worked with Google Cloud Platform... and leveraged a proprietary machine-learning engine to ensure data accuracy...

Giving my team the raw processing power necessary to look through all that data.

We poured more than $1 million into running this project...

Without knowing for sure if we would find anything.

I remember Ray, the project manager, worrying that we wouldn’t find even one insider with a better win percentage than 66%.

After all, 66% is a great win rate. But it wouldn’t be good enough for what I had in mind.

I wanted to develop an infallible profit strategy...

One that everyday people could rely on to stop worrying about paying their bills and accelerate their retirement savings.

And what we found was a complete game changer...

272 perfect insiders who had never lost on a trade. Each had a 100% win rate when trading on their own companies.

That’s why I call them “the Perfect Traders.”

Buddy: I’ve reviewed the study. And the track record of the Perfect Traders is amazing.

In total, we examined $603 million of profit between them all.

For example, let’s look at Eugene Lee. He’s chairman of the board at Monmouth Real Estate Investment Corporation.

He’s made an astounding 88 trades on his company... and won 88 times...

With gains as high as 783%!

In total, his stakes six months out from each trade were worth more than $2.5 million.

Then there’s Robert Warburton, chairman and CEO of Chemtura Corporation, who executed two perfect trades on his company.

On one, he put down $312,600...

And six months later... his stake was worth $3.2 million! A 926% gain.

Sebastian Lewis, chairman and president of Seagate Technologies, made seven trades on his own company...

Purchasing 1.5 MILLION shares over time...

For a total of $15.2 million.

He won every single time.

Those shares would now be worth a whopping $72 MILLION.

Alex: Do you see now how easy this is?

When the Perfect Traders make a move – especially one of this magnitude – you can follow them with confidence.

Of course, past performance doesn’t guarantee future results, and all investing involves some risk.

But there’s no better way to invest than riding the coattails of successful insiders.

Buddy: And now Alex is following these insiders’ every move.

The Oxford Club is guaranteeing you the chance at $1,400 payouts every eight days on average...

And he’s willing to share this special device with his subscribers to help them achieve the same success these traders have experienced.

No one else knows who these Perfect Traders are. This is proprietary research. So it’s ONLY your readers who know the best time to get in alongside the Perfect Traders for explosive profits.

Alex: That’s right. To demonstrate, let’s pull up a few of the trades I’ve actually recommended.

Buddy: OK, our first Perfect Trader is Herbert Smith.

He’s an independent director at The Cheesecake Factory.

In our study, we found he had NEVER lost on a single trade on his company.

For example, in November 2017, he bought 25,000 shares of Cheesecake Factory stock.

That’s an awfully big bet.

Alex: Right. He’s not going to put $1 million of his own money on the line unless he is certain the stock is going to go up.

Buddy: And sure enough, it did!

Those shares were worth as much as $1.4 million. $400,000 in profit.

It looks like you recommended that your subscribers follow Perfect Trader Herbert Smith into this trade on The Cheesecake Factory...

And they collected 217% on a special play! That’s a chance at about a $10,850 profit.

Alex: Now look at Perfect Traders Hanno Hill and Todd Craig.

Buddy: Looks like Hanno is chief operating officer and vice president of Simply Good Foods... and Todd is chief financial officer.

In May, they bought 14,000 shares of Simply Good Foods stock.

In total, that was $183,820.

Alex: Not a small investment by any means. They had to know something good was about to happen.

Buddy: You’re right. Those shares would now be worth as much as $266,000! A profit of about $83,000.

It looks like you followed these Perfect Traders into Simply Good Foods...

And your subscribers could’ve collected 411% on a special play! That’s a chance at about a $20,550 profit.

And THEN... good Lord...

You followed Perfect Trader Daniel Peterson into Brink’s.

Daniel is the CEO...

And he bought nearly 84,000 shares for $2.5 MILLION in July of 2016.

A little over a year later, those shares would be worth as much as $7.1 million in value! A profit of $4.5 million.

You alerted your subscribers to this situation, and they saw 696% gains on a special play! That amounts to a potential $34,800 in pure profit in just a few weeks.

Altogether, your subscribers could have collected $66,200 on just those three trades.

Amazing. When the Perfect Traders made a move, you alerted your subscribers to get in alongside them for huge gains.

Now, I do have one question. And I’m sure our viewers are wondering too...

Isn’t insider trading illegal? Like Martha Stewart or Enron’s CEO Jeff Skilling?

Alex: When someone gets nonpublic information about a company and trades on it secretly, yes, it’s illegal.

But there’s a way for insiders to benefit from their vast knowledge of their own companies...

And it’s 100% legal.

They simply have to file what’s called a “Form 4” with the SEC within 48 hours of their purchase.

And all this information is filed in a massive database that I’ve been tracking for a long time.

We monitor this database every business day and look for large, abnormal trades that stand out.

And when we see one of the 272 Perfect Traders on the list...

My team and I get VERY excited.

Buddy: So that’s how you’ve been able to deliver your readers the shot at an average payout of $1,400 every eight days for the past 17 years.

Your readers can actually get in alongside these insiders... and use this unfair advantage to their benefit!

How big of an impact could this make on the everyday investor?

Alex: Let me put it this way.

How many times have you been watching TV... and a company has a great earnings announcement or releases a new product...

And the stock INSTANTLY jumps before you get a chance to get in?

Buddy: It happens all the time. You always think, “I just wish I had known beforehand.”

Alex: Right.

But by following insiders, you can position yourself before these big moves happen.

Whenever they make a trade I'm watching, my system alerts me.

I personally vet every trade...

And then alert my subscribers. So they can get in alongside the best traders in the world...

Buddy: Essentially, you’re helping Main Street Americans “see” big gains ahead of time...

And actually profit...

Instead of getting left in the dust when news hits the street.

That’s incredible.

And it looks like you’ve accomplished this in spades.

I’m looking at a recent example from your verified track record...

Intercept Pharmaceuticals.

This company had a terrible year in 2017.

Its only approved drug had caused some unforeseen complications in 19 patients.

Bloomberg reported, “The stock has dropped by almost half in two weeks as questions arise about the pill’s future use.”

Regular investors were understandably staying away.

But just a few months later, you picked up on a big cluster of insider buying.

You sent an email to your subscribers on April 16, 2018. Here’s what it said...

Because of this extremely bullish signal, you also wrote, “I believe we will see positive sales and earnings surprises in the weeks ahead.”

Sure enough, Intercept beat earnings estimates two quarters in a row.

THEN, on August 6, analysts from Goldman Sachs and Wedbush both upgraded the stock.

Goldman hiked the price target from $46 to a whopping $157!

The market loved it.

So on that day, you closed the special play for a 278% gain.

Your subscribers had the chance to collect $13,900 in pure profit.

That’s incredible. And looking at your track record, this isn’t rare or exceptional at all.

Your system also picked up on insider buying in Netflix back in 2016.

Now, Netflix was already a huge success. From its IPO to August of 2016, the stock had gone up 7,900%.

Most people stayed away, fearing they were late to the party. To their credit, the stock price had flatlined for months.

And it looked like growth had stalled after lackluster subscriber growth the previous quarter.

But your strategy indicated there were still big gains to come.

Alex, can you share with us what you wrote in your “Buy” recommendation on August 3?

Alex: Yes, I have it right here. I wrote...

This was a no-brainer.

Sometimes you’ll see lower-level executives buy a few thousand dollars’ worth of shares, and that doesn’t mean much to me.

But when a longtime board member decides to go all in like this with a bet of more than $50 million at full market price...

It’s a sure sign that something big is coming.

Buddy: Sure enough, good news hit the stock.

Thanks to hit series like Stranger Things, The Get Down and Narcos, CNN reported the following...

Netflix added 3.6 million members in the third quarter, shattering its own expectations for growth and silencing skeptics on Wall Street. It now has more than 86 million subscribers.

Your subscribers locked in a 371% gain in 77 days!

They collected an $18,550 payout in just over two months.

Here’s one more example...

Earlier I talked about Brink’s.

Back in 2016, it didn’t look like a good time to get in.

Earlier that year, a private equity firm attempted a hostile takeover and was shaking up the board.

The future of Brink’s was uncertain.

Jim Cramer’s TheStreet reported, “The armored car transportation company must get margins up to 7% worldwide by 2017 or shareholders will demand a formal auction.”

Sounds like the chopping block to me.

But Alex, on July 11, 2016, you sent out an alert to your readers.

You wrote...

Alex: That’s right.

And keep in mind, Daniel Peterson was one of those 272 Perfect Traders.

For someone like that to bet $2.5 million on a single stock... it shows a lot of confidence.

Buddy: The readers who acted on your recommendation made huge money.

Less than a month after your email, they locked in a 696% gain.

That amounts to $34,800 of profit... in just 44 days.

Yet run-of-the-mill investors missed out. Unless they were on the board at Brink’s... or had access to your research...

They had no idea that this huge payout was coming.

It seems like your strategy is the best way to “see into the future” for individual stocks.

Looking at the data, I’m floored.

I want to take one more second to point out how amazing this system is.

Here’s a chart of Brink’s since 2009.

You can see how the stock price was going nowhere for years and years.

If you’d been a shareholder this whole time, you’d be pretty miffed.

But right here on the chart is where the Perfect Trader got in – and it’s also when you recommended Brink’s.

And look what the stock did after.

This is raw predictive power if I’ve ever seen it.

It’s easy to see why The Oxford Club is so willing to guarantee the chance at $1,400 payouts every eight days to our audience today.

We’re even going to FedEx this special device right to the viewers... with intimate details on the Perfect Traders strategy and how to maximize profit on these plays.

I’m excited for our audience.

Obviously, tracking insiders – and especially the 272 Perfect Traders – is about as good as it gets.

Alex: There’s nothing better, in my view.

Buddy: I mean, look at these incredible traders’ histories.

We just have to share these stories in more depth.

For example, I mentioned Perfect Trader Ernie Kroll has successfully profited on Financial Institutions Inc. not once or twice... but 10 TIMES.

Without a single loss.

He recently picked up 15,000 shares in one week...

I’m sure he knew his company was doing well.

So he took advantage of the depressed stock price... and stockpiled a mountain of shares.

What happened next should surprise no one.

180 days later, Ernie was sitting on top of $128,200 in profit.

Here’s another Perfect Trader example.

Lisa Orman is 10 for 10 trading Lakeland Financial Corporation, where she’s an insider.

Not only that, but she AT LEAST doubled her money each time.

She bought on the dips... when most investors would have stayed away, fearing bigger losses.

But because she’s an insider, Lisa knew those were temporary setbacks.

As a result, she’s pocketed $279,756 in profit over the years.

And I have to mention Jacquelyn McDonald again. She’s another Perfect Trader.

This 62-year-old board member of Enterprise Bancorp hasn’t lost on a trade on her company in more than six years.

So when she purchased 2,300 shares in June 2016, 21 other insiders followed suit with 110,000 shares.

Alex: This is common.

When a high-level insider with a track record like this gets up to bat, other officers and directors line up too.

It’s called cluster buying... and it’s a HUGE sign a stock is about to roar higher.

Buddy: And that’s exactly what happened with Enterprise Bancorp.

Altogether, Jacquelyn McDonald and the other insiders were sitting on $1.7 million in profit... just six months later.

Once again, amazing...

With these massive profits, I have to say...

The guaranteed shot at $1,400 every eight days may even be conservative.

You track these traders...

So your readers can get in alongside them.

Your strategy seems like the best way to see big gains coming... and get in ahead of time.

Alex: And it’s not just my personal belief that tracking insiders works.

Multiple prestigious studies confirm it.

A Wharton School of Business study says that “investors can reap ‘exceptional’ profits by imitating insiders.”

Another study by the University of Michigan says that insider purchases “have abnormal returns.”

A joint study from Harvard and Columbia universities found that insiders make market-beating returns when trading before big events are announced.

These events include buybacks, mergers and acquisitions and even the successful settlements of litigation against companies.

The Wall Street Journal reported that insiders have a “persistent edge.”

And Peter Lynch, the most successful mutual fund manager of all time, says, “There is no better tipoff to the probable success of a stock.”

Buddy: It’s not surprising. We’ve always known that Wall Street and the 1% had an unfair advantage over us Main Street investors.

But you’ve found a way to level the playing field...

In your VIP research service The Insider Alert.

How exactly does your service work?

Alex: With The Insider Alert, I track the chairman, the president, the CEO, the board members, all the insiders...

And I look for their biggest purchases... with a special emphasis on the Perfect Traders.

In other words, every time these Insiders have made a purchase, within six months, their shares were always up. Every time.

And when I see somebody (or, better yet, a group of people) loading up... pouring millions of dollars into shares...

I put together an urgent alert and send it out to my subscribers. And I tell them who bought, how many shares, on what date, what price, and why they should buy shares now.

Buddy: From what I’ve seen, the elite subscribers of this service can consistently make HUGE profits.

Here’s an example from Continental Resources earlier in 2018.

The company’s specialty technology helps it find and produce oil and gas.

But with the significant drop in energy prices over the past few years...

Nobody was excited about Continental.

However, your due diligence uncovered significant insider activity.

Here’s what you wrote in your alert.

Then, unsurprisingly, good news hit the stock.

Oil prices went on a tear.

That sent shares of Continental Resources soaring.

Readers who followed your special play recommendation locked in a 463% gain in just 86 days. That’s a chance at a $23,150 payout!

Unless someone was an insider at Continental... or had access to your strategy...

They couldn’t have known this big spike was coming.

Alex: That’s the whole point of The Insider Alert...

To give you the same advantage that the most connected insiders enjoy.

We only follow the smartest of the smart money...

The insiders who know better than anyone else where the share price is going.

In this case, you didn’t have to guess where oil prices were headed. All you had to do was the very same thing the chairman and CEO was doing with his money.

And we do this over and over with The Insider Alert.

Buddy: So no complicated formulas...

Or difficult-to-execute trades?

This system really is perfect for the everyday investor.

It’s easy... low-risk... and offers massive cash payouts.

I mean, just look at your recommendation on Euronext, the company that runs the New York Stock Exchange.

It was early 2010.

The scars from the financial crisis were still very fresh. Investors hadn’t fully bought back in.

This chart shows the absolute devastation to the stock.

But in February of 2010, you picked up on insider buying.

You quickly wrote to your subscribers...

It’s not surprising what happened next.

The market’s recovery accelerated. Euronext jumped.

Your subscribers who followed your special play recommendation locked in a 549% gain... a profit of $27,450 in just two months.

Here’s one more example of the power of tracking insiders.

Again, energy was in a downfall.

But you picked up on that telltale insider buying...

This time, from none other than billionaire Carl Icahn. Talk about a green light.

You sent an urgent dispatch to your subscribers.

Here’s what you wrote.

“Icahn is a director at CVR Energy. Last week he invested $19 million in the stock... that brings his total holdings to more than 70 million shares. It would be an understatement to say he likes the company’s prospects.”

Sure enough, energy stocks roared back to life...

Including CVR Energy.

It’s like Icahn knew exactly what was coming next...

And your subscribers were able to get in alongside him.

They locked in a whopping 1,248% on a special play! Or $62,400 in less than four months.

This is a godsend for everyday folks who need to catch up on retirement savings... or need extra income to actually enjoy their lives.

No more worrying about making ends meet... or depriving themselves of gifts and travel plans.

Alex: That’s what I want to do for viewers today.

Buddy, I worked hard for my clients on Wall Street. So hard, in fact, that I was able to retire from that industry at 43 years old.

I discovered firsthand that financial freedom is the best feeling in the world.

So I’m committed to helping as many people as possible achieve that with The Insider Alert... so that they can finally live their lives the way they want.

Buddy: Now, to get people started, Alex is going to send you three trades where insider buying has just spiked.

There’s a very good chance that these plays are about to deliver massive profits.

We’re also going to rush this secure device to your door. It’s a USB drive containing a special private report on the Perfect Traders...

And a unique strategy to help leverage your gains even more.

You CANNOT get this anywhere else. Because this research is so sensitive, we’re not going to put it online, where it could be potentially hacked.

You’ll see for yourself the true power of these 272 elite traders only by getting hold of one of these devices.

We’ll show you how to do that in a moment...

But there’s one more detail we haven’t gone over. And it’s extremely exciting.

Before we sat down, you mentioned an incredible feature of your strategy...

We’re not just following insider buying.

We’re not just following the Perfect Traders.

We actually have an advantage over the Perfect Traders and insiders like them – is that correct?

Alex: Yes, Buddy. We can actually make bigger profits faster. Even though these insiders have more information than we’ll ever have.

The secret lies in an obscure law most people don’t know about.

I mentioned earlier that insiders have to report their purchases to the SEC using a Form 4.

But that’s not the only restriction they have.

Legally, insiders are not allowed to take profits until six months after their purchase date.

But we don’t have that restriction.

If the stock shoots up on great news, we can take home profits in a matter of days or weeks.

The Insiders can’t, but we can. And we often have.

As you’ve seen in our track record, I’ve shown my subscribers the chance at $1,400 every eight days on average.

Buddy: That’s simply incredible. Your readers can actually do better than the elites...

And they’re finally taking back the profits they deserve from Wall Street.

It makes sense now that The Insider Alert worked through all the ups and downs of the last 17 years, across more than 740 trade recommendations.

The dot-com recovery... the financial crisis of 2008... countless corrections... and the most recent bull market.

Now, we all know, not every recommendation is a winner. Sometimes, even with insider buying activity, a stock behaves unpredictably.

But the $1,400 every eight days we’ve been talking about INCLUDES any trades that didn’t make money. That’s how powerful this strategy is.

In fact, even though the S&P 500 has rebounded quite impressively from its lows...

Your strategy has blown those returns out of the water, outperforming them by 12 times over!

Again, these were REAL trade recommendations sent out to REAL subscribers.

And now that you’ve zeroed in on the Perfect Traders...

The returns are set to go through the ROOF.

You just picked up on three companies where insider buying is spiking.

That means good news is coming for these three picks...

And you at home have the chance to get in alongside elite insiders who know exactly what’s coming.

It’s time to finally get ahead of massive gains.

There’s no time to waste.

To help you get started...

Alex’s team has loaded details about the Perfect Traders onto this secure USB device...

And they’re ready to send you his next three insider picks in a private email they’ll rush to your inbox.

But because of the proprietary nature of this research... and the fact that Alex and his team have spent more than $1 million developing this system...

After we reach that limit, we have to shut access down.

We’d like to send you these three picks in the next few minutes...

So you can start seeing the chance to make $1,400 every eight days on average, just like Alex’s subscribers... guaranteed.

That’s like collecting four extra Social Security checks every single month.

It means that in as little as eight days from now, you could be collecting $1,400 or more... and starting to breathe easier about your finances.

Making that much money so consistently would certainly ease my own worries...

Letting me pay my bills with plenty left over... save more for retirement...

And treat my family to more traveling without sweating the budget.

Which is why it’s so important for you to take decisive action right now.

Alex will guide you to these huge, consistent profits in his VIP research service The Insider Alert.

Alex: That’s right.

There’s no better way to make money from the stock market than following the Insiders.

And I’m giving 250 people the chance to join me today.

My goal is to help everyday people achieve total financial independence.

Helping everyday people achieve financial freedom gives my life meaning...

Because I know what it’s like to work your tail off to make ends meet.

I’ve been a maintenance worker on a truck terminal... I’ve worked nights at an auto parts warehouse... and I worked as a waiter in college.

The value of a dollar is burned deep into my brain.

And over my 17 years of running The Insider Alert, I’ve never seen a better way to grow your retirement money than tracking the top insiders.

Buddy: 17 years is a long time. That kind of tenure in this business is virtually unheard of.

I can’t think of another investment publication with as much longevity, except maybe Warren Buffett’s shareholder letters.

Today, 250 people will have the chance to join your Insider Alert service.

Alex, tell us how it works.

Alex: First, my Baltimore-based team and I scan a massive database for new trades by insiders, including the 272 Perfect Traders I’ve already identified.

Then, I analyze the results for the best opportunities – insider buys from top-level executives, the ones worth millions of dollars – for the play that could hand you the biggest gain.

Finally, I’ll send an instant profit alert directly to your inbox with precise instructions on what to buy and why.

Buddy: These recommendations and profit alerts will be available only to Insider Alert subscribers.

When you join, we’ll rush you this secure USB device loaded with a special guide called “The Perfect Traders Handbook.”

It’s a quick but powerful read. Inside, you’ll discover...

This breakthrough guide won’t even be up on The Oxford Club website.

Because Alex’s team has spent more than $1 million developing it, we can’t afford it leaking on the internet.

The only way to get your hands on Alex’s breakthrough dossier is THIS secure USB device.

But once you’re a subscriber of The Insider Alert, we’ll send you the device with all the details on the Perfect Traders strategy.

It’s discreetly shaped like a key. So you can keep it on your keychain without drawing attention to the most accurate and revolutionary moneymaking system we’ve ever developed.

Feel free to store any other sensitive or important information on it... and keep it on your person by attaching it to your keychain.

You’ll also get an exclusive collection of Alex’s expert insights on insider buying, “Alexander Green’s Definitive Guide to Legally Profiting From Insiders.”

They’ve never been published all in one place...

After you read these two special reports, you’ll never want to trade any other way again.

Of course, you’ll also immediately receive Alex’s next three picks in your inbox TODAY. You won’t have to wait a moment once you join.

Remember, insider buying just spiked for these three companies.

It’s likely insiders know something big is about to be announced.

It’s time to act swiftly... before the news hits headlines... and all your profits go to someone else.

All this is yours when you join Alex’s Insider Alert.

Just imagine having access to a powerful predictive strategy like this to help you get a piece of the biggest movers in the stock market...

With it, you could make $7,350... $34,800... and even $62,400... in as little as a few days. Over and over again.

Take a moment and ask yourself – how would that change your life? And how much would that be worth to you?

Remember, Alex and his team have spent more than $1 million developing this system...

And it will take another $1 million per year just to maintain.

But getting access to the Perfect Traders and The Insider Alert won’t cost anywhere near $1 million...


Or even $10,000.

Alex: That’s right. Because my mission is to help everyday Americans achieve true financial freedom.

Buddy: We’ll get to the details of how to join The Insider Alert in a moment.

But I wanted to ask some questions I’m sure the viewers have right now.

We’ve been in a record bull run for more than nine years now. That can’t go on forever...

Alex, what happens with this strategy in a downturn? Will your strategy help protect your subscribers?

Alex: Of course.

Think about it...

If insiders are so confident in a company that they are buying EVEN when the economy is in shambles, it means something really good must be happening.

Put simply, the easiest way to tell which companies will still rise during a bear market is to watch for insider buying.

Consider this: the Perfect Traders actually made a lot of trades during the last downturn... and they made money on every single one of them!

Here’s a list of actual gains I recommended in 2008 and 2009, during the midst of the financial crisis.

Buddy: Wow, Alex.








And even 680%!

All during the worst crash of our lifetime.

Alex: That’s why I’ve said... there is NO better way to make money in the stock market.

Buddy: So instead of losing money during market crashes...

Your followers actually PROSPERED!

OK, next question.

Is this strategy just buying stocks?

Alex: I do recommend stocks with every play in my Insider Alert service.

But there is another type of trade that offers the really big, fast profits.

It’s a form of options I call “payout multipliers.”

They’re a simple type of trade that boosts gains by as much as 39 times the stock movement.

And they’re one of the reasons for the exceptional profits we’ve talked about today.

Buddy: And when we dug into the research on the payout multipliers you’ve recommended...

Your average win went all the way up to $2,950!

Sometimes more.

Your VeriFone payout multiplier delivered $7,350 in pure profit in just six days.

And Brink’s delivered $34,800 in a matter of weeks.

Better yet...

Compared with stocks...

These payout multipliers don’t cost much.

So the viewers today can get started with as little as $50 sometimes. Not a lot of risk there.

Alex: That’s true.

But I want to make one thing clear.

You can make plenty of money using just the stock trades in my Insider Alert service.

The payout multipliers are great for traders who want a little extra excitement.

But you don’t have to trade them unless you want to.

Buddy: Now, I have one more question.

Will Insider Alert subscribers have to spend all day at their computers?

Alex: Definitely not. It takes at most 10 minutes.

My team and I will scan the market every day for spikes in insider buying.

I’ll use my 33 years of market experience to do a deep analysis of the company’s fundamentals...

And only when I find the most promising plays will I send out a buy recommendation. You’ll get one to three of these every month, right in your inbox...

You simply decide which recommendations are right for you.

I’ll also tell you exactly when it’s time to sell for maximum profits.

Buddy: That sounds great, Alex. Thank you for joining us today.

It can’t get any easier than that.

So let me sum up everything viewers will get when they join The Insider Alert... IF there are still spaces left.

Now, we mentioned that you won’t need a $1 million account to get started... and it won’t cost $50,000 to join... or even $10,000...

No, the price is just $4,000.

Alex’s research has made many of his subscribers a LOT of money.

There’s Leonard Sullivan of St. Louis, Missouri, who told Alex...

Bill Casey from Florida said...

And retired attorney Jeffrey Rose of Roxbury, Massachusetts, said he...

Randy Waterson from Kentucky says...

Ron Bernard from Pennsylvania said...

Alex’s first three plays could pay out $4,200 in as little as eight days – that’s three times $1,400...

Completely covering the $4,000 price.

Research this powerful is worth the investment.

Alex has also negotiated with his publisher to give you a very special assurance.

He's going to GUARANTEE your chance to see an average of $1,400 every eight days with The Insider Alert.

If you don’t see that chance, just call us and we’ll give you another year absolutely free. In other words, we’ll fully cover the cost of your subscription for another year.

That’s how confident we are in Alex’s 17-year track record. There’s no better or more consistent way to profit from the stock market.

On top of all that, we’re guaranteeing your 100% satisfaction.

If for any reason you’re not happy with Alex’s Insider Alert, call us and we’ll switch you over to one of The Oxford Club’s other VIP research services.

But we’re confident that won’t be necessary. With The Insider Alert, you’ll get ahead of major stock moves with confidence.

Remember, Alex’s subscribers pocketed...

And the payouts are going to be even bigger now that Alex has discovered the Perfect Traders, insiders who have NEVER lost on a play.

This is cash you can use in the short term to pay bills or splurge on a nice vacation...

Or in the long term to pass on as part of your legacy.

That’s what Alex – and all of us here at The Oxford Club – want for you today...

True financial freedom.

Now, you’ve seen the real-time results from Alex’s insider strategy...

You’ve seen how profitable following the Perfect Traders is...

And you’ve seen how The Insider Alert is the ONLY place you can profit alongside them.

We’ve lowered the price of admission as low as we can...

And added an ironclad performance guarantee that fully covers the cost of your subscription for another year... AND a 100% satisfaction promise.

Now it’s time for you to take action.

There are only 250 spots open to new Insider Alert subscribers today.

Once that cap is reached, we WILL shut down this offer.

Considering Alex has more than 300,000 readers...

That means fewer than 1 in 1,000 will get in today.

That’s much, much lower than even Harvard’s 5% acceptance rate.

Alex has to keep the number this low to preserve the profit power of his strategy.

If his proprietary research leaks on the internet, Wall Street will know we’re onto them. And it’ll erase your advantage.

So act quickly... while you can still get in.

One more thing to keep in mind...

Because of the $1 million Alex and his team have spent to develop this system... the $1 million they’ll spend every year to maintain it...

As well as the inside look they’re sending you on a secure device like this one...

All sales today are final.

If that bothers you, that’s fine.

Most people watch the financial news and wish they could get in on the big gains before they happen...

Or worse, they buy AFTER all the good news is already priced in!

If that sounds like you, it means you’re probably not the right person to profit from Alex’s research on the Perfect Traders.

But since you’re still watching, we believe you’re exactly the kind of person who belongs in The Insider Alert.

Soon you’ll have your own success story, like many of Alex’s subscribers.

John Benjamin wrote...

Robert Jensen said...

Andrew B. added...

You can get started with Alex’s Insider Alert right now.

A big payday could flood your account just days from now...

As early as tomorrow.

There’s only one question...

Will you act boldly and get in BEFORE these plays spike?

Or will you go back to watching everyone get rich without you?

This is your chance to FINALLY start profiting from the financial headlines...

By following the Perfect Traders.

You can see the chance to collect $1,400 ­– and likely much more – every eight days on average, guaranteed.

To get started, simply click the “Yes! I want to follow the Perfect Traders” button below. Or give our team a call at 888.570.9830 or 410.864.3090 to talk to a representative.

You’ll be taken to a secure page where you can review everything before it’s final.

From everyone here at The Oxford Club, thanks for watching. We’ll see you on the inside.

October 2018