Discover the Tiny $4 Tech Stock With Technology That Will Replace Smartphones

CORRINA: Hi, I’m Corrina Sullivan.

I’m here with The Oxford Club’s Chief Investment Strategist, Alexander Green.

Alex is a legend in the investment world. Based on his 16-year performance, The Wall Street Journal put his Oxford Communiqué on its elite honor roll of the top investment letters in the country for both up and down markets.

But what he’ll show you today could surpass all of his previous winners.

You see, Alex and his team just spent a week at an invitation-only investment summit.

It was held at a beautiful 2,700-acre resort on the Pacific coast with many of the world’s top financial minds to share their very best ideas.

During the summit... Alex told the story of a $4 stock and its new technology that will replace smartphones.

The company is one of those transformative disruptors – like Amazon, Apple and Netflix – that come along only once or twice in a generation.

And despite hearing about dozens of great ideas at the event...

ALL anyone wanted to ask Alex was... “What on earth is the name of this $4 stock!?”

That’s why we’re broadcasting this message to you right now.

Today, you’ll hear all about Alex’s new “#1 Microcap for 2020.”

Alex, thank you for being here today.

ALEX: Glad to be here, Corrina.

When you find a truly great stock, you can’t wait to share it with our viewers.

I believe the microcap opportunity I’m about to discuss with our audience is far bigger than anything I’ve recommended in the past.

It’s an almost completely unknown tech stock trading for $4 per share.

And when I say unknown, I mean virtually invisible to most investors.

They have NO IDEA this stock exists.

Yet it might just be the single stock with the most upside available in the markets today.

Now, for the viewers who follow me... you know what I look for when I target microcaps.

I want the company to be...

  • Seeing massive revenue growth
  • Trading at a cheap price
  • Operating in an explosive new market.

And the company I’ve just found passes all three categories with flying colors.

First... in revenue growth.

Take a look at this chart... It shows the revenue growth for five quarters:

63%... 37%... 37%... 73%... 72%...

This company is doubling its entire business every two quarters!

To give you some idea how big this is, take a look at Netflix’s growth rate by quarter in its early years:

23%... 25%... 27%... 30%... 33%.

In other words, comparing similar time periods, this company is growing faster than even Netflix at the start of its nearly 10,000% jump!

That’s unheard of...

But guess what... This microcap is also CHEAP.

I mentioned that the stock trades for only $4 per share.

But if you look at its balance sheet, you’ll find it’s an even better value than it seems.

The company is near book value...

CORRINA: And can you explain what that means to our audience, Alex?

ALEX: Yes. Think of book value as the net worth of a company. It’s assets minus liabilities.

Now, most of the time, companies trade at many times their book value.

For example... Netflix trades at 22 TIMES its book value.

Apple trades at 26 times its book value.

And Tesla trades at 35 times its book value.

My #1 Microcap for 2020?

It actually trades at just two times book value.

In other words, it’s about as cheap as they come.

CORRINA: So this stock is growing faster than Netflix in its heyday... and it trades at an incredible valuation – 20 times cheaper than companies like Netflix and Tesla.

But what about your third criterion?

ALEX: Yes, I want to target companies operating in new and fast-growing markets.

And here again, my favorite microcap stock fits perfectly.

This company is a front-runner in a MASSIVE new $23 billion industry.

The industry is expected to grow to as much as $77 billion by 2025.

And this company destroys the competition.

It has more market share in this industry than even Google.


Because it has 32 ironclad patents on a new type of technology that’s rapidly changing the world.

Inc. magazine says that smartphones could be...

“replaced entirely” by this technology.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers reports that this technology is...

“surpassing smartphones as today’s fastest-growing technological innovation, making it the next big thing.”

CNN claims it’s ...

“the big technology wave of the future.”

And according to Business Insider, Apple revealed in a secret employee meeting that it expects this type of technology will “replace the iPhone.”

That bears repeating...

Apple believes this technology could be the future and replace the $306 billion iPhone market!

And this microcap is set up to be a dominant player in this technological revolution.

CORRINA: Wow, this $4 microcap sounds incredible.

For everyone watching at home, I’m sure you can see why everyone was buzzing about this stock at the investment summit.

And today, Alex is going to fill you in on how to get all the details.

If there is one stock you should own going forward in 2020... this is it.

Alex, you’re going to show folks how they can get in on this opportunity? Before the expected big rise?

ALEX: Yes, I’m going to walk through why I’m so excited about this microcap stock.

You see... there’s something very interesting about this $4 microcap.

It does NOT trade the normal way, on the Nasdaq or NYSE.

Instead, there’s a special way to purchase bundles of four shares at a time in your brokerage account.

Most investors don’t know this.

But if you get shares this way... BEFORE they come available individually on the regular exchanges, you can have a big advantage over regular investors.

And there’s nothing stopping ANYONE from using this special technique.

I’m going to show our audience how to get the company’s name and ticker symbol...

BEFORE the stock price potentially soars.

What we’re looking at is a rare opportunity to grow your wealth.

It’s a similar setup as when I found Intuitive Surgical at $3... before it soared to more than $500!

CORRINA: You know, Alex, I’ve seen some statistics about the retirement crisis in America, and it’s downright scary.

Running out of money is the #1 concern.

Retirees don’t want to have to sell the house... move into some tiny run-down apartment... and scrimp and save for the rest of their lives.

But that’s what many retirees face.

A shocking 80% say they cannot afford to retire at all

So let me ask you this...

Could microcaps really help?

Isn’t that too much risk for these people?

ALEX: First, let me just say that you’re absolutely right, Corrina.

There is a retirement crisis in this country.

The average retirement age is 65.

The good news is that the average life expectancy of these retirees is 85

But the bad news is that the typical 65-year-old has around $195,000 in 401(k) savings.

That money has to last two to three decades in retirement... and it’s just not enough.

Over 20 years, it amounts to only about $10K per year.

So the reality is that almost all American retirees... need a way to accelerate their retirement savings NOW.

And one way I’ve found to truly help grow your wealth is by investing in microcap stocks.

Not penny stocks, mind you.


There is a HUGE difference, and we’ll touch on that in a minute.

CORRINA: But why microcaps?

Why not safe blue chip stocks or bonds?

That’s what most brokers recommend for retirees.

ALEX: Those types of investments are fine for PROTECTING wealth... but they are virtually useless when it comes to GROWING wealth.

Think about a company like Eli Lilly. It has a $130 billion market cap.

For it to gain a 1,000% return, it would have to be valued at more than $1 trillion – making it one of the two biggest companies in the world.

That’s just not realistic.

But for a company like Paysign, which had a market cap of just $20 million in 2017, it’s much easier to grow.

Paysign increased by 3,000% by 2019.

That’s a 30X return!

Which would turn $10,000 into more than $300,000.

Of course, it’s unusual when a microcap jumps 3,000%.


Even a fraction of that gain could give many Americans the kind of growth they’re looking for in today’s world.

The fact is, I believe people will never truly accelerate their savings quickly by investing in big companies.

You need microcaps to make a real difference.

Consider this...

Over the past two years, every $10,000 in the S&P 500 would’ve produced a $1,000 gain.

CORRINA: Obviously, that doesn’t cut it!

ALEX: Here’s how I like to think about it, Corrina...

Imagine you’re in a fishing contest.

Let’s say you have five lakes...

Four of them are in public places.

Every Tom, Dick and Harry fishes in these lakes...

They’re easy to get to...

But these lakes are also well-known, crowded and overfished.

What’s more, the competition is fierce to catch the big fish.

That’s the S&P 500.


Tucked away, there’s one private lake.

It’s loaded with fish because NOBODY knows about it.

If you want to get the big fish, that’s where you want to be.

It’s the same with the stock market.

The problem that most investors have is they’re investing in the WRONG place.

Everyone fishes in the same crowed lakes...

S&P 500. Blue chips. Stocks you hear about on CNBC.

You’re competing with hedge funds... billionaires... high-frequency traders.

That’s no way to get an edge!

But trading microcap stocks is like fishing in our own private lake.

CORRINA: OK, Alex, I get that.

Microcaps are far less covered by Wall Street and the media. So if you can find them, you can get a big advantage.

But again, I want to get back to the risk.

Don’t these microcaps come with a whole lot more risk?

ALEX: Well, the first thing I should point out is that I’m talking about true microcaps, but NOT penny stocks.

A lot of people believe they are the same, but they are worlds apart.

CORRINA: Well, what’s the difference?

ALEX: Penny stocks are like lottery tickets.

They’re usually companies with no sales.

With no great product.

With no good leadership.

They are unprofitable, illiquid and easily manipulated.

The penny stock landscape is littered with failed companies that had great stories but no fundamental business behind them.

And they usually are good for one thing and one thing only...

Losing money.

Microcaps, on the other hand, are a different story.

They aren’t pipe dream companies with no sales.

Rather, microcaps are great little under-the-radar businesses that have a better chance to become midcaps... then large caps... or be bought out along the way.

So I’m looking for companies that are below a $1 billion market cap.

Technically, microcaps are defined as being under $300 million, but if it’s a great company, I’m not going turn my nose up at a $900 million company that meets my criteria.

That’s still small enough to have plenty of room to grow.

In short, microcaps are well-run small businesses with fast-growing sales.

They are like penny stocks in that they are super cheap...

But they are unlike penny stocks in that they actually give you a very good chance at BIG wins.

That’s the difference.

CORRINA: Alex, you’ve identified some of the biggest microcap winners of the last few years.

Applied Optoelectronics jumped from just over $10 to more than $100 in a year’s time.

And Tandem Diabetes Care leapt from $3.86 to $73.15.

So you found them by looking for microcaps and NOT penny stocks?

How Alex Identified Two of the Biggest Microcap Winners of the Last Few Years...

ALEX: Absolutely.

Applied Optoelectronics is a small company I talked about to 50 people in Stowe, Vermont, in July 2017. It’s is a leading provider of fiber-optic networking products.

The company designs and manufactures analog and digital lasers using a proprietary molecular beam technology.

And it has 74 U.S. patents on it.

CORRINA: So it’s a real business?

ALEX: That’s right.

Sales were growing a stunning 67% year over year.

Earnings per share were set to more than double from $0.45 to $1.15 a share.

Insiders were loading up with holdings of more than $12 million in the stock.

CORRINA: So the insiders believed in the stock too?

ALEX: They believed in it enough to put $12 million on the line.

And you can see why... Everything was going great for the company.

This wasn’t some penny-stock pipe dream.

This was an authentic, successful MICROCAP on its way to the top.

CORRINA: And what about Tandem Diabetes Care?

Was that a similar story?

ALEX: I saw many of the same characteristics I saw with Applied Opto.

First of all, it had a great product.

The company was the first to get FDA approval for its new ACE insulin delivery system.

The machine makes sure patients get the perfect dose.

This is the type of technology that saves lives.

And also makes money.

In fact, I also talked about this stock at an investment conference in Las Vegas in March 2018.

Sales were on the verge of an 89% year-over-year increase.

And the insiders were loading up... letting us know the big move was coming.

CEO Kim Blickenstaff and company director Douglas Roeder invested $1.5 million and $2 million of their own money in the company, respectively.

They believed in it that much.

And they did it even earlier, when it was at only $2!

CORRINA: That’s a serious vote of confidence. And one that paid off.

Over the next year, the stock rose from $2 to $73.15.

At that point, Blickenstaff and Roeder’s $3.5 million combined investment was up to $128 million!

They made almost $125 million... in a year.

Now, after finding these top microcap gains...

I’ve recently focused on giving MORE microcap recommendations to my readers. They have averaged... in this market... an 8.54%  gain, with an average hold time of 35 DAYS! At that rate, we’ll beat the market by more than 12X this year!

ALEX: And that’s the beauty of microcaps.

CORRINA: OK, obviously microcaps are a great way to grow your wealth.

So let’s get back into the $4 microcap you’re talking about today.

Why – out of ALL these opportunities – are you picking this one company?

What makes it so great?

ALEX: Corrina, to be frank, most $4 tech stocks you find are total crapshoots.

No sales. Some half-baked product from a bunch of Silicon Valley wannabes.

The company is more of an idea than an actual business.

It’s rare to find a true high-growth microcap in the tech industry.

But that’s the opportunity we’re looking at today.

My #1 Microcap for 2020 isn’t a normal tech stock... Its sales are already exploding... doubling about every two quarters!

And that’s because it’s a leader in one of the most transformative technology breakthroughs of this decade.

CORRINA: What technology is that?

ALEX: It’s a technology called wearables.

By now, you’re all familiar with these devices.

You see them everywhere.


Health and fitness trackers...

My #1 microcap even makes “smart shoes” linked to your cell phone!

Wearable technology is changing the way we interact with the world.

The NFL is using wearable tech to analyze players. Gone are the days where you have to time everything with a stopwatch. This technology can actually tell you how fast a player is running!

CORRINA: You’re kidding.

ALEX: You know the Chiefs, who just won a Super Bowl? They have a guy who clocked in at 21 mph in practice the other day!

Imagine if they could analyze every single play on the field like this. Keep in mind, the NBA, the NFL, MLB... these are $100 BILLION industries.

The Wall Street Journal reports that it’s...

“possible to monitor games and athletes at a granular level – instantaneously.”

And this $4 stock could power all of that.

This tiny little $4 microcap is also making some serious deals with major businesses all over the globe.

Look what it’s doing with McLaren.

McLaren partnered with my #1 microcap to track the vitals of its Formula One racing team.

These are folks who go at top speeds of 200 mph.

That requires lightning-fast reactions... and the smallest irregularity can be the difference between life and death...

Not to mention a McLaren Formula One car costs a cool $20 million dollars!

So the fact that McLaren has teamed up with this company to track its team’s biometrics is as glowing a recommending as possible.

CORRINA: That’s amazing.

ALEX: But it’s not just the big-name partnerships.

What’s really going to help this company take off is all the consumer products it’s set to launch.

Its technology is rapidly going to steal away market share from big winners like Peloton and Fitbit.

It’s on the verge of dozens of upcoming blockbuster announcements that could drive the price into the stratosphere.

The company stunned participants and consumers at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas by unveiling six new products.


  1. A scientific in-home fitness system paired with a 43-inch HD screen and surround-sound speakers
  1. A foldable treadmill that takes only five seconds to fold but includes custom JBL surround-sound speakers and heart rate monitoring devices
  1. True wireless stereo (TWS) fitness earphones with a heart rate sensor
  1. Smart, noise-blocking earbuds that generate sleep-inducing and soothing sounds until the wearer has fallen asleep, while gathering sleep quality data
  1. And a revolutionary smartwatch that has 20 days of battery life versus Apple Watch’s one day... and a built-in GPS with GLONASS... but it costs only $140 versus Apple Watch’s $750 cost.

These smart devices are revolutionizing the way we live.

A new PricewaterhouseCoopers analysis found that 49% of the people in the United States own a wearable device.

In 2020, one study shows the number of wearable devices sold will surpass 150 million for the first time.

Already there have been massive opportunities in wearable technology.

Consider: Pre-IPO investors in the wearable technology company Fitbit made a 47,519% return!


Just $5,000... turned into $2,380,950!

Talk about the chance to grow your wealth!

CORRINA: And how does your #1 microcap fit in with all of this?

ALEX: When this company was founded in 2014, it had one mission: to dominate the wearable market.

It secured not one... not 10... not 20... but a full 32 patents.

And that proprietary technology is driving its growth at breakneck speed.

In six short years, this company went from controlling 0% of this market... to becoming one of Apple’s #1 competitors.

And 100 million people around the world have bought its products.

Just last year, it surpassed tech giant Apple in smartwatch shipments for the very first time!

CORRINA: More than Apple?

ALEX: It’s incredible, isn’t it? A $4 stock BEATING Apple at its own game.

TechCrunch says that while it...

“may not be a well-known name... the company has emerged as one of the biggest sellers of wearable gadgets.”

Research firm CCS Insight reports that the company has an...

“increasingly important role” in the wearable sector.

Which is why...

Sales are positively exploding.

Again, I should mention, over five quarters, sales went up by 63%... 37%... 37% again... 73%... and last quarter, 72%.

That’s more than even Apple when it first released the iPhone in 2007.

In the five quarters after that big release, sales increased by an average of 48% per quarter.

CORRINA: Let’s be very clear about this, Alex.

You’re saying that your $4 microcap is growing faster than even Apple did right after it launched the first iPhone?

ALEX: Yeah, it is.

Incredible, isn’t it?

This company already has $530 million in annual revenue.

If that growth continues, it will likely be more than $1 billion in two quarters. It could be almost $2 billion in a year. And as high as $10 billion in two years.

According to Bloomberg, the wearable technology market is expected to reach more than $51 billion by 2022.

If my #1 microcap controls just 10% of this market, that would result in sales growth of almost 1,000%!

Yet because it’s still a microcap, the stock is completely undiscovered, hovering at just $4 because nobody in the world really knows about it.

CORRINA: Now, Alex, you know something about finding tiny tech stocks, investing in them, and then riding them until they become major household names.

You were one of the early investors in Netflix and Apple...

ALEX: I was... They both had the characteristics I always look for in microcaps.

As I just showed our audience... the only big difference between Netflix, Apple and my new favorite $4 microcap... is that this new microcap is actually growing faster than they did!

But all three of these companies reflect my general philosophy when it comes to growing your wealth.

If you can find a well-run, under-the-radar small business with fast-growing sales, the profits can be extraordinary.

CORRINA: You mentioned at the beginning of our discussion today that you have a few rules for finding microcaps.

Can you explain those to our audience?

Rule #1: Three Quarters of Sales Growth in a Row

ALEX: I want companies that have grown sales for at least three consecutive quarters.

Take Nautilus.

It makes at-home workout machines.

And in 2020, its products were flying off the shelves because of COVID-19.

Sales increased 104% in just three quarters!

But because it was a microcap... Wall Street didn’t notice.

The stock traded for around $7.71 on June 18, 2020.

But once Wall Street caught on to the company’s growth, shares jumped to $12 by August 21 – a 57% jump!

ALEX: That’s what happens when you find a microcap with sales growing straight up.

It means it’s a great business – and that’s what every investor wants to see.

CORRINA: So that’s your first step.

But you’ll find many companies with sales growth... what makes these microcaps different?

ALEX: Well, that brings me to my second rule for microcap recommendations...

Rule #2: Trades Below or Near Book Value

I look to target microcaps that are trading either near or below book value.

Now, remember here... book value is like the net worth of a company.

It’s total assets minus total liabilities.

So if a company’s shares trade “below book value,” that means you’re buying a piece of the company at a fraction of what it’s worth.

CORRINA: It means you are buying at a huge discount.

ALEX: Exactly right.

Let me give you a perfect example.

Owens & Minor.

In early 2020, the stock actually traded below its book value.

And what’s it done since then?

Between March and August, it increased by nearly 70%.

And my readers did even better with my options recommendation... banking a 328% win during that time!

CORRINA: That’s amazing.

ALEX: Right, but that’s our advantage with microcaps.

Wall Street investors aren’t actively watching tiny companies like Owens & Minor.

So it takes them a while to notice.

But the thing is... Wall Street does eventually notice.

And when it does, it jumps in and pushes the stock higher very quickly.

CORRINA: OK, that’s the second step. You’re looking for companies trading near or below book value.

And you’re combining that with three straight quarters of sales growth.

ALEX: Yes, when you think about it... this is the exact scenario any good investor should be looking for.

If sales are rising, but share price is low...

That’s a perfect recipe for big wins every time.

CORRINA: But how do you know when it’s time to buy?

What’s the trigger?

ALEX: That’s my third rule...

Rule #3: The Profit Trigger

ALEX: As I mentioned earlier, Wall Street doesn’t actively follow many of these microcap stocks.

Until a certain point.

There’s only so much sales growth one of these microcaps can go through before Wall Street finally jumps in.

And that’s the trigger I’m looking for.

When a small company taps into a big market, Wall Street takes notice and the volume surges.

I want to see volume at least double in size when Wall Street makes its move.

CORRINA: And how do you track this trigger?

ALEX: Well, here’s the thing that’s interesting.

Wall Street doesn’t make stock purchases the same way we do.

It can’t simply buy a $10 million block of shares and be done with it.

Imagine... for a $100 million microcap, that’d be 10% of the outstanding shares... 

It would drive the price up instantly.

So instead, Wall Street makes a series of trades in a back channel of the financial world called dark pools.

These dark pools allow the big trading houses to get in quietly without the public noticing.

However, I have access to these hidden channels and can track big moves to predict exactly which microcaps are about to soar.

CORRINA: Can you show us?

ALEX: Of course.

Sorrento Therapeutics is a great example.

It finds antibodies for infectious diseases – obviously something in big demand now.

And it just hit SIX quarters of big revenue growth in a row!


Notice how it’s completely flat for several months.

Let’s zoom in and look at the volume of shares being traded.

When the stock is flat, it’s almost nonexistent.

This is that period when Wall Street isn’t following it.

There is no action, so the stock stays nice and cheap.

But do you see all those big spikes in volume?

Wall Street’s moving in!

Here’s what happened after that:

It drove the stock higher very quickly.

And my readers saw a 66% gain in just 30 days on the regular stock... and a 225% gain on my options recommendation.

CORRINA: It makes sense.

When Wall Street money flows into a tiny stock, the price rises.

ALEX: Corrina, with companies this small, it’s like a tidal wave pushing up a dinghy!

Virtually no volume for six months...

But then the trigger hits... Wall Street takes notice... and the stock shoots higher, almost instantly.

CORRINA: OK, so this is your final step... let me see if I got it straight:

  • First, you want three quarters of sales growth.
  • Second, you want the stock to trade for less than its book value.
  • And third, you want to see Wall Street taking notice of a small company in a big market?

ALEX: You’ve got it, Corrina. You see a microcap stock showing all three... it’s a great sign.

And that’s why I’m so excited about my #1 microcap for this year.

Of course, all investments come with risks, and past performance doesn’t guarantee future results.

CORRINA: OK, let’s recap how it matches all of your criteria.

First, you’re looking for at least three quarters of sales growth in a row, right?

ALEX: Right, I want to make sure that the business is growing.

My #1 microcap stock passes this with flying colors.

Right now, sales are booming.

The company doesn’t have just three quarters of sales growth.

The company actually has 15 straight quarters of sales growth!

And five have been particularly strong.

63%... 37%... 37%... 73%...

And just last quarter...

Sales shot up 72%.

That’s more than the average revenue growth over the last five quarters than Amazon, Apple and Google... combined!

CORRINA: Incredible... but with all that growth, I can’t imagine the stock would be cheap.

How does this stock fare when it comes to your second rule?

ALEX: Right, sales growth is important.

But if the stock is wildly overvalued, then it’s not worth it.

So that’s why, with my second rule, I look for stocks trading at a fantastic valuation.

To quote Warren Buffett, we want to...

“buy a wonderful company at a fair price.”

And once again, my $4 microcap comes through here.

Despite the company’s enormous growth...

Shares are actually trading below the value of the company!

Its price-to-book ratio is just 2.

Now, again, compare that with Netflix.

Netflix is trading at more than 22 times its book value!

That means this $4 microcap would have to increase in value twentyfold, to $80, just to be trading at the same valuation as Netflix.

In other words, what I am telling our audience is that this company is growing sales faster than even Apple and Netflix did at a similar time.

So when you get it now at $4 per share, it’s an absolute no-brainer.

Folks at home should be asking themselves... would you be willing to potentially grow your wealth, starting for just $4 per share?

CORRINA: Let me ask you this: Why is it trading so cheaply?

ALEX: The reasons are simple...

First, as I mentioned earlier, this company does NOT trade the normal way, on the Nasdaq or NYSE.

Instead, there’s a special way to purchase bundles of four shares at a time through a unique market.

Most investors don’t know how to do this... so the company has flown under the radar.

Second, until recently, the company has been too small to attract big traders.

Listen, the average trading volume of the New York Stock Exchange is between 2 billion and 6 billion shares per day.

The Wall Street elites are moving so much money that they can trade only big, high-volume stocks.

They can’t pile into the microcaps, or they’d artificially balloon the price.

That’s why playing the big blue chip stocks is a sucker’s game!

Wall Street will win every time.

However, by targeting microcaps, WE have the advantage.

We can move more quickly... We can target stocks with more upside potential... And we can beat Wall Street to the punch.

CORRINA: Well, that’s got to bring us to Rule #3: The Profit Trigger.

Is Wall Street moving in and spiking volume?

ALEX: That’s the key, Corrina.

We don’t want to wait for Wall Street to push the stock higher... we want to get in right when the company's price could explode in value.

That’s what we’re seeing today.

With sales doing so well... we’re seeing volume double from trading 500,000 shares to trading more than 1 million shares.

CORRINA: So that signals that big money could move in?

ALEX: It’s moving in as we speak, Corrina.

The big Wall Street players are quietly building up multimillion-dollar positions in this tiny microcap.

Renaissance Technologies – the world’s second-largest hedge fund – just bought $4.7 million worth of shares...

Goldman Sachs is going big with $20 million worth...

And Wells Fargo is backing up the truck with a staggering $57 million investment!

Simply put, this is one of the biggest profit triggers I’ve ever seen. This company has hit all three parameters we want.

And we want to get in NOW.

Those Wall Street firms alone just bought more than 80 million shares.

It’s time for us to ride that wave!

CORRINA: Alex, your #1 microcap company is also backed by the most successful firm in Silicon Valley, is that right?

ALEX: That’s right. Sequoia Capital.

CORRINA: That’s the firm famous for funding Apple when it was a small business?

ALEX: Right, it bought Apple back in 1978... two years after it was founded.

But that was one of the first in a long string of massive successes...

It bought a stake in Google way back in 1999 when it was a $125 million company.

By 2004, that stake was worth $4.3 BILLION – an unprecedented 344X return!

The fund also invested $1 million in Yahoo when it was a small business... and in ONE YEAR, that investment grew to $125 million. 

That’s a 12,400% return in a single year.

In 2005, Sequoia invested in a small video-sharing website – YouTube. Within three years, YouTube was bought out by Google and Sequoia made a 43X return.

The fund invested in a now-popular texting app when it was a small company... And turned a $60 million investment into $3 billion in four years.

That’s a 50X return!

CORRINA: So that’s Apple... Google... and YouTube... all financed by this company when they were small businesses?

ALEX: Corrina, that’s just a few of the multibillion-dollar businesses Sequoia Capital helped start.

Along with Apple, Google and YouTube, Sequoia invested in PayPal, Stripe, Bird, Instagram and WhatsApp... The combined current market value for all the companies it has backed is more than $1.4 trillion, equivalent to 22% of the Nasdaq!

CORRINA: That’s incredible. So this company funded the biggest names in tech when they were just small businesses...

What’s its secret?

ALEX: Well, it has an amazing ability to find the next multibillion-dollar companies at their earliest stages.

But the key to its success is that it DOES NOT invest in companies trying to create new markets... Rather, Sequoia wants companies that “exploit existing markets early.”

Like Apple.

When it started in the ‘70s, it was just a small business trying to compete with giants like IBM.

But Sequoia saw the MASSIVE potential Apple was tapping into.

Back then, personal computers cost a small fortune.

IBM’s 5100 Portable Computer sold for nearly $9,000 in 1975.

Then Apple came along.

It released Apple I in 1976 for only $667.

More than 90% cheaper than IBM’s computer.

Sequoia Capital’s founder says it best...

“We backed Apple on the basis of getting a product to market that was a consumer-aimed product and that cost very little in comparison with what computers were thought to cost.”

And now Sequoia Capital’s newest fund has made a significant investment in my #1 microcap.

It’s easy to see why...

My #1 microcap is doing the exact same thing to Apple in 2020 that Apple did to IBM back in 1975.

Its product is aimed at a massive market.

Its market share is bigger than Apple’s because its product is cheaper AND works better.

As I mentioned earlier, it's becoming a dominant company in the new $23 billion wearables market.

It has more market share than even Google.

And Investor’s Business Daily says this “upstart could take on Apple” in 2020.

Yet the company has remained almost completely anonymous until now.

But I believe 2020 will be a transformative year for the company... one that could catapult it from a tiny $4 microcap to making massive headlines in the coming weeks.

CORRINA: Why’s that?

ALEX: Don’t forget... this company is preparing launches of five major new product lines.

This includes an in-home fitness system... a foldable treadmill.... a new, cheaper product to take on Apple’s AirPods... sleep-inducing, noise-canceling earphones... and a revolutionary $70 smartwatch with 20 times the battery life of Apple’s watches.

With these FIVE new products, revenue could explode.

It’s already catching the attention of industry leaders...

Earlier this year, the tech media giant IDG gave its top award to the company for its industry-leading innovations.

Digital Trends reports, “If you’re not familiar with [this company]... you should be.” It goes on to say my #1 microcap’s flagship wearables are “wildly popular on Amazon” because of the “wealth of fitness-tracking features, built-in GPS and marathon battery life.” It said it’s a “knockout.”

Investor’s Business Daily says the company is the “innovation leader” in the wearable market... even though it’s “little-known.”

Long story short: I believe 2020 will be a breakout year for my #1 microcap stock.

CORRINA: OK, OK, I can’t wait any longer.

How in the heck do we get the details on this stock?

ALEX: I’ve created a special report that reveals exactly how to invest in this company.

It’s called “The #1 Microcap for 2020.”

In it, I lay out everything I’ve uncovered through my in-depth investigation into this company.

I’ll give you the full rundown of why this overlooked microcap could become the next Netflix, Facebook or even Apple.

And I’ll discuss why I believe 2020 is the breakout year for the stock.

Most importantly, I will give you the exact instructions on how to buy this stock in a regular brokerage account.

And if you act quickly, you can get in at $4 right alongside the Wall Street pros who are quietly loading up on shares in those dark pools I told you about.

But there’s only one way to get it...

I’ve just launched my brand-new research service called Oxford Microcap Trader.

This service is one of a kind.

It’s geared solely around these tiny stocks like my #1 microcap stock.

And I’m bringing in a small number of people today to go after the biggest wins in the market.

What I do is scan the markets every week looking for stocks that match my criteria.

I’m looking for companies between $50 million and $1 billion in size.

I want to see three straight quarters of revenue growth.

I’m looking for companies trading near or below book value.

And I want to see that profit trigger when Wall Street starts pumping the stock up to new heights.

Once I find stocks that match ALL of my criteria, I’ll immediately send a “BUY” alert with my full analysis.

Now, smaller stocks can often be more volatile.

So I urge you to honor my “buy up to” price and not go chasing the stock.

But I can think of no better way to make money than to invest in small, innovative companies founded by people looking to grow their own wealth and the wealth of their shareholders.

Just like fishing, not every fish you catch is a keeper.

But compared with investing in regular stocks, your chances at snagging BIG life-changing gains are FAR higher.

CORRINA: Alex, I’ve got one question for you... if your system can be so profitable, why don’t you just keep it for yourself?

ALEX: Look Corrina, I’ve already made my millions...

I could’ve retired multiple times on just a handful of stock picks and lived the rest of my life golfing.

But there’s ONE thing that brings me more joy than anything:

Helping my readers make money.

It’s exactly why I launched this new Oxford Microcap Trader research service.

I’ve found no better way to accelerate your wealth than investing in the right microcaps, like my #1 Microcap for 2020.

CORRINA: And you’ve put together a new video to help your readers make the most out of these opportunities?

ALEX: Yes... I’m really excited to give folks this, Corrina.

It will give them step-by-step guidance on how to find, buy and profit from microcaps.

From beginning to end.

I call it Accelerated Wealth: The Secret World of Microcaps.

CORRINA: So even if someone has never bought a microcap, they’ll be able to use your service?

ALEX: Corrina, even if they’ve NEVER BOUGHT A STOCK in their life!

It breaks down my entire investing philosophy...

I show you how to make a trade...

How to sell...

What types of companies I like to target...

How I determine when to take profits...

And everything else you could need.

CORRINA: Sounds like you’ve covered everything in this video.

Now, in addition to your #1 Microcap for 2020, you’re going to give FIVE more picks today?

ALEX: Yes, that’s correct.

My system just alerted me to five more microcaps that match my criteria.

Just like my #1 Microcap for 2020, each of these stocks is...

  1. Showing at least three straight quarters of revenue growth
  2. Trading near or below book value
  3. Moving up on big Wall Street trading volume.

These stocks are small and fast-moving... So I’ll immediately send specific instructions on how to play these trades TODAY if readers decide it is the right opportunity for them.

I’ve put together a complete report on these stocks called “5 Microcaps to Accelerate Your Wealth Starting Today.”

Everyone will receive this within minutes of joining Oxford Microcap Trader.

CORRINA: Great, between your #1 microcap pick and these five stocks, your readers have the chance to begin profiting from microcaps as soon as possible.

But you told me before we got started that you’re also doing something that I’ve never seen ANYBODY in the financial industry do.

Folks, you’re going to want to pay close attention here. This is where things get even more exciting.

ALEX: Well, this is where I show you how to take microcap trading to the next level.

No matter how far you are from your savings goals, microcaps can help you get there faster than you imagined...

But I’ve found a way to make these gains even BIGGER using options.

With options, you could see EVEN MORE profit potential. And you aren’t risking as much money as you would with shares.

Now, to be clear, these DO carry more risk than the microcaps alone.

But they also offer much bigger upside.

You can make up to 10 times more money on a microcap with an option.

Like in Tanger Factory Outlet Centers.

The REGUAR stock jumped 20% in about three weeks... not bad.

But an OPTION on Tanger returned 250%!

So just one winner can be a total game changer.

So when possible... alongside my microcap stock picks... I will be giving readers a recommendation on an option that can take gains even higher.

CORRINA: Sounds like microcaps are exciting enough... but this is for people who really want a thrill ride.

ALEX: Right, it’s not for everyone. You’ve seen today that microcaps alone can give incredible gains on just regular shares.

But for speculators who are interested in buying an option for a few bucks and seeing that investment potentially go up 50 times, this is going to be a blast!

And to get people started, I’m providing my video series Options the Easy Way: Turbocharge Your Profits With 1 Click, which explains exactly how to trade the types of options I’ll be recommending.

CORRINA: OK, let’s break this down...

In total then, as a new subscriber to Oxford Microcap Trader, people will get...

  • One Year of Alex’s Top Microcap Research and Recommendations
  • “The #1 Microcap Stock for 2020”
  • Accelerated Wealth: The Secret World of Microcaps
  • 5 Microcaps to Accelerate Your Wealth Starting Today” – with details on five MORE microcaps to buy right now
  • Options the Easy Way: Turbocharge Your Profits With 1 Click.

It’s an incredible package!

ALEX: I’m incredibly excited about this new research service.

We just recently launched it...  but our average gain for stocks and options recommendations is 8% with an average holding time of just 35 days.

Microcaps are my favorite way to invest... We’re going after the fast-moving, best-performing stocks in the market.

It’s going to be so much fun.

I can’t wait to hear from readers when they see the chance to book their first gains.

But I should mention...

This will have to remain small.

We’re targeting the smallest companies in the market.

Which is why I’m strictly limiting the membership to my service.

If I had too many people piling into each opportunity, that could water down the profit potential.

Remember, we want to keep our lake well-stocked with all the big fish for ourselves.

We don’t want it getting overcrowded.

Some of these stocks trade only 50,000 shares a day.

If we sent it out to everybody, there’s no way all our Members would be able to buy enough shares to make big profits.

It’s not fair. But that’s the reality.

So we can’t let everyone in today.

In fact, we can’t even have 500... it would dilute the opportunity too much.

The number is far, far smaller.

I can allow only 99 people to access my microcap research service today.

That’s the biggest number we can bring in and still guarantee the maximum profit opportunity.

So my team is watching the numbers come in minute by minute... and if it reaches 99, I will close this offer for new subscribers immediately today.

CORRINA: I can understand that.

There’s just no other way to target stocks this small.

However, you told me backstage... you’re doing something you’ve never done before?

ALEX: This is really great. It’s a way for the folks who don’t make the cut to not be left out permanently.

I’ve set up a special waitlist for the viewers who don’t make it today.

CORRINA: How does it work?

ALEX: Obviously, with 500,000 readers, some people will be left out on this opportunity.

I don’t want that to happen.

So if you don’t become one of the first 99 to sign up today...

We will maintain an active waitlist.

It’s just like when you’re on a waitlist at a country club. Just sit tight... and you’ll get called quicker than you think.

In the meantime, I’ll send everyone on this list a BONUS REPORT FREE just for watching.

But as soon as a spot opens up, they’ll be first in line.

CORRINA: Well, sounds fair to me.

However, I’m sure folks would rather get picks like your #1 microcap today... before they miss the boat.

So, Alex, I’m sure everyone’s wondering how much it will cost to join... and I know with opportunities like your #1 microcap stock it’s not going to be cheap...

ALEX: You’re right.

It’s incredibly time consuming and expensive to research these microcap stocks.

CORRINA: Why is that?

ALEX: Well, as I’ve said, Wall Street doesn’t cover many of these stocks.

And getting financial details on them can be difficult.

You can’t just look them all up on a Bloomberg terminal like you can with big stocks like Apple or Microsoft.

For many of them, the financial data isn’t always available through regular research services.

As a result, often you actually have to pay for extra data from specialized research firms.

And then we have an entire team of people that sift through it looking for those microcaps that match our system.

We spend millions of dollars every year just on our staff and research data.

But it’s worth it because it leads us to incredible microcaps you can’t find through the normal channels.

CORRINA: Well, it makes sense that not everyone may be able to afford a subscription to your research service.

I know you normally charge $10,000 a year.

Of course, even at that price, these microcaps could pay off the subscription cost in a very short period.

Consider... just 1,000 shares of Tandem Diabetes Care, which cost only $3,860 when I told a small group about it... would have paid out $69,290.


CORRINA: Now, folks, because this deal is so good...

And because Alex has more than 500,000 readers and only a few spots... I have to make one thing clear.

These memberships are final.

It’s just not fair to allow anyone to take up a space in this microcap service if they don’t plan to keep it.

But, Alex, again... you told me you have something special planned for your members, which I think you’ve never offered before.

ALEX: Yes, I do.

For our viewers today, I’m actually going to make a guarantee I’ve never done before.

CORRINA: What does that mean exactly?

ALEX: If any member doesn’t see the chance to collect at least one triple-digit gain every single month over the next 12 months, per my recommendations, all they have to do is call us up and let our team know.

And I will comp them a free year of Oxford Microcap Trader.

CORRINA: That’s great, Alex.

ALEX: And there’s one more big benefit I want to mention.

I want every viewer to know they are never alone when they join Oxford Microcap Trader.

Every single person today will have a full VIP Concierge Team to back them up.

So if a Member has a question, they are one phone call away from a knowledgeable, helpful VIP representative who will try to help them with any questions they have about their subscription... no matter how small.

CORRINA: Well, folks, this is it!

Remember, Alex is accepting ONLY 99 people today.

This tight limit on new subscriptions allows YOU to maintain maximum profit potential.

It’s first come, first served, to keep the group small and intimate.

No exceptions can be made.

Now’s the time to act.

Look, you have three choices right now...

  1. You can work longer to supplement your income.
  2. You can spend less and save more.
  3. Or you can fast-track your investment returns with microcaps.

If those first two choices sound good to you, then this service might not be right for you.

But if you’re looking to truly accelerate your retirement and choose the third option, I urge you click on the button below.

It says, “Yes, I want Alex’s #1 Microcap for 2020.

Or, if you’d prefer to call right away to claim your spot, Alex’s VIP Member Services Team is ready and waiting for your call.

The number is on your screen.

I suggest you move quickly.

These spots will go FAST.

If you’re ready to rock and roll right now... I would suggest clicking that button below this video and claiming your spot as a subscriber to Oxford Microcap Trader immediately.

Because once it hits 99 members, you’ll be put on the waitlist.

Remember, once you’re on the waitlist, as soon as a spot opens up, you’ll be the first person they’ll call.

You’ll unfortunately miss out on Alex’s current picks, but there will be plenty going forward.

But, if you claim your spot today, you’ll immediately receive Alex’s research, including the new report, “The #1 Microcap for 2020.”

You’ll want to act quickly once you receive it.

The stock just hit Alex’s Profit Trigger... so it could make a major move in the coming weeks... if not sooner.

And Alex has five more microcaps he found leading up to today’s presentation... that he simply didn’t want to wait on.

You have a LOT of opportunity to start making money right out of the gate.

So don’t wait.

Claim your spot right now by clicking “Yes, I want Alex’s #1 Microcap for 2020” below.

Click below to see exactly what you’ll get when you subscribe. 

Clicking doesn’t obligate you to do anything.

It just takes you to a secure page where you can review everything – laid out in a clear, concise manner.

Or you can call our team here in Maryland at 888.570.9830 or 410.864.3090.

I’m Corrina Sullivan.

For Alex Green and The Oxford Club, thank you for joining us today.

October 2020