Part Plant... Part Animal... A One-of-a-Kind Hybrid!

“Silicon Valley legends. Billionaire financiers. Patent attorneys. They’re all awakening to the massive potential of an industry preparing to emerge from darkness.” – Fortune Magazine

What I’m about to tell you may sound like science fiction...

Yet what’s contained in this eyedropper...

Is so powerful...

The $8 TRILLION healthcare industry is on fire.

A single dose of what I’m holding... could change everything we know about the human brain.


Dr Robin Carhart-Harris, head of psychedelic research at Imperial College London, said...

“We have shown for the first time clear changes in brain activity...
“And it’s all because... this natural substance is unlike ANYTHING on our planet.”

What it was derived from... is truly miraculous.

Not quite plant...

Not quite living organism...

A rare hybrid species I’ll tell you more about later on.

But from this hybrid species, scientists have discovered a chemical compound... one that’s able to be grown in labs... 100% naturally, without interfering with nature.

The billionaires backing this research... like Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary... and PayPal’s Peter Thiel... are CONVINCED it’s going to be one of the greatest investments of their career.

To the doctors in the lab... it must seem like the next step of human evolution!

I call it “Living Medicine” because the atoms in this substance are truly ALIVE and could be capable of unimaginable regenerative properties.

And if the early findings are correct...

Living Medicine could be as transformative to our society as penicillin, which single-handedly fixed many serious health conditions.

That was making history THEN... What you’re looking at is making history NOW... It’s about to smash every record and scientific development we’ve seen.

Come with me now... inside the human brain.

All of our research shows... our brain loses its strength... its elasticity... That means memory... motor functions... they get worse as we age. You may have noticed this yourself with older friends or family.

Now watch... In time, it may be possible to stimulate growth for those brain cells and rebuild...

In time, it may be possible to stimulate growth for those brain cells and rebuild... perhaps even stronger than before.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg...

Imagine depression gone... forever.

Clinical trials conducted by NYU and Johns Hopkins found it helped cancer patients cure their depression within a single dose.

More research shows it could help completely reverse the battle-induced PTSD for our soldiers.

80% of smokers quit after one single dose! Now researchers testing it on alcoholism.

Another study by 60 Minutes found it’s nonaddictive.

I want to be clear, I’m NOT talking about marijuana or CBD right now. What is in this eyedropper is NOT marijuana or CBD.

Rather, it is a one-of-a-kind substance called “psilocybin.”

This is found ONLY in the unique hybrid species I’m going to show you.

And while this is still in trial research periods, I believe this Living Medicine is at the forefront of EVERYTHING that’s going to accelerate brain science in the next 10 years. I’m absolutely certain of it.

And I’m not the only one who thinks this!

Peter Thiel, founder of PayPal... Palantir... and Founders Fund. One of Forbes’ 1,000 RICHEST men on the planet.

He’s completely backing this industry and one of its leading companies.

And he knows people are going to call him crazy... He recently said...

“The best entrepreneurs know this: every great business is built around a secret that’s hidden from the outside.”

This opportunity is the most hidden breakthrough I’ve ever seen.

With the track record Peter Thiel has... wouldn’t you want to get in alongside him in this new industry?

Then there’s Christian Angermayer... the hedge fund LEGEND with $365 million in assets. He’s getting in with his buddy Peter Thiel.

Same with hedge guru Michael Novogratz and his $250 MILLION fund!

He’s also a ground-floor investor.

You know who else is getting in? Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank.

He’s betting big on Living Medicine as well – recently getting in on a $6 MILLION round of funding.

All of this activity among famous billionaires has alerted the attention of investigative reporters.

Fortune magazine discovered:

Silicon Valley legends. Billionaire financiers. Patent attorneys. They’re all awakening to the massive potential of an industry preparing to emerge from darkness. – Fortune magazine, February 2020

I’ve known about this alongside these billionaires for years.

I’ve been preparing for this EXACT moment.

When the companies finally see promise to emerge from the trial stage... and prepare for the moment that all of what I’m about to tell you goes mainstream.

Until now, they’ve seen explosive growth... but they’ve been too small for me to recommend to 150,000 Oxford Club Members.

But now, Living Medicine is like a giant awakening from slumber.

The market is projected to grow at an annual rate of 16.3% over the next eight years to  reach $6.85 billion by 2027, according to Data Bridge Market Research.

We’re talking massive growth over time!

And while a lot of these stocks are still in their earliest and most volatile phase...

The gains can be absolutely breathtaking when you find the one.

As with any stocks in a new sector, there are those that won’t make it and will end up in the dustbin of history. But the stocks that DO MAKE it have massive upside potential.

Just look what’s been happening to the BEST Living Medicine Stocks we pulled to show you from the market.

Captiva Verde... this company was $0.20 coming out of the Corona Crash in April...

And still, even the WORST crash in financial history couldn’t keep this stock down...

Other stocks may have gone down...

But Captiva hit $0.48 just two months later. Investors could have DOUBLED their money in two months!


Yet not a shred of media coverage. That’s how hidden from the outside this is, just like Peter Thiel said...

Imagine once it goes mainstream.

As the sector grows at that double-digit rate I mentioned to you before...

We could continue to see opportunities for incredible gains!

Sure, some of these stocks aren’t going to make it – this is a “swing for the fences”-type investment.

So I do NOT recommend you invest more than you can lose.

But when you get it right on Living Medicine stocks... the gains can be more than enough to make up for any setbacks.

Look at a stock like Revive Therapeutics.

This stock was a PENNY in December 2019.

A penny!

Meaning you don’t have to invest much and risk it – a little capital goes a LONG WAY with these.

On May 26, 2020, Revive opened at a high of $0.27. A 2,600% gain in six months.


One more, just because I’m excited for you...

And I’m thrilled I finally get to put this in the hands of our Members...

This is going to be an extraordinary example... and I can’t promise these kind of results.

But this is the kind of grand slam I’m hoping to find for you!

And it also shows you the power of these stocks... and how a small investment can change your life forever...

This stock is called Ehave.

It was a penny and a half in December 2019.

By March 17, 2020... It was $0.99 at the high.

That’s a 6,500% increase.


For $1,500, you could have bought 100,000 shares of the stock.

And that $1,500 flyer...

Would have turned into a MASSIVE payday as the stock moved closer to $0.99.

Now, would you have to be lucky? You bet. And have exceptional timing? Of course.

Stocks like Ehave are rare.

And other penny stocks drop to zero.


This is the power of investing in a brand-new market like Living Medicine.

And this is why I want everyone to know about it NOW, when it’s in the beginning stages and the profit potential is the BIGGEST.

When you can put in $500 or $1,000... and see life-changing results. And not risk a lot of capital if a stock doesn’t work out.

Up until now, I’ve been anxiously waiting because these Living Medicine stocks were too small for our hundreds of thousands of Members to get into.

When they were just a penny I couldn’t do it. These companies weren’t even off the ground yet. The risk would have been too great.

And while small caps can still be volatile... the upside potential here is too good to pass up.

Because make no mistake... we are now at a tipping point, which is why your timing couldn’t be better.

Living Medicine therapies could go completely mainstream as soon as 2021 according to two independent sources.

This is the PIVOTAL moment where a small amount of money invested could turn into an absolute windfall.

The medical community has never seen anything like this...

Nobody has!

Then again, it’s often been said that neuroscience is in its infancy.

We know more about the moons of Jupiter than our own brain!

That’s all about to change in the next few months... when these six tiny companies take the $8 TRILLION medical world by storm.

Only the true ground-floor guys know about this.

The REAL silicon valley power players like Peter Thiel.

The REAL shark tank investors like Kevin O’Leary.

I want you to get in now... when a small grubstake in Living Medicine... over time... could be one of the greatest investments you EVER make.

I’ve put together a special report on the BEST companies in the world creating this Living Medicine.

There are only six I would touch if I were you.

These six companies have the most sizable advantage from my analysis. And they have the lion’s share of this discovery and this market in their grasp.

Imagine the gains you could be sitting on all because you knew about this ONLY when the smart money billionaires knew about it.

I am going to show you how to claim the Living Medicine report that reveals ALL the companies DURING this presentation.

So if you click out and leave, you’ll get nothing.

Your profit opportunity will likely go to someone else.

But if we move quickly... I think we can play this situation just as we’ve done before with NEW and EXCITING investment trends.

I have helped folks make a killing with my research on brand-new markets

Matthew Carr

Now, before we get started, my name is Matthew Carr.

And it’s my job at The Oxford Club to know what the next trend is going to be months and often YEARS before the mainstream news ever finds out about it.

For instance...

Remember when cloud technology came out? Most people didn’t have a clue it would get big.

People were like, “Upload my what to the cloud?”

Now people can’t remember anyone’s phone number or save their photo without cloud technology!

Then as the internet expanded beyond the cloud...

I saw something NEW.

A form of money that existed solely on the internet.

It even sounded mysterious all those years ago... “bitcoin.”

I first wrote about bitcoin in an article when it was around $600 in July 2016.


Today it's more than $50,000.

It was an obscure trend where a small investment could have changed your life with the right timing.

I predict Living Medicine will be no different. And if you need more proof...

Just look back to what we saw recently when scientists and researchers realized you could treat people with CBD and medical marijuana.


I saw that trend coming, too.

In 2017, I started noticing marijuana laws were rapidly changing...

And with these types of new markets, you want to get in early.

That’s when the biggest opportunities are.

My early recommendations from another service gave my readers the chance to TRIPLE their money in six months on Canopy Growth – one of the biggest names in the biz...

And DOUBLE their money on Aphria Growth in four months’ time.

Those successes were a big part of the lead-up to launching our research today... and having something at The Oxford Club completely dedicated to blazing new trails and investing in new trends.

Our track record today on closed positions, stocks and options is 20%.

Meaning we've averaged 20%, winners and losers.

And our holding period is just 85 days!

And our grand-slam plays when we get it right are even BIGGER.

I closed out a MASSIVE 2,710% partial gain on Sea Ltd. in August of 2020! From a position we held for just four months!!

My system has been absolutely crushing the markets.

Of course, it's important to remember, past performance is no guarantee of future results. And you should never invest more than you can stand to lose.

But what I love about this new Living Medicine market...

EVERYTHING is trending upward!


And this new market is one where the billionaires are more excited than ever!

And prices will never be cheaper. You can get in with a Shark Tank investor like Kevin O’Leary... for pennies!

That’s why I’m telling you about Living Medicine today.

It’s the next no-brainer trend...

And sources are predicting that by 2021 it could be in treatment and therapy centers, moving out of the clinical trials we’re in now.

And by 2027, it could be a $6.8 BILLION industry.

We’re talking billions...

Yet these companies barely measure in the millions!

This is why I feel that NOW is the time to get into these stocks – or you’ll regret it forever.

This is the breakthrough moment for investors, which is why the billionaires are going all-in.

For the past two years, I’ve been waiting for this trend to hit the mainstream.

Waiting to replicate these kinds of results yet again in order to lift our track record to FAR outperform anything we’ve done in the past!

I’m hot on the heels of Shark Tank investors and other famous investors... yet as far as I know, I’m the ONLY person who knows about these six stocks!

As for the profit potential...

You could be looking at the chance to turn a couple hundred bucks into major money!

Now, there is always risk to investing, and small stocks like this can often be even more volatile. We never recommend you bet the farm on these trades.

But when you get it right on these... you don’t have to. I showed you how $1,000 in a Living Medicine stock like Ehave turned into nearly six figures.


That’s why I actually recommend sprinkling just a little into each stock. That way you ensure yourself the best chance at success without putting down too much!

With speculative stocks like these, we expect some losers along the way.

But here’s the thing...

If our best-case scenario plays out...

And we find that play that makes you 1,000% on your money...

It will NOT matter if you struck out once or twice along the way, or even if the losers are more frequent than the winners. All it takes is one big winner when you get in on these trends before everyone else.

The billionaires backing Living Medicine know it... That’s why they’ve gotten in now.

The FDA knows it... That’s why they gave this treatment a breakthrough therapy designation to expedite the development and review of this treatment..

NOW is the time to get in...

I’ve put together a package that shows you exactly what these six stocks are, and I’ve outlined their massive growth potential and profitability.

And I’ll reveal something extra to you, too...

I’ll show you how to become what’s called a "round lot" investor before these companies grow bigger and bigger.

Round lot investors are the highest status of investor.

And I’ll show you how you could accumulate hundreds or THOUSANDS of shares for just a few bucks and become one.

My report is going to walk you through everything. And you can open it on your phone, iPad, computer... whatever you want.

I will show you how to get my report on the six Living Medicine stocks and more in a moment, but first...

Let me finally tell you what this revolutionary discovery is made of.

Because Living Medicine treatment is like nothing else on Earth...

Here’s How It Works

First off, all you have to do is take a single dose in pill form.


No needle.

No scalpel.

No foreign elements getting injected into your body when you take Living Medicine.

So what is it exactly?

Psilocybin, as I mentioned before, is a substance that is as naturally occurring as air or water. It actually comes from a species of fungi...

Yet another penicillin parallel!

It’s funny how the world’s greatest medical breakthroughs can hide in plain sight!

But it’s truly phenomenal... no other species of plant has this chemical in it.

Literally NOTHING.

And what’s truly remarkable about this species... is that it’s not quite plant... not quite animal. It’s a rare combination hybrid.

Which may be why it’s been holding these secrets right under our noses!

The good news is... scientists have found a way to grow living medicine rapidly in a lab, so there’s no need to wait for nature to produce this miracle substance – that’s a benefit not even marijuana can boast!

And you can decide how to take it.


In a powder, packed into a small capsule, sometimes only 475 micrograms.

You can dissolve the powder into tea or liquid if you don’t prefer to swallow something – which plenty of people do.

Or you can just drop a little eyedropper under your tongue.

A cancer patient revealed to one Colorado news outlet that vials as small as this size contain more than a YEAR’S supply to medicate pain.

A small powder or liquid.

That’s it.

That’s all it takes for Living Medicine to go to work on your body and potentially help treat you within a single dose. And that’s confirmed by CNN as they interviewed doctors at NYU.

But here’s what’s TRULY revolutionary.

It could help rewire and stimulate growth in parts of your brain.

You probably know that, as we age, we become forgetful. We can’t possibly remember every nugget of information.

Basically our brains lose a couple of horsepower with each passing year.

Living Medicine could help reverse that.

Think of your brain like this... before and after Living Medicine...

One of these images looks like it has a few pathways...

The other looks like a neural superhighway.

neural pathway

Studies on this are still in their infancy... but neuroscience itself is in its infancy!

It is said we know more about our solar system... than what is inside our own skull.

But Living Medicine is the tip of the sword when it comes to neuroscience advancement.

This could be the ANSWER neuroscientists have been looking for. How to re-awaken those long-lost parts of the brain!

This potential of stimulating growth of brain cells is why everyone is simply astounded by Living Medicine.

Now let me tell you a little bit about the chemistry behind it.

According to the DPA, the Drug Policy Alliance...

The main active ingredient in Living Medicine.... psilocybin...

“Is not considered to be addictive, nor does it cause compulsive use.”

Johns Hopkins University determined the same thing, citing on its website...

“Research shows that the drug has low potential for abuse and dependence.”

Unlike narcotics...

Or pharmaceutical pills that become addictive...

Or even the folks who enjoy marijuana a little too much...

That’s NOT the case with this Living Medicine.

It really can offer the best possible treatment with the fewest possible side effects.

Think of those affected by Alzheimer’s, PTSD, depression and the countless brain disorders out there. The number is in the hundreds of millions according to the World Health Organization.

Hundreds of millions... that’s a lot of people this could help, right?

So let me give you a glimmer of the profit potential here...

Because I know I just explained a LOT of science and numbers here...

Let’s take a look at a marijuana pharmaceutical stock that made a similar treatment, but only for people suffering from two rare forms of seizures or epilepsy.

Only about 3 1/2 million folks have epilepsy here in the states. That is a fraction of the patient base that Living Medicine could help.

Now, this was also the FDA’s FIRST-EVER drug derived from cannabidiol.

So, even though it was a much smaller market, this treatment was a TRUE ground-floor opportunity, just like Living Medicine. It was a breakthrough! Just like Living Medicine.

This is not one I recommended. At its low, this stock went from $8 and change... to peaks of more than $124 over time.

A 1,450% gain.


14X gains!

And consider, this company’s claim to fame is making a product for just 3 1/2 million people...

Now consider...

If Living Medicine’s research continues to show positive results, someday it could treat 300 million people worldwide with depression.

And here in the States...

  • 5.2 million Americans with PTSD
  • 5 million people with dementia and Alzheimer’s.
  • 38 million smokers.
  • 8.1 million alcoholics.

I think 14x gains like GW Pharmaceuticals could be small potatoes.

Remember, that stock was $8.

And its treatment was for a FRACTION of that patient base.

If any one of these six companies follows the same trajectory as GW Pharmaceuticals... we could snag one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for ourselves!

And that rare and extraordinary chance is WORTH taking! That’s why the billionaires are plowing their money into it.

And it’s why Fortune magazine recently published an article begging the question, “Is this Silicon Valley’s next big bet?”


I’m telling you, it is!

This is an incredible time to get in on the ground floor.

When the billionaires like Peter Thiel and his buddies are moving in.


Remember, Peter Thiel was in early on Facebook, SpaceX, Airbnb and Lyft.

He’s worth more than $2.3 billion because he knows how to spot a new market.

And he’s one of the first people moving in on Living Medicine.

Or how about this... do you ever watch Shark Tank or know about it?

Mr. Wonderful, millionaire Kevin O Leary, is moving in on this.

And you know how tough he is to get to invest on the show! One of the – if not THE – TOUGHEST people to convince.

And yet, he is going all-in according to the reports.

In fact, he’s behind one of the six companies I’m going to tell you about today.

So don’t get up from your chair or click out of this video – you’re literally going to get the details Mr. Wonderful invested $6.2 million to find out!

He’s not the only one...

Tim Ferriss, bestselling author and entrepreneur and worth a whopping $110 million, is also getting in on this trend.

Meanwhile, every scientist and doctor in the lab is utterly fascinated by it.


In fact, as researchers dug deeper and deeper into the origins of Living Medicine...

They actually found ancient medical texts referencing it...

They found it’s quietly been used by cultures for hundreds of years!

Throughout History Cultures Have Used This Living Medicine... in More Archaic Ways

Now... many of the world’s best medicines were actually used throughout history before they were fully understood by scientists.

Take aspirin...

It comes from the Willow plant.


And its first documented use dates back to the ancient Egyptians as an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever.

The Greeks used it too.

Hippocrates, of the Hippocractic oath fame, used Willow tea to ease the pain of childbirth.

But it wasn’t until 1897, when German chemist Felix Hoffmann discovered the actual compound for aspirin, that it took off as a modern medicine.

Today, 40,000 tons of aspirin are produced annually... generating hundreds of millions in profits every year.

Living Medicine is likely to have a similar story because it’s a natural and effective medicine.

And its use also dates back to ancient peoples.

Celtic Druids called it the “Flesh of the Gods” because of its mental-boosting attributes.

Egyptians reserved the source of the Living Medicine EXCLUSIVELY for royalty. Because they believed it increased longevity, even by their very archaic standards!

The ancient Chinese also knew about it...

Forms of Living Medicine were even documented as early as 29th century B.C. in The Divine Farmer’s Materia Medica.

They didn’t have the kind of technology or capabilities we have today.

But we’ve seen time and time again that old knowledge can have transformative modern applications.

Even as recently as 1928...

LESS than 100 years ago...

Nobody realized the mold from an old orange... would become instrumental in developing penicillin... until Alexander Fleming thought to put it under a microscope.


The SAME story is playing out with Living Medicine.

It’s untapped potential has sat for centuries...


Until now.

And that’s why the smart money and billionaires are so excited.

And why I am excited to get you the details on the stocks cornering the market for Living Medicine.

And make no mistake...

It’s happening quicker than you think.

Living Medicine Is About to Go Mainstream

I wouldn’t even be wasting your time right now...

If I didn’t think this was going to go completely mainstream in the weeks and months ahead.

I mentioned before the FDA has given Living Medicine BREAKTHROUGH STATUS.

But that’s not all.

Across the country, on a state-by-state basis...

New bills are being written to start moving to allow folks to have Living Medicine.

From the West Coast and California... to the midlands like Colorado... to the southwest of New Mexico... it’s spreading everywhere like wildfire.

For instance...

A program called “Initiative 301” in Colorado was signed into effect late in 2019...

The proposal received more than 89,320 VOTES.

And with that historic vote... Initiative 301 was signed into law!  These laws are paving the way for this new treatment as Living Medicine gets the necessary greenlights from the FDA and the government

But Colorado isn’t the only one!

Just a month later, California followed suit.

New Mexico has almost completely given the greenlight, and they’re ready to go.

The FDA has also allowed doctors in Texas to start researching...

Oregon is in the process of starting a program as well!

As are the researchers I told you about at Johns Hopkins in Maryland...

And Florida’s getting on board – with half a million people with Alzheimer’s in the Sunshine State, this could be huge for the state!


It’s spreading rapid-fire across the country and for good reason.

The mental health crisis... is estimated to cost the world $16 TRILLION in the next 10 years.

We are DESPERATE for something that can help treat chronic pain, pill addiction, depression, PTSD and these debilitating diseases of the mind.

To me, the writing is on the wall...

If these states can get their best scientists...

Their best schools...

Their best doctors...

Their best state legislators...

All working toward the SAME goal...

I think it’s obvious...

The main companies in this space are going to reward shareholders with once-in-a-lifetime gains.

Millions of folks are going to finally start catching on in 2020...

It’s about to hit that breakout moment. When folks start talking about it like they do their favorite show on Netflix.

That tipping-point moment... when regular folks in the mainstream start asking... how do I invest in this?

And I think these stocks are going to SKYROCKET over time.

Which is why I want you to know about them now.

Not six months from now.


And why I want to send you my report on Living Medicine which reveals the stocks.

Because this is the moment...

It could feel like watching the same movie twice.

You know how it’s going to end.

Just like when cryptocurrency got popular... just like when marijuana stocks got popular.

This is when a mega-trend emerges from the shadows.

My expertise is on finding new investment markets as they develop.

I’m quite literally the Chief Trends Strategist at The Oxford Club, with more than 100,000 Members counting on me to find it before everyone else.

And I think this Living Medicine is going to create the third new booming market of the past decade.

Think for a second...

Five years ago, people thought you were smoking pot if you told them about marijuana stocks.

Ten years ago, nobody knew what a cryptocurrency was.

People looked at you like you were insane.

Trading paper money... for digital money?

That’s how it always is.

Peter Thiel, Michael Novogratz and Christian Angermayer all jumped into crypto very early.

Now these same guys are doing it again with Living Medicine.

They’re pushing their chips back into the middle of the table...

Novogratz recently told Bloomberg reporters, “It just feels like a cultural shift is going on.”

And he’s absolutely right.

A shift is going on.

This is a HUGE moment in our culture when folks get introduced to Living Medicine.

When hundreds of millions of people worldwide have their lives changed.

It’s a before-and-after moment for all of humanity, just like penicillin or aspirin.

Kevin O’Leary, the famous Shark Tank investor, said this about Living Medicine:

“As an investor, I am attracted to [This Living Medicine Company] because they are solving health problems through federally authorized clinical trials.”

But here’s what I REALLY love about Living Medicine compared with cryptocurrencies or pot stocks or other trends I saw...

Living Medicine can actually SOLVE the problems we are facing eventually.

Sure, crypto might one day have a clear purpose. We’re still waiting for when that day will come.

And medical marijuana is helping a LOT of people.

But I told you those stories only to show you the power of early adoption...

And how it pays to get in early with the smart money.

Now here’s why Living Medicine is so much better than those short-lived trends...

The companies creating this Living Medicine are working to help thousands of people right now with chronic pain, depression, brain function and more.

This is a LONG-term trend that will only get bigger.

This is a $34 BILLION potential market... and the companies I’m sharing with you have market caps in the mere millions.

They could grow 10... 20... 50 times in size and still have room to go.

They could grow 1,000 TIMES in size... and still be worth only a billion.

More than that...

You get to be a part of history and helping people.

Veterans with PTSD...

Cancer patients with depression...

Alzheimer’s patients who have trouble remembering their friends and family.

This is a chance to actually do some good in the world by backing these companies as they explode in value.

Living Medicine can help countless people within a single dose.

Get this...

80% of smokers who took Living Medicine... were able to quit the habit cold turkey within three doses.


This stuff is UBER-powerful.

Which is why an eyedropper of this Living Medicine could rewrite history books and medical journals on treatment.

It’s kind of how medical marijuana played out for investors...

Remember when they started realizing marijuana could treat disorders? And it suddenly blew up?

From Parkinson’s...


To helping folks who abused prescriptions...


That’s why when you look back at history, you see how the companies that were FIRST to try this revolutionary idea... were rewarded handsomely...

Abattis Pharmaceuticals launched from $0.03 to $2.21.

That’s a peak gain of 7,226% in three months’ time!


If you had been lucky enough to time it perfectly, it could have turned $500 into more than $36,000!

Sure, plenty of marijuana stocks were busts.

But I can’t even count how many weed stocks blasted off back then, when it was still a brand-new industry.

That’s why I think it’s important to at least give yourself a chance here with a small investment.

Yes, you could lose it. But the potential reward is so big that in my opinion, it is well worth it.

Ask yourself...

Do you want to get in on an opportunity like those again?

An opportunity accepted by billionaires and the people pouring money into it?

The medical professionals testing it?

The FDA giving it breakthrough therapy status?

That’s what’s in front of you right now.

Living Medicine is the FUTURE!

Now, I said before that I love this development because it can actually HELP people.

I think marijuana stocks went through a hard time because they got so caught up in legalization and opening retail shops. They stopped innovating.

I think that’s a big reason why they went down and adversely affected our track record and why we ultimately exited that space.

It’s time to move on from that trend!

With Living Medicine, I think it’s going to be completely different.

The doctors are amazed by it.

Billionaires can’t throw enough money at it.

And new discoveries happen by the day!

Looking back, there are REAL examples of companies in this industry that are already performing well, even coming out of a tough market!


Now, I know these are huge numbers.

A lot of money could be made here.

But be realistic. We expect losers here or there along the way. That’s why I never recommend you invest more than you can afford to lose.

But if even ONE of the stocks I’m going to show you goes up like the examples you’ve seen today, that could be life-changing...

All it could take is a small investment to potentially see life-changing money!

I’m talking maybe $500 or $1,000 tops in these stocks.

Worst-case scenario, you’re out a little bit of money if one of the stocks doesn’t work out.

And best-case scenario, you help secure your retirement FOREVER in a single investment.

But think about it this way...

Billionaires are getting in early for pennies... and you should be, too.

It’s my No. 1 investment going forward in the year ahead.

And if you know me...

Or follow my work here at The Oxford Club...

You know my research is some of the best we offer.

I currently hold the highest gain in Oxford Club history.

That’s no easy feat when you work shoulder-to-shoulder with former hedge fund managers and Wall Street insiders.

But I like to think it’s because I focus only on the next big thing.

And I know this opportunity is going to be the single greatest investment opportunity of all of 2020.

I’ve literally NEVER seen anything on the planet that’s like Living Medicine.

Then again...

No one has!

The doctors... the billionaires... the researchers... the scientists... all of them are absolutely blown away by the results we’re seeing.

And while what has happened in the past is no guarantee of what is to come, like bitcoin or marijuana stocks or 5G or any of the other trends you’ve seen...

I believe it could be like you’re watching the same movie twice!

That’s why I want you to know the stocks set to dominate this space.

Because after they launch, everyone is going to want to know... where can I get stocks like these?

And that’s the problem of trying to do it yourself!

More and More Research Is Coming Out... Living Medicine Is the Next Big Thing!

When something starts to become big, everyone acts like they have a hand in it.

Every company suddenly latches onto the trend, even if they aren’t in on it!

That’s why you can’t just pick a Living Medicine company all willy-nilly.

But I think these stocks...

Represent the best opportunity in this space.

And don’t worry, you do NOT need to be a private accredited investor like Peter Thiel and his buddies to get in on these Living Medicine companies.

I’ve identified the only publicly traded ones investors should be looking at.

Bloomberg reported on February 11, 2020, “Move over pot. [Living Medicine] companies are about to go public.”


MarketWatch expects the IPO market at large to “crank into high gear.”


And I can’t help but think it’s because of this MASSIVE new development...

Green Entrepreneur published a report saying...

“[Living Medicines] are following a similar trajectory to cannabis – and investors are taking notice.”


Remember the tech boom, when companies like this would IPO nonstop, and it lifted the well-established companies EVEN HIGHER?

You’re watching the same show twice... You should know what’s going to happen.

It’s a telltale sign this market is about to enter its next massive growth phase.

More and more companies are scrambling to get into this space.

But the stocks I’ve identified...

They’ve been waiting, building a moat around this industry and getting to market FIRST with their research and treatment.

Heck, I think it’s time I tell you about them.

Let Me Detail the ONLY Publicly Traded Companies Worth Looking at...

The first company just inked a $500,000 deal with another group that wants the right to grow Living Medicine here in the United States.

It actually has a proprietary extraction technology it first perfected in the hemp industry.

It’s a proven system, something I love to see. And now it’s applying its extraction technique to Living Medicine.

A few more bullet points that come from my own analysis include...

  • Its majority-owned subsidiary just completed the design for a preclinical study for using Living Medicine for weight loss and food craving. Obesity is a global epidemic killing 2.8 million people each year.
  • The company has more than 200 wellness formulas in various stages of commercialization with 14 patent applications filed.
  • The company currently has retail operations in three countries but plans to expand to 12 more.
  • The global wellness market is a $4.2 trillion opportunity.
  • The company’s management team includes people who cut their teeth at Johnson & Johnson and Procter & Gamble as well as Skechers and Aritzia. This, to me, legitimizes this company BIG-time.

My Second Living Medicine Company...

The second company is testing easy-to-use Living Medicine drops...

Now, I told you before you could get in with a Shark Tank investor...

Mr. Wonderful is an investor in this company. He was part of a $6 MILLION investing round.

As if that wasn’t reason enough to get excited...

On the board of directors is none other than legendary Bruce Linton, who took Canopy Growth to the mainstream.

That stock launched to $50 at its peak!

Imagine what this Living Medicine stock could do with Bruce at the wheel again.

Of course, we’re going to have to time it just right and nothing is guaranteed in investing... but we’re swinging for the fences, and we’ve already got Mr. Wonderful on third base!

My Third Living Medicine Company

The third company just 1.7% of institutions know about... It’s on only 1.7% of banks’ radars.

And here is what has me on the edge of my seat...

As I mentioned before, the billionaires and hedge fund guys are among the ONLY ones who know about Living Medicine...

And they’re certainly going to do whatever it takes to profit from it.

You better believe when this company gets discovered by the other institutions and ownership increases, it’s going to send the share price even higher!

This is what I mean when I say NOW is the time to get in... when the gains are set up to be the easiest... when the shares are this cheap!

And that brings me to the next breakout company I’ve identified...

My Fourth Living Medicine Stock Is Near and Dear to Me...

The cool thing is... this was one of the FIRST companies I ever found dabbling with Living Medicine. It kind of sent me down this journey.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, this company reported record revenue of $33 million, an increase of 152%. And this was its 10th consecutive quarter of record revenue.

So these guys are hanging in there while countless businesses are closing up shop forever.

That’s what you want, a company that can weather the storm!

It also has a partnership with the blue chip company 3M, further legitimizing this company’s product.

In my opinion, this is one of the most solid companies in the space.

This Fifth Living Medicine Company Is Off the Charts!

My fifth company is expanding globally and growing its operations. It’s based in Canada but now has operations in Australia and Malaysia.

This is pivotal because you want those companies that are capturing global markets, not just here in the States.

We forget that there are billions of people out there with the same problems as the 300 or so million Americans in our country. It’s a BIG global market, and these guys are chasing it down.

The CEO of this company has 15 years of pharmaceutical experience, including a division of Johnson & Johnson.

My Sixth and Final Living Medicine Company

My sixth and final Living Medicine stock I’ve saved for last for a very important reason.

It just completed a massive acquisition of a fellow company.

And with this acquisition, it gets the RIGHT to three separate Phase 1 trials and a preclinical trial.

This is a HUGE advantage out of the gate – securing the right to try a medicine.

It also secures this company a partnership with InterVivo Solutions, Canada’s largest neuroscience-focused preclinical contract research organization.

As I’ve told you today, Living Medicine is considered a breakthrough therapy by the FDA – that’s a very high status designation.

And this company already has the right to trials for its medicine.

That’s like getting a 30-second head start in a foot race. You can’t beat that advantage.

The bottom line is...

I really think this company, along with the other five I just told you about, is the best of the best.

And Living Medicine is the single most powerful investment I’ve ever seen.


I’ve put together a report called “Living Medicine: The Next Big Thing” that will show you the ticker symbols, the growth potential and the massive industry at the fingertips of these six stocks.

I also mentioned I’ll show you how to buy “round lots.”

Showing you how to possibly get hundreds or thousands of shares for just a few hundred bucks.

Because that’s the beauty of this research package I’ll be sending you.

Even if you put, say, only $500 in these stocks... we’re talking just $3,000 total to get started.

And that $3,000 could hand you LIFE-CHANGING results.

Even if we’re ULTRA-realistic and we don’t think too greedily...

A fraction of gains like that could improve your life.

I want to send you this report on all six stocks right now.

No waiting!

But you know what I’m about to say next...

This research is for ONLY the folks who subscribe to my big trend-research service Trailblazer Pro.

Because I Have Even MORE Stocks I’d Like to Show You... and More Trends Coming Down the Pipeline!

This kind of investing is what I live for! And I love running this research service here at The Oxford Club.

Because if I can be frank with you...

Talking about stocks like AT&T and Exxon... Procter & Gamble...

That’s BORING!

Nobody wants to hear a so-called trends expert tell them, “Go buy Amazon.”

That stock trades for, what? More than $2,000 a share?

The big gains are long gone.

What kind of opportunity am I setting you up for if I tell you about stocks that have already had their big run and their time in the sun?

No, that’s not how we do it at Trailblazer Pro, my research service.

We find companies that are embarking on exciting new paths...

Blazing new trails in the tech industry... the medicine industry... the cannabis industry... the virtual reality industry... in space... and beyond.

The ones that are just on the cusp of going mainstream... just now getting onto Wall Street’s radar before the big money pump.


Once a week, I find an investment opportunity.

I write to my followers about it.

I tell them exactly, point-blank: “Buy this stock, at this price and wait for your gains to come in.”

I break down the company for you and show you charts and graphs of their profitability. I even show you a way to automatically lock in the profits, should the stock suffer a momentary setback.

If you don’t like or don’t want that kind of insight... no big deal!

You can scroll right to the end of the Living Medicine report I’m about to send you for joining Trailblazer Pro.

And at the end of each section on the six companies... you’ll find the ticker, the buy-up-to price (since we never recommend you go chasing the price) and how to potentially collect your profits.

But I recommend you get all the info to decide whether this opportunity is right for you. That is why I take the time to give you all the research! And if you LIKE learning about the newest trends before anyone else...

If you’re fascinated by the world and all the new developments the 21st century is racing toward...

I think you’ll find we uncover some of the most fascinating stories on the planet.

It’s almost like reading a Sci-Fi magazine each week... a magazine that could happen to show you how to make you a LOT of money in the process.

In fact, while preparing for this presentation, I found two MAJOR blue chip companies that are going all-in in fields related to Living Medicine.

I Have Two More BONUS Recommendations I’d Like to Send You

I’d like to send you an extra bonus report on these companies...

Because this is a great way to diversify, and it’s a great way to balance out your portfolio with rock-solid companies.

I’d like to send you an additional report called “The Blue Chips of Living Medicine” on these companies.

That brings you to eight stocks in total! And that is in addition to all you get with a 12-month subscription to Trailblazer Pro.

That’s a lot of firepower to add to your arsenal.

You saw what just one or two of those penny pot stocks could have done for early investors if they sold at the right time...

Or the earliest 5G and cloud stocks...

The first cryptos...

I believe it’s the next big trend everyone is going to pile into.

And you know about it NOW.

You are coming out of the gate stronger than 99% of investors, with the main exception being the billionaires I’ve told you about today.

All of these advantages of getting in early...

It’s why we charge a premium for the research in Trailblazer Pro.

A Special Offer NOW

And the reason is simple...

Our publisher spends a LOT of money on me and my team to travel the globe and find these opportunities.

We regularly go to the world’s LARGEST trade shows and conventions...

We meet with CEOs... wine and dine them as we absorb the industry’s secrets.

I have a Bloomberg terminal in my office that costs us $23,000 a year... just to get the data we need to properly research stocks.

That’s $23,000 just for a computer!

This is high-level stuff here.

The kinds of connections you simply cannot get surfing the web and doing your own stock research, as admirable as that is!

We normally charge $4,000 a year.

But today, because I want you to be in on the ground floor of Living Medicine, we’re doing something different.

I told you I want to help you build a position in these stocks.

I asked my CEO to bring you in at our lowest rate.

The lowest price we can put on our books.

Cutting the price to $2,100.

Putting $1,900 back in your pocket.

Now, if I were you...

I’d take that $1,900 and plow it right back into these stocks. You can literally get hundreds of shares!

Of course, you’re free to do with it what you want.

But that way, you can put a couple hundred bucks into each company in my Living Medicine report if you decide this opportunity is right for you...

And it will feel like you’re playing with house money.

I think that’s the perfect way to get started with these companies.

And as you saw over and over today, that’s PLENTY of money to see BIG results from these companies if they blast off.

Now, I know some folks will say, “Matthew... $2K is kind of a lot. What kind of protection can you offer me with my subscription to Trailblazer Pro?”

And I can tell you... it’s the BEST layer of protection!

I Give My Subscribers the Best Damn Protection of Anyone in This Industry

Because it puts the burden of proof on ME.

And it holds my feet to the fire.

It’s my performance guarantee. Meaning if I don’t perform, I’m going to work for free.

I think it’s guarantees like this that make me one of the most fun strategists here at the Club.

My promise to you is this:

I am going to promise you the chance to double your money on 5 plays over the course of the next 12 months.

If I only double it 4 times and fall short...

We'll give you another year free.

I also have one more bonus for you...

My Free Options Primer for Multiplying Your Profits Many Times Over

Sometimes I like to recommend speculative plays on our stocks. Special trades found in the options market.

(Now, don’t get scared because you hear the “O” word.)

And they can be a force multiplier on your profits...

So when a stock goes up 10%...

You can make 100%.

Of course, there’s no precedent for how much it can multiply your gain.

And options still carry risk.

But I think they’re a useful way to grow your money.

And there’s no denying how popular options are getting with everyone at home trading stocks more than ever these days.

Options are also VERY easy to trade. I’ve taught almost everyone in my life how they work. Even first-time investors.

They’re not required to enjoy Trailblazer Pro and they are NOT required to capitalize on the eight Living Medicine stocks.


I just like to offer them because so many people ask me to show them. And some of our later plays will use them to increase our potential profits.

So I’ve put together another extra report for you called “Options and the Secret to Increasing Your Gains.”

As I mentioned, when a stock moves 10%, you can make as much as 100% – so if you’re looking to juice your returns, this is how you do it.

It’s exciting stuff!

So if you’re ready to get started...

If you’re ready to get all the stocks in my Living Medicine package... and the blue chip companies backing them...

My bonus options primer...

The direct line to our VIP services team...

Then let’s get started!

Because I’m ready to help you start profiting from my research on Living Medicine!

But before we do, I want to make one more thing very clear:

In the event I do not meet my strict requirements, you will be getting a LOT of extra market research at zero extra cost to you.

It’s my way of making sure we do right by you.

But it’s also why we consider all sales final today.

From here on out though, I have one mission and one mission only:

I Want to Help You Profit From the ONE THING That Billionaires, Scientists and Doctors Are OBSESSED With!

I’ve been tracking this situation for months now. I’ve been following all the money... the research... all the evidence. Waiting for that perfect entry point so you see a shot at explosive gains... versus sitting around and waiting.

I know the researchers on my team are excited to get started on this as well.

They’re just as passionate about this as I am. They see the huge potential as they crunch the numbers every day.

These Living Medicine stocks are primed like powder kegs.

You’ve got guys like Mr. Wonderful from Shark Tank pumping money in with his millionaire buddies.

Peter Thiel and the other pros.

You’ve also got my extra blue chip report that’s going to show you how to collect INCOME from this opportunity and one of the ONLY stocks that the Corona Crash couldn’t bring down!

But do not wait to get your copy of that report!

Report after report is coming out of Johns Hopkins, NYU and other world-renowned research facilities.

You’ve got veterans seeing their PTSD cured within ONE treatment.

Smokers kicking the habit after YEARS with one treatment.

Hundreds of MILLIONS of depressed people with the possibility of hope for the first time.

This is the pivotal moment...

As Fortune so eloquently put it...

Silicon Valley legends. Billionaire financiers. Patent attorneys. They’re all awakening to the massive potential of an industry preparing to emerge from darkness.

Do you remember when bitcoin and pot stocks emerged from darkness?

Do you remember when 5G stocks got hot?

It was like those trends came out of nowhere. And most investors can only DREAM of getting another opportunity like that.

An opportunity like the one in front of you... right now.

Living Medicine is going to change the world.

The only question is...

Will you live in regret because you didn’t get in?

Or will you see firsthand... how just a small investment can change the course of the rest of your life?

It’s a choice you have to make.

For The Oxford Club, I’m Matthew Carr.
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June 2020

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