I made $185,000 on Tilray... and $72,651 on Canopy Growth. Thank you again, Matthew!”

Ryan Brown

I’ve made $300,000, and I’m enjoying what God’s blessed me with!”

Tom Welsey

I made $54,900. I am extremely happy with your analysis and work!”

Ben Jackson


George: Good evening, everyone. I’m George Rayburn, your host this evening.

Tonight I’ll be interviewing America’ No. 1 marijuana profits expert, Matthew Carr.

This is a man who you’re going to want to listen to if you you’re even remotely interested in this exciting new industry.

His predictions are downright legendary.

In 2017, he went on record to say that Canada was about to legalize marijuana completely... and recommended a number of penny pot stocks. Half a dozen of the best saw highs from 100% all the way up to 1,091%.

Combined, those stocks created millions in pot stock profits for the folks who followed those recommendations.

Some of the folks who made this money are here in the audience...

In fact, just to show the folks watching at home... can we get a shot of the audience? Stand up if you were part of Matthew’s Canadian pot stock initiative...

You, sir... how’d you fare?

Audience Member: Well, the last time I followed Matthew on marijuana stocks, it was 2018, and he was urging investors to look at Canada’s newly legalized market...

He kept saying, “You get only one shot at this... They’re going to legalize it in Canada only once.”

So I decided to follow his recommendations.

George: And how’d you make out?

Audience Member: I made an absolute killing – $800,000 to be exact. Thanks, Matthew!

George: Incredible... simply amazing. Go ahead and sit back down. Heck, give them ALL another round of applause, folks. This is simply incredible what’s at stake today...

Because today he’s got something that could blow those achievements out of the water... something that he’s never discussed EVER with anyone.

What you’ll see today... is poised to result in a new crop of freshly minted marijuana millionaires.

Matthew has recently returned from the world’s BIGGEST cannabis conference in Las Vegas...

He met with CEOs... industry insiders... and all the heavy hitters in this new multibillion-dollar market... and he’ll reveal insights that you will NOT find on any investing website... along with the details on five stocks that are poised to skyrocket.

We’ve limoed him to the studio to reveal what he’s discovered. And you’re going to want to stick around because...

What he discovered at that conference has him 100% certain 2019 will be the year we remember as the marijuana mega-boom in penny pot stocks.

Even if you’ve never bought a penny pot stock in your life...

You could make enough in the next 12 months to earn marijuana millionaire status.

So make sure you write down all the details you’ll hear during this presentation.

And without further ado, let’s bring him out!

George: Matthew, welcome.

Matthew: Thanks, great to be here.

George: Matthew, your credentials are nothing short of amazing.

But I’m just going to come out of the gate hard and say what everyone at home is thinking:

How can you be so sure pot stocks weren’t just some fluke in Canada? How do you know they’re actually going to get legalized here in the States? It seems like quite a hill to climb.

Matthew: I know for one very good reason:

When I was invited to Las Vegas to hear from the most powerful people in the marijuana industry, I knew a U.S. congressman would be in attendance.

I wanted to listen to him specifically so that I could find out about a bill I had uncovered in my research and investigation of cannabis stocks.

And the more I listened... the more I realized just how much good this bill would do for states, marijuana and investor profits!

In fact, I want to show you what I saw... something I doubt anyone outside of Washington has seen... There’s a good chance this document has NEVER been featured on television or captured on screen. It’s as “inside Washington” as you can possibly get.

Here’s what the actual document looks like:

This new congressional bill called SIL18725 is set to kick off a tidal wave of new marijuana profits unlike anything this country has ever seen.

The congressman emphasized, multiple times, that this “marijuana bill” is supported all the way up the chain of command to President Trump.

And wouldn’t you know it...

The president said to The New York Times...

“Yes,” he will “end up supporting it.”

All of my analysis shows this marijuana bill will reduce the unnecessary federal interference in states that have legalized marijuana...

Meaning once the ink dries on this bill... states will have the right to better implement their marijuana laws.

This is shaping up to be the final MAJOR step towards full-on legalization.

And if you know the right penny pot stocks... that means you have the chance to see profits practically overnight.

George: Matthew, it seems like we’ve already been heading in this inevitable direction toward legalization for years...

Michigan has 100% legal marijuana. Nevada too.

Alaska... Maine... Vermont... and even Massachusetts.

Matthew: You’re right. Of course, most folks only know the big ones like Colorado, California, Oregon and Washington.

But did you know Washington, D.C. now has completely legalized marijuana?

Seriously, just blocks from the White House, you can walk in and buy it with an ID if you’re 21.

But that’s still only 10 states...

Just think of the explosion this industry will see if the other 40 go legal. The biggest growth is yet to come!

And if you thought these stocks were hitting all-time highs before...

Like Tilray, up 1,000%...

Axim Biotechnologies, up 1,720%...

And Medical Marijuana, up 3,520%...

Well, let me tell you...

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

It’s only going to get bigger from here. Penny pot stocks are going to go through the roof when legalization happens!

Because legalization will instantly allow the big traders on Wall Street to send BILLIONS into this sector. And when those floodgates open...

It’s going to send select penny pot stocks through the roof.

This bill is one major – and I believe final – step before marijuana is legalized in the States.

The folks who get in RIGHT NOW, before this HISTORIC MOMENT, are going to do very, very well.

George: Just how big do you see this new market growing to?

Matthew: My analysis shows we’re about to see this market grow from $8.5 billion to more than $200 billion by 2030.

Some even pegged the number at $500 billion.

And that’s because this business is SO MUCH MORE than just the plant sales... There are advanced medicines and nutritional supplements... Even the beer and soda industries are trying with all their might to launch a cannabis beverage...

This is a massive ripple effect!

You have a real shot at making marijuana millionaire status if you take advantage of this once-in-history event...

This is the best chance you’re likely to see in your lifetime for regular folks to become bona fide millionaires.

Because they can legalize it and make history ONLY once!

All the pieces on the chessboard are lining up for legalization to hit...

And the congressman convinced me that the marijuana bill I mentioned earlier is going to kick it all off... It could be just a matter of days... The president could sign it any moment, as you saw him say before boarding his helicopter, Marine One.

It’s the final domino to fall into place...

George: What do you mean, exactly? Washington doesn’t seem to be getting much done by most people’s standards.

Matthew: Actually, the trail of clues to marijuana’s legalization goes back pretty far...

It all started when Trump fired his attorney general Jeff Sessions, a notorious marijuana opponent.

The new attorney general, William Barr, signaled in a testimony that he would provide “relief for [cannabis] business owners in states that have enacted laws,” according to CBS News, which immediately reported, “The booming business of legalized marijuana may be seeing a favorable shift from the Trump administration.”

And take note of that shift... because you’ll see it all throughout Washington...

The FDA chief says federal action on marijuana is an “inevitability.”

And I can tell you with 100% accuracy, thanks to my sources... that the FDA could be making HUGE moves concerning cannabis in the next two weeks.

And the Senate under Trump legalized hemp – the agricultural version of cannabis – in December.

It was a major provision of the farm bill, which won in a landslide vote of 87-13, unlocking more than $867 billion in the drafted bill.

There’s a massive amount of money here... and it’s only going to keep getting bigger. With or without you.

If you get into this red-hot market now, before SIL18725 gets to the president’s desk and he signs it just as expected...

You’re setting yourself up in the best position to make more in the next 12 months than from any market event in the last 20 years!

But here’s the biggest secret to all of this...

Regular pot stocks are going to do very well. Sure, you could try to pick them on your own and get lucky...

The mainstream ones are going to give people the chance at 100%... 200%... perhaps even 500% gains.

George:But what about the penny pot stocks?

Matthew: I believe those are going to REALLY explode. The ones I’ve hand-picked for you today...

I’m talking about stocks that trade for a few cents right now... but will have the potential to jump 2,000%... 5,000%... perhaps 10,000% or more...

Now, I want to help people get in on these plays.

But there is a problem.

The penny pot stocks are VERY small.

I can’t recommend them to all my readers.

We’d risk moving the prices up too quickly.

And that’s why I’m launching a new penny pot initiative today for a special group of my most committed people.

Together, we’re going to follow these penny pot stocks to see some of the biggest gains of our lives.

George: That makes sense... I hope the folks watching at home can get in.

Matthew: Today, they’ll have that chance.

My personal goal for the special few who say YES today is to show you how to collect $1 million in marijuana winnings over the next 12 months.

So circle today on your calendar because one year from today, I want you to be able to celebrate $1,000,000 in profits.

George: That’s quite the promise!

Matthew: I’m dead serious. There’s a marijuana millionaire inside a LOT of you if you’ll hear me out today.

Penny pot tocks already exploded in Canada when legalization hit... Now it’s set to happen in the United States.

It’s Like Watching the Same Movie Twice... You Already Know How It’s Going to End

And we already know how this is set to play out because we’ve seen this movie once before.

I first noticed the laws changing in Canada around the fall of 2017.

I was digging through government records, trying to find something... anything... that could give me an edge...

I discovered a bill similar to the marijuana bill that I’ll be showing you today.

The Canadian government called its legislation something different from ours... It called its new bill C-45.

It essentially legalized marijuana overnight!

And also just like our bill, SIL18725, it had bipartisan support.

So I did what I do best... I told my readers to strap in for profits on my favorite mainstream marijuana stocks.

And here’s the thing...

The Canadian marijuana stocks I detailed in that video blasted off from that day forward.

George: I looked into your recommendations... Those stocks took off like rockets...

Aphria... from $5.95... to a high of $17.73 for an easy triple.

Canopy Growth, which you’ve probably heard of in the news, launched from $9 to as high as $64 – a whopping 611%.

Cronos – one of the best – went from $2 all the way to a peak of $24. A gain of 1,100%.

When I think about the fact that I could have put $5,000 into these stocks... and walked away with more than $110,000... it just makes me want to dive headfirst into these!

But be real with us today – how’d you do it?

Matthew: I found these stocks the only way you can:

With relentless research and investigation.

There’s no secret indicator or gimmick with these... You have to do the work...

I’ve researched their grow operations and looked into their stores. In the past several months, I’ve interviewed countless CEOs and racked up thousands of air miles.

I wanted to be sure each company was well-run and poised for big profits.

However, there was only one problem and one thing I wished I could have changed.

George: What do you mean?

Matthew: Sure, my readers saw the chance to make 10X their money...

But these companies were already trading for a few dollars a share... not pennies.

Let me put it to you like this...

Imagine if we could have gotten Canopy Growth for $0.09 instead of $9. The potential gain would have been 71,011%... instead of just 600%.

That’s the difference between making 6,000 bucks... and $700,000....

Of course, penny pot stocks can move hard and fast; with their small size come greater risk and volatility.

But that also means some of these plays can skyrocket 1,000% or more in a day!

That’s why I’m so adamant about getting people the details today... because I’ve found a handful of extraordinary penny pot stocks.

Of course, I would never recommend investing more than you can stand to lose...

But we’re looking at the potential to see outsized gains you can ONLY get with stocks like these.

THAT’S why I want to target penny pot stocks with the folks who say yes today. Because the money is out there...

But I couldn’t recommend penny pot stocks until now.

George: Why not?

Matthew: Well, George, it’s simple – my original presentation aired to tens of thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands of people. I couldn’t recommend a stock that costs a penny to that large of an audience!

Some of these stocks only trade 100,000 to 200,000 shares in a day. That’d leave, what? A share or two each for investors?

They’d push the share price through the roof from day one. It’d be borderline unethical.

George: So your choices were limited and you could recommend only the bigger companies.

Matthew: Correct.

Those companies were all great investments that performed extremely well.

But if I could have recommended penny pot stocks... as I’ll be doing today for our viewers... the gains would have been astronomical. Penny pot stocks make gains in the hundreds look small...

Let me show you what I mean. Let’s take a look at some of the exceptional historical gains I pulled from the market, for example...

Abattis Bioceuticals launched from $0.03 to $2.21.

That’s 7,226% in three months’ time!

Captor Capital went from $0.02 to $2.06 in 11 months! For a gain of more than 10,000%!

United Cannabis went from $0.09 all the way to $10.50!

11,566% in two months!

So yes, we did very well by targeting some of the big mainstream pot companies in Canada. But the BIGGEST gains come from the tiny stocks that trade for less than $0.10.

And that’s why I put together the new initiative that I’m launching today.

We know that legalization in the United States is going to create a massive wealth-creation moment in pot stocks.

But it’s the tiny ones that will see the biggest gains.

George: And those are the ones you’re telling us about today?

Matthew: That’s right, George.

If you want the chance to make a boatload of cash...

You NEED a select group of penny pot stocks...

And you MUST get in NOW...

BEFORE the law goes into effect and the chance passes you by.

It’s so simple... Just get in before legalization hits the U.S... and you’re going to set yourself up for HUGE profits.

It’s like watching the same movie twice.

You already know the ending.

It’s completely predictable.

George: And are there a lot of these penny pot opportunities? You find them pretty regularly?

Matthew: Absolutely.

Look at PotNetwork Holdings.

Here’s a stock that was less than a penny per share. Less than a penny!

It went to $0.85 over the course of 11 months.

Matthew: Now, that’s a 9,344% gain.

Now, I couldn’t recommend a stock to thousands of people trading for a fraction of a penny!

But with a small group, I can.

Here’s another...

Cannabix Technologies.

This marijuana company actually works with law enforcement.

Its stock went from $0.06 to $2.64 for a 4,300% gain in a few years.

George: Forty-three times my money... If I put 10 grand in, I’m walking away with $430,000? I could see myself adding one or two of these to my portfolio.

With money like that I could pay off my mortgage...

Save for a rainy day...

I’m sure folks watching at home could easily imagine what they’d do with an extra 40 or 50 grand if they had it.

Matthew: That’s why I’m so adamant about getting these smaller pot stock recommendations to a dedicated group of people! If you’re committed, the reward can be huge!

Look at Maple Leaf Green World.

It went from $0.02 to $1.22 for 6,000% over a few years!

Gains like these are the reason I want to bring our viewers in today...

RIGHT NOW is the time to get in... before legalization hits and takes American penny pot stocks to unseen levels.

If you wait around... even just a few days after a new law goes into effect...

The easiest gains could be gone.

If you ever wished you had gotten in on Amazon... Apple... Netflix... those big-name tech stocks in the early 2000s...

Well, this is your chance at redemption. If you get in BEFORE legalization, I’m confident you will NEVER AGAIN sit around thinking “Gosh if I’d only gotten in on Apple when it was a few bucks...”

George: I’ve certainly thought that before with my “coulda, shoulda, woulda” stocks.

Matthew: Far too many people have felt that way.

I started this penny pot stock initiative to get people aware of the most exciting phase of pot stocks...

Where you can get a stake for pennies...

And watch it grow into something truly life-changing.

George: Matthew, how can you be so sure? Washington is such a nightmare these days. It feels like nothing gets done. People are talking more about Trump’s Twitter than new legislation.

Matthew: Because this marijuana bill – SIL18725 – is like nothing I’ve ever seen before...

It’s going to throw gasoline on an already red-hot market...

And the moment the ink dries on this bill... we could see overnight gains on select marijuana stocks.

At the BIGGEST Marijuana Investors Conference in the World... a U.S. Congressman Discussed This Bill...

George: OK, tell us exactly what’s going on with this bill.

Matthew: Now, I mentioned before that I went to the BIGGEST marijuana conference in the world, hosted in Las Vegas.

I rubbed shoulders with some of the most elite and connected cannabis investors and professionals.

I met with executives of major marijuana companies like Isodiol, Emerald Health Therapeutics and Two Roots.

I heard from bankers in charge of $352 MILLION for one of the marijuana industry’s BIGGEST credit unions.

I was also one of the FIRST people in the country to try new beverages infusing beer and cannabis... which is going to be a huge market.

As you probably know, Constellation Brands invested $4 billion in the Canadian pot stock Canopy Growth.

So it seems these guys are going to make a big push into the cannabis-infused beverage market.

But there’s one person who completely changed my life while I was at the conference...

George: And that’s the U.S. congressman you’ve been building up to us.

Matthew: Yes.

This congressman revealed the No. 1 reason I believe you MUST become a penny pot stock investor now... while these stocks still sell for pennies!

And I sought him out specifically to figure out one simple question:

When in the world is America going to catch up to Canada and legalize marijuana?

I remember this like it was yesterday: He spoke at 3 o’clock sharp on a Thursday.

And what he showed us absolutely blew my mind:

He had an entire presentation ready on this congressional bill called SIL18725.

This is an actual copy of what the bill looks like:

As he went through each part of this bill, my eyes started seeing dollar signs.

With this one piece of legislation... states would have the right to decide on their own marijuana laws... with billions at their fingertips in potential revenue... creating MASSIVE economies and income streams for their constituents...

Now, I’ve read through this bill several times since being shown it originally.

And here’s why I’m certain it will be the final puzzle piece... leading to marijuana millionaires all over the country... including the folks watching today!

For starters...

This marijuana bill is the first of its kind that has bipartisan support, with 50% Democrats and 50% Republicans as co-sponsors...

George: I see a lot of states on here most people wouldn’t associate with legal marijuana...

Kentucky... Arkansas... Arizona... Minnesota...

Matthew: Think about it for a second...

Arizona is next door to Colorado.

You KNOW folks in Arizona are taking notice of the hundreds of millions Colorado is raking in from marijuana sales...

$200 million is just a drop in the bucket!

Washington State plans to bring in $730 MILLION from marijuana tax revenue.

These states with legal cannabis are using it to solve massive budget problems.

They now have vaults of money at their disposal... to fund roads, schools, hospitals, pension funds and more! The citizens of these states LOVE how it’s putting millions back into their communities.

But here’s the thing:

Until now, the 10 lonely states with marijuana have jumped through countless legal hoops. They had to do it the hard way.

George: So as much money as they’ve made, it was a nightmare trying to legalize marijuana.

Matthew: That’s absolutely correct, and you can tell by how long it’s taken!

Recreational marijuana first went on sale in Colorado in 2014.

Five years ago!

That’s a lifetime in politics. Terms begin and end in that time.

Think of the money the other states that waited have missed out on!

They can’t afford to sit on their hands any longer. Their constituents won’t let them!

And that’s why the marijuana bill SIL18725 is moving through Congress right now.

Democratic Representative Jim McGovern recently told Forbes:

But, with a single stroke of his pen, the president could change all of that.

The First Phase of Marijuana Legalization Is Complete

You’ve already seen the first phase...

George: Can you explain that to our viewers? What was the first phase, exactly? As I said, it’s mostly his Twitter the media reports on.

Matthew: Sure... It happened not long ago when the president made hemp, the sister plant to marijuana, completely legal in December.

This bill unlocked MASSIVE amounts of money and injected it back into the economy. $867 billion.

George: Nearly a trillion.

Matthew: That has HUGE effects on jobs... GDP... you name it.

This marijuana bill is the final step.

Forbes even reported that in Rep. Earl Blumenauer’s blueprint for legalization, he stated he is worried Trump may use marijuana legalization as his platform for reelection if Democrats don’t act soon!

It’s playing out exactly the same way it did in Canada.

And just as I said before, it’s like watching a movie you know the ending to...

America’s legalization will be the blastoff point for these penny stocks, and this is looking like the final major step toward it.

George: And you think this marijuana bill could get signed any day?

Matthew: From everything I’ve seen, I believe it’s on the way to the president’s desk right now. You saw him talking about it on the White House South Lawn as you saw in the clip we showed ...

Think about it this way...

Trump probably HATES that Canada beat him to the punch!

He wants the $200 billion marijuana market to belong to the U.S.

The congressmen and senators want the same thing... They want to tell their constituents they’re going to get billions in new money for their communities.

Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado supports it, saying:

Representative Don Young from Alaska, the LONGEST-serving Republican in the House... said this:

“For too long, the federal government has stood in the way of states that have acted to set their own marijuana policy, and it is long past time Congress modernized these outdated laws.”

George: A longtime Republican supporting marijuana legalization? I’ve heard it all.

Matthew: It’s incredible. I’m sure most people don’t realize just how bipartisan the support is for marijuana!

Representative Tulsi Gabbard from Hawaii...

Senator Cory Booker from New Jersey...

Senator Harry Reid from Nevada...

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse from Rhode Island...

Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky...

Senator Steve Daines from Montana...

I could go on and on, reading you names I expect to endorse this new marijuana bill.

And it just makes sense in the end.

The states are legalizing it themselves anyway, so of course the federal government should follow suit.

Michigan, Missouri and Utah all have various types of marijuana legalization in the works.

And for instance, here are the states that Forbes revealed are the most likely to legalize marijuana in 2019:

In Florida, the Miami Herald reported, “The road to marijuana legalization starts now.”

That’s 11 more states on the path to legalization. And each time another legalizes it, we see penny pot stocks react and absolutely SKYROCKET.

Now, the marijuana market is brand-new. It will certainly take some time to iron everything out. I’m not going to sit here and guarantee that the marijuana bill SIL18725 will pass. There’s really no way of knowing anything for sure in a market like this.

But I assure you this: Legal marijuana is a matter of WHEN... not IF.

These states can’t keep seeing billions of dollars go to their neighboring states and not take notice.

There will be only two kinds of marijuana investors from this point forward:

Those who got in before legalization... the ground floor investors.

And those who got in late... after it already happened.

It’s ONLY the ground-floor opportunities that can provide the biggest profits.

As Politico recently declared: “2019 could be marijuana’s biggest year yet.”

This is it.

This is the last boarding call before the final wave of penny pot stocks goes through the roof!

But you have to get in NOW before mainstream investors start piling in...

Because the easiest gains will be gone if you wait!

Look at These HUGE Returns!

George: Matthew, can you explain what you mean by the easiest gains?

Matthew: Sure... it’s what I love most about getting in on tiny penny pot stocks...

Because these stocks are off major exchanges, average retail investors aren’t in yet.

You can’t buy these on the Nasdaq or NYSE.

George: Well, hold on, Matthew

We’ve got a lot of people watching... How difficult is it to buy these? Is this going to be something the average person can do?

Matthew: I have step-by-step instructions. Most people laugh at how easy it is. They usually say, “That’s it?”

But the great thing about getting in on these as a regular investor...

Is the big banks are sitting on the sidelines, waiting to pump their billions in. It’s the true ground floor for investors.

So if you get in before they uplist to a major exchange... it’s like getting pulled up to the major leagues... and the share price is going to be multitudes higher than where you got in.

George: Can you give us an example?

Matthew: Sure, let’s take a look at CannTrust Holdings. It just decided to uplist to the NYSE on February 25 – not long ago.

Now, the share price the day it started trading on the NYSE was $9.06.

So now everyone with an iPhone and a trading account can rush out and buy it.

This is a stock they’d been waiting months to buy... champing at the bit after hearing analysts call it:

“The best marijuana stock to buy.”

So everyone rushed in after the uplisting.

And watch it peak here at $9.43... just about a 4% gain.

George: Four percent in just about four days isn’t horrible.

Matthew: Yeah, but that’s not good enough for our group... It’s nothing compared to what the smart investors made who got in BEFORE it uplisted.

George: How much did it trade for before listing on the NYSE?

Matthew: As low as $1.69...

George: That’s 4% the mainstream way... 458% the penny stock way.

Matthew: Yeah, a hundredfold difference. That’s the power of getting in before uplisting. That’s why I am so excited for our viewers watching.

Heck, just filing the paperwork to uplist is all it takes to send these penny pot stocks soaring!

George: Hold up, just doing the paperwork? Got any proof?

Matthew: Let’s look at CV Sciences. It filed to uplist to the Nasdaq on July 23, 2018.

The CEO said it would “open the investment opportunity to a larger pool of investors.”

And he’s absolutely right. When you’re a penny pot investor, it opens the door to MASSIVE gains when your stock uplists.

The share price that day was $2.30.

After that, it climbed to $6.40 in four months!

George: Hey, that’s a nice gain of 170%

Matthew: Sure... but get this... if you got in before it filed to uplist... when it was just a penny stock for $0.26...

Your gains would be 2,361%!

Of course, these companies are much more obscure. I doubt a single person at home has heard of CV Sciences. Or knew it’d be filing to join the Nasdaq.

The information on these companies is much harder to come by. You have to have contacts within the industry like I do...

Invitations to these companies’ facilities... the ability to hop on a plane and go look at a new grow operation or VIP conference like the one I attended in Las Vegas.

You have to chase down these little details to find the best companies.

And when I find them, I’ll be leading my elite group into stocks like these.

George: But why don’t you share these stocks with all of your readers? Don’t you think everyone should get in on these stocks?

Matthew: Absolutely. I wish EVERYONE could take part in this bonanza.

But these stocks are tiny. If tens of thousands of people start stampeding into the stock all at once, the opportunity will be ruined for everyone. The party will be over really quick.

And many of these stocks simply do not have the volume to handle the risk of all my readers investing. At peak hours, I could have as many as 100,000.

And some of these penny pot stocks trade only 200,000 shares a day...

I go out of my way to make sure my readers have the best shot at gains.

I have strict buy-up-to prices, I tell them to never chase a small stock, and I don’t share stocks like these with ALL of my readers.  

You know what? Let me just prove it to you.

I’ll use an example I recommended to my readers... one I wish I could have shared with that many people when it was a penny pot stock.

Cronos Group.

George: I thought you said your readers had the opportunity to do well on that one... more than 1,000%.

Matthew: A small, elite group could have done even better...

On July 15, 2016, the share price of Cronos was just $0.25! This was back when it was just a penny pot stock on an obscure exchange.

But get this: Cronos traded just 97,500 shares that day.

George: With our publisher having several hundred thousand readers... I don’t see how many people could get more than a share or two each if they all decided to invest.

Matthew: And that’s if they’re lucky to get them at those prices as they all rushed in! So I had to wait until they were on the Canadian exchange. By then, it was $2.

Cronos eventually hit $23.28.

So yes, my readers were able to do well.

But think about the lost opportunity there...

George: Getting in at $2, they could have collected as high as 1,000% gains... but if they had gotten in at $0.25... the gain would have been as much as 9,200%... nearly 10 times more!

Matthew: Yeah, so you can see why I’m dying to get my most dedicated people the info on these penny pot stocks. And that’s what I want to do today.

Now, this isn’t anything like what I’ve done before... where I’m inviting anyone off the streets to join our ranks.

We’re going to be like the Navy SEALs of penny pot stocks...

An elite unit looking to move in fast and get out with the chance at gains as high as 10,000%.

If you think you want to be a part of this dedicated group, then we’d love to have you.

But I should let people know now, I expect this group will be VERY small.

Not everyone is going to have the guts to step up to this opportunity. So I want to open this up to only the people who really want it.

George: Matthew, all that sounds great – but how can you be so sure the stocks you’re picking are potential winners?

Matthew: It all comes down to my market-crushing system.

My Marijuana System Has CRUSHED the S&P by 2,254%

Before we look under the hood, let me say this:

Every stock and investment opportunity I uncover starts with in-depth investigation.

I prefer to dig up all I can about these operations, grow houses and distribution facilities first.

I’ve seen mega-corporations like Canopy Growth go from humble beginnings in an old dusty warehouse... to the $15 billion company it is today.

I watched Tilray put together its IPO... then peak more than 1,000%, becoming what Bloomberg would later call the “world’s most valuable pot company.”

I remember when these guys were first starting out. I’m on a first-name basis with the CEOs of many cannabis companies, as you saw from my trip to Vegas.

But for my readers’ sake, I must trust but verify.

So after I’ve gotten a good look at a company, I like to run it through the most sophisticated trading tool ever brought to Wall Street...

My team and I are using the same technology used by hedge funds charging between $500,000 and $1 million to their clients.

So whoever joins our group is TRULY getting the hedge fund experience in terms of research.

You are getting ONLY the best of the best.

This system is so advanced... in back-testing, we found it would have outperformed the broad market by 2,254%!

George: Yeah, I shook my head in disbelief when I looked at those numbers.

That kind of outperformance against the S&P is incredible.

What exactly does your system look for?

Matthew: My exact parameters are strict. Extremely strict. I won’t even show them in full to anyone who is not on my research staff.

We have a three-part verification and every single one must be met...

The first is simple...

Think about it...

These companies are still in their growth phase... even cornering 2% to 3% of their targeted market is enough to increase many of these companies’ market caps two- to threefold overnight.

And for investors, that means the potential for huge overnight gains.

I find penny pot stocks have the most explosive growth potential. Small caps, microcaps, stocks that big traders at the institutions haven’t pumped up in price yet.

Penny pot stocks also give you the biggest chance of share ownership.

You can get hundreds, sometimes even thousands of shares for just a single $100 bill.

That’s just the beginning of what I’m looking for!

Some of this I can sniff out on a balance sheet – a company better have 20% growth in each category or I won’t even turn the page past that point.

The rest I have to uncover through my own due diligence...

I don’t want a company talking about expanding, I want a company that’s making the front page on every website on the internet. I want to see big news, big announcements, deals and valuable acquisitions taking place.

I want the growth to be so fast that the share price can’t keep up!

I mentioned before that the benefit from going from a penny pot stock to a major exchange is it gives the company more access to investors and big institutional money. It allows for a larger volume of shares to be bought.

Well, the third requirement of my system can track this in real time...

It’s the ULTIMATE advantage of my system versus waiting to buy the mainstream way.

George: Matthew, I looked at some of your back-tested results. It’s winner after winner.

KushCo Holdings was just $1... before it jumped to $8.30.

General Cannabis went from $1.10 to $10.35.

Let’s take a look at OrganiGram... a company whose CEO you know personally.

This stock went from $1.01... to $8.20

A 711% gain!

I’m looking at these stock charts...

And in back-testing, your system would have found them all before epic runs!

Matthew: It’s incredible. But even these were before we started digging into the true penny stocks that trade for just a few cents.

I can’t emphasize enough – these stocks can change your life.

If you’re stressing about medical bills... pay them off!

If you’re trying to pad your retirement accounts... do it!

If you have home repairs... grandkids to help support...

Penny pot stocks can give you the power to do it ALL.

When you join our group, you’ll find out firsthand.

Sometimes it takes only one stock!

Truly exceptional, 100,000% opportunities... like Eco Science Solutions.

With this extraordinary stock, 900 bucks would have handed you $1,029,600 in profits!

Matthew: And that’s because these stocks sell for pennies on the dollar!

A millionaire’s stake... can all start with just a few $100 bills.

And as you’ve just seen...

It takes only ONE extraordinary, grand slam stock to do it.

But folks, they can legalize marijuana ONLY once.

You have to decide. Do you sit out this historic, once-in-a-lifetime event on the way to that legalization?

The folks who miss it... are going to look back at these blockbuster stocks and feel nothing but regret...

Just like the millions of investors who missed out on Apple... Amazon... any of the millionaire-making stocks we’ve seen before.

I cannot emphasize this enough!

Think about it like this...

They didn’t end Prohibition after 1933 two or three more times. It happened ONLY ONCE, after they passed the 21st Amendment.

So if you get in now, before the marijuana bill, SIL18725, gets signed, you’re setting yourself up to be a marijuana millionaire.

George: This does feel like a pivotal moment for you if you’re an investor.

I’m even thinking to myself as you talk... do I sit out one of the most massive stock market events of my entire life? Or put some skin in the game?

I know a lot of folks, myself included, whom uncertainty could hold back, costing them everything...

Matthew: It’s understandable.

Uncertainty holds a lot of investors back.

And it’s true, I don’t have a crystal ball. I can’t tell you with 100% certainty that the federal government will pass this bill.

But you MUST see the writing on the wall... As I said, you can buy legal marijuana just blocks from the White House... This isn’t a matter of IF it happens... Legal marijuana is GOING to happen.

But it can get legalized ONLY once... so you can’t wait for a do-over.

And here’s one more thing you can assure yourself with:

The beauty of these tiny penny pot stocks is you can pick up a big chunk of shares for so little.

And even those small amounts can turn into a life-changing windfall.

The fact is... this market is on track to keep getting bigger... with or without you. Perhaps even to half a trillion as one CEO admitted after striking a deal with the DEA...

My brand-new system for penny pot stocks makes it downright easy to turn a small stake into a fortune!

And, as I showed you above, my system has the potential to just churn them out...

How About a 12,000% Winner for Proof?

I’ll start with the small ones we found...

Neptune Wellness Solutions...

This company launched from $0.72... to $4.72.

A gain of 555%!

That’s nothing...

Here’s another, George... Emerald Health Therapeutics.

I also know the CEO of this company. We’ve had dinner together, in fact.

This stock went from just $1.08... to $9.54!


And that’s still NOTHING compared to what else is out there...

Let’s get into the medium gains for penny pot stocks. I crunched tons of historical data to find these exceptional gains.

Take, for example, Captor Capital, a medical marijuana company... It was just $0.40.

That stock climbed to $16.40.

A gain of 4,000%.

Here’s another...

Newstrike Brands... this penny pot stock was $0.02...

I love it when you find a red-hot marijuana stock like this.

It launched from $0.02... to $2.38 in a few years.

A gain of 11,799%.

Folks, that’s enough to turn 900 bucks into more than 100 grand.

Here’s another... Namaste Technologies.

This company is making chocolate-infused cannabis edibles...

It’s launched from $0.02 to $2.60 in just two years.

For a gain of 12,900%!

General Cannabis...

It went from $0.11... to $22.40.

A gain of 20,263%.

And now let’s get into the REALLY big ones out there.

This company went from a low of $0.0006... to $0.40!

A gain of 66,566%!

And here’s the biggest one I’ve ever found looking back at the market...

This is a REAL stock... a truly extraordinary gain of more than 100,000%...

And when you hear about this company, it’s incredible...

It has one of only three contracts in the world... to grow Willie Nelson’s own signature marijuana...

George: Well... if Willie’s in on it, you know it’s got to be good.

How much did the stock go up?

Matthew: Over time? It launched an incredible 127,900%!

Just 800 bucks into that stock would have handed you $1,023,200!

George: Life-changing money for sure.

Matthew: Absolutely.

And listen, these examples I’m sharing with you all today are certainly exceptional.

But we’re living in an exceptional time...

Imagine what even a fraction of gains like these would do for your bottom line.

I want to make it 100% clear to our viewers what’s at stake if you join our group of cannabis profit hunters.

Penny pot stocks are the ULTIMATE way for you to transform your wealth in 2019.

Fortune magazine has gone on record saying:

The writing is on the wall...

2019 is shaping up to be THE YEAR we see marijuana millionaires coming out of the woodwork.

If you don’t act now... this opportunity is going to pass you by, never to return again.

The train is about to leave the station...

That’s why I’m looking for folks who are COMMITTED to learning how to capitalize on this one-time legalization event.

But we need to move quickly...

George: Why’s that?

Matthew: Because there are catalysts EVERYWHERE that are about to send penny pot stocks through the ceiling... all sorts of minirallies you can get in on... while the marijuana bill moves toward the president’s desk...

We’re Going to See a Rally Like We’ve Never Witnessed in 2019...

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported in February that Pennsylvania’s Democratic congressman Jake Wheatley is pushing for marijuana legalization.

Legalizing marijuana for recreational use in Pennsylvania would create a $580 million market.

Oklahoma is also moving toward a type of legalization...

George: Oklahoma? That deep in the Midwest? That’s not a state I would have guessed.

Matthew: It’s actually moving faster than many states I’ve seen. It’s dead serious about it, recently submitting a proposal ballot on February 13.

On the exact same day in February... another state stepped up. North Carolina reintroduced a marijuana law...

This is something that’s spreading like wildfire, state by state!

And here’s what I’m getting at here for our viewers... and everyone here in the audience.

Each time one of these states says “YES! We’re legalizing it,” and each time big news comes out, we have a chance at another pot stock rally!

This was Aleafia Health... a penny pot stock that jumped from $0.25 and hit $3.06 in September 2018...

Less than two weeks before this exact day, Forbes revealed a congressional committee approved a massive medical marijuana measure.

So you can see how good news and rallies can happen hand in hand!

And each time a state legalizes marijuana, it makes the marijuana bill more and more compelling for the president to sign.

If he doesn’t sign it... he seems out of touch with what the states and citizens want.

George: And if he does... he gets the credit for it before the election!

Matthew: Precisely. It’s simple politics at this point. And you know how Trump loves to win... and enjoy America’s victories.

Cowen Investment Management, an $11 billion firm, believes a pro-pot Trump could “come out a hero” for the 2020 campaign.

The way I see it: It’s a no-lose scenario for the president and the people!

As states legalize it one by one, you’re going to see little pot minirallies.

And once the marijuana bill – SIL18725 – potentially gets signed in the days ahead, you’ll be in position for the stock market rally of your lifetime!

George: It’s certainly reassuring to know that there are so many catalysts. It doesn’t all hinge on one politician or law.

Matthew: It is, but I really encourage the people who are serious about this to move quickly.

You want to get in BEFORE more laws create more rallies... and BEFORE more pot stocks get uplisted onto major exchanges.

With a small group, we can track the big game faster and nab the biggest trophy kills.

George: Does that mean not everyone watching will take advantage of the opportunity in pot stocks?

Matthew: As much as I think they should, there may be people who STILL think marijuana is a fad... or won’t last. I could show these people mountains of money, and they still wouldn’t be convinced.

They’re going to sit on the sidelines.

But for those who do get in and decide to jump on these small penny pot stocks...

They could truly be on the cusp of something extraordinary...

George: So you already have some of these penny pot stocks lined up from what you’ve told me.

Matthew: As a matter of fact, we do. Let me tell you about the first five we’re going to target...

The Five Best Penny Pot Stocks I Have Ever Seen!

(Campaign Version)

The first is THE stock I recommend getting in on as fast as you possibly can.

For starters, a share will cost you just two of these...

For $0.50, you can get in on one of the fastest growing companies in the marijuana industry.

They’re coming off record sales revenues for the year.

Their profit margins are at 49%!

The CEO said, “We’re VERY pleased with our results.”

Who wouldn’t be?

That’s a better profit margin than Apple!

I know this stock won’t stay this cheap for long.

Wall Street has a bullish outlook on this company. I’m sure the big trading houses are just sitting on the sidelines, licking their chops at pumping this one up once it gets uplisted to the major exchanges.

We’ve seen stocks go from a few cents like this one...

To launching more than 100X in value over time... like Newstrike Brands.

This is a huge reason I recommend our viewers start with this stock.

George: And you’ll give the rest of the details to our viewers who get in today?

Matthew: Absolutely. I have four more I plan on giving them too.

The second company is one I’m very familiar with...

I sat down with the vice president in Las Vegas and did an exclusive one-on-one interview with him.

His company is VERY unique, and you’re getting an edge on a brand-new market... It’s one of the only companies in the world making beauty products out of cannabis extracts.

It uses what’s called “microencapsulation“ so CBD can penetrate your skin and smooth it out.

George: Cannabis beauty products? Is that really a thing?

Matthew: Forbes reported in January these all-natural supplements leave your skin feeling “irresistibly soft and smooth.”

You see, cannabis is not all about smoking!

The health benefits of the cannabis plant are immense.

Currently, this company is even creating a special type of CBD water and coffee!

It could very well become the Starbucks of weed.

This company is literally a cash cow.

Best of all, the stock sells for just around $1.

George: And your third company? I’m dying to know the rest.

Matthew: The third company is just about to break ground on a new cannabis dispensary in northern Miami.

You’re getting in at the perfect time as it’s starting to scale up in value.

The Miami Herald recently revealed:

The average purchase at one dispensary is between $100 and $150...

The math here is staggering... At $150 a pop, Floridians are spending $13.6 MILLION per week on marijuana.

That’s $709 MILLION per year!

The Palm Beach Post discovered Florida is estimated to hit $1 billion in marijuana sales soon!

That’s why I recommend you get in on this third company – it represents a HUGE growth opportunity here as it launches its Miami dispensary.

And you know what I think you’ll love about this stock?

The price. It sells for less than a dollar.

You’re getting a company that’s gobbling up one of the BIGGEST marijuana markets in the country for just $0.80!

The fourth company is one from Denver, Colorado, that I’m really excited about. It’s following in the footsteps of Cronos perfectly.

George: Cronos, the stock you recommended?

Matthew: Yes. Think of it as an expert’s expert.

When I met this company’s CEO for an interview, I started seeing remarkable similarities...

Just like Cronos, this company licenses out all its know-how... from cultivation to business models. They are the experts you bring in when you want to go from a startup, garage-band operation... to the main stage on a major exchange.

And just like its role model... it’s living up to expectations nicely.

For starters, it’s in the 100 top ancillary businesses of 2016 from Cannabis Business Executive.

On January 15, 2019, it moved forward on a massive deal, acquiring a cannabis company called MedPharm Holdings.

The CEO revealed, “We have clients in 17 states and seven countries. This highly scalable product line allows us to leverage those existing relationships worldwide.”

So this company has a HUGE advantage out of the gate thanks to its acquisition.

And the price is ultra-cheap.

But I really don’t see it staying that way

Remember, we saw Cronos go from $0.26 to hitting 23 bucks after uplisting to the Nasdaq.

I REALLY want our readers to be able to get in on this one.

George: The price on these is definitely one of their most appealing qualities for me... knowing I can get 50 or 100 shares for just a few bucks.

Matthew: Absolutely, but don’t expect them to stay that way!

My fifth and final stock has MASSIVE growth ahead of it...

It just partnered with a company to target a very specific sector of the cannabis market...

A market expected to be worth a whopping $22 billion by 2022 as reported by Forbes!

It’s been growing nonstop... on pace to have grown 18 TIMES IN SIZE... in just a few short years.

This is a big one, and, along with the others, it has the potential to supercharge your portfolio... but ONLY if you take action today.

George: Matthew, I know by this point, some of our viewers at home would love to get your full analysis on these.

Matthew: I have every detail you could possibly want put together in an investor research dossier... It’s called:

“The Next 5 Penny Pot Stocks to Make You a Millionaire.”

I’ll share it ONLY with our core group of cannabis trailblazers.

George: The folks who decide to step forward?

Matthew: That’s right.

Because as you know...

Here’s How to Get the Details on These Penny Pot Stocks Today

These penny pot stocks are small and fast.

Think of them as a fighter jet...

To be this fast and powerful, you can fit only a small number of guys in one of these things.

And these penny pot stocks work the same way!

If you try to pack everyone in... like a jumbo jet... you lose that fast-moving power.

Suddenly, it’s a big, bloated stock... like a blue chip that takes forever to get going and show results.

George: I see what you’re saying...

Too many people cramming in ruins the opportunity for everyone.

Matthew: Exactly, and as I’ve mentioned...

Some of these stocks trade only 200,000 or 300,000 shares per day...

I have potentially thousands of readers on any given day.

So if ALL of my readers decided to get in, they’d each get what? A share or two in these companies?

That’s why I can give the details on these five penny pot stocks to only the folks who join me today.

I think if we go overboard, we’ll lose our millionaire-making potential.

And as I said before, investing in penny stocks is not for everyone. It requires taking on some added risk and volatility, especially since we are working with these stocks in such an unestablished market.

So I’m expecting this to be a small group of people who decide to step up.

Matthew: If you think this is right for you...

Now is the time to step up and unlock the marijuana millionaire inside of you. There are others out there who are living proof you can do this.

George: I actually looked into a few that you told me about...

Tom Billings was an electrician in his hometown of Iowa... I wonder whether he EVER thought he’d get as lucky as he did, investing in marijuana.

His stake is now worth nearly $55 million!

And he wasn’t the only one...

Vaughn Davis grew up on an orange farm in Florida...

Today, Vaughn’s stake is worth $11,829,543!

Matthew: A lot of these people are from small towns. Literally anyone can do this.

George: Braden Harrison, a former 45-year-old carpenter, now has a stake worth $11,562,468.

Of course, these guys made investments that were much larger than the typical investor’s.

But it goes to show you the potential.

These guys have more money than they can likely spend in their lifetime...

I’m sure, growing up, they heard a lot of negative things about marijuana... but they went against the grain.

They made a choice, and it’s paid off huge!

All from marijuana and its life-changing potential.

I think it’s clear people are making substantial sums in marijuana.

Matthew: Can I just say one thing to everyone before we continue?

George: Of course.

Matthew: For those of you watching at home...

Those of you who WANT to get all the details of the marijuana industry, right from the ground floor...

This experience today is tailor-made just for you.

I want to help you capture life-changing profits – just like the fortunes I showed this gentleman and my other readers!

But just like Canada... they can legalize marijuana only once!

And this is shaping up to be the final step in that direction.

Just as I told this gentleman... Prohibition ended ONCE. In 1933. And that was that.

The beer industry took off 42,000% after that day!

Ask yourself...

Really ask yourself...

Do you want to aim for returns like these? Or sit it out?

I’m ONLY going to share these penny pot stocks with my dedicated group...

So this is your shot. Do not miss it.

George: Matthew, what’s your group called?

Matthew: As I’ve said, we’re cannabis trailblazers. I want my readers to be the first wave of folks profiting from America’s great push to legalization.

We call our group Matthew Carr’s Trailblazer Pro.

My Personal Goal Is to Show You How to Become a Marijuana Millionaire in 12 Months or Less

And my No. 1 goal with Trailblazer Pro is to show you how to become a marijuana millionaire in the next 12 months.

This will be a small, elite group guided by me... targeting the smallest and most powerful penny pot stocks.

If you’re one of the folks who step forward today, you’re going to have a line to the industry’s leading innovators, through my connections.

I do one-on-one interviews with many of the titans in this industry...

And you’ll know EXACTLY where these companies are planning on heading...

I’m planning to visit grow facilities... biopharmaceutical labs...

And I’ll show you all of the groundbreaking research I uncover when I do.

George: This sounds pretty behind-the-scenes... almost like a backstage pass on the marijuana industry.

Matthew: Think of it like this...

I’m going to take you inside the Coke production facility... and I won’t just let you taste a bottle of Coke... I’ll show you the secret recipe.

Those are the kinds of connections you’re getting today.

Matthew: After I get a good look, I’ll run it through my three-point system, which I mentioned earlier, and find us the VERY best penny pot stocks.

We are looking for stocks BEFORE they uplist to a major exchange and allow for the chance at a MASSIVE payday.

Stocks that sell for just a few cents... with the potential to launch to $5... $10... $20 or more.

I plan on targeting as many as 30 PENNY POT STOCKS in a year’s time.

So each week, I will look through the very best penny pot stocks... and then I’ll shoot them over to our group so our readers can immediately get in.

I’ll share all of my research and analysis with you on each stock so you can feel confident in determining whether it’s the right stock for you to act on.

You already saw today how just one extraordinary stock can hand you 100,000% gains... Imagine what 30 of them could do.

All you have to do is open my alerts – starting with the first one you’ll get today featuring “The Next 5 Penny Pot Stocks to Make You a Millionaire.”

Then we’ll just keep going from there, grabbing chances to profit week in, week out.

George: And they’ll get your investor research dossier right after signing up?

Matthew: Within moments, I’ll have it in your inbox. Everyone who joins will be ready to move starting first thing tomorrow.

But really, our group is more than just five stock recommendations...

It’s a way to transform a regular retirement savings... into a legitimate retirement fortune.

We’re in this not to get lucky once or twice...

We’re in this for YOU to be able to make enough money in the next 12 months... to be able to live the retirement of your dreams.

As a member of our group, I’ll also let you know about big legalization events... days you can circle on your calendar when a stock could make a BIG move up in value.

I keep a close eye on Congress since our office isn’t far from the Capitol...

I’ve even contacted the White House directly about this issue.

And I received this response from President Trump...

In this response... he said, “I look forward to the enormous opportunity.”

George: It certainly seems like there isn’t much you DON’T know about the marijuana industry.

Matthew: I’ll keep you ahead of the game every step of the way.

With my approach, you can literally make money around the clock... on the golf course... or just spending time with your family.

You won’t have to check your phone... or look at your accounts constantly.

Matthew Carr’s Trailblazer Pro is all about making money on YOUR terms.

I’ll let you know the moment we have a BUY alert... a PROFIT-TAKING opportunity... and anything else that might come up in the industry.

You can even sign up to receive a text notifying you to check your email for these alerts if you prefer that.

My point is: I will guide you every step of the way.

I’m going to be in that fighter plane with you as the shares take off in price, soaring skyward.

I’ve seen this with so many people before, I feel comfortable telling you this:

You’re going to get EXCITED when you see these stocks take off 10X... 20X... 50X... or 100X in value.

It’s FUN making money in penny pot stocks.

Because the stakes are small... at just a few cents a share.

And the rewards can be MASSIVE and life-changing.

So if you think you’re ready to learn how to take trading to the next level...

And become a future marijuana millionaire...

Then you’re a perfect fit for Trailblazer Pro.

George: After they accept and get “The Next 5 Penny Pot Stocks to Make You a Millionaire”... what other benefits come with joining your group?

Matthew: I’m glad you asked.

Because joining Trailblazer Pro isn’t about just a single report. It’s about getting the opportunities week in, week out to profit from one of the FASTEST-growing sectors in the world. With Trailblazer Pro, I’ll check in every single week... bringing you cutting-edge research and the most exciting marijuana stocks in the world.

With this service, I plan on giving you every resource to put you on the path to marijuana millionaire status.

And that means no “surprise days.”

Here Are All the Extras I’d Like to Give You

George: What does that mean, no surprise days?

Matthew: A lot of folks are starting to feel like they never know what’s going to happen to this market day to day. One day, it’s up big; the next, it’s down.

We’re not going to let that happen to anyone in our group.

Which is why we’ve put together a “Pot Profit Calendar” for 2019.

Now, this isn’t some boring, ordinary calendar...

This thing reveals the EXACT DAYS you can expect to see big moves in the cannabis industry.

I’m talking about days when states vote on legalization... when a big dispensary facility opens up and unlocks a new million-dollar market... or when a celebrity endorses a new company, sending its brand and market value through the roof.

I’ve already had my team circle the days you should watch for...

Because chances are, you’re going to see BIG moves in the pot stocks.

Especially the ones featured in “The Next 5 Penny Pot Stocks to Make You a Millionaire.”

A lot of my readers like knowing the exact days to look for profits.

And I think you will too.

George: Now, I hate to stop you there. Knowing the exact day a stock is poised to pop off sounds great...

But I mentioned before that this is a brand-new industry.

A lot of people have never bought a penny pot stock in their life.

Matthew: I totally understand that concern. But do NOT worry.

That’s why I’ll be putting together monthly Master Class videos, which are a great way to start sharpening your industry knowledge.

Buying stock in a company you don’t understand is a surefire way to get frustrated.

About once a month, I’ll do a video on a new company, new industry or new trend I see coming down the pipeline and tell you why it’s going to be BIG.

Marijuana is the hottest sector at the moment, so we’ll be focusing on that.

But going forward, I plan on recommending ANY major trend my readers can profit from.

If I see a big pop in VR stocks... or robotics... or the cloud industry, I will help our group spot those small penny stocks that can move very quickly.

Pot is going to be huge in 2019, but there are lots of industries that will see big penny stock gains going forward.

My Master Class videos help you know what the next big thing is... before everyone else does.

Speaking of the next big thing... I want to really roll out the red carpet for the folks who join our group today...

George: So that means what?

Matthew: I want to extend an invitation to our next Investment U Conference.

We typically do these at luxury hotels.

If you could see yourself staying at a place like that, I absolutely encourage you to come.

At these events, behind closed doors, I give hand-picked investment recommendations to our most privileged readers.

These are big-name, VIP events – that can literally cost thousands to attend when all is said and done.

I want you to have direct access to the ideas exchanged here.

So you’ll be getting FREE ONLINE ACESSS to the next one. With a click of your mouse, you’ll be able to get ALL the ideas we share there.

One of my readers, Chris Treadwell, emailed me saying:

“I would like to thank you for setting this up for those who cannot attend... This way, we still get your analysis going forward.”

These conferences really do feature some of our best, unpublished ideas. They’re truly for folks who value connections.

And I’d like to extend the same connections to the folks who join us today.

George: Matthew, it feels like whoever joins is completely set up for success.

In total, if you’re one of the lucky people today, you’re getting...

There’s a ton here for our viewers...

Matthew: We want you to have every resource to be successful, and we’ll guide you through every step of the process when you become a part of Trailblazer Pro.

Here’s How to Start Your Path Toward Marijuana Millionaire Status

George: This all sounds great... but I’m going to assume joining also comes at a price?

Matthew: It does, yes.

My publisher first suggested $8,000 to join Trailblazer Pro.

After all, she has to pay for me to travel all over the world... I plan on visiting some of these tiny companies to identify which ones are going to be the biggest winners.

My publisher also has to pay the substantial costs on the hedge fund technology I use to analyze the growth numbers on every company I recommend.

I dig deep and use a lot of data.

So this isn’t cheap.

George: But $8,000... I can understand why it’s expensive, but that seems like it will keep too many people out.

Matthew: That’s true, but the fact is that we simply can’t allow many people in. And when you look at what members of my others services have made... more than $800,000, I’d say that’s well worth it.

However, I’ve thought a lot about this... and I don’t want this to be for wealthy folks only.

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Matthew: I want to prove that I have your best interests at heart... If that means going to bat against my boss, so be it!

George: For our viewers watching at home... if you’re interested in becoming a marijuana millionaire...

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Matthew, is there anything else I’m missing?

Matthew: Actually, yes...

To protect your decision... I’ll make a guarantee you won’t find anywhere else.

My Signature 3-2-1 Guarantee

This is something I’ve become a bit famous for... my three-part guarantees.

When I first recommended Canadian pot stocks, I promised my readers the chance to see:

Three stocks for 300% each, guaranteed!

George: You achieved that easily with stocks like Cronos, Canopy Growth, Intelsat and more.

Matthew: We sure did, so now I think it’s on me to raise the bar and show you I can do even better!

So I’m going to up the ante... I’m going to give you the strongest guarantee I’ve ever given anyone.

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George: So that’s...

Totaled up, that’s 2,900%!

Matthew: That’s right... and if you do the math...

That means $1,000... spread across these recommendations... could pay for your sign-up cost 10 times over!

If I don’t achieve that, as shown by my track record, just give us a call and you’ll get a second year of Matthew Carr’s Trailblazer Pro for free.

George: A second year completely free? Even if our publisher decides to charge $4,000 after today’s charter subscription?

Matthew: Absolutely. You won’t pay a single cent.

I’m putting all of my chips into the middle of the table... whoever joins us today will have every single one of these benefits.

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George: I’m sure people are going to start clicking over right now... Matthew, is there anything else you want to tell our viewers today?

Matthew: Sure... I’ll finish by asking each of you watching this...

Are You Going to Give Yourself the Chance to Become a Marijuana Millionaire?

What type of person are you?

Are you the type who recognizes a massive opportunity when it presents itself?

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For Matthew Carr, I’m George Rayburn, and thank you for joining us.

Matthew Carr
Editor, Trailblazer Pro
May 2019