Marc Lichtenfeld, Author of International Best-Seller Get Rich with Dividends, Reveals...

The Only Real Way to Earn More Than 100% on Your Savings Every Year... For Life.

$1,000 $1,000 per year
$10,000 $10,000 per year
$100,000 $100,000 per year

Dear Reader,

I’m Marc Lichtenfeld, author of the international best-selling book Get Rich with Dividends.

Today, I’m going to show you perhaps the most astonishing income secret I’ve ever uncovered.

But first, I’d like to start off by asking our audience members a couple of questions.

Now, who out there has a savings account?

OK, you, sir... and how much does that account pay you?

MAN: A little under 1%.

MARC: Do you think that’s enough?

MAN: No.

MARC: What percentage would make you happy?

MAN: I’d say 5% would be fine.

MARC: OK, let’s ask another member of the audience. Who else has a savings account?

OK, in the third row, how much does your savings account pay?

WOMAN: Around 1.5%.

MARC: And do you think that’s enough?

WOMAN: Definitely not... I should be getting 10% or more.

MARC: Ha! She’s a bit greedier, I see.

OK, let’s open it up to the whole crowd...

How many people in our crowd today – or those watching at home – would be happy if they earned 10% on their retirement savings each year?

Raise your hands.

OK, there’s a number of you.

Now, who would be happy at 20%?

Whoa! A bunch of hands just shot up.

How about 50%?

OK, that’s every hand in the room, and I imagine most of you at home.

All of you would be very happy with earning 50% on your savings every year.

That’s good.

So I think we can all agree that if we could make 100% on our savings, it would be well worth our time to learn about that, right?


MARC: Fantastic. Because that’s exactly what we’re going to do today.

I’m going to teach you the only proven way I know you could generate 100% income yields on your savings every year... for life.

This means that a $1,000 investment would PAY you $1,000 or more every single year.

$10,000 in savings would pay you $10,000.

$100,000 would hand you an extra $100,000.

And in the best cases, you can even make much more than that – up to 10 times your original investment paid directly to you.

Again, that’s every year.

And it doesn’t require any leverage, options or any gimmicks.

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

But you’re about to see definitive proof that it’s 100% achievable if you follow the simple steps I’ll outline.

The fact is... since I first published my book, Get Rich with Dividends, I’ve helped thousands of people achieve their retirement goals.

For example, here’s one of the people I’ve helped.

His name’s Tom.

Like many Americans, he worried about running out of money in retirement. Tom and his wife didn’t feel secure.

But now, he’s “generating $90K-plus annually.” And he told me that “by the time we start drawing on it, it’ll undoubtedly be worth well north of $100K a year!”

Here’s another quick story.

Penny from Auburndale, Florida.

Her husband died two years ago and suddenly she inherited the responsibility of managing their portfolio.

No doubt she was nervous.

But since implementing my system, she says...

And here’s one more.

This one I have to just read in full.

It’s from Bill in Montana.

Receiving Bill’s letter last year was one of the proudest moments of my life.

It’s what moved me to speak with you here today.

So here’s what I want you to do.

I want you to picture your perfect life.

I want you to imagine what you would do with your family... where you would live... how you’d spend your days... if you no longer had your everyday concerns about money.

Would you buy your dream home and move to Florida?

Spend more time with your kids and grandkids?

Or just sleep better at night?

Whatever your perfect life is, that’s what I’m going to help you achieve today...

By teaching you how to harness what I call “Extreme Dividends.”

So what are Extreme Dividends, exactly?

The Income Secret You Never Knew Existed

In short, Extreme Dividends are dividends that rise SO HIGH and SO FAST that they end up paying you more than your initial investment every single year.

Let me give you a historical example...

Arlington Asset Investment is one of these Extreme Dividend companies.

The company has increased its dividend SO HIGH and SO FAST that over just a couple years, a $5,000 investment started paying out $7,945 every single year to investors.

That’s a 158% yield on your money, again, every year.

PetMed Express is even better.

Its Extreme Dividend rose SO HIGH, SO FAST, that again, over time, a $5,000 investment started paying $13,332.

That’s more than double your initial investment, paid back to you every year.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

But do you want to see a really good one?

Check out Universal Insurance.

This is “extreme,” all right.

A $5,000 investment in just three years was paying out $59,995 in annual dividends.

That’s 12 TIMES your money back...  

Every... single... year.

Remember, Extreme Dividends don’t require leverage, options or any gimmicks.

You simply buy the regular shares at the regular price.

But if you can harness them, they are the surest way to a secure and happy retirement.

And that’s what I’m going to show you now.

You’re about to see how to identify companies with the potential to generate Extreme Dividends of at least 100% returns on your initial investment every year...  

I’m going to talk about my three favorite Extreme Dividend companies that you should consider buying immediately (I’m talking within the next 24 hours)...

And I’m even going to give away free copies of my book Get Rich with Dividends to our audience and those watching at home.

But before we begin, let me tell you a bit more about what I do, and how I uncovered Extreme Dividends...

How I Became America’s No. 1 Expert on Dividends

As I said, my name is Marc Lichtenfeld.

Many people know me as “The Income Guy.”

My book Get Rich with Dividends has gone through 30 printing runs... become the No. 1 financial best-seller on Amazon... and received the 2016 “Book of the Year” award from the Institute for Financial Literacy.

It’s even gone global in a way I never imagined. The book’s been translated into languages like Thai and Polish.

But I’m also the Chief Income Strategist at The Oxford Financial Group.

I’m an author, speaker and financial guru to the 500,000 readers who receive my publications each week.

My readers include teachers... engineers... sound technicians... real estate investors... financial advisors... business developers... law enforcement officers...

People from all walks of life.

And my mission is to help every one of them generate a safe and steady stream of retirement income that NEVER RUNS OUT.

This has been my passion for a long time.

You could even say it’s in my blood.

My grandfather, Julius Lichtenfeld, owned his own stock brokerage and had a seat on the New York Stock Exchange.

From an early age, he preached to me the power of compounding... what Albert Einstein called... “the most powerful force in the universe.”

He taught me that the best way to create generational wealth is by investing in solid companies that pay and raise dividends very quickly.

In fact... here’s something most people don’t know.

Black Rock Group did an in-depth study on the stock market and found that a full 90% of U.S. equity returns can be attributed directly to dividends and dividend growth.

This had a profound impact on me.

I became a dividend junkie.

I saved diligently... and found great dividend companies that increased my income every year.

And as a result, I’ve built a multimillion-dollar portfolio. I live a very comfortable lifestyle. I was able to build a beautiful new home in Palm Beach County, the perfect place to raise a family. And I take my wife and kids all over the world...

Things have worked out really well for me.

But after my grandfather died, I started to reflect on how his message had changed my life forever.

I realized that it wasn’t enough to set myself up financially. I needed to help others as well.

So I set to work, doing everything needed to spread my message across America.

I first passed the Series 7, the broker’s exam. And then I got my 63, 86 and 87 as well. And I did all of this in 90 days.

From there, I built up my reputation in the financial field.

I wrote hundreds of articles. Got my book Get Rich with Dividends published. Appeared on CNBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg and other media outlets.

And soon I was recruited to become the Chief Income Strategist of one of the country’s oldest financial clubs, The Oxford Financial Group.

OK... that’s a little bit of my story.

But I’m here to help you.

So let me share with you how I can do that.

You see... as my career progressed and I started helping more and more people, I kept seeing the same problems over and over.

Baby boomers who were having to work well past retirement age... seniors who didn’t have enough retirement income... and folks who were downright terrified about not having enough money in old age.

You can’t just turn back the clock and start over investing in your 20s like I did.

I get that.

I realized that people needed a way to generate the investment income they needed much, much quicker.

So I started creating my Extreme Dividends program to help people supercharge their income even, if they were starting late.

I wanted everyone, including those with small retirement accounts, to be able to generate the full income they needed to live – when they needed it most.

As Tennessee Williams famously said...

And the No. 1 way to ensure you always have money is through Extreme Dividends, which pay you more than 100% on your savings every year.

Because here’s the thing...

Most of the financial media and stock gurus focus on capital gains.

They want to hit it big on that 10-bagger that rises 1,000%.

But what happens once the run is over?

The money starts to disappear.

You have to sell off some of the stock... then a bit more... and more still.

Eventually, it runs out.

But with Extreme Dividends?

That money keeps replenishing year after year.

Better yet, it grows.

So you NEVER run out.

In a few minutes, I’ll explain how I identify Extreme Dividend companies, and tell you more about which three I’m targeting now.

But first, let me share a few examples of the sheer power of Extreme Dividend stocks.

Three Extreme Dividends That Pay FAR MORE Than 100% on Your Initial Investment

Ever heard of a company called Issuer Direct?

Probably not.

The company is pretty obscure.

Based in the famous Research Triangle Park in North Carolina, it helps businesses with their financial reporting.

Kinda boring, right?

But here’s what’s not so boring...

The sudden explosion in dividends this company is paying out.

If you had put $5,000 into the company just a few years before it issued its first dividend in October 2012... today you’d receive double that in dividends every single year.

That’s $10,000 paid directly to you, year after year.

If you had put $50,000 in... it would now pay you an annual income of $100,000 per year!

For most people, that’s enough to live on all by itself.

Just picture it for a minute...

A mere $50,000 in savings generating all the income you need for retirement.

But with Extreme Dividends, it gets even better.

Let’s look at Terra Nitrogen.

It’s another contestant for the world’s most boring business.

The company markets nitrogen fertilizers for corn and wheat farmers in the Midwest.

In the early 2000s, the company was trading for just $3.81. $5,000 got you 1,312 shares.

But every year, the dividends grew SO HIGH and SO FAST...

That after a few years of growth, the company paid you $16.86 per share, just in dividends!

In other words...

With just an initial $5,000 investment, you would now be making $22,126...

Every single year.

That’s more than four times your original investment... paid back to you annually.

Pretty good, right?

It sure beats the 5%... 10%... or 20% most people said they’d be happy with earlier.

But again, with Extreme Dividends, it gets even bigger and even faster.

Like with Universal Insurance.

This is just awesome.

In three short years, its Extreme Dividend rose SO HIGH and SO FAST... that a $5,000 investment was now paying out $59,995 annually to shareholders.

Let’s just think about that for a minute.

Imagine putting just $5,000 into a single stock... and turning that into an income stream that paid you $59K year after year.

This is not a pipe dream, people.

Looking back over the last few years, we’ve seen a number of Extreme Dividend companies pay 100%, and sometimes a whole lot more!

Here’s just a quick list of some of the best ones...

And with Novation Companies: an early $5,000 now pays an insane $75,340 in yearly dividends! That’s 15 times your original investment paid back to you every year! (I’ll get into Novation more in a minute. It’s truly incredible!)

But the point I want you to take away is that finding Extreme Dividends is not only possible... if you know the formula for identifying an Extreme Dividend company, you can do it over and over!

I’m going to give you this formula in a minute.

And if you follow it, you could be on the way to collecting far more than 100% on your savings every year.

In fact, there are thousands of Americans experiencing the power of dividends right now...

Thousands of Americans Are Collecting
Dividends Right Now

For example, Brian Baxter is an older gentleman living in North Carolina.

He’s got a great sense of humor. Here’s an image of one of his recent posts on Twitter.

(I thought it was pretty funny...)

And I have a feeling I know why he’s in such a great mood.

Remember Issuer Direct, that Extreme Dividend company I mentioned earlier?

He owns quite a few shares.

And in 2018, they paid him $93,299.

Or how about Dr. Joel Williams?

Dr. Williams is 83 years old. He’s lived quite a life so far.

He co-founded Skin and Cancer Associates back in 1970. And he served as the Chief Resident in Dermatology at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York.

He spent his career saving people’s lives. So it’s great to see that a dividend income is ensuring he lives the type of retirement he deserves.

His shares in Universal Insurance Holdings pay him $146,318 per year.

I can give you the names of dozens of people collecting huge sums every year thanks to dividends like these...

I could go on and on.

Of course, the key to collecting these sorts of large payouts is getting in early, before the dividend goes through its extreme growth phase.

If you wait too long, then you’ll have to pay a substantial sum to see this kind of income every year.

But every one of these people prove... that if you own shares in the right company that grows its dividend extremely fast, you can position yourself to get all the income you could ever need... for life. That’s why I call them Extreme Dividend companies.

In fact, let me tell you one more quick story about a woman named Grace Groverland.

Grace lived in a tiny, one-bedroom cottage in Lake Forest Hills, Illinois.

She bought clothes secondhand, walked or took public transportation everywhere and worked hard as a secretary for her income.

But she also made one very smart financial decision.

You see... she worked for Abbott Laboratories, and saw how the company rewarded investors with extremely fast-growing dividends.

So she decided to buy just three shares for $180.

And then she held on for years and years while she worked... reinvesting dividends all along the way.

When all was said and done, those shares paid her more than $32,000 per year over the course of her life.

And all it took was $180 in an Extreme Dividend company.

The message is clear...

Finding an Extreme Dividend company gives you the chance to retire rich even on just a small investment.

Finding companies like these should be your No. 1 goal if you want investment income that never runs out.

That’s why, when I built my own multimillion-dollar portfolio, I loaded it with companies that pay a fortune in dividends and raise them extremely fast.

Even if I lost my job... or, God forbid, something happened to me...

I know that my dividends are there for my family. And best of all, dividends get bigger every year.

That’s what I want for you.

It’s the reason you should be dying to invest in Extreme Dividend companies.

Now, in just a minute... I’m going to give you details on the three Extreme Dividend companies I recommend you consider buying within the next 24 hours.

But first, let me give you my formula for identifying Extreme Dividends.

The Formula for Identifying Extreme Dividends

It’s a pretty simple formula, really.

We want to identify companies that are going to be able to raise their dividends HIGH and FAST.

And there are five important characteristics I need to see.

  1. I look for young companies: I want businesses that are three to five years old and still have plenty of room for growth.
  2. I want cheap but PROFITABLE companies: I’m looking for companies under $10. BUT, just as important, I want them to have recently turned profitable. That’s when stocks under $10 take off and start paying big dividends. Once that begins, it’s like an unstoppable freight train barreling down the tracks.
  3. Very low debt: I want to see less than 20% of revenue in debt service. The less debt a company has, the more cash they can put toward dividends.
  4. Extreme cash flow growth: I’m looking for HUGE cash flow growth. Because this is where the money for dividends come from. An Extreme Dividend company should have 300% cash flow growth or more.
  5. A LOW payout ratio: The amount of money currently going toward dividends should be low. I want under 20% in most situations. Because if a company is only putting 20% of its money toward dividends, that means it can ramp it up really fast.

OK, once I find a company with all of these characteristics... I look for the last and most crucial piece to the equation.

To get a true Extreme Dividend, you need to target companies right when they are initiating their first dividend.

After all, the moment a company first initiates a dividend is crucial for any stock.

The company has proven itself financially.

The profits are rolling in.

But it’s still so young that there is a lot of room to ride.

That’s why my system targets stocks during a specific window when the upside is at its absolute maximum.

This is the defining moment.

Buy in right when the dividends first start, and in just a couple years, you have the chance to get returns on your initial investment of more than 100% every single year.

Let me give you an example.

If You Invested $5,000 in Natural Health Trends... You’d Now Get Paid $54,000 in Income Every Year

Natural Health Trends is a company many Americans haven’t heard about.

It sells health and wellness products, including air and water purifiers, moisturizers, cleansers, multivitamins and more.

Nothing too crazy.

But the company’s sales process has been so successful, the company has been ranked No. 1 in Fortune’s list of the 100 fastest-growing companies twice.

Back in 2010, the company was still very young.

It was big throughout Europe, Japan and China... but it hadn’t yet entered the U.S. market.

In other words, it still had a whole lot of room for growth... especially since the stock was trading for less than $1...

Which is just what we look for.

Not only that, the company had ZERO debt and was just turning profitable for the first time. And with its big presence in Asia and North America... cash flow was about to go through a major growth spurt.

Everything was perfect.

Now all we would’ve needed was for that first dividend to be initiated.

The company started with a small dividend on March 25, 2014.

And over the next four years, the dividend absolutely exploded in value.

It rose by 11,900% in just four years!

A simple $5,000 in 2010 pays $54,000 in annual income today!

That’s 10 times your money... every single year.

And here’s what’s great...

You keep receiving this money indefinitely as long as the company continues to pay the same dividend.

Over 10 years, we’re talking about $540,000 in dividends on just a $5,000 investment.

I want you to really think about what a stock like this would mean for you...

To know that you can count on this income year after year.

It could fund your entire retirement.

Now, in a moment, I’m going to tell you about the three stocks I believe are on track to become Extreme Dividend companies.

Their dividends could certainly grow to produce 100% annual yields... and perhaps 1,000% over time.

But before I get into those, I want to answer the question I hear most about this.

So How Long Does It Take to Get More Than
100% in Income?

How long does it take?

That’s a key question I get all the time when I tell people about Extreme Dividends.

And the first thing I tell people is this...

If you’re an instant gratification type of person...

One of those “Microwave generation” people that thinks they should be handed everything at a moment’s notice... then this isn’t for you.

Extreme Dividends do take a little bit of time to develop.

Natural Health Trends took five years to hit a 100% yield – and eight years to reach 1,000%.

Most of the ones I’m looking for I expect to take three to five years to hit that 100% income mark.

If you aren’t patient enough to wait that long, then honestly, you might be better suited for gambling it all on penny stocks.

But if you think like a true investor who understands that patience is key in compounding, then I am certain you can start collecting more than 100% every year – and probably a lot quicker than you might think.

For example, with Arlington Asset Investment, the dividends rose SO HIGH and SO FAST that a $5,000 investment was paying $7,900 annually in just four years. That’s a 159% yield.

Old Remco Holdings paid $7,692 in annual dividends for every $5,000 invested after just five years.

With Universal Insurance, it took just three years for a $5,000 investment to pay out a massive $59,995 every year. That’s a 1,199% yield after just three years!

And here’s the thing...

As long as these dividends continue to grow... you keep getting “bonus” income year after year.

Remember what Einstein said about the power of compounding...

Once it gets going, it’s the most powerful force in the universe.

If an Extreme Dividend company pays 100% after five years, it very easily could pay 1,000% after eight... exactly like Natural Health Trends.

If you can’t be patient enough to get something as good as that, then I really can’t help you.

Novation Companies:

15X Your Money Every Single Year for Life

Now, before we get into the three new Extreme Dividend companies, I want to run through one more example.

This is what can happen if you find a truly special Extreme Dividends company.

Let’s look at Novation Companies.

It’s a mortgage company founded all the way back in 1996.

It took a couple years to get going, but looking back to 1999, it would’ve been right in the sweet spot where I like to target Extreme Dividend companies.

Revenue and cash flow were starting a multiyear climb. And the company was gearing up for its first dividend.

Everything lined up.

And if you had put $5,000 in Novation Companies... within just five years, the dividend had risen SO HIGH and SO FAST... that it now pays out $75,340 every single year.

That’s 15 times your money in dividends.

Find just one stock like that... and you are set for life.

Now, this is an exceptional example. It’s one of the best Extreme Dividend companies of all time.

You can’t expect every stock to pay 15 times your money in dividends after just five years.

But I wanted to include it just to show you the possibilities if you find the right Extreme Dividend company.

And that’s what I want to help you do now.

You see, I’ve found three companies that I believe are in perfect position to pay out Extreme Dividends over the next few years.

Here’s what I’m seeing...

Extreme Dividend Company No. 1:

The Real Estate Juggernaut

The first company I’m targeting is a very young real estate company.

It was founded in May 2014 in Columbus, Ohio.

And it’s made a name for itself by buying up those run-down malls that every city has... and then turning them into those luxury malls that are jam-packed with people all week long.

And business is booming.

As you probably know, U.S. retail and food sales are soaring.

Consumer confidence is the highest it’s been in almost two decades.

And this company’s business is exploding.

In the past year, it tripled net income from $67 million to $197 million.

Analysts show that “debt has been massively reduced.”

The company has a huge war chest, with $500 million in liquidity. (Which also means it has PLENTY of cash to increase that dividend.)

And yet, the stock is incredibly cheap, at just over $6.

On a cash flow basis, its share price would need to trade up to $25 just to be equally priced with its competitors.

It’s no wonder that Seeking Alpha recently called it “deeply undervalued”...

And that big trading houses like BlackRock and Vanguard are loading up on shares, with more than 57 million shares between the two.

Best of all, this company is set up for incredible growth in the years ahead.

First of all, it buys these run-down malls at incredible prices.

In many cases, it pays just 20% to 30% of cash flow.

In other words, if it buys a mall for, say, $20 million... it often generates $100 million in cash flow.

Sounds like a pretty good business, doesn’t it?

And here’s how you can collect 100%-plus in income on this stock.

As I said, right now it trades for just over $6.

But at its current growth rate, and under its excellent management, net income should hit $1.3 billion in the next three years.

At its current dividend payout ratio, that means the dividend should be $6.59 per year. And I expect it will only continue growing from there.

On a $5,000 investment today, I estimate you could be collecting $5,237 in three years – and probably a lot more each year going forward.

That’s more than 100% yields on your savings.

Here’s the second company I love.

Extreme Dividend Stock No. 2:

The Unexpected Tech Giant

The second stock I’m looking at is a very cool tech stock.

It also trades for just over $6.

And just as we want, it only recently started paying a dividend.

So it’s very early.

Now, this company is really cool.

It’s one of those internet music companies like Pandora and Spotify, except for one MAJOR difference.

Because of the way its business is set up, while Spotify pays 70% royalties to rights holders, this company only has to pay 15.5%.

That’s a whole lot more cash that can go toward dividends.

And it’s the reason that while Spotify is losing millions, this company is making a fortune.

Yes, in its first year, it lost money.

But by the second year, it made $43 million.

And now?

It’s bringing in $648 million and counting.

That’s growth of 1,406%!

And in fact, it just set a new revenue record and added 300 thousand new subscribers in the latest quarter.

This is EXACTLY what you want when trying to find an Extreme Dividend.

You want a company with huge, fast-growing profits that’s only just starting to pay dividends.

Right now it has a free cash flow of $1.89 billion. But it pays only 17.5% of that toward the dividend.

I could see that growing to 60% easily, which means the dividend would almost quadruple.

But here’s why it could go even bigger.

Right now, this company has just 35 million subscribers. (By comparison, Spotify has 75 million.)

But in the first quarter of 2019, the company is set to acquire 70 million new subs in a merger deal.

In other words, its business is about to triple.

I have little doubt that this company’s bottom line is going to explode.

And as a result, I see the dividend growing to as much as $10 per share in the next three years.

That would be a 162% annual yield.

So buying, say, 1,000 shares today at $6,000 could end up paying you $10,000 or more every year for the rest of your life.

That’s pretty darn good.

OK, now here’s my last one.

Extreme Dividend Stock No. 3:

The Shipping Superstar

There’s one other company in the markets today that I think has real Extreme Dividend potential.

It trades right now for just over $1.50.

So it’s very cheap.

That gives it HUGE upside.

The dividend only has to reach $3 per share to hand you 200% income every year. But I think it could go even bigger, to $5 per share.

Here’s why...

Revenue is positively exploding.

It’s gone up by 625%.

The company has beaten analyst expectations for a stunning eight quarters in a row.

It’s dumbfounding that investors still have the chance to get in on this stock at the current price.

The media loves to go on and on about the big tech companies like Netflix and Amazon, which trade at hundreds of times earnings.

But they never tell you about companies like this, trading 10 times cheaper than the market average.

The stock would need to rise to $11 or $12 just to be average.

If you don’t have at least a few dollars in this stock, you seriously could be throwing away a lifetime of income.

So here’s how you can avoid making that mistake... and get in on this Extreme Dividend company, as well as the other two I just mentioned, TODAY.

I’ve put together a free report giving you the ticker symbols, buying instructions and full story on each of my three favorite stocks.

The report is called “Extreme Dividends: How to Achieve 100% Income Yields on Your Savings.”

In a moment, I’ll explain how everyone watching today – in person or at home – can receive this free report.

But first, let me tell you one more reason Extreme Dividends are the perfect retirement investment.

I Haven’t Mentioned This HUGE BONUS to Extreme Dividends Yet

Now, personally, I like to focus mostly on income and dividends.

My goal is to help my readers find the best Extreme Dividend stocks and simply hold them so they can live off the income forever.

However, there is an additional bonus to all of this.

And I’m sure you can guess what it is.

What do you think happens to the share price of a company that grows its dividend extremely fast?

It goes up.

It goes up A LOT.

As Peter Lynch says...

Just look at any of the stocks we’ve covered today.

Macquerie Infrastructure pays more than six times an early initial investment in annual dividends.

But the stock?

It’s multiplied by 58-fold!

Issuer Direct pays 200% on an early original investment.

But its stock is also up 150-fold!

And not only does Natural Health Trends now pay more than 10 times an early investment in annual dividends...

The stock price itself has gone from under $1 to $21!

Of course, it’s important to remember that not all stocks do this.

These are fabulous companies that raised dividends extremely fast.

It’s not easy to find these sorts of companies, and as with all investing, there are risks.

But that’s why using my formula to identify the same characteristics we see in the biggest winners is so important.

Because there truly is NOTHING better for an investor than finding one of these Extreme Dividend stocks.

When companies pay out big money to shareholders, everybody wants in.

History shows that drives the share price to the moon.

And the three companies I just told you about have AT LEAST 1,000% capital gain potential to go on top of the 100% dividend yields I expect to see in the coming years.

I believe that if you get even a few shares of each today, your finances will never be a worry again.

And I have a long track record of helping people turn their lives around by finding the best stocks in the market.

I’ve Helped People Become Millionaires by Finding the Right Stocks at the Right Time

For example, just last year, I sent out a message regarding the biotech company AbbVie.

AbbVie had partnered with a small research company called Calico, and together they were working on a breakthrough anti-aging molecule.

Here’s what I published about the partnership on February 24, 2017:

“This collection of brilliant minds has the potential to not only STOP diseases in their tracks, but also EXTEND lifespans.

MIT Technology Review describes this CEO’s new company as ‘an elite research group.’

And it goes on to say that it has ‘the best people, the best technology and the most money.’

Starting as soon as March 9 I expect investors in this rapidly evolving situation could begin capturing as much as 519% gains... But that could be just the beginning.

So what happened next?

My 519% promise turned out to be conservative.

Over the next 10 months, the play I recommended on AbbVie turned into a record gain of 2,381%!

One of my readers, Anthony Valentino from New Jersey, decided to invest $50,000 in my recommendation. And his $50K actually turned into $1.3 million.

Again, this happened in less than a year!

Here’s what he had to say:

I met Anthony in person at our Baltimore offices earlier this year. What a pleasure to see how our work impacted his life.

And here’s another example.

A couple of years ago, I introduced our subscribers to a special dividend plan that was actually the seed that eventually grew into my Extreme Dividend system.

In short, I had found an obscure stock exchange regulation that regulates dividend stocks. And realized we could profit from this regulation.

Here’s what I wrote to subscribers:

“[This plan] is a way to take my specially selected dividend-paying stocks and supercharge the amount you receive with them.”

So I put together a special dividend model portfolio, and my subscribers started taking action.

John Walsh of Durham, North Carolina, wrote me to tell me that he had taken multiple positions on our plays. On just ONE of them, he locked in $226,059 when he sold.

He says....

He even gives one-third of his money to charity and family each year!

Another member from Alabama said he used money from my dividend system to pay his grandson’s medical bills.

And still others told me they are doubling and tripling their money and just continue to reinvest the dividends.

If you want the dream retirement... and you worry that you won’t have enough income to pay for it... you’ve got to embrace the mentality that finding stocks that raise their dividends high and fast is the No. 1 key to a successful retirement.

My own portfolio is loaded with investments that pay me substantial income every year.

I know for sure that even if I were to stop working tomorrow, I’d still have enough investment income coming in every year to live on.

That’s my safety net I can count on.

But if I hadn’t learned about the power of compounding from my grandfather and the mentors I worked with early in my career, I would probably never have found Extreme Dividends.

The lessons they taught me changed my life.

And that’s why I’m sharing that same message with you today.

I’d like to get my report on “Extreme Dividends: How to Achieve 100% Income Yields on Your Savings” into your hands today.

The three stocks inside – all of which are perfect for my Extreme Dividend strategy – could end up paying you well over 100% on your savings.

It’s the No. 1 way to retire worry-free.

And once you get my report today, you’ll only have one question left to ask yourself...

What Would You Do if Retirement Income Was
No Longer a Concern?

Give away a third of your income to charity and for family gifts, like my member John Walsh?

Take your kids and grandkids to Italy for Christmas, like Anthony Valentino?

Buy your dream retirement home in Florida like Bill, the veteran I mentioned earlier?

Or maybe just relax, spend more time with family and work on your golf game?

For me, having my retirement income already squared away lets me focus on the important things in life...

Like spending quality time with my wife and kids.

In the past year alone, we’ve gone on multiple “trips of a lifetime” to Whistler, British Columbia, where we hiked a glacier... Vail, Colorado, where we whitewater-rafted the famous Arkansas River, and Rome, where my kids were able to see the grandeur of the Colosseum in person.

Life is just better without money hassles.

And I believe our Extreme Dividend companies can give you that worry-free life.

All the details are in our special briefing “Extreme Dividends: How to Achieve 100% Income Yields on Your Savings.”

I can send a free copy to every one of you – in the audience and at home – at the end of this presentation.

But I’m not going to stop there.

You see...

These three Extreme Dividend companies are some of the best I’ve ever uncovered.

But I don’t want to just give you three plays and send you on your way.

My goal is to give you the tools to eventually build a multimillion-dollar portfolio of dividend superstars that pay you more and more every year.

In order to do that, I’ve created a model portfolio of stocks that are some of the best dividend growth companies on the market.

So I’d like to give you immediate access today to my Compound Income Portfolio.

Special Bonus No. 1:

The Compound Income Portfolio (Value: $219)

I first launched this portfolio back in 2013.

And it’s been one of the most successful projects we’ve ever created.

If you had purchased just 500 shares in each recommendation, you would have now received $106,880 just in dividends.

It’s become incredibly popular with my 50,000-plus subscribers.

In fact, I just got a message from a gentleman named Rick from Arizona.

He tells me that he now invests “all of his profits and new money in the Compound Income Portfolio.”

As part of everything I’m giving you today, I want to also give you full access to every pick in my Compound Income Portfolio.

You’ll get your own password to our secure website where you can see everything.

However, if you are looking to generate income quickly and don’t necessarily have time to compound your money...

I have something else for you too.

There’s another model portfolio I designed to maximize income right away called the Instant Income Portfolio.

Special Bonus No. 2:

The Instant Income Portfolio (Value: $219)

I’ve loaded the Instant Income Portfolio with plays that deliver maximum income right now.

We have 10 plays in it currently. The average gain is 57.5%... with maximum gains of 219%.

And the portfolio as a whole has crushed the S&P 500 since its launch.

I’m going to give you password-protected access to this portfolio as well.

Plus, I have one more special bonus I want to give you...

Special Bonus No. 3:

“How to Claim an Extra $130,000 in Social Security” (Value: $159)
This message is NOT approved, endorsed, or authorized by the Social Security Administration. All information regarding Social Security discussed or mentioned here is available for free from the Social Security Administration.

Social security is an important part of retirement income for most.

The only problem is... 77% of retirees DO NOT maximize their benefits, according to the Employee Benefit Research Institute.

How is that possible?

Well, as CNN points out...

That’s why my team and I created the definitive guide to maximizing Social Security.

Inside, you’ll find...

That’s just a taste of everything we’ve prepared for you in “How to Claim an Extra $130,000 in Social Security.”

In total, then, that’s two reports and two portfolios with an $896 value. But I don’t want you to pay one cent for any of them.

You can receive everything I’ve promised just by joining me in my monthly newsletter The Oxford Income Letter.

This message is NOT approved, endorsed, or authorized by the Social Security Administration. All information regarding Social Security discussed or mentioned here is available for free from the Social Security Administration.

A Community of Income Seekers...

The Oxford Income Letter is a research service I started for like-minded people who recognize that investing isn’t a competition to see who dies with the most money.

That’s not what life is all about.

The real purpose of investing is to provide the income you need to truly enjoy life.

It’s the ability to take care of your family...

To know your bills are paid...

To not worry about the mortgage...

To give back to your church and favorite charity...

To help young people with their education...

To go out and see the world...

To put it simply, my income system is focused on LIVING LIFE TO ITS FULLEST, not merely getting by.

And that’s my mission when I write every monthly edition of The Oxford Income Letter – to help our subscribers find income opportunities that make life easy... not hard.

With each monthly issue of The Oxford Income Letter, I’ll deliver the very best income opportunities in the market. I’m looking for big yields, fast growth and ultimate safety.

But beyond that, we’ll talk about the big picture, including how Fed moves affect interest rates... how taxes might help stocks and the economy... and how to reduce expenses in everyday life.

I want you to receive my Oxford Income Letter issues as part of everything I’m offering today.

I’ve certainly helped my subscribers get the most out of their savings.

With 20 years of experience as a stock analyst, top financial author and dividend and income expert, I am equipped to help you thrive in any financial market.

Helping Thousands of Readers Collect the
Income They Deserve

Here are just a few notes from the thousands of success stories at our organization...

As you can see, we focus on both helping our subscribers increase their investment income and also helping them achieve their dream life.

Some of them start small with just a couple thousand dollars. But others who receive The Oxford Income Letter are worth millions.

The fact is... no matter what your financial situation... you can always use more income and more security later in life.

The whole point is to have growing income flowing in so you never have to worry.

And I have no doubt The Oxford Income Letter and the principles we follow will help you achieve your goals.

In fact, I want to tell you one more quick story.

I think it really spells out what I want for you once you join The Oxford Income Letter.

It comes from Kevin Hannigan of Massachusetts.

Here’s what he wrote to me:

Kevin multiplied his money more than seven-fold in nine years. And now he’s a multimillionaire.

That’s my goal for each of you.

And no matter where you are starting, it is achievable IF you are willing to take charge today.

You can do it.

In fact, I’ve even put together three extra resources to help you reach multimillionaire status.

First Added Bonus Today:

“How to Live a First Class Life for Pennies on the Dollar” (Value: $129)

One of the keys to becoming a multimillionaire is to figure out how to live the lifestyle without spending all the money!

That’s why we’ve put together a special handbook showing you all the ways to live a first-class lifestyle without paying full price.

The book includes...

All told, we share 25 secrets in this handbook. Each one will help you keep more of your money... and grow it faster too.

My second bonus is a copy of my best-selling book.

Second Added Bonus Today:

Get a Free Copy of Financial Book of the Year Get Rich with Dividends! (Value $27)

Get Rich with Dividends was awarded the Book of the Year by the Financial Institute for Literacy.

And I’d like to send you a free copy today.

Plus, I have one more bonus to add for those of you who plan to become multimillionaires.

Third Added Bonus Today:

HD Video Series of My Income Seekers Private Sessions (Value $299)

I want to add in a brand-new HD video series I made of the closed-door income sessions I’ve held at our Private Wealth Seminars for our highest-level subscribers.

These sessions allow us to dig in deep and explore opportunities that we can’t share with bigger groups.

Feel free to watch each HD video and then pass it along to your closest friends and family members.

OK, so all told, that’s another three bonuses valued at $455.

I want to send them all to you just for joining The Oxford Income Letter.

All the Privileges You Are Entitled to as an Oxford Income Letter Subscriber...

As soon as you join The Oxford Income Letter, you are entitled to all the privileges it comes with.

You’ll receive...

You’ll also receive every one of the reports, books, HD videos, portfolios and special bonuses I’ve lined up for you today, including...

That’s a total of free bonuses valued at $1,649.

And yes, once you join The Oxford Income Letter, you will have access to my insights.

I have the personal experience of not only building a multimillion-dollar portfolio that pays me plenty to live on every year... but also of having a long track record of doing it for my subscribers too.

I want to read you one more testimonial from a subscriber.

We actually joke about it quite a bit at the office.

But this is what a member, Dr. Edward AnAnthony, whom I mentioned earlier, really wrote in.

He said...

Well, I talked to my publisher, but unfortunately I’m still driving myself into work at this point.

But in all seriousness, I’m honored to know that my subscribers truly appreciate everything we do for them.

And the only way to ensure happy subscribers is to continue delivering winning investment recommendations.

Ourr track record is the reason I feel very confident making a 365-day guarantee that my system pays off – which I’ll detail in just a moment.

The three stocks I’m giving you in my Extreme Dividends report today will becommme, I believe, the cornerstone of your retirement.

They will throw off so much cash that you will get to the point where you&rsqquo;re returning 100% on your initial investment every single year – perhaps much more.

But from there, my Oxford Income Letter service and all the materials I’m sending you today will help you finally achieve the financial results you deserserve.

And I don’t want anything holding you back.

That’s why, despite all the materials I’m sending you, we still charge remarkably little for The Oxford Income Letter.

Just $249 for a full year.

At less than a dollar a day, it’s as good a deal as there is in the investment world.

Consider someone like Bill Haskins, one of my subscribers down in Florida.

He now collects $95,000 per year thanks to my system.

That’s 381 TIMES the cost to join every year.

I think you’ll agree that’s a fair trade.

But having said all that, again – I want everyone to have a chance to share in our success.

So to make this as easy a decision as possible for you, here’s what I&rsquququo;m going to do.

I want to give you a risk-free subscription to The Oxford Income Letter today for just $49 – our absolute lowest price.

And as I mentioned earlier, I’m going to back all this up with a 365-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

You’ll have 12 months to use and review everything I’ve talked about today. You’ll see how our Extreme Dividend stocks perform. You can start using my Instant Income Portfolio. Go ahead and put the 25 secrets in my report “How to Live a First Class Life for Pennies on the Dollar ” to work.

No matter how much you make in profits, here is my promise to you...

Plus, you get to keep every single thing you received today.

It’s a bold promise.

But that’s how confident I am.

This very well could be the best offer I ever make for my services.

The three Extreme Dividend stocks I’ve found have the chance to deliver more than 100% in income to you each year.

In fact, I think there’s a real chance one of these could end up paying off as much as Universal Insurance, which paid a remarkable $59,995 for every $5,000 invested after just three years of dividend growth.

I want you to picture that for just a moment.

Imagine investing $5,000 in a stock starting tomorrow.

And three years from now, it’s paying out $59,000 every year.

It’s possible.

But only by identifying the very best Extreme Dividend companies.

Join me with The Oxford Income Letter, and I’ll track the Extreme Dividend companies and keep you posted on every new development...

All you have to do is enjoy the ride.

The time to take action is now.

You have the chance to dramatically change your finances forever.

You can create a legacy of wealth for you, for your children, your grandchildren and even beyond.

But you WON’T have that chance if you DON’T act decisively.

Remember, Extreme Dividends are the No. 1 path to retirement success.

Companies like Issuer Direct now pay out $10,000 each year on every $5,000 invested early.

Natural Health Trends pays out $54,000.

And Novation Companies pays out $75,340!

The three Extreme Dividend companies I’ve found now have that level of potential.

I’ve built my retirement by finding and taking action on the very best income opportunities in the market.

And now, I want to help you do it too.

For those reading at home, just click on the big “Yes! I Want 100% Income Yields” button below.

Thank you for your time, and congratulations.  I look forward to welcoming you to the world of Extreme Dividends.


Marc Lichtenfeld
Chief Income Strategist
The Oxford Income Letter
November 2018