The Oxford Club’s #1 Fast-Money Expert With a Perfect 2017 Track Record Wants to Know…

“Why on Earth Are You Still Paying Full Price for Stocks?”

I’ve found a way to pay up to 50% less than today’s share price – and you can too!


Please do YOURSELF a massive favor.

Stop paying “full price” on your stocks.

You don’t have to.

When you type in the ticker symbol and it shows you today’s price of your favorite stock...


That’s its full price, and Wall Street is conning you into paying the full price.

I want to help SAVE your money.

I promise you... I can help you get the stocks you want for FAR LESS.

Without having to haggle over the price!

You can get set up to do this instantly, with a few simple clicks on your computer.

This is not a gimmick. And I’m not talking about something as obvious as using a “limit order.”

It truly is a chance to get the stocks you want at BIG discounts to today’s prices – up to 50% off.

You can do it with virtually any company...

For instance... General Electric.

It trades for $14.

But you could offer to buy GE for $10: 28% off!

That’s why I think of this approach as using a “stock market coupon.”

The chance to get it at 20% off works instantly.

The same goes for a stock like Southwest Airlines.

Warren Buffett is extremely bullish on airlines stocks, as confirmed by Barron’s, Forbes and USA Today.

But $60 bucks? No thanks!

Why pay $60 when you could offer $40? over 30% off!

Of course, the returns can be so much bigger this way.

If you’re able to get the stock at $40 and it rises to $100... you’d be up 150% instead of 66%... just because you bought at a BIG discount to where it was originally trading.

This can single-handedly change the way you view buying your stocks.

Don’t let Wall Street sucker you into thinking you have no other choice!

Because you DO have a choice.

I became a millionaire in my 30s in no small part thanks to this secret.

And I’m in good company! Warren Buffett used this same secret to buy Coca-Cola at a big discount and made $7.5 MILLION!

He might be rich... but he’s notoriously thrifty! He knows the prices at his local McDonalds down to the EXACT dollar.

One of the world’s richest men never overpays... so why should you?

People pay $170 bucks a share for Apple...

Give me a break!

I say you use this strategy for the chance to buy it for half that price.

If you get in and it goes to $200, you’ll be up 135% instead of 17%.

I can show you how to do this on virtually any company you desire for your portfolio.

Your returns can be bigger... and your risk can be far less!

Purchasing stocks ONLY at discounted prices from where they’re currently trading can...

  • Save you from buying at the top
  • Give you a bigger cushion against losses
  • Lock-in bigger profits when a stock rises
  • Produce less stress than the average investor faces
  • And get this: I’ll even reveal why when you use this strategy to buy a stock, you get an INSTANT cash bonus added to your account.

That’s right – instant cash. So I hope you’re excited.

Today, I’m going to offer you three “coupons,” as I call them.

You can use them immediately for the chance to buy highly profitable stocks at HUGE savings.

So while everyone else buys stocks the old way at FULL price.

You’ll be doing it the new way by making a lowball offer and potentially paying between 20% and 50% less than the average investor would pay today.

And that’s exactly what you want to do this late in the bull market! Don’t buy stocks at the top!

I’ve Been a Millionaire for More Than 20 Years... It All Started With Getting Stocks at a Discount!

My name is Karim Rahemtulla.

And since my early 30s, I’ve been a millionaire.

The Federal Reserve has proven that less than 1% of people at 30 have $1 million.

Even by 44 years old, less than 5% have made it.

I can tell you, it wasn’t easy becoming financially independent at such a young age.

So I worked my butt off in college to get a useful degree and became one of the youngest CFOs in my company’s history.

I jumped right into the trenches of the markets... targeting investments with the highest upside and lowest possible risk.

And I can tell you... I could not have become as wealthy as I have without the profound secret I’m about to share with you...

The ability to get stocks at a massive discount!

Today, I’m passing this secret forward... sharing the good fortune God has given me... and helping regular people discover the secret to getting stocks for LESS.

I’ve been doing this for a while now, and I’ve gotten great feedback from my subscribers... especially after my PERFECT trading record in 2017.

Not many people ever close out a year without a single loss. But we did.

Donald Gepper told me...

Mr. Gepper is right – winning NEVER gets old.

And when you get stocks at a “discount,” it’s so much easier and there can be so much less risk.

Andy Jackson told me...

Or take Fred Davis... who has followed me for going on a year. He loves the discounts I’m finding...

He’s right! You do get comfortable... especially when you consider the instant cash side, which I’ll reveal later.

But to put it bluntly, when you invest like this, it works out better in every way...

  • If the stock goes down, your huge discount protects your capital from the full downside.
  • If it trades flat, you’re up big.
  • If it goes higher, you’re still up BIG.

Yet almost no investors are doing this right now. With the exception of my subscribers.

Robin Vaughn, a follower of mine, told me...

I have every intention of doing this for years to come and helping even MORE people.

And today, I’m starting with YOU.

I’ll show you why you’ll never have to pay “full price” for a stock ever again... never buy at the TOP and worry that you’re about to lose money.

I have three coupons for several highly profitable stocks that could put you in position to potentially get shares at big discounts.

You can have them in the next 24 hours.

And I can think of no better way to save – and GROW your money – than getting stocks at a discount...

Especially in this expensive market – why risk buying at the top when you can get them at a “discount”?

Look at How Much Better This Is

Let me show you a real example of how this works.

Let’s look at Weight Watchers, which was trading for $21 last year.

Why pay $21 for Weight Watchers? Are you as rich as Oprah?

You could have offered to buy it at $13.

And you would have had that chance just days later!

Since dropping to $13.

The stock climbed to $57...

If you had bought the old-fashioned way, you’d be up 171%.

That’s great.

But if you’d gotten shares my way... using a coupon for nearly 40%...

You would have QUADRUPLED your money. A 338% return.

See why I think you’re going to love this approach?

Your gains can be so much bigger! Even when they’re already big to begin with!

Now let’s do gold.

I love owning gold as much as Peter Schiff, Stan Druckenmiller and the other great gold bugs.

But I refuse to pay full price.

And so should you. You should be getting all your gold stocks at a discount, as far as I’m concerned.

Royal Gold has been a great one for regular investors. It’s up 67% since 2015.

But that’s if you bought it at $52 – the full retail price in 2015.

With this trade that works like a “discount stock coupon,” you could’ve gotten in for HALF THAT PRICE! Just $27.50.

And look how much BIGGER the gains are this way...

With this “discount coupon” you could have made 216%... instead of just 67%!

That’s more than DOUBLE the profit! All because you got in with this strategy instead of paying full retail price the day you first eyed the stock.

Here’s one more...

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals.

I love biotech stocks because you can make a TON of money.

But I don’t like paying full price – because they’re prone to volatility.

So $78 for Alnylam in 2016?

I don’t think so.

You could’ve offered to pay $40.

That’s almost 50% off!

And when the stock hit your price, just look at how much BIGGER your returns would’ve been once it rebounded...

You tell me...

Collect 61%... or more than 215%.

See why I think you’re going to love using this “discount coupon” strategy?

The gains can be so much bigger when you start at a lower price!

Before buying another stock in this expensive market... I recommend you shop around for some opportunities that could give you discounts!

You can get the chance to save 20% on Facebook.

25% on Google.

30% on NVIDIA.

35% on GlaxoSmithKline.

40% on Bank of America.

45% on GE.

Even 50% on Apple.

The opportunities are everywhere, if you know where to look!

In fact, thanks to this secret, I have a perfect track record for my subscribers in 2017 – zero losses on my closed plays.

And the people I’m helping with my expertise absolutely LOVE making money this way.

Like Jasper Perleman who told me...

He’s got a perfect track record! Hitting ALL of them out the park.

Same with Mel Simpkin, who emailed me saying...

I want YOU to try it now.

I want YOU to get the chance to get stocks at a discount, saving thousands of dollars... or more.

Banking easy profits.

Riding a money train with a first-class ticket.

And we can find these “coupons” all day, every day because I find these opportunities in a special corner of the stock market.

And best of all, every single one is going to give you INSTANT CASH the moment you use it.

Now, you’re probably wondering... why in the world would you get a chance like this? Why isn’t everyone doing this?

“Discount Coupons” Are NOT Some Gimmick

Let me use an analogy you’re probably familiar with.

Maybe you’ve been to the website called Priceline where you book plane tickets and hotels.

Priceline came up with a brilliant idea... back when they hired William Shatner...

It allowed you to name your own your price on flights, hotel rooms and more.

So if a flight was $300... but you wanted it for $200... you could make a lowball offer.

It allowed you to save HUNDREDS of dollars!

Sometimes, Priceline accepted the offer. Other times, it didn’t.

Well, the “discount coupons” for the stock market work similarly...

So if you’re thinking of buying a stock like General Motors for $44...

Why not make an offer for $22 in the near future?

If you’re thinking about buying Macy’s for $24...

Why not try to get it for $12, if it drops to that?

We can name our own price on virtually ANY stock!

That’s what Robin Vaughn LOVES about my service...

Robin’s absolutely right – we sometimes offer to get cheaper prices on Buffett-held stocks.

Fred Davis told me...

Another subscriber, James Heller, told me it’s his favorite strategy.

Now here’s where I’ve perfected it...

Unlike Priceline, where it’s a guessing game if they’ll accept your discounted price...

I’ve perfected a system to accurately predict how big of a discount could be had on each stock compared with where it’s currently trading.

And here’s the best part...

Unlike buying stocks the old-fashioned way, where you have to pay on the spot... right when you buy the shares...

You can make these offers WITHOUT paying a cent upfront!

It doesn’t cost you anything to make an offer for 20% off... or even 50% off.

You simply place this type of trade and wait to see if the stock hits that level so you can snag the stock for that price!

In fact, you get instant cash each time you try to make an offer...

I’ll reveal more on that later, but this cash can measure in the thousands. So make sure you stick around until I reveal that in the next few minutes.

It could add more than $2,400 instantly to your trading account!

But before I reveal that...

Ask yourself...

Why buy another expensive stock in this market? Why risk buying at the top? When you can get the stocks you want for up to 50% off those highs?

There’s no harm in trying!

This type of strategy is recognized by brokers, and it works with The New York Stock Exchange, S&P 500 and Nasdaq.

And­­­ as I said, we haven’t had a single loser!

That’s because every single stock we offer to buy has a built-in cushion.

Sure, it’s still possible to have losses (I’ll touch on that soon).

But it’s rare. In 2017, I had a perfect record.

I look to replicate that again this year.

And I shouldn’t have any trouble with my built-in cushion.

We Have a Built-In Cushion Protecting Us From the Drop!

It’s like an investor’s dream come true.

Because we offer to buy stocks if they drop in price, our discounted buy price helps to protect us from an ordinary investor’s loss.

Let me show you.

Here’s a company everyone knows...


If you bought the stock around this time last year... you would have lost more than 20% of your money!

Of course, that’s if you paid full price at the height.

At the same time... there was an opportunity to offer to pay more than 35% off the price... if it dropped that far!

And that’s where this built-in cushion I’m talking about comes into play...

If you made this trade instead, you would’ve gotten in at a 35% discount to where it was originally trading!

In fact, if you held on to the stock as it rebounded, you’d be UP on your investment! When regular investors were DOWN!

Now, if the stock drops below the price you named, you’d still have to purchase it at that premium to market price at that time.

And of course there’s risk when buying any stock.

But when you get in at the price you want – at a “discount,” as I like to say, compared with the high – it can lead to massive gains on the rebound.

How about another...

When Trump was elected, you probably heard people saying, “Buy oil stocks! Trump is going to be HUGE on energy!”

So let’s say you bought Halliburton at “full price” – $58 per share in early 2017.

You would have LOST money – 20% of it!

Tell me that 20% loss wouldn’t have steamed your clams!

Of course... you know what I’m about to say...

You could’ve used a discount code on Halliburton.

So instead of $58, you offered to pay $40.

For a built-in 30% discount on the stock.

By doing that, you would have given yourself the extra cushion needed to skip the big drop in price.

If you had purchased at the discounted price, you would’ve been up 25% after just a few weeks.

So which would you prefer? Lose money, or make 25%?

That’s the power of buying with this strategy.

Quite simply... you avoid buying at the top because your low offer always gives you at least a 20% cushion... and sometimes a 50% cushion!

I can’t tell you how good it feels when people tell me they MADE money when everyone else was losing.

And I’m more than happy to help you avoid losses like that and pocket gains instead.

Here’s one more, I’ll keep it quick.

U.S. Silica Holdings.

Investors who paid full price – $59 per share in February 2017 – got absolutely punished.

Down 44% at one point.

But once again...

Using a coupon PROTECTS you from buying at the top.

And more often than not hands you GAINS instead!

The coupon for U.S. Silica allowed you to buy shares when the stock dropped to $25 instead of $58.

So instead of a 44% loss, you could have gotten in on the low and held on to the stock while it rebounded to end up with gains reaching 32%.

We’d all rather make 32%... than lose nearly half of it.

That’s why I think you’ll love this built-in cushion.

It makes it so much easier to sleep at night... you’ll feel less stressed out about a market crash.

Especially when you know that stocks can go down... but thanks to your coupon, you can avoid the carnage!

I’ve been investing for decades this way, and let me tell you, it’s so stress free I don’t even think about it anymore.

It helped me to become a millionaire in my early 30s, at a time most people would never dream of becoming one

All sales today are final.

I’d like to help you today too, just as I have helped so many other Oxford Club Members...

I have three coupon opportunities I plan on offering you right now.

Each one gives you the chance to own major stocks with big upside potential at 20% to 50% off.

I suggest you check them out before buying any stocks in this expensive market.

And lock in some of the BIGGEST and SAFEST gains you possibly can!

When Stocks Go up, You Make Even MORE

Yes, the built-in cushion helps to protect you from the downside of stocks.

It’s nice to know you have that added protection.

But one of the great reasons to try and get them at a discount is that the market is expensive right now.

And it gives you even MORE upside potential.

Think about it...

You’re getting the chance to buy high-flying stocks cheaper than anyone paying today’s market price... so if the stock drops to your desired price and then rebounds... you make even MORE than everyone else.

It’s like adding a turbocharger to an already fast car...

It fires your returns up to a whole new level!

For example, in 2015, Amazon was trading at $675.

But let’s say you wanted to buy it at $525 – almost 25% off.

There was a “discount coupon” opportunity available for that...

Within a few months, the stock dropped, and you would’ve gotten in for the price you wanted.

And guess what happened to the stock next...

It rose all the way to $1,100.

Now, if you had purchased the regular way, you’d be up 64%.

That’s fine.

But by getting in at the discounted price, you’d be up 120%

The coupon wins!

Netflix is another great example where we can turbocharge your returns.

In 2015 it was trading for $130 a share.

But why pay that? What if you could have gotten it for 30% off – $90 bucks a share a few months later?

Look at how much BIGGER the returns could have been when it rebounded.

200%... compared with regular investors at 107%

Plain and simple, it just works... it makes good returns into GREAT returns.

Look at a stock like Teck Resources.

In 2015, it was trading for just $12.50.

But you could’ve offered to buy it for just $5 bucks.

And look at how much BIGGER your gains would be today with the stock at $28.

459% my way vs. just 124% the regular way.

That’s more than THREE TIMES more profit! When stocks go down, you get the built-in cushion to protect you. When stocks rebound, your returns are even BIGGER.

The benefits are so straightforward...

  • Cheaper stocks
  • More protection against losses
  • Bigger and easier gains
  • And a cash bonus I haven’t even revealed yet...

I’ll save that bonus for later...

Because what I really want to emphasize is just how EASY this is.

I’m going to show you RIGHT NOW how we get these massive “discount coupons.”

I’m going to bring up a brokerage account on the screen and walk you through it.

And after this presentation is over, I’m going to offer you three coupon opportunities you can use immediately.

Each one will give you the chance to own the name-brand stocks you want at massive 20% to 50% discounts to current prices.

And all three opportunities come with that instant cash bonus I’m going to tell you about in a moment.

But first, let me show you how to bring up these “discount coupons” – and how to use them.

So Why Haven’t You Heard About This? It’s Easy...

My favorite part about this is you only need only a regular brokerage account.

It’s sort of a “hidden feature” most people don’t know exists. So I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out this feature only needs to be unlocked in your account... which I will also show you how to do.

Now, each of these coupons has a code...

Here’s Barrick Gold’s. It’s one of the world’s largest gold miners...

To get started, it would be so simple.

You’d type ABX into a brokerage account... along with the coupon’s code...

And just like that, you’d have agreed to purchase Barrick Gold at a 20% discount to its current price.

No gimmicks.

No tricks.

It’s a TRUE discount opportunity it’s offering you.

Here’s Southwest Airlines’...

So once again...

I would type in LUV and the code 1918M4 in my brokerage account like so.

And this coupon gives me the chance to buy Southwest Airlines at a whopping 30% discount...

Here’s one for U.S. Steel...

This coupon gave you the chance to buy at a whopping 45% off.

Same as before, you type in the ticker and the code.

And boom!

You get the chance to purchase the stock at 45% off today’s price.

I’ll walk you through it step by step. Every time.

You’ll never have to figure this out on your own.

I’m telling you... after today...

You don’t have to pay Wall Street’s price anymore. You simply type in the ticker of the stock you want... I’ll give you the “discount coupon” code... and you can potentially save thousands of dollars...

You’ve seen how you can lock in BIGGER gains if you get in and the stocks go higher... and protect yourself from sell-offs.

I have a PERFECT track record on my closed plays in 2017 showing people how to invest this way.

One of my readers, Forest Vanhorn, will back me up...

Michael Charleston is also banking winner after winner with my help.

Lance Drews is one of my favorite subscribers because he always tells me what he’s up to. And he’s really living it up in retirement... He emailed me saying...

I couldn’t agree more. Retirement is YOUR time to invest in yourself and enjoy your hard work.

Watch this...

And you’ll get an idea of how much BIGGER your returns could be.

The Returns Are Going to Get Even BIGGER!

Take a look at Hasbro toys.

A few years back, there was an opportunity to pay 30% off.

And by getting in cheaper when the stock dropped, it would’ve really kicked the returns up a notch when it rebounded.

The regular way, it was 366%.

My way? 559%.

Imagine that 559% winner in your account. It’s so much fun knowing you paid less than everyone else did!

Remember how I said this “discount coupon” is a lot like shopping at Costco?

Well, there was an opportunity to get a discount on its stock.

A few years ago, you could’ve offered to pay 40% off.

And you tell me which return you’d rather have in your account:

212% or 418%?

Once again, it’s DOUBLE the profit.

You’re going to love learning how to invest this way.

It’s so much fun. And it’s so much safer.

How would you like to nearly DOUBLE the profit of a regular investor on a stock like Apple?

With one 40% off opportunity, you would have had it!

Look at that...

Nearly 1,000% returns if you got it with this strategy and followed its rebound.

Now I REALLY want to blow your mind...

I want to show you the instant cash bonus I’ve been telling you about.

We Actually Receive INSTANT CASH When We Use Coupons

Remember how I told you these coupons were like Priceline?

Where you name the price you want to pay for the stock... and you either get to buy it or not?

Well, there’s something I’ve been waiting to tell you.

That extra BONUS I mentioned earlier.

You get CASH on the spot just for making an offer to buy the stock if it drops to a lower price!

That’s right – when you offer to buy the stock at a discount, you will receive instant cash added to your account.


Take it from my subscribers...

Lesley Bevins told me...

Or take it from Mel Simpkin...

And it’s incredible. It really is.

Nasdaq featured a study that confirmed this type of approach is one of the best income strategies in the world.”

Again, it’s so easy...

You make any offer you want on the stock you want.

Generally, I like to do it at 20% to 50% off.

But... I must stress this again...

If the price doesn’t fall that far and you don’t get the stock at all... no matter how low you offer... you WILL get cash in return just for making the offer.

Cash every time. No exceptions.

Now, I can understand if you’re shaking your head... Why would you get paid to offer to get stocks at a discount?

And I can tell you, it’s one of the best kept secrets on Wall Street.

The masters swear by it...

Buffett wanted Coca-Cola for 10% off... so he used the same type of strategy I’m telling you about.

And get this...

He got a whopping $7.5 million cash for using it! PLUS he got the stock at the price he wanted!

Mark Cuban is another great investor who’s used this same type of approach.

He used this same secret for part of his “genius trade” that handed him $1.4 BILLION.

The money is yours for the taking when you use these coupons.

And this cash is yours to keep free and clear... even if you never have to buy anything!

Consider Morgan Stanley.

There’s a 50% “discount coupon” available on its stock right now.

So instead of paying the full price it’s at now of $56... you’re offering to buy Morgan Stanley at $28.

Now, you may get the stock at your price... or you may not... but either way, you’d get $460 in instant cash!

And you get to keep every penny of it!

For doing nothing!

One more...


It’s trading around $90... but using a “discount coupon,” you could make an offer of $55.

Just for doing that, you’ll get $600 in instant cash.

And again... the outcome goes only one of two ways.

  1. The stock drops to or below the price you wanted and you get it at the agreed upon price AND collect $600 in income.
  2. You don’t get the stock. But you still get $600 free and clear simply for trying.

Now, no trade is absolutely perfect – it is possible to lose money on this. But when you’re collecting cash upfront and sometimes buying your favorite stocks for less than expected, it’s easy to see how this always feels like a win.

And again, I had a perfect record for all of 2017.

The extra cash I’m going to show you how to make this year can add up very quickly. Take it from my subscribers...

You’re going to feel a RUSH of excitement when you realize there’s hundreds more in your account after a simple click of your mouse.

One of my subscribers, Catherine Warren, came to me with one simple goal... “My goal is like everybody else’s – and that’s to make more money.”

Well, with my help, she’s doing it!

She wrote back saying...

Now it’s your turn.

You’ve stumbled onto this today for a reason.

And I’d like to immediately send you three discount opportunities you can use RIGHT NOW.

It will allow you to get the chance to buy awesome stocks at amazing discounts.

And just look at all the stocks out there we can do this with, once you’re ready!

Just Look at All the Stocks That You Could Offer to Get at a Discount!

Like I said... you can do this with virtually ANY company.

Imagine enjoying massive discounts on the companies you recognize.

  • Chico’s Fashion 37% OFF!
  • Intrexon Corp. 38% OFF!
  • Chicago Bridge & Iron 39% OFF!
  • Hewlett-Packard 41% OFF!
  • Barnes & Noble 44% OFF!
  • Zoe’s Kitchen 46% OFF!
  • Snap Inc. 48% OFF!
  • Bed Bath & Beyond 50% OFF!
  • Macy’s 53% OFF!
  • GNC 54% OFF!
  • Mattel Inc. 57% OFF!

Sometimes the discounts even go higher than 50% off!

  • Under Armour 61% OFF!
  • AMC Entertainment 63% OFF!
  • Hibbett Sports 66% OFF!
  • Babcock & Wilcox 70% OFF!

These are HUGE discounts because you’re buying so far below the previous high. And these are GREAT name-brand companies you’ve heard of.

There were more than 250 discount opportunities this year alone! All of them for 20% off OR MORE!

Not to mention you will always keep the instant cash... even if you don’t get the stock at a discount.

Here are the opportunities you can get started with...

And I’m going to show you how you could score gigantic savings on...

Companies I Can Show You How to Get Coupons for RIGHT NOW

The first company is one you’re going to love getting the chance to own at a discount. In fact, I’ve talked a lot about it today, so I’m going to buck the trend and reveal the secret to you now:

My coupon will show you how to get Southwest Airlines at 35% off today’s prices!

Southwest is hands down the best airlines stock to own right now. They had strong growth in 2017 with $21.7 billion in revenue – up 19% over the last five years.

And they have hands down some of the best profit margins of ANY company in the airline industry.

But here’s the part you’re really going to love...

It’s a Warren Buffett holding. And I’ll show you how to get the chance to pay 35% LESS than the market’s price!

Buffett would be proud of our thriftiness!

We’re potentially getting a name-brand stock like Southwest... loved by the world’s savviest investor... at a MASSIVE discount?

Not only that, the coupon for this stock can add up to $700 to your account instantly.

I have another stock the Oracle of Omaha is bullish on...

It’s a bank stock you can offer to get for a whopping 24% off the current market price.

With interest rates on the rise this year, bank stocks are going to be the new haven for safety.

And again, this is a stock Buffett himself holds, so you’re in good company… you may even being paying LESS than he did!

You’ll also get up to $1,000 in instant cash when you use this coupon... Money you can put in your own bank account immediately!

My third and final company is another one I know you’re familiar with. They’re one of the most established companies in the world.

Like I said, I recommend quality, not obscure startups.

We’re potentially getting a name-brand stock like Southwest... loved by the world’s savviest investor... at a MASSIVE discount?

The company pays a 7% dividend after our discount and adjusted price.

We’re looking to get them for 20% off the current market price.

And of course, when you use this company’s coupon, you can get up to $780 in instant cash.

In total, that’s $2,480... all for trying to buy these three companies at a discount.

And again, two of these are Buffett-held stocks. These are the kinds you WANT to have in your portfolio.

The instant cash is just the cherry on top. Do whatever you want with that money!

I’m going to send all of these to you at the same time in a complete package called, “The Stock Buyer’s Savings Book: Get Up to 50% Off Every Day.”

This step-by-step guide will tell you exactly what to type into your brokerage account to get your shot at owning stocks at a HUGE discount.

And remember...

If you don’t get the opportunity to buy these stocks at a discount...

You’ll just get to the keep the $2,480 cash instead.

Now, these “discount coupons” aren’t for everyone.

Some people don’t mind paying full price.

They’re even proud of it!

When some rich executive wants to buy a flight... he just books it at full price and doesn’t care.

If that’s your attitude when it comes to stocks... that’s fine. You’re welcome to pay full price.

But that probably means you’re not a good fit with the other people in our group.

If you’re like me, you’d rather try to save some of your hard-earned money instead of paying full price!

With these trades... it doesn’t cost you a dime to make an offer. Remember, you’ll actually get paid in cash just for offering to pay less than everyone else is paying today!

And the only possible outcomes are that...

  • You get to buy the agreed upon number of shares at your specified price.
  • You keep the cash.

With the three companies I just described to you...

I’m basically giving you the shot to add up to $2,480 to your account – INSTANTLY – when you join me today.

PLUS the chance to buy stocks at a discount to their current price and potentially lock in HUGE gains.

Everything is contained in your welcome package, “The Stock Buyer’s Savings Book: Get Up to 50% Off Every Day.”

And here’s the beauty of these “discount coupons”...

They work even in the WORST imaginable conditions.

“Discount Coupons” Work Great in ANY Market,
Especially if Another Crash Happens!

Take 2008, for instance...

The scariest and worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.

But when you buy at a HUGE discount, it can protect you even from catastrophic losses.

Even if something as drastic as 2008 happens again, you can STILL make money!

Let me show you how this strategy would have worked during the crisis.

Take Chevron.

You could have got Chevron for nearly 20% off just as the financial crisis struck.

Giving you the chance to get in at $60 instead of $73.

And would you look at that? Getting in and holding on to the stock, you could have made a KILLING once it rebounded after the crisis.

100% instead of 63%.

It’s the best strategy in an expensive and risky market. Because even if stocks go down HARD from their highs just as they did in 2008, you’re protected with that big cushion.

I’ll use another quick example you know.

Ford Motor Company.

In 2008, there was an opportunity to get Ford at a whopping 50% off!

It was trading at $7.60, but the coupon would’ve given you the chance to buy shares at $3.50.

So there was a huge cushion when the stock dropped.

And as Ford recovered from the financial crisis, look what happened...

With our discount... had you held on to your stocks, the returns were 326% instead of 96%. That’s the power of a discounted price versus the full price!

That’s TRIPLE the profit!

Let’s finish with Costco.

There was an opportunity to get Costco for nearly 30% off.

It was trading at $58, but the discount took the price down to $40.

So when the stock crashed, it wouldn’t have affected you the way it did everyone else.

You would’ve had a nice cushion to protect you.

And after the crash, when the rebound was on, you were in perfect position.

As the stock went higher, your gains went higher too!

Costco is now more than $192.

So by getting in at $40 instead of $58... you supercharged your returns!

(380% the coupon way versus 230% the old-fashioned way.)

Ask yourself...

Why buy full-priced stocks... and risk buying at the market top...

When you can buy stocks at a discount... and get BIGGER gains?

Big crashes... little corrections... it won’t matter. You have the built-in cushion.

And like I showed you earlier, if stocks go higher, your gains can be even BIGGER!

Take it straight from the mouth of one of my subscribers...

You hear that? Zero losses. And Robin is skating through retirement without a worry in the world!

Jasper Perleman told me...

Cashing in on every recommendation is a whole lot easier when you get cash up front and the chance to buy stocks at a discount to where they were originally trading!

I love helping people make money this way.

And I can’t wait to help you!

It all starts with your welcome package and coupon book: “The Stock Buyer’s Savings Book: Get Up to 50% Every Day.”

It could help you lock in BIGGER returns compared with regular investors.

But before I let you accept this welcome package...

Let me tell you where this special trade comes from.

How to Unlock the Discounts Hiding in Your Brokerage Account

I call it a “coupon” or a “discount option” because these opportunities actually come from a special place...

The options market!

Now, don’t panic – this is a special options trade most people know nothing about... very different from the more risky “call options” most people talk about.

With call options, you either win big or lose it all.

I absolutely HATE those kind. I never touch them. And I never will.

“Discount options,” on the other hand, work exactly as I described them today.

They allow you to offer to buy stocks at discounted prices.

And you receive cash for trying.

That’s it.

There’s no trick to it.

That’s why my subscriber Jackson Umbro prefers it...

He strikes me as the type of guy who originally was a gambler.

He tried call options and didn’t like it.

But now that he’s discovered buying stocks at a discount, he’ll never go back.

And he’s not the only one.

Danny Gorman told me...

And that’s not all... if the word “option” scared you earlier when I said it, take it from this subscriber...

They’re absolutely right.

You don’t need to know a thing about options to get started. I’ll walk you through the entire process.

I’ll find a great stock.

I’ll tell you the code to type in and the discount you can expect...

I generally shoot for anywhere between 20% and 50% off.

Then you collect your instant cash (which you get to keep no matter what) and wait to see if the stock comes down to your price.

If you do, FANTASTIC. You just paid far less than you would have at the top.

And if you don’t, no problem either. You keep the cash, and you can make another lowball bid on another stock you like.

As you’ve heard from my subscribers: I have ZERO losses on my closed recommendations.

You’re going to be amazed... you can get cash upfront... plus the chance to get great stocks at huge discounts.

This isn’t anything like traditional options investing.

It’s conservative. It’s fun. And it’s wildly profitable.

Look at some of my personal plays where I made that extra side money to take my daughters on vacation.

Like this Goldman Sachs play – another one of my perfect trades.

I had a HUGE “discount coupon” for almost 50% off.

And it also came with $914 in instant cash!

Same with Continental Resources.

My coupon gave me the chance to purchase the shares for 40% off.

And get $1,218 in cash instantly.

I had a coupon to buy Hewlett-Packard for more than 60% off!

And it had an instant $2,668 as a cash bonus!

That’s what my system is all about.

Getting the chance to get top stocks at unbelievable prices AND getting cold hard cash put in our pockets.

That’s why people stick with me.

Ray Miller has been with me for years! He wrote in saying...

Justine Boyer also has a perfect track record using my research...

Now it’s YOUR turn.

I want you to have my guide to coupons at the end of this presentation...

You can lock in HUGE discounts.

Join Me Today and Get the Chance at Massive Discounts
on Fantastic Stocks.

How would you like the chance to own America’s favorite airline... for 35% off?

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How would you like to get shares for HALF OFF on one of the largest technology companies?

Or the world’s BIGGEST pharmaceutical company for half off?

You can use my strategy on these companies right now.

And you can lock in the opportunity to get those stocks at huge discounts.

But if you don’t...

You’ll get money instead... instantly in your account.

We estimate the group of readers who follow me have collected $2.6 MILLION from the instant cash bonuses that come with these coupons.

You can join us and start making some money for yourself!

But since I’m essentially giving away these opportunities today through my research and hard work...

I have to tell you that I cannot give it to you “no strings attached.”

Join My Research Service Automatic Trading Millionaire and Receive Three Coupons RIGHT NOW!

You’ve seen how when you buy stocks with a coupon, your losses are cushioned and your gains can be much BIGGER than buying the risky, old-fashioned way.

Plus the three coupon opportunities I’m going to give you come with the instant cash. As much as $2,480 between all of them!

That’s why I can offer this research only to the people who want to work with me on a regular basis.

These opportunities are worth up to $2,480 – money that can be instantly added to your brokerage account if you use them.

So no, I cannot just give them away.

They’re only for subscribers in my research service Automatic Trading Millionaire or ATM, for short.

I want you to join us today.

All you have to do is check your email, read my brief instructions and decide whether or not to act on them.

It’s easy...

  • Open the email.
  • Type in the coupon code.
  • Decide how much stock you’d like to buy at a discount.
  • And collect cash INSTANTLY for trying.

One more thing...

I wish I could bring everyone in.

But this service won’t be right for everyone, it’s best suited for those interested in learning about this sophisticated trading strategy.

That’s who we’re looking for to join us today.

We recommend you have at least a $15,000 portfolio in order to get the most out of this strategy.

Let me show you why...

Let’s look at a stock like Macy’s... it trades for $28.

But with an offer to pay 40% less, it would cost just $16.

So if you agree to buy 100 shares at $16 bucks, you’re going to need at least $1,600 so you can get that discount you want!

We want people who are SERIOUS about learning how to get stocks at huge discounts.

Now, everybody is different, but we think a $15,000 portfolio is the perfect amount to get you started.

Getting paid for trying is the icing on the cake – but I don’t want you to sign up if you just want instant money.

I’m looking for people who want to try something NEW.

Because investing with a coupon is simply so much better than traditional investing.

You can get BIGGER returns...

You avoid crashes with your built-in cushion... and STILL make money.

And you get INSTANT cash when you use these coupons.

I hope you’re getting excited to do this. You could stand to make A LOT of money with my help.

So when you hit that “Get Started Now” button, here’s everything else you’re going to get...

Join Forces With Me Today and I’ll Show You How You Could Get Virtually ANY Stock at a Discount – or Get Paid for Trying!

For starters, I’m going to rush you your welcome package, “The Stock Buyer’s Savings Book: Get Up to 50% Off Every Day.”

This will have three opportunities that you can use today.

Each one will give you the chance to own the stock between 20% and 50% off its current market price.

And if you choose to act and don’t get any of them at your price, I personally guarantee you WILL get paid cold hard cash for trying.

Even if you don’t end up having to buy a single share... this money is waiting for you...

Southwest has a nice $700 instant cash rebate.

AT&T will pay you $780.

Synchrony Financial will payout $1000 bucks

You can use these coupon opportunities immediately.

I recommend starting with just two or three. Don’t use them all at once.

Because I’m going to follow up with you each week.

Each time I find a NEW coupon opportunity... between 20% and 50% off... you’ll know about it!

That means throughout the next year, you may have more than 52 chances to get massive discounts on stocks.

Every single coupon I find you will come with that instant cash bonus.

You’re going to have the chance to put money in your pocket over and over again.

I’m going to make sure you NEVER have to pay full price for a stock again.

When you fill out your email on the next page, that will allow me to send them to you instantly throughout the year.

I’ll monitor all the recommendations in each of these emails.

I’ll also include a link to the secure, password-protected ATM page, located on The Oxford Club website.


The website has all my research on the companies we’re looking at. You can print out anything you want on this page to keep a copy.

I’ve also just finished putting together something brand new with our VIP Trading Research Services Team...

I want you to feel very comfortable, so I’ve authorized a seven-part video series called ATM Signature Success Series.

In the videos, my team will personally walk you through how to make this type of trade in a brokerage account.

In the first video, which is only five short minutes, we explain exactly where to find the discount option inside your brokerage account.

Meaning in less than five minutes, you will NEVER look at buying a stock the same way again.

Then we’ll show you how to generate instant cash in our videos.

As I told you – you’ll receive the cash instantly, so this will undoubtedly be one of the most exciting videos!

Then, to make sure you’re fully prepared, the next video will walk you through paper trading these recommendations – this way you can see how BIG your gains can be, without actually risking any money.

But even if you still have questions about your subscription...

You’ll have the direct line to call my VIP Trading Research Services Team if you ever have any questions or comments.

I’m going to do ALL the heavy lifting... all the number crunching.

All you have do is act on my instructions, click your mouse and ride the money train.

I want you to get in today!

But I assure you, there’s going to be a “line” forming on this offer... so make your next decision carefully...

Are You the Right Type of Person for This?

I say that because I recently spoke at a sold-out conference in Washington, D.C., sharing the stage with Shark Tank’s famous investor, Daymond John.

And when I revealed that you can buy stocks at a discount... everyone came up to me after my speech and asked how they could start taking advantage of this strategy.

I know the same thing is going to happen today. People are about to FLOOD my inbox requesting these coupons.

And since I want to give my new subscribers the opportunities they deserve... I’m limiting entry today to just 150 people.

I love hearing from my subscribers.

Like Charles Wilson, who I went on a beautiful safari with in South Africa. He told me...

Darlene Himmel is another close subscriber I’ve heard from.

She told me...

And that’s how we’re going to keep it. Small. Intimate. And full of people who are EXCITED to make money.

Even if you offered me $100,000 to join ATM, I would still say no if we’ve already hit our daily limit.

Doing right by my people is more important to me than money.

And I stick to my guns when it comes to that.

The price of Automatic Trading Millionaire is just $4,000


All sales today are final.

I don’t want people collecting the $2,480 in instant cash from our coupons then calling me up and saying, “Thanks for the free money. I also want a refund.”

So I can’t let you join if you’re going to do that.

We want serious folks... who want AWESOME stocks... at AWESOME discounts.

And with “The Stock Buyer’s Savings Book: Get Up to 50% Off Every Day” you’ll get the chance at those big discounts!

Or you’ll get paid for trying!

The instant cash on your three trades can easily help cover your signup costs today.

So it’s really a no-brainer. You have every possible incentive I can think of...

Three coupons you can use immediately. Plus so many more throughout the year.

Each with a built-in cushion to help protect you from sell-offs

The ability to get BIGGER gains than regular investors

Instant cash that will help cover you signup costs to ATM.

And so much more!

So go ahead, claim your coupons now!

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This is the most straightforward, honest investment research you’re ever going to find.

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Accept your welcome package today, “The Stock Buyer’s Savings Book: Get Up to 50% Off Every Day.”

And let’s start making a whole lot of money together!

(You will have time to review your order before its final)


Karim Rahemtulla
Editor, Automatic Trading Millionaire
March 2018