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China Caught Stealing...

Trump Makes ‘em Pay!

U.S. Citizens Can Now Collect Up to $35,410 per Year in “China Payback Checks”...

“China’s free lunch on America is over!” – U.S. Dept of Justice

Over the last two decades, China’s gotten away with murder...

It’s robbed us of our jobs.

Pilfered our intellectual property.

Hacked into our government offices.

And according to international trade experts, it’s been “stealingmore than $5 TRILLION from Americans...

Each year!

It’s devastated our heartland... our businesses... and the livelihoods of millions of Americans.

But after years of sitting back and letting hardworking Americans take the brunt of China’s attacks...

America is finally striking back...

In July 2018, the Trump administration served China with a $250 BILLION “payment due” notice... filed under an obscure clause buried in the Trade Act of 1974.

This measure will force China to put cash back into America.

And as you’ll see in a moment, China MUST pay.

“The free lunch on American intellectual property is over,” reports Assistant U.S. Attorney Timothy O’Shea.

This is a GIGANTIC new turn of events.

A DOJ insider confirms...

We expect $250 billion in cash (and maybe MORE) will flood BACK into America in the coming months.

More importantly...

Every U.S. citizen is now able to tap into this payback bonanza!

And you can start collecting thousands of dollars per year in what I’m calling “China Payback Checks.”

Why am I calling them “Payback Checks”?


I see this as a kind of “fair and just settlement”...

And a GREAT way for you to potentially profit from China having to “settle up” with the USA after ripping us off for decades.

I’ll get to the full details in a moment...

But first, take Jack Fisk for example. He is on track to collect $16,167 this year in “China Payback Checks.”

That’s money that we all rightfully deserve to recover!

Texas A&M grad Carl Urbani is poised to pick up an extra $23,444.

And in Salt Lake City, Rich Canini is set up to rake in $48,140 in “China Payback Checks” over the next year.

Former NSA chief Keith Alexander recently described Beijing’s dirty tricks and thievery as...

“The greatest transfer of wealth in history.”

Well, now the USA is flipping directions on that wealth transfer!

And here’s what’s I really love about these “China Payback Checks”...

You can simply make an investment in the American companies set to benefit most from the USA’s actions against China...

And you’ll be all set up to collect income from those publicly traded companies.

Better yet, YOU get to decide how much you stand to make!

You can start out small, collecting as much as $1,000 per month... and then perhaps ramping it up to $5,000 per month...

With a larger stake, you could even make $10,000 per month or MORE – like the folks above.

Remember, we’re tapping into a $250 BILLION jackpot here.

Better yet...

Which means that no matter your age or financial situation, you can claim your share.

All it takes is a few clicks on a website to get started... and you could collect your first check just days from now.

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The next major round of China Payback Checks is scheduled for the date shown above...

And your payout could be one of the biggest ever.

Never again will something “Made in China” make you feel so good!

China’s “Stealth Attack” on America’s Heartland

I’m Matthew Carr, Emerging Trends Strategist at The Oxford Club.

And I’ve seen firsthand what China’s attacks on America have done.

I grew up in tiny Canaan Valley, West Virginia.

We were surrounded by state parks and natural beauty as far as the eye could see...

But these days, the scene is not quite so pretty.

Every year when I go back to visit my hometown, another store has closed. Another building is collapsing under its own weight.

And places that were once busy parking lots are being reclaimed by weeds.

What happened?

Between 2001 and 2015, the U.S. lost more than 3 million jobs as a result of China’s policy, according to the Economic Policy Institute.

Three-fourths of those were blue-collar workers...

The kinds of folks who live in Canaan Valley... and all across America.

It’s a crime when hardworking Americans have their dreams snatched away.

Yet that’s what China’s bullies have been getting away with for the past 20 years.

They’ve stolen the American right to a good job with fair pay.

And that’s why I’m talking to you right now.

My mission is to help Americans reclaim the lives they once had... with good jobs, safe communities and a retirement that’s fully paid for.

And thanks to the new legislation, the tide has turned...

China Payback Checks could be headed to Canaan Valley – and to every American town – very soon.

China Bled Us Dry... But the Tide Has Turned...

Now, if you’re anything like me, you’re probably not the type of person who’s interested in handouts.

But as an American, you should have ZERO QUALMS about getting your fair share of compensation from China.

Americans have already demanded justice in their own ways... and GOTTEN IT... through landmark decisions in federal courtrooms all across the country.

In Texas, they’ve confiscated more than 75,000 pieces of counterfeit consumer goods worth more than $16 million...

And in Georgia, the DOJ just collected a $10 million fine from a company caught dumping cheap wooden furniture into the American heartland.

Court settlements like these are leading to billions in restitutions getting paid out to American companies.

I’d say it’s about time!

Yet that’s all small potatoes compared with what’s about to happen next.

A Historic Opportunity for Americans...

The White House is enforcing a much larger case against China and all the damage it’s done to America.

This enforcement could help billions of dollars return to American soil.

And that’s where YOUR opportunity to collect thousands per month in private sector China Payback Checks comes into the picture.

Consider Erin Brower, a Boston University grad, who’s already in position to pick up an extra $11,952 a year...

And Larry Fisk, a tech geek, who’s already in position to cash a $60,344 China Payback Check...

And outdoorsman Paul Perry, who’s on track to collect China Payback Checks for – on average – $12,463 per MONTH.

These company insiders are in prime position to collect their giant checks.

Yet here’s the amazing part...

The U.S. government’s historic crackdown on China started only recently – in early 2018.

But this development could soon help hand everyday Americans more money than perhaps any set of economic sanctions in the history of the world.

What development am I referring to?

It’s the Section 301 provision of the Trade Act of 1974.

The Act was first signed into law by then-President Ford.

Section 301 is designed “To eliminate unfair foreign trade practices that adversely affect U.S. trade and investment.”

That sounds straightforward enough.

But it’s important that you understand exactly how this powerful regulation works...

Let me prove why it’s about to hand regular investors like you a life-changing opportunity.

China’s Been (Literally) Dumping on the USA

It all starts with the trade imbalance between China and the U.S.

It is BY FAR the largest in the world.

In 2017 alone, China imported just $130 billion in trade from America...

While China exported $506 billion to the USA.

This is not some sort of one-time fluke.

Over the last 20 years, our trade imbalance has added up to a monumental $4.5 trillion.

In short, China is getting $5.6 trillion out of the deal, and we’re only getting $1.3 trillion.

It’s totally unsustainable.

We’re losing jobs left and right.

Sooner or later, this vicious cycle catches up with every American.


Doesn’t seem fair, does it?

So in August of 2017, the president instructed his staff to get to the bottom of the whole China trade disaster.

And on March 22, 2018, our U.S. Trade Representative, Robert Lighthizer, officially... Came up with a plan to end the China imbalance for good.

China Caught Stealing... Now It’s Payback Time

Lighthizer is a brilliant guy....

Georgetown law degree... Senate Finance Committee chief... more than 30 years in international trade...

His 215-page “Payback Plan” laid out DOZENS of examples of unfair acts, policies and practices of the Chinese government.

And it PROVED, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that U.S. companies, workers and shareholders have lost billions in wealth.

His report revealed, and I quote, “Counterfeiting occurs in medicines, consumer electronics, toys, computer accessories, clothing and footwear, formalwear, automobile parts and semiconductors.”

It proved China’s been trying to steal away our top talent...

And it showed how it’s even manipulated its currency to gain advantages over U.S. companies.

The bottom line is this...

China disrupted and damaged hundreds of U.S. businesses, from coal mining operations in West Virginia... to steel companies in Pennsylvania... to tech businesses in Silicon Valley...

And it’s taken money – serious money – out of the pocket of every man, woman and child in America.

But on April 6, 2018, we officially struck back!

Payout Checks Heading to Connecticut... Illinois... California...

Under Section 301, the USA slapped China with $250 BILLION worth of “dues”...

And it’ll have to pay that cash if it wants to continue doing business with us.

Naturally, the benefits we reap from that action will pour back to these aggrieved parties across America.

What I’m revealing today is that best chance for YOU to tap into this massive wealth transfer...

And you can by start receiving China Payback Checks for yourself.

So how will they work?

Well, fortunately, China Payback Checks are not a part of a class-action payback or a specific lawsuit. That would be a pain!

Instead, they work in a much simpler way.

Essentially, the Trump administration has identified key industries and markets across America that have been hurt the most by China’s actions.

And the new plan will force China to transfer its ill-gotten gains back to these companies.

In turn, their shareholders would be in position to reap the profits as well.

So to set yourself up for China Payback Checks, all you have to do is take a stake in these companies.

Quite a few people have already positioned themselves for big payouts...

Like Rick Jones... before he hit the big time, he was a parking lot attendant in Connecticut. But after a long career, he’s ready to retire... and now Rick is ready to lock in his upcoming China Payback Checks for $39,182 or more.

In Lake Forest, Illinois, Pam Robinson, a mother of two, is set to receive four China Payback Checks for a total of $50,308 this year.

And then there’s Jonathan Sloan. When he’s not making big decisions in the office, he’s a hospital volunteer in Newport Beach, California. He’ll rake in a whopping $106,000...

And he’s been known to turn over a portion of his income to children’s charities.

Now, Rick, Pam and Jonathan are set to collect so much because they’re also enjoying successful careers as company insiders.

But everyday Americans, regardless of their situation, can join these people in receiving China Payback Checks too.

All you have to do is claim a spot as a shareholder of one of the companies that has lost business to China, even if it’s only one share...

And you’ll then have the chance to receive your portion of the money to be paid back to America!

And while we don’t know for sure, I believe I’ve found the companies that are most likely to receive these benefits – and pay their shareholders.

Here’s the most important part for you...

How You Could Cash In Yourself

My expert researchers and I have been investigating this situation for more than FOUR months.

We’ve spent hundreds of hours poring over government documents, academic studies, research papers, SEC websites, company financials...

And now I’ve identified a handful of specific businesses that I expect to receive the MOST money from China.

To collect China Payback Checks, you simply take a stake in one or several of these, and you’re all set up.

You don’t have to do anything else if you don’t want to.

Then, of course, you’re free to use the cash however you see fit.

Whether it’s to supplement your retirement income...

Help out with everyday family expenses...

Or even “give back” to a favorite cause.

Of course, becoming a shareholder in these companies comes with the risk that any investment carries...

Stocks can go down in value.

But... let me ask you this...

If shareholders in these companies begin collecting China Payback Checks, do you think the stock will be in higher demand, or lower?

Of course it will be higher. In fact, I expect that once the word gets out, these will become some of the hottest stocks on Wall Street.

There’s no denying that the $250 billion China owes us is going to help a lot of Americans in a lot of different ways.

And I want you to be one of the first!

Now, at this point, you may be wondering...

China’s Love-Hate Relationship With the USA

Why would China pay all this cash to America?

Why wouldn’t it just forget about us, forget about the $250 billion it would have to pay us and move on to screwing the rest of the world?

Well, there’s a very good reason.

No doubt you’re aware that China is the world’s most populous nation.

1.4 billion people jam-packed into cities all over the country.

The United States has ten metro cities with populations of more than 1 million.

By comparison, China has more than 100!

And how does China manage to feed all of these people?

Middle America, that’s how.

The United States will ship 2 billion bushels of soybeans in 2018 – and China has always been our top buyer.

We ship out 900,000 tons of wheat...

And more than 100 million bushels of grain.

China recognizes that without America, the country might literally starve.

Beyond that, China realizes that America is BY FAR the largest market for its products.

If we cut it off, its economy will collapse.

And China knows it.

Up until now, America hasn’t used this trade chip against China.

But now, we’ve essentially told China that if it wants access to our food and consumer markets...

It’ll have to “pay back” hardworking Americans for all the jobs it’s stolen over the last 30 years.

It’ll have to play fair.

So the bottom line is China’s ponying up, to the delight of U.S. companies...

In other words, the China Payback Checks are practically in the mail!

International finance expert Seth Kaplowitz sums it up nicely...

"Not everybody likes the president, not everybody supports the president...

“But the one thing everyone recognizes is that China needs the United States to trade with... to get [its] goods to market, as well as to provide American goods to [its] markets.”

In short, China can’t afford NOT to do business with the USA.

It WILL pay.

And here’s something I haven’t even mentioned yet....

Check Deposits Are Accepted

At ALL Major U.S. Financial Institutions

China Payback Checks come straight from U.S. companies that’ll benefit from China “settling up”... so they’ll be denominated in U.S. dollars.

You won’t need to make any weird currency transfers or anything like that.

You don’t have to fill out any claims forms to prove you that you were specifically targeted by China or Asian hackers, or suffered any kind of physical losses.

In short, this is a “blanket payback arrangement,” where EVERY U.S. citizen is eligible.

You just need to follow a few simple instructions I’ll detail below.

Then, you simply deposit your China Payback Checks at any major financial institution...

Including Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Citibank...

And the cash should show up verified in your account within 24 hours.

You can even deposit these checks in any ordinary ATM!

Of course, if you’re handling larger amounts like $1,000 or more, you may prefer to have a bank teller put them into your account...

Personally, I still like dealing with real people, not machines, for serious transactions.

And there’s just something about holding that high-dollar deposit receipt right in your hand!

You can get started with three simple steps... in less than five minutes.

All you need is a computer or smartphone...

An internet connection...

The web address I’ll give you in a moment...

And a starting stake as big or small as you choose.

In a minute, I’ll show you exactly how to get started collecting up to $35,410 per year or more.

You could collect your first payout as early as tomorrow.

But first let me tell you a bit more about myself and my mission.

Helping Americans Get Ahead of the Game...

As I mentioned, I’m Matthew Carr, Emerging Trends Strategist at The Oxford Club.

I specialize in identifying the biggest, most profitable financial trends before they happen.

More than 100,000 Americans receive my research and recommendations every week...

And I’ve shown them how to make some VERY SERIOUS money.

For example, one of my subscribers, retired engineer Ken Barry, says...

Thanks, Ken! Glad to hear it.

Another guy, Cliff Edwards down in Key West, Florida, wrote in to say...

Then there’s reader Henry Martin.

He just sent me a note saying he’s “up more than $800,000” on my recommendations.

Henry joined me only less than a year ago... so his $800K gain is truly breathtaking in such a short period.

Helping people become financially independent quickly is why I do this job.

Personally, I’ve been investing since I was 18 years old.

It’s allowed me to become completely financially independent. I’m fortunate enough to say that I’m “all set.”

But that’s not the case for far too many Americans...

So many people in this country have lost jobs, seen their wages wither away, watched their retirements go up in smoke...

And a huge reason is that our leaders didn’t fight back when China stole our livelihoods.

But finally, that’s changing.

“More Optimistic Than I’ve Been for the Last Five Years”

There’s a feeling of renewed hope starting to spread around states like West Virginia, where I grew up.

Hope – backed by cold, hard cash.

Instead of stealing technology and undercutting local workers...

America has forced China to send $84 billion back into the pockets of West Virginian companies that it had stolen business from.

“I’m a lot more optimistic than I’ve been for the last five years,” says Mike Clowser, a local construction supervisor.

It’s happening in Texas too. China devastated its economy...

But now, China could be paying it back to workers in all kinds of different industries.

Even Texas schoolteachers are set to collect $40 million in China Payback Checks over the years.

In California, retirees are getting vengeance on China’s dirty tricks...

To the tune of $161 million arriving in their mailboxes in the coming years...

And in Wisconsin, regular folks like firefighters and policemen are due to collect as much as $143 million from their China Payback Checks.

In short, residents in towns all over America will be getting their hands on China Payback Checks.

And I’m on a mission to get the word out.

I want to help hardworking citizens and retirees get the rightful compensation they deserve.

Remember, $250 billion was out-and-out looted from America’s wealth.

But now the day of reckoning has arrived.

China, you are officially busted!

That money is coming back. And ANY American can get the chance collect what’s rightfully owed to them.

It couldn’t have come at a better time...

Folks all over the country are desperate for some help.

And China Payback Checks are going to be a godsend for so many people.

Checks Going to Sports Fans, Hobbyists and Parents...

Like Ian Toale, a hockey nut who lives up in ice-cold Minneapolis, Minnesota.

He’s due to collect more than $10,600 this year.

Maybe Ian will use the extra cash to get a pair of season tickets for his favorite team... or just help pay for his heating bills!

Then there’s Jake Delmeyer, a camera buff who studied at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania.

He’s on track to get a China Payback Check for $17,708.

That could pay for a top-of-the-line new camera lens...

And a two-week African photo-safari trip so he can try it out!

Jan Burkhart, a mother of three from Wisconsin, is no doubt looking forward to her upcoming $35,121 annual China Payback Checks.

Jan can easily start building college funds for the kids with that kind of cash...

Plus treat herself to some special things a mom deserves as well.

And get this...

Technically speaking, you don’t even have to be a lifelong resident of the USA to collect China Payback Checks.

For example, taxpayer Melinda McGregor, originally from Ontario, will collect an extra $11,356 this year.

Again, these are individuals with large stakes... where larger risk equals greater reward.

But that’s the beauty of the China Payback Check opportunity.

YOU control how much you stand to make!

And there’s never been a better time to get started than right now.

Claim Your Free Briefing Minutes From Now...

The next major round of China Payback Checks is scheduled for the date shown above...

Our figures show that Americans could collect up to $35,410 per year or more... perhaps MUCH more.

I’ve laid out all the details in my FREE briefing, “Collect $35,410 per Year in China Payback Checks.”

I’d like to send it to you with my compliments, just a few minutes from now.

My research team and I have pored over thousands of U.S. companies...

We hunted down the sectors and businesses that stand to benefit most from the new cash flowing in from China.

And then we whittled the list down to a handful of the biggest potential winners.

These are FIVE exciting companies that we expect will send out the lion’s share of China Payback Checks to their shareholders.

We’ll show you how to claim a stake in each company...

So you are in position to receive the fattest payouts.

Think of it like this...

Like Collecting a “Second” Paycheck or Social Security Payout

Once you’ve got these scheduled payouts locked in...

It’s almost like you’ll be making overtime at your current job...

Or, if you’re already retired, it’ll be like receiving a second... even bigger... Social Security or pension check.

Imagine opening up your laptop and seeing an automatic $750... $1,475... or even $2,950 deposited in your account...

With your China Payback Checks, you could start collecting a check every month... or sometimes more often... all year ‘round.

Keep in mind, these payouts do vary... the sum may be less (or more) each time, and you may not always receive them.

But right now we expect you’ll start each year going forward with two payouts in January... another in February... two more in March... and they’ll keep on coming!

Skip ahead to June and July, and you’ll be receiving more checks like clockwork...

Maybe right in time for a special summer vacation...

On and on throughout the year, right through the holidays in November and December.

In total, I estimate an entire year’s worth of China Payback Checks could add up to $35,410.

It’s so easy to get set up, you’ll only need five minutes to get started.

Just download my free briefing, “Collect $35,410 per Year in China Payback Checks.”

And there’s another huge benefit we haven’t even touched on yet.

Cash Out Your Equity Stake for $50,000 or More!

By becoming a shareholder in one of these companies, not only will you continue to collect massive China Payback Checks for extra income...

Potentially adding up to $35,410 per year or more...

But the shares that you own ­- the ones that come with access to China Payback Checks – are also likely to skyrocket in value too.

Think about it.

Once Americans start to pick up on the fact that they can receive China Payback Checks just by owning a stock... it’s likely to drive the prices of those shares much higher.

You could see 100% gains or more.

So down the road, if you ever decide you’ve maxed out your income... that you literally don’t even need the China Payback Checks anymore...

You could be in position to cash out your equity stake – in return for a “lump sum” payout of $50,000... $100,000... perhaps even $500,000 or more.

I’ve spelled out all the details in the urgent briefing I just mentioned, “Collect $35,410 per Year in China Payback Checks.”

You can claim your copy today for FREE.

Why am I willing to give this away?


What China’s gotten away with for two decades makes me sick to my stomach.

It’s a shame that millions of Americans have had the shirts ripped off their backs...

While Uncle Sam stood by and did nothing!

But now, China must pay – and I want to make sure you get your just due.

I’ll be fighting to help put dollars back into the pockets of Americans.

Not just with China Payback Checks, but also with the most explosive opportunities in the markets today – which I’ll identify for you.

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