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Dear Reader,

Today I’ll show you how to buy a stock the same way you always do...

Using your same brokerage account...

On the same day as millions of other investors...

But with one KEY difference.

Instead of paying $40 a share, you’ll sneak in under the radar and execute a trade for $4 or less.

Even though you’ll risk 10 times less money... you’ll have the opportunity to make 10 times more profit than you would in the regular market... sometimes in as little as a day!

Anyone who adopts the system I reveal today will have a chance to turn $1,000 into $10,000...

$10,000 into $100,000...

Or $100,000 into $1 million over the next year.

How sure am I about this bold claim?


All you need to do is take a few dollars away from the regular market...

And plow them into what I call an “underground market” using a little-used portal in your existing account.

You keep everything else as is.

Same company. Same buy and sell date. Same broker you use now.

But instead of investing $10,000, you can risk just $1,000 – 10 times less money.

New opportunities are popping up every single day.

For example...

Look what happened to Dave & Buster’s (Nasdaq: PLAY) on December 7.

The company’s regular shares jumped 18% after it announced earnings...

$10,000 invested turned into $1,800 in profit.

Not bad. But those who went “underground” with a special trade...

Had the chance to make a single-day profit of 1,325%... on the same company.

Instead of risking $10,000 and making just $1,800... you could have invested just $1,000 and collected $13,250 in profits.

That means you’d have made 7.4 TIMES the return... while risking 10 TIMES less money!

Here’s another great example...

On January 13, DexCom (Nasdaq: DXCM) stock got a nice 31% bump after the company announced its diabetes monitors would be covered by Medicaid and Medicare.

$10,000 invested in regular shares yielded a $3,100 profit. Pretty nice.

But what if you had invested just $1,000 in DexCom’s underground market?

Your $1,000 investment would have produced a $33,500 profit!

That’s 11 TIMES more profit... while risking 10 TIMES less money.

Here’s how it played out graphically.

In this market, it makes sense for you to move a small portion of your portfolio into the underground market. It’s the only place on Earth where you get the opportunity to collect as much as 10... 20... even a rare 100 TIMES your investment... while putting 10 times less money at risk !

Over the next few minutes, I’ll show you how you can execute this type of “underground” trade quickly and easily...

And it doesn’t involve forex trading, high-frequency trading, bitcoin, shorting, selling options or anything volatile like that...

Quite the opposite, actually.

In the underground market, you invest in the same company, on the same day, using your same brokerage account. It’s that simple.

The Underground Market Strategy Catapulted Me

To The Oxford Club’s #1 Performer Spot

My name is Matthew Carr. Before becoming the Emerging Trends Strategist here at The Oxford Club, I spent 15 years as a Wall Street analyst, consultant and quantitative trader.

I thought I’d seen it all.

But since launching Prime System Trader, my research service focused on the underground market, I’ve changed the landscape of what’s possible.

Using the strategy I’m revealing today, my service outperformed the market by an average of 766.82%.

I’ve set two Oxford Club trading records...

I took a stock that made an impressive 58% in the regular market...

And converted that into a 1,889% win in the underground market.

I took another stock that made 68% in the regular market...

And turned that into a 2,733% gain using the underground market.

Each time, it was the exact same company. Same time frame. Almost nothing changed.

Last year, Prime System Trader was officially the No. 1-performing research service within TheOxford Club. I alerted my readers to cash out “underground profits” of 119%... 147%... 168%... 173%... 219%... 221%... 278%... 318%... 359%... 375%... 438%... and 573% (including partial plays).

What’s my secret?

Well, you know how Wall Street pundits like to say it’s virtually impossible to time the market? That all relevant information is currently baked into a stock’s price?

That’s simply not true.

You most certainly can time the market.

And I can prove it.

My years of research into fundamentals, historical share price moves and technical indicators have proven you can predetermine when certain stocks are set to rise...

With scary accuracy.

Not all stocks, mind you...

Only a select few that follow predictable patterns year after year.

And if you know the stocks that do, you can use the patterns I’m going to tell you about to give yourself the chance to capture up to 10 TIMES more profit... while risking 10 TIMES less money in the underground market.

Better yet, you can do it year after year with the exact same stocks.

Almost like you’re on autopilot.

When you do, you’ll find it’s...

Nearly Impossible to Lose Money...

Take Cynosure Inc. (Nasdaq: CYNO) for example. It’s a leading producer of laser systems for medical situations.

The company has been a tremendous Prime System play for us.

We’ve never lost!

My readers have seen double-digit gains every single year we’ve played the trend.

Every year during a particular window, its stock price tends to go up.

I call this the “Prime Period” – the time of year a company’s revenues skyrocket, sending the share price through the roof.

All told, between 2007 and 2016, Cynosure’s stock price has gone UP an average of 27.2% during its Prime Period... and DOWN an average of 1% the rest of the year.

Here’s why this is so incredible.

It allows you to, with reasonable certainty, profit from a stock every year just by purchasing shares when its Prime Period begins.

Until about two months ago, I used this phenomenon to capture eight straight winners on Cynosure. All told, I handed subscribers gains of 11%, 16%, 65%, 186%, 256%, 355% and 441% (including partial plays).

Then this happened...

On February 14, 2017, a takeover was announced.

I closed our regular Cynosure shares for a 60% profit.

Of course, 60% sounds great...

Until you look at the company’s underground market...

On that same day, I sent out an alert to close a portion of our underground play for a 512% gain!

That’s what I like to do. Grab surefire profits... and let the rest run.

To recap, every $1 invested in Cynosure’s regular shares generated profits of $0.60.

But each dollar invested in the firm’s underground shares would have paid you $5.12. Almost 10 TIMES more money.

See what I mean?

Investing only during Prime Periods automatically improves your odds of making money...

And shifting a small portion of your portfolio to the underground market gives you a real chance to make 10 times more profit... while risking 10 times less money.

It’s a simple system, and I can tell you nothing works better.

For the companies I follow, it’s led to the biggest short-term gains in the 25-plus-year history of our organization.

I Shattered The Oxford Club Record Books With a 2,733% Return

Columbia Sportswear  (Nasdaq: COLM) is one of my favorite retailers. But not for the reason you think...

Sure, it makes nice jackets. But what captivates me most is the company’s “sawtooth” pattern.

Check out its revenue chart over the last few years.

See those big spikes?

Every year, as you can see, the winter months lead to a massive increase in sales.

The third and fourth quarters are where the biggest profits are posted, without exception.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise... since Columbia’s specialty is cold weather gear.

But what’s interesting is what happens to the SHARE PRICE.

The predictable pattern in Columbia’s sales cycle also corresponds to a very predictable profit window in its share price – its Prime Period.

It’s bookended by two very specific dates... when to buy and when to sell.

All told, since 2010, Columbia’s stock has averaged a 26.5% gain in its Prime Period starting in the fourth quarter. And a 5.6% drop the rest of the year.

Quite a difference – like night and day.

That’s why I recommended it on October 3, 2014.

And sure enough, the stock started rising right on cue during its Prime Period.

It rose 60%, better than average.

If you were smart, you would’ve bought its stock during this window.

If you’d invested $10,000, you would have collected a profit of $6,000.

But if you were really smart, you would have used the underground market instead.

My subscribers and I used it to set the record for the biggest gain in Oxford Club history.

On October 3, 2014 – just as winter was coming – I gave the order to get positioned in a Columbia Sportswear underground play.

And on March 30, we closed our underground play for a phenomenal 2,733% return. That’s a profit of $27,330 on every $1,000 invested.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before this day, I already held the top spot for the highest closed position in the history of The Oxford Club – our Boston Beer calls were closed out for a 1,889% return.

On the morning of March 30, 2015, I beat that top spot by nearly 1,000%... setting a new all-time winning position for The Oxford Club… and giving myself a new high watermark to aim for in all new trades.

Let me break it down for you.

You could have snapped up Columbia’s regular shares and collected a profit of $6,000 on your $10,000 investment...

Or you could have slashed your upfront investment instead...

Put down just $1,000 in the company’s underground market...

And enjoyed a profit of $27,330!

Each dollar invested in the regular market paid out $0.60...

Each dollar invested in the underground market paid out an extraordinary $27.33.

Now, if you had gone in with a full $10,000 in the underground market, you would have made $273,300.

A quarter of a million dollars in a single underground trade!

This is by far the most effective trading method you’ll ever see.

Just in Case You Think These Results Are a Fluke...

Prime System Trader is doing exactly what I designed it to do...

It’s allowing you to predictably and confidently boost your results by up to 1,000% – using Prime Periods – while risking 10 times less money in the process.

The results are staggering. Just to give you an idea...

I closed out my recommendation for Zillow’s regular shares for a 14% gain. At the same time, I closed out a Zillow underground trade for a 127% gain.

That’s nine times more profit.

Williams Sonoma underground shares paid seven times more profit...

Our L Brands (NYSE: LB) underground trade was 15 times more profitable...

And our Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX) underground trade was an incredible 19 TIMES more profitable than the company’s regular shares.

So tell me this. Why on earth would you invest $10,000 or more in the volatile regular market...

Hoping and praying for a measly 5% or 10% return...

When you can invest just ONE-TENTH the amount – and make 100 TIMES more money in the underground market?

Remember, it’s the same companies...

You can start with as little as $1,000, then go from there.

I tell you exactly when each Prime Period is set to begin. That’s your signal to get positioned in the company. In the same message, I’ll give you the details you need to access the underground market.

That’s your opportunity to capture up to 100 times the profits. Or even MORE.

“I Don’t Care About Bull Markets...


It’s taken me years to look over the roughly 5,000 companies listed on U.S. stock exchanges...

And narrow them down to a few dozen stocks showing the strongest and most consistent profits... year after year.

They span all industries and sectors.

Their Prime Periods happen at different times throughout the year.

But the pattern is clear.

What’s remarkable is how they manage to consistently deliver profits practically every year at exactly the same time. I’m talking success rates as high as 90%... sometimes 100%.

For example, National Beverage Corp. (Nasdaq: FIZZ) delivers profits 90% of the time in its Prime Period... while both Ruth’s Hospitality Group (Nasdaq: RUTH) and medical device company NuVasive Inc. (Nasdaq: NUVA) have had a perfect 100% success rate over the last eight years.

This phenomenon makes it possible for me to make winning recommendations each and every year... like clockwork. Take a look at these examples where I was able to close out a portion of our underground plays for incredible gains.

Look at Ellie Mae (NYSE: ELLI). A few years ago, I raided the company for wins of 158% and 212%. Confidently, I went back to Ellie Mae last year and was rewarded with gains of 219%, 375% and 438%.

In 2015, I led my readers to L Brands for Prime Profits of 137%, 581% and 1,035%...

Last year, during the same profit window, I went straight back in for brand-new gains of 117% and 279%.

The same thing happened with Nutrisystem Inc. (Nasdaq: NTRI). Every time I’ve recommended Nutrisystem, my readers have had the chance to make at least 50% on our regular shares – and at least 100% on our underground shares!

In 2015, my readers captured Prime Profits of 55%, 347%, 401% and 419%.

In 2016, we went straight back and captured additional gains of 51%, 148% and 175%.

Then on March 24, 2017, I closed another 123% gain on Nutrisystem. That’s our eighth gain booked on the same company in the last three years... and our sixth gain of 100% or more.

How’s that for consistency?

If you’d followed my advice when I gave the buy signal...

And taken the CONSERVATIVE approach of investing only $1,000 per play in the underground market for these three companies...

Today, you’d have an extra $15,730 in your account.

Just from these three companies. And I issue up to 36 “Buy” recommendations per year.

The terrific thing is...

Once we identify these very lucrative Prime Periods, they never change!

Each company serves up a brand-new opportunity every single year – starting and ending on the exact same day.

It’s as simple as can be.

Each year, when the Prime Period starts, I tell you to get in.

When it comes to an end, I rush you an alert so you can cash out for profits.

I Have Great News:

This Profits Bonanza Is Continuing

I issued 27 profit alerts in 2016. That’s more than two per month.

Nine were for gains on regular stocks...

And 19 were big underground winners (including partial plays). Here’s a snapshot of all our underground wins from last year:

Those are total winning gains of 4,049%.

Way more than the average investor is likely to make in 50 years.

Now, were all of my picks winners? Of course not. No one gets it right 100% of the time, and I wouldn’t trust anyone who says they do.

But a track record of winners like these should give you the confidence you need to join me today. Maybe you’re wondering how I did in the first quarter of 2017.

I gave my readers the opportunity to cash in on seven triple-digit winners!

We’re on track for 28 triple-digit winners this year, if this trend continues.

Starting with just one penny... if you were to double it 28 times, you’d have $1,342,177.28 by the end of the year.

Not long ago, I gave my readers a chance to close three triple-digit gains – in just 11 trading days.

Skyworks Solutions (Nasdaq: SWKS) is one example...

On January 20, our regular shares jumped 12% after the semiconductor company trounced Wall Street’s expectations.

That’s pretty impressive for one day.

But 12% is not the reason my readers are jumping up and down.

On the very same day, based on the same underlying stock, our underground play jumped more than 100%. In less than 24 hours!

Every dollar in the regular market produced $0.12 in profit... while each dollar in a special underground play handed readers $1.17 – nearly 10 times more.

A few days later, we experienced another big one-day “pop”...

On Monday, February 6, Hasbro reported blockbuster fourth quarter earnings. Our regular shares shot up 15%... while our underground play reached a high of 340%.

If you owned $10,000 in regular shares, you got profits of $1,500.

If you owned just $1,000 in underground shares, you got profits of $3,400.

Double the profit... while risking 10 times less money!

That’s what’s so great about Prime System Trader.

You NEVER have to feel like you have to invest $10,000 or more to get a terrific return.

Just $1,000 – or even less – gets you positioned in the exact same company. And you get the opportunity to bank 10 times more money than you would otherwise.

In a moment, I’ll pull back the curtain on my newest underground pick.

I strongly urge you to consider getting in at 9:30 a.m. tomorrow.

History shows you’ll have a near-perfect opportunity to make a profit.

Over the last five years, this online travel company has averaged a 34.43% profit during its Prime Period – with a 100% success rate.

A 100% success rate should fill you with confidence.

Like I said, these things have a history of repeating year after year.

The Simplest System Ever Devised

No matter how many times I say it, some people still don’t believe me.

They think in order to make BIG money in stocks, they’ve got to do something really complex and difficult.

But the exact opposite is true.

You simply need to buy certain stocks during their Prime Periods.

In Prime System Trader, we’ve bagged four 1,000%-plus winners – including partial plays. That’s an average of one per year since we started. That’s why I’m guaranteeing you’ll have a chance to enjoy a 1,000% gain when you join me today.

Some investors have never experienced a 10-bagger. Ever.

You know the 2,733% gain on Columbia Sportswear I spoke about earlier? Well, I don’t often get a chance to tell people that was our second 1,000% gain on Columbia, including partial plays.

We were able to do it twice!

In February 2015, we were able to secure two 1,000% partial gains. One on Columbia... and one on L Brands.

Imagine, 10-baggers on two separate companies – on back-to-back days.

Isn’t that the kind of profit action you’ve been dreaming of?

In the Underground Market, You Can Make Serious Money – and FAST

Let me take one minute to show you how lightning-fast these underground payouts can be.

On November 4, 2016, I sent out a “Buy” alert on a medical device company at the start of its Prime Period.

On February 1, I closed out one underground position for a 255.9% gain.

On February 14, not long after, I closed our regular shares for a 59.18% gain.

On the same day, I closed out my remaining underground position for a 511.8% gain.

One double-digit gain and two triple-digit gains, all banked within 90 days of getting in.

The speed of these payouts is one reason my Prime System is making a huge difference in people’s lives.

Folks are coming right out and telling me.

Here are a few actual messages I’ve received from grateful subscribers:

Profit From a Repeatable, Highly Dependable Trend

Now, you probably understand how some cycles work.

Retail sales spike every year during the holidays...

Gas companies record windfall sales during the frigid winter months when people need more gas to heat their homes...

And every year, beer sales skyrocket with the arrival of Memorial Day, baseball and cookouts.

Of course, these trends are fairly obvious.

Knowing them doesn’t give you much of an advantage.

But I’ve discovered something else that’s much more powerful.

There are actually a handful of individual stocks that follow lesser-known, but very predictable patterns.

For example, take United Continental Holdings (NYSE: UAL), the holding company for United Airlines. Its sales are highest during major holidays. Its stock has risen 63.05% on average during this time over the last 10 years. That’s a fact.

By comparison, its share price drops during the Non-Prime Period by 14.07%, on average.

That’s a swing of more than 75% in profits – just for getting in at the right time.

That’s the foundation of my Prime System Trader.

I follow natural cycles. They’re super-reliable.

Want more proof? Let’s look again at Ruth’s Hospitality Group.

It’s one of those outstanding Prime System plays with a success rate of 100% over the past five years...

Ruth’s stock has delivered an average return of 31.53% during its Prime Period over this time.

So in late 2016, I gave the order to buy.

At that point, you could have purchased regular shares if you prefer to buy stock outright.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

The regular shares went up a modest 11.83%. Even better than the S&P 500 index.

On the other hand, our underground play rocketed up by 131.82%!

How’s that for a lopsided result? Here’s the upshot...

If you bought regular Ruth’s shares during its Prime Period, your profit would’ve been $1,183 on your $10,000 investment.

Nothing to sneeze at.

But in the underground market, you could have more than doubled your money – turning only $1,000 into $2,318 in a little over three months.

Academic Studies Prove
This System Works!

Prime System Trader is an analysis-based investment service that uses Prime Periods to increase profits and reduce the amount of money you put at risk... and does both by a factor of 10.

The type of approach I follow is backed by numerous academic studies.

The Pepperdine School of Business did a 38-year in-depth back study of these types of market anomalies.

Its research focused on the broad market, not more powerful individual stocks.

But even using this technique in the wider market, its conclusion was convincing...

Returns would have been five times greater than the buy-and-hold strategy. Risk would have been reduced by more than half.”

A further investigation by the The Fiscal Times concluded that following these types of market patterns “generated the greatest average annual return for investors since 2000.”

Investing according to scientifically validated principles should give you peace of mind.

One thing’s for sure...

In all my years of plotting Wall Street activity, nothing else I’ve seen can stack the odds in your favor more than acting on these simple proven patterns.

Take Everything You’ve Heard and Throw It in the Dumpster

Now, there’s one thing I haven’t addressed.

That’s the nature of the underground market itself.

What I’m actually talking about is an investment strategy that, when used properly, can be more conservative than “buy and hold”... and can still deliver multiples of the market return.

Follow my guidance starting today and you could experience...

All at the same time!

This is possible when you tap into a unique trade in the options market.

Now, when a lot of people hear “options,” they start thinking they’re in way over their heads.

It’s dangerous... it’s for pros... it’s so volatile.”

That’s nonsense. Buying options – when done properly – can actually REDUCE your risk because, unlike with stocks, you can put less money on the line.

You see, options are relatively inexpensive when compared to the cost of the underlying stock. That means you can control the same amount of stock for a fraction of the price.

Look at it this way...

Usually, as an investor, you might buy 100 shares of an $80 stock. In this case, you’re putting $8,000 at risk.

Then if the stock rises 10%, you’ve made only $800.

But in the options (or underground) market, you can get in for less than $2 a share.

And when the stock rises 10%, the value of your position can go up 75%... 225%... all the way up to 1,000%.

I’ve already used them to post partial gains like...

Those are terrific gains. But here’s what most investors simply don’t realize.

By going underground, you’re putting far less of your hard-earned money at risk.

Buying LOW Gives You the Best Shot at Selling HIGH

Check out the startling contrast between regular and underground share prices for companies I’ve recommended in Prime System Trader.

It’s actually been years since I paid more than $6 for an underground share. (In 2016, for example, my average buy price was only $2.08.)

I need to drive this point home.

“Buying low” reduces the amount of capital you put at risk and helps maximize your return...

Now, does it eliminate ALL the risk?

No. The only way to do that is to stick your money in a fire-proof vault – but that certainly won’t get you richer.

Using the Prime System, I know with up to 90% certainty that the underlying stock will go up during its Prime Period... which gives you an unfair advantage.

PLUS, you’re able to invest for $1,000 per trade... or even less, in many cases.

All this lets you dramatically slash the money you put at risk compared to the regular stock market.

Hit Pay Dirt Just Once...

And You’re on Your Way to Becoming Independently Wealthy – for LIFE!

If you have a brokerage account now... access to email... and $1,000...

You already have all the tools I recommend you have to get started with this strategy.

Once on board, you simply wait for my signal to arrive (by email or on my secure website)...

I’ll tell you which stocks are hitting their Prime Periods, and you choose whether or not to act.

Shortly after, often within 24 to 48 hours, you should see the stock shoot up.

You are welcome to trade the regular shares. Some stocks have gone up as much as 39%... 55%... 65%... and 76% during their Prime Periods.

So yes, there are great profits to be made with regular stocks.

But the much more explosive and faster-moving underground market can deliver far bigger returns on much less money.

Here are actual, side-by-side results my Prime System Trader subscribers have had the chance to experience so far...

I’m comparing gains our readers could have made on a company’s regular shares...

To gains on underground plays I recommended on the same company, on the same day. This time, though, we’re talking about a partial play that may have closed on a different date than the regular shares.

Regular investor risks $10,000 to collect $1,200. Bold investor risks $1,000 to collect $3,190.

Regular investor risks $10,000 to collect $1,400. Bold investor risks $1,000 to collect $5,740.

Regular investor risks $10,000 to collect $900. Bold investor risks $1,000 to collect $9,000.

Regular investor risks $10,000 to collect $3,300. Bold investor risks $1,000 to collect $10,340.

See what I mean?

It’s like night and day.

These spectacular paydays are happening almost every day of the week.

Here’s some more historical evidence from earlier this year...

Looking back on market data, we found a bonanza of single-day underground paydays in one five-day stretch. It kicked off on Monday and ended on Friday...

Let’s say you had advance notice – that’s where I come in – and the chutzpah to invest $1,000 in each of these seven underground trades.

You’d be $121,470 richer today.

That’s a cumulative 12,147% gain in one week... Seven trades, opened and closed in just five days...

Profits in this one calendar week would go a long way toward funding your grandchild’s education or paying for an international luxury cruise... and would leave you with plenty of money to spare.

How would you spend your $121,470 windfall?

Remember, each time I give you a buy signal, you’ll have a chance to get in on the company’s regular shares...

But at the same time, I give bold investors a high-powered, relatively low-risk underground trade.

These investors sure sound happy that they took my advice...

If You Can Make 10 Times the
Money With Only One-Tenth of
the Upfront Exposure...

Why Isn’t Everybody Using This?

For the last 15 years... I’ve been perfecting this system.

I’ve boiled it down to three simple steps.

Step 1
Identify those stocks with predictable Prime Periods for sales, profits and share price growth.

Step 2
Send a “Buy” alert for these stocks just as their Prime window kicks in ... and give BOLD investors the opportunity to boost their profits by as much as 1,000% – with one-tenth of the upfront money – by accessing the underground market.

Step 3
Issue a “Sell” alert for these stocks when the Prime window is over.

Now that my Prime System Trader is a well-oiled machine, I’m finally ready to spread the wealth to a maximum of 125 new folks today.

Why only 125?  

I want to maximize the potential gains for each reader... so you’ll have the best opportunity to get in at the best price.

If too many people rush into the specific plays I recommend in the underground market, the profitability of your trades could be affected.

I don’t want that to happen. And the best way to ensure it doesn’t is to limit the number of new subscribers.

So here’s what’s going to happen once you’re in.

You’ll receive an email alert from me with straightforward instructions so you can take immediate action... either on the regular stock or on the company’s underground shares.

The choice is yours.

Each alert will give you...

Essentially everything you need to know when you consider placing an order.

And here’s the thing...

I can’t think of a better time to get on board.

See all the green circles just ahead of us? Each one is a new underground trade I expect to trigger soon.

Every circle is a chance to make 10 times the profit – while risking 10 times less money.

Hit just one and you could be at least $7,500 richer...

Hit four or more and don’t be surprised if your bottom line balloons by $50,000... $125,000... $275,000 or more.

Now, I do need to clarify one point: Entrance isn’t guaranteed.

Here’s the Crucial Part.

So Please Listen Carefully...

Only 125 investors today will be allowed into my unique investment research and recommendation service Prime System Trader – on a first-come, first-served basis.

So you’ll need to act fast...

If you do get in, I promise I’ll do everything in my power to help you get up and running on the Prime System by tomorrow at 9:30 a.m.

Quick responders are set to receive two special surprises from me.

First, you’ll receive my exclusive “video playbook” showing you how quick and easy it is to exploit these lucrative Prime windows... and tap the underground market for profits up to 1,000% greater than those you’re used to... all while risking 10 times less money upfront.

It’s only seven minutes long... it’s free to all new subscribers... and it’s not available to the wider public.

Second, I am releasing a report with my three newest Prime recommendations... recommendations that offer you the possibility of getting $5,000... $12,500... even $17,500 richer, effective immediately. Time is of the essence here, since the Prime Period for each of these firms begins now.

The good news is we’ve seen these companies before. And the results have been spectacular.

‚ÄčThe first is one of my all-time favorite investments...

Every time we’ve played it, we’ve made at least 50% on our shares – and triple digits on our underground shares.

Last year during its Prime Period, regular shares closed for a solid 51% gain...

While our underground positions jumped more than 161% two months prior.

Also included in your report is a very successful cloud computing company I’ve been following for years.

One of my underground trades made gains of 150% when I recommended this company before.

So do hurry.

I’ll show you how to get your hands on all three new picks in just a moment.

This Is a Serious Big Money Opportunity, so Prime System Trader
Is Not Cheap

The underground market is the only place I know where you can make up to 10 times more profit... while risking 10 times less money.

Shifting just 10% to 15% of your overall portfolio gives you the ability to deliver returns 10 TIMES BIGGER than anything you’ve likely experienced before.

And you can experience it at one-tenth the upfront risk!

Look, I’m not going to pretend it’s cheap to join.

Remember, I’ve spent the last 15 years refining the tools, dashboards and triggers behind this system. It’s taken me that long to study the 5,000-plus companies listed on U.S. exchanges...

And narrow them down to a few dozen whose shares pop each year at the exact same time.

Let’s say you bet just $2,500 on Hershey’s underground shares in 2015...

You had a shot at making $7,321 in profits.

If you’d put $5,000 into L Brands... you could have ended up $23,619 richer.

In the same year, how much better off would you have been if you’d put down $10,000 on Columbia Sportswear’s underground shares?

You’d have gotten $101,667 in pure profit. You’d be more than six figures richer from a single play.

The price of just $4,000 for Prime System Trader seems paltry in comparison to these monster payouts.

In 2016, I had a total of 27 profitable trades (including partial plays)...

Ranging from regular stock gains like 11% on CBS Corp... 14% on National Beverage Corp... 51% on Nutrisystem... 71% on Vascular Solutions... and 76% on Ellie Mae...

To a series of underground wins like 174% on Vascular Solutions... 319% on CBS Corp... 438% on Ellie Mae... and 574% on National Beverage Corp.

And now that I’ve identified their Prime Periods, you have as much as a 90% chance to raid them for profits this year.

I want you to be able to feel what it’s like to make up to 27 times your money on a single trade.

I Want to Rush You All These Now

If you’re among my newest subscribers, you’ll receive everything shown below to jump-start your subscription to Prime System Trader:

“Buy” and “Sell” Alerts
Approximately 24 to 36 Prime Recommendations per Year: There are a few dozen companies proven to work best with the Prime System. Each month, I will give you two to three recommendations, including open and exit dates. I’ve set this up so you can seamlessly slip in and out of the recommendations and always hit each stock during its peak growth period. Every “Buy” alert includes instructions for an exciting underground play.

Weekly Status Update Summary of All Positions:
When buying your positions, you’ll also want a predetermined exit date. Don’t worry, I’ll maintain an easy-to-follow calendar and send you weekly updates to make this as easy as possible.

24/7 Access to the Prime System Trader Website
You will receive a login and password to our website. This portal holds every past issue, trade, report and video that my team and I have put together.

The Prime System Trader Model Portfolio
As a subscriber of Prime System Trader, you will see ALL of my recommendations that are “Buys,” “Sells” or “Holds” at that moment. Go here for a summary of your best chances to make 1,000%, 2,000% or even exceptional 3,500% gains in the coming days and weeks.

The Prime System Trader Welcome Video
Your free welcome video shows in detail how quick and easy it is to exploit these lucrative Prime Periods... and tap the underground market for profits up to 1,000% greater than those you’re used to now... all while risking 10 times less money upfront.

“My Top 3 Underground Trades for 100 Times More Profits!”
If everything falls into place, these three stocks should deliver total profits above 1,000%. Remember, the Prime Period for each of these begins right about now. (Every time we’ve bought one of these companies, we’ve made at least 50% on our regular shares – and at least 100% on our underground shares! I don’t expect anything different this year.)

A Professional Customer Service Team
Once you join, you’ll be part of a very elite community, and we’re committed to treating you with the utmost dedication and respect. Our team of well-trained and professional representatives will be standing by to help you with any questions you have about your subscription.

However, an offer this good creates one problem.

In the past, some people have simply signed up, learned each of the Prime Periods, then walked away knowing exactly which ones to play each year.

Frankly, knowing each company’s Prime Period is just the start...

I’ve done more than 10,000 hours of work to become the premier expert in the operation of this Prime System.

You need my expertise to squeeze the most profits out of it... and to know exactly when to get in and out of each position.

So for people to take my work for free – without availing of all the built-in alerts and safeguards – isn’t fair to anyone.

That’s why I’m not offering any refunds.

HOWEVER, I am offering you a unique performance guarantee – perhaps the only one of its kind.

Either You Get a Shot to
Multiply Your Money by 1,000%...

Or I Work for You for FREE for an Additional
12 Months. GUARANTEED!

As Emerging Trends Strategist here at The Oxford Club, I’ve set the bar high for performance.

Since launching this service, I’ve outperformed the market by an average of 766.82%.

I’ve set two Oxford Club trading records – for gains of 1,889% and 2,733%.

All the companies I track enjoy predictable Prime Periods...

Plus, I open and close two to three new trades per month...

So I’m going to guarantee you the chance to bag at least one 1,000% gain in the coming months (per our track record).

In other words, you’ll have a chance to turn $1,000 into $10,000...

$10,000 into $100,000...

Or even $100,000 into a million...

And if you don’t have the chance to get one 1,000% gain in the next 12 months...

Let us know, and I’ll give you a second year of Prime System Trader on the house.

Essentially, my team of researchers and I will work for you for free for an additional year.

Your Bonus Guarantee #2,
Just in Case

Okay, all that should give you a boatload of confidence. But what if you’re still not convinced?

I understand. You want to cover all your bases.

So allow me to put your mind at ease.

No matter what happens, you’re still covered by my company’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.

You can cancel any time and use your remaining subscription fee to switch to any of our other premium investment services until you find one that fits your needs perfectly.

(I just gave you one more BIG reason to jump into the underground market right now... without hesitation.)

But even with that guarantee, it’s highly unlikely you’Il ever want to switch services.

With a brand-new recommendation coming through two to three times per month...

That’s a lot of underground trades coming your way.

Each one has enough firepower to boost your profits by 10 times what you’re used to.

And you can get positioned for $1,000 or less. Every single time.

Just click the button below to see the details of your one-year subscription to Prime System Trader.

But remember...

The Clock Is Ticking...

Remember, I can accept only 125 people today (on a first-come, first-served basis).

Three of my favorite stocks are entering their Prime Periods now... a major opportunity in the coming days.

Last year, one of these gave us underground profits of 148% and 175%. Right now their Prime Periods are here again. You don’t want to miss it.

I’m releasing a special report that includes all three of these picks today. It’s called “My Top 3 Underground Trades for 100 Times More Profits!

I’ll email you this report right after you join.

The profits from this trio of picks have the potential to make you anywhere from $15,000 to $50,000 richer... enough to cover your subscription fee by up to 25 times.

I can’t send it to you until you take action.

Claiming your guarantee... your welcome video... and your three bonus underground picks is as easy as clicking the button below. (Don’t worry... you’ll have a chance to review everything on the next page before you make a final decision.)

You’ll be taken to a secure subscription form. Please fill it out as quickly as possible.

Just two minutes’ delay could be long enough for the door to slam shut.

And I don’t want you to miss out.

So I urge you to click the button below now.

You can also call our VIP Trading Services Team at 888.570.9830 or 443.353.4537. They’ll confirm you’re one of the first 125 to respond, and they’ll answer any questions you may have so you can get started right away.

In closing, I want to thank you for watching this presentation today.

I’m Matthew Carr, and I look forward to welcoming you to Prime System Trader.


Matthew Carr
Editor, Prime System Trader
Emerging Trends Strategist, The Oxford Club
May 2017

P.S. Remember, my next underground trade is projected to begin advancing in the next few days (based on our historical records). It could be our next 2,733%-plus record-breaker.

P.P.S. I doubt you’ll see a performance guarantee like ours anyhwere else in America. I guarantee you’ll have the chance to turn $1,000 into $10,000... $10,000 into $100,000... or $100,000 into $1 million on just one 1,000% win over the next year. If I don’t hit this lofty target, your second year (a value of $4,000) is free.

For details, click the button below now.