America’s #1 Fast-Income Expert:

“You Could Collect as Much as $10,876
Per Month From Predictable Profit Blasts”

CNBC reports that these events give “fundamental investors the biggest advantage over quants or macro investors.”


In the coming days, an unstoppable series of “Profit Blasts” will send a small group of stocks soaring.

Their charts will look just like this:

With a vertical upward launch.

As a result, Profit Blasts can hand you wins not in a matter of years, months or weeks...

But in a single day!

Profit Blast events like these are going to arrive faster and faster in the coming weeks.

These events happen on predetermined dates EVERY month without fail...

Scheduled down to the minute...

And filed with the SEC beforehand.

That’s why, when you know how to play them, you could collect as much as $10,876 or MORE every 30 days... starting with just a $5,000 stake.

Now, to be clear, when I talk about Profit Blasts, I’m not saying these are opportunities where profits are predetermined.

I’m talking about knowing with 100% certainty when there is the greatest potential to see a huge movement in a stock.

Today, I’ll share everything with you, including how I know with 100% certainty when each Profit Blast event will occur, and how you can exploit this knowledge to grab big wins all year long.

For example, take a look at what happened to Trex...

Back in July, the stock was hovering around $70.

Nothing about the chart indicated that a huge move was coming...

But I could’ve told you – with 100% certainty – a big opportunity was coming on July 29 that could drive the stock skyward.

And when it hit, look what happened...

The stock instantly went vertical.

And if you’d put just $5,000 into one simple trade, you could’ve grabbed $13,750 in a month’s time!

It happened again with Alteryx...

The stock had been mostly flat for weeks.

But when its Profit Blast hit on July 31, it shot straight up.

And if you’d placed $5,000 in a simple trade, you could’ve quickly pocketed $14,550.

Or look at Everi Holdings...

The stock had been flat for weeks...

Then its Profit Blast hit, and it shot nearly straight up...

This time, $5K could’ve handed you $23,350!

That’s a total of $51,650... from just three quick trades!

And it’s so simple...

Since Profit Blast events occur at the same prescheduled times throughout the year...

There’s no guesswork!

And since they are publicly filed with the SEC and available on a calendar before they even happen...

All you have to do is...

First, check the date when a Profit Blast is scheduled to hit.

Second, place a simple trade for your chance to walk away with major profits!

Of course, not all these Profit Blasts will be lucrative.

Nothing in the markets is 100% foolproof.

But that’s exactly why I developed a strategy to determine which Profit Blasts have the most profit potential.

I’ll get into more details about my custom Profit Blast system later...

But in short, it analyzes companies’ earnings statements for what I call Profit Blasts, looking for outliers that indicate a huge move in share price is likely.

The system identifies and alerts me to likely winners.

So if you follow my lead and play this right...

You could be up to $10,876 richer by next month.

You Could Have an Extra $10,876 in Your Pocket by Next Month.

My name, by the way, is Marc Lichtenfeld.

I’m a two-time bestselling financial author and award-winning trader with more than 20 years of experience...

I’ve been called “America’s No. 1 Fast-Income Expert.”

And each day I mentor more than 500,000 followers...

Helping them discover ways to beat the market and rake in serious cash.

I run three specialized market research services where I’ve recommended top gains of...

386% on J.M. Smucker...

419% on Celldex...

775% on NPS Pharmaceuticals...

2,381% on AbbVie...

And countless more.

$1,000 into each of these four plays could’ve turned into $43,610.

$5,000 in each and you’d have more than 218 grand.

The point is, I’m no stranger to handing my readers BIG profits.

But I’ve never seen anything as powerful and lucrative as these Profit Blasts.

And here’s why: They happen year-round... on dates I can target with 100% certainty!

Check out these top examples we found looking back at the market...

On January 9, Bed Bath & Beyond’s Profit Blast hit... and you could’ve grabbed $20,800.

On February 14, a Profit Blast rocketed TriNet skyward...

And you could’ve pulled in $26,100.

And on March 1, a Profit Blast sent Core-Mark Holding Company vertical.

You could’ve grabbed as much as $32,450.

Of course, if you depended on the media to tell you about these opportunities... you’d have missed out entirely.

They’re always late to the party.

For instance, I can’t find any posts from The Motley Fool about TriNet’s upcoming Profit Blast before it shot higher...

But it did post an article afterward, when it was already too late to profit...

It missed the shot at $26,100.

And because media outlets missed it, you likely did too.

That’s why I’m delivering this message to you now.

Since I can target these events with 100% certainty... I can prepare for the big run-ups in advance.

And once you know how to use these Profit Blasts to your advantage, you could pull in as much as $10,876 in the next few weeks!

Here’s what I mean...

Take a look at Mellanox Technologies.

The stock was going nowhere.

In fact, it had fallen 16% over the last two months.

And most folks would’ve never considered it...

But a Profit Blast event was already on the calendar.

And when it hit on January 30, look what happened...

Sure enough... the stock went vertical.

And you could’ve walked away with a $14,700 payday!

You didn’t need to spend hours upon hours trying to perform technical analysis...

Analyzing confusing charts and ratios...

Or waiting for the talking heads on the cable TV money shows to tell you more about the stock.

All you needed to know was whether a Profit Blast was coming.

Because these events are 100% predictable, you just place a simple trade before the scheduled event...

And then spend the rest of the day doing whatever you like.

You could go golfing, head out for a fishing excursion or just relax at home.

It’s incredibly simple.

Since these Profit Blast events take place on predetermined dates... there’s no guesswork as to when they’ll occur!

And once you know which stocks to target...

You could grab as much as $10,876 in the next month!

I’ll give you the details on the Profit Blasts I’m currently targeting in just a bit.

Now, as with any investment, Profit Blasts carry a level of risk.

I can’t guarantee they’ll always be profitable.

But that’s why I wanted to share my system, and explain how it tracks the best possible opportunities.

Imagine you’d put just $5,000 into Mellanox when its Profit Blast hit...

You could’ve turned it into $19,700... on a single trade!

The same thing happened with Rite Aid.

The stock had been sliding for weeks...

But when its Profit Blast hit, as scheduled, on June 26, nothing could hold it down.

The stock blasted higher...

And if you’d placed a simple trade when you saw the Profit Blast, you could’ve pocketed a quick $26,150... while the media and everyone else missed out.

Once you understand the power of Profit Blasts, investing will finally start to feel easy.

The only hard part will be figuring out ways to spend all your new cash!

You could take a weeklong trip to the Caribbean, surprise the grandkids with a Disney vacation, or finally upgrade your old golf clubs!

You might even want to give some money to your church or a charity of your choice, like my reader Gary Fetcher did.

He said, “I was able to turn a small investment into an $11,000 donation toward building a new church. Thank you!

Use your money however you like... but you’d better figure it out soon!

Because each month is loaded with scheduled Profit Blast opportunities.

And every time one hits...

You could grab thousands.

For example, take a look at Cleveland-Cliffs...

I could’ve told you a Profit Blast was scheduled for July 20...

And when it hit, look what happened...

The stock shot practically straight up!

With one simple $5,000 trade, you could’ve pulled in $48,050 in profit... in just nine days.

It takes most Americans nearly a year to make that kind of money. 

So stop wasting your time trying to analyze financial statements and price-to-earnings (P/E) ratios...

And watching so-called professional analysts guess which way the stock will go.

Forget all that nonsense!

Once you know how to use Profit Blasts to your advantage, nothing else matters.

You could pull in $10,876 or more over the next 30 days if you follow the schedule I’ve laid out...

In fact, my team ran a historical test to really examine the power of these triggers...

And the top examples we found will blow your mind...

You Could Grab Monumental Wins of Up to $89,350... $142,000... Even a Rare $1.8 Million!

With my strategy, you’ll never have to worry about trying to time the market again.

Because you’ll know beforehand when a Profit Blast opportunity is scheduled.

Take a look at Roku...

The stock was already doing well... but a Profit Blast was scheduled for February 21.

And when it hit right on schedule, the stock blasted off...

You could’ve pulled in a quick $89,350.

If you’d put in $10,000... you could have earned nearly $200,000.

All from one single play!

Then there’s J&J Snack Foods...

It had been unable to break above $165 for months.

But the moment its Profit Blast hit, it went vertical.

And you could have grabbed more than $142,000 with a starting stake of just 5 grand.

It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Imagine supercharging your account by more than $100,000 almost instantly!

And you can start with however much you’d like.

Just $500 would’ve become $14,210...

While $10,000 would’ve handed you more than $284,000!

But it could be even better still...

Let’s look at Nvidia...

In just four months, it had grown from around $50 per share all the way to $70.

It was growing fast, and by November, folks probably felt like they’d missed the boat.

But I could’ve told you the best gains were yet to come.

A Profit Blast was coming in November, and look what happened...

Sure enough, the stock leapt off the charts...

And with just one simple trade, you could’ve turned a $10,000 investment into a life-changing $1.8 million...

Thanks to an event that’s 100% predictable.

Of course, gains of this size are rare...

That’s why we’re tracking them so closely in the first place... to show the power of those rare opportunities to make big money quickly.

And don’t forget that all investing carries some risk. Not every Profit Blast will be profitable.

But I wanted you to see the incredible potential of Profit Blasts.

So picture your life with an extra $1.8 million...

Picture Your Life... With an Extra $1.8 Million!

What would you do with that kind of money?

I’ve got two kids to put through college... so I know at least part of my answer.

But readers of my various research services do all sorts of great stuff with the money they’ve made following my recommendations...

Rick Shaw wrote, “Closed for a 122% gain... heading on vacation to the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan!

Thomas Sanderson said, “Using my $24,000 gain for a trip to Hawaii! Thanks for your suggestion.”

Paul Yates used his winnings to retire early, writing, “Your research allowed me to retire at 59.”

And Anthony Valentino said...

“Our family made approximately $1.3 million thanks to you! We used some of the winnings to take our kids and grandkids to Sicily for both Christmas and New Year’s.”

And get this... while each of these folks made money following my strategies...

Not one of them had access to the powerful brand-new strategy I’m sharing with you today.

Just imagine how much easier it’s about to get for them... and for you!

Simply place a trade when each Profit Blast hits...

And you could watch the cash roll in!

Now, you might be thinking to yourself...

If this works so well, how come I’ve never heard of it?

Well, the sad truth is...

The Less You Know, the More Your Broker Makes

Your money manager doesn’t want you to know this secret.

Neither do the big banks or brokers...

The fewer folks know, the better, as far as they’re concerned.

Why? Think about it...

They rake in millions managing investors’ money.

Even though most of the time... they can’t even beat the market!

CNBC reports, “For the ninth year in a row, active fund managers trail the S&P.”

Yet they have no problem grabbing management fees, transaction fees, rebalancing fees and more.

It’s shameful.

But mark my words... once you know this secret, you won’t need them anymore!

That’s why I want to show you how easy it is to achieve $10,876 or more each month with Profit Blasts.

That could add up to more than $130,000 over the course of a year.

So let me quickly show you how I discovered this secret...

I Discovered Their Dirty Secret Years Back...

I found Profit Blasts more than 23 years ago, while working the trading desk at Carlin Equities.

Each day, my job was to “read the tape.”

Essentially, I’d evaluate streams of data in real time as they poured in...

Looking at the size of stock orders, order speed, order price and the spread between bid and ask.

It was up to me to quickly identify trends in trading behavior... and then pinpoint the best times to buy and sell.

It was incredibly difficult... but I put in the work.

And I’m glad I did!

I now understand the markets in a way most folks never will.

I worked my way up to the position of vice president of the Technical Securities Analysts Association of San Francisco...

And then became the head of technical analysis research at Avalon Research Group.

My career was flourishing, but I wasn’t happy.

While I worked for great companies with terrific management...

There was a disgusting attitude at many of the Wall Street firms around us...

Something like, Who cares what happens to the client, as long as you get your big bonus check at the end of the year?

It didn’t sit right with me.

Life is more than a paycheck... I wanted to do something meaningful. And helping the rich get richer wasn’t cutting it.

Long story short, I chose to move on... away from Wall Street.

I found my way to The Oxford Club, whose goal is to help teach folks how to grow and protect their own wealth.

We don’t take money from companies... or advertisers.

We simply do great financial research, then pass recommendations on to folks like you.

We’ve been around more than 30 years because we’re good at what we do.

And today, I send my investment research briefing to more than a half million people daily.

Every time I discover a new market loophole or develop a new system that could help you profit... I share it with my readers.

And Profit Blasts are the single most powerful stock market event I’ve ever found.

But until today, I’ve never revealed my Profit Blast secret to anyone.

Which means you’re among the first in the world to discover how it works.

In my entire career, I’ve never seen anything with such consistent profit potential.

Remember, when a Profit Blast is about to hit...

All you need to do is place a simple trade...

And you could walk away with as much as $10,876 or more.

And it doesn’t matter what’s happening in the markets.

Grab Huge Gains... No Matter How the Market Is Performing

For example, back in June, Seattle Genetics was falling hard.

That might’ve scared some people off...

But a Profit Blast was scheduled for July 16... a chance for the stock to turn around in a big way.

Sure enough, look what happened next...

The stock took off, and you could’ve cashed out with a profit of $9,600 from one simple trade!

Imagine pulling in that kind of “bonus” cash... in a single month!

You could’ve done it again with Dell in August.

The stock was falling due to the trade war with China...

But that didn’t matter to investors who knew about the potential upside from the Profit Blast scheduled for August 29.

The moment it hit, Dell rocketed higher.

And had you placed a simple trade, you could’ve seen a $21,000 gain in just two weeks.

It takes most Americans several months to pull in that much cash...

But you could’ve earned it in just 14 days with a single trade.

And historical data shows you could’ve made even more from Twilio...

In late 2018, the stock was super volatile... bouncing up and down.

Most folks wouldn’t have touched it with a ten-foot pole.

But a Profit Blast was scheduled for November 6, and look what happened next...

The stock shot skyward.

And you could’ve banked a quick $33,900 profit.

There’s simply no easier way to bank thousands in the markets.

And because these events are 100% predictable – laid out on a schedule on SEC websites – you could cash in over and over... all year long.

But by now I’m sure you’re wondering... what are Profit Blasts, and why do they happen?

Why Do Profit Blasts Occur?

Let me explain...

Every publicly traded company is required by law to file certain types of financial information with the SEC.

This includes everything from debt ratios to sales growth to new partnership deals...

And most importantly, these filings include statements of profitability.

These tell you how much money the company is making.

This is vital because, as Peter Lynch says, “If you can follow only one bit of data, follow the earnings. [They] will make or break an investment in equities.”

I target the Profit Blasts whose earning show massive increases in sales and profitability.

To identify stocks with the best chance of blasting to new heights.

And Forbes says they’re “one of the most important metrics for gauging the financial health of a potential investment.”

Personally... I call them a gold mine for investors.

Because once you know how to use Profit Blasts to your advantage, they can hand you big, fast gains every single month.

For instance, let’s look at some exceptional historical examples...

Here’s Optinose.

It was a sinking ship. Didn’t matter.

When its Profit Blast hit on August 12, shares shot higher...

And with just a $2,000 investment, you could’ve banked a quick $19,720 profit.

If you’d put $5,000 into the trade, you could’ve grabbed $49,300!

It happened again with Lannett...

The stock had been flat for months.

Worse still, the company was facing multiple lawsuits and as much as $250 million in fines.

In short, most anyone would’ve called me crazy if I had recommended it at the time.

But its Profit Blast was scheduled for August 27...

And look what happened next...

The moment its Profit Blast hit, shares took off.

And if you’d put in just $2,000, you could’ve cashed out one month later with $53,720 in profit!

And you could’ve made even more with Ambarella.

The stock had plunged 40% in 2018...

And The Motley Fool wrote, “Declines won’t end anytime soon.”

Well, actually – yes, they would.

A Profit Blast was scheduled for August 29... and would send shares to the moon.

With one simple $2,000 trade, you could’ve pocketed $54,380 in two weeks!

And get this...

All three of these examples took place in August...

Meaning you could have had the opportunity to grab more than $127,000 in a single month...

From the ONLY stock market event that is actually scheduled beforehand.

Now, you might think having that many huge opportunities in a single month is a fluke.

You’d be wrong.

I’ve already identified dozens of Profit Blasts locked in for this coming month.

Dozens of Opportunities for Life-Changing Gains

Again, that’s dozens of MASSIVE opportunities in the next month alone!

It’s an incredible shot at life-changing profits.

You could have an experience like my reader Aaron Barber, who wrote in...

“Marc, sold for a 466% profit! Many thanks for your super pick.”

Or Jamie Green, who said...

“Made a $2,020 profit!”

Or Don Benson, who dropped me a short note...

“I sold for a total profit of $5,005!”

Now, bear in mind... each of these gains came from a single trade.

But you could potentially grab several big wins in the coming month alone.

Over the course of a month, you might pull in $10,000... $20,000... or more!

Reader Logan Markus wrote to say, “I’ve made $78,965 PER YEAR thanks to you.”

With that kind of money, you could take a monthlong Alaskan cruise...

Cover your grandkid’s tuition...

Or boost your retirement account higher than you ever thought possible...

All thanks to what I expect to be the most profitable month of your life.

Now, with so many Profit Blasts on the calendar, choosing the best can take a lot of time...

A Brand-New System for the Record Books

After all, not every company is going to experience a vertical rise when it files with the SEC.

Sometimes companies have bad news in their filings.

That’s the way it is.

I knew I’d need an algorithm that could scan all the filings and alert me to the ones that were primed for vertical moves...

So I brought in a top analyst I knew from my previous days on Wall Street – she’s the most qualified computer analytics expert I know.

She’s held four different securities licenses for investment banking and market making...

She became a head trader, then a portfolio manager...

And she co-founded a $30 million hedge fund.

For two years, she was senior vice president of a 135-year-old investment banking company that was bringing in $329 million in revenue PER QUARTER...

And years back, she helped build a system that allowed many of my readers to cash in.

Sheldon Worner wrote, “I’ve moved my portfolio up $26,029. Keep up the great stock picks!”

Stanley Gordon wrote, “I’m up over $28,000!”

And Derrick Manson said, “My annual portfolio payout is more than $54,000! All I can say is THANK YOU.”

So you can see why I reached out to her for help.

This time, I asked her to create a system that would allow everyday investors to exploit Profit Blasts.

And I have to say...


The system scans every coming Profit Blast – weeks in advance – and alerts me to the best-of-the-best profit opportunities.

In total, the system cross-references 13 metrics that tell us which filings are likely to create the biggest Profit Blasts.

The system works in two simple steps...

First, it targets coming Profit Blast events with 100% certainty.

Second, when the system identifies a great profit opportunity, it alerts me.

Simple as that.

All you have to do is view my recommendation when I alert my readers... make your play... and then potentially cash out for thousands a short time later.

When My System Says Buy... You Could Cash In.

Let me show you just how easy it is...

Each of the next examples was uncovered during an extensive back test we ran to verify the power of my new system.

First, let’s look at Simply Good Foods...

The stock was headed south...

But my signal would have known something big was coming... and quickly alerted me.

And when the Profit Blast hit on July 2, look what happened...

Shares soared, and a month later you could’ve cashed out your $5,000 investment with an $11,100 profit.

My signal would’ve alerted me again on Advent Software.

And sure enough...

Thanks to its Profit Blast, you could’ve made a quick $26,250.

And when my signal would have pinged on Globus Medical...

It was spot on again.

With one simple trade, you could’ve pulled in $35,600!

And if you’re wondering how the huge gains you’ve seen today are possible...

It’s all thanks to a special type of trade I call “40X Contracts.”

“40X Contracts” Boost Your Wins 40 Times or MORE

See, this system produces some nice wins no matter how you slice it...

But to REALLY pull in the life-changing gains, you can use 40X Contracts.

They’re a type of call option that that can supercharge your wins by 40X or more...

And they can be much cheaper than buying regular shares... often trading for as little as $0.05 per share!

So when you combine them with the 100% predictability of Profit Blasts...

You could rake in HUGE wins every month... with a very small upfront investment.

For instance, remember Roku, which I showed you earlier?

It was trading for $45 at the time.

But my back test showed a 40X Contract that was trading for just $0.75!

And had you gotten in quickly, you could’ve made 1,787%...

Enough to turn $500 into $8,935...

Or $5,000 into $89,350.

And let’s look at Ambarella again...

The stock was trading for just over $45 when its Profit Blast hit.

It jumped $20 higher almost instantly, and you could’ve pulled in a 44% win.

I’m sure that’s what a lot of people did... and that’s fine.

But I’m not interested in 44% winners. My goal is to deliver life-changers.

That’s why 40X Contracts are so impressive...

In this case, looking back at the market, you could’ve gotten one for just $0.27 per share.

When the stock ran up 44%, the 40X Contract could’ve handed you a whopping 2,719% win...

Enough to turn $2,000 into $54,380!

And you could’ve made even more with J&J Snack Foods.

It was trading for $163 when its Profit Blast occurred.

Not exactly cheap...

But I could have uncovered a 40X Contract that was trading for just $0.73 at the time...

For basically pocket change, you could’ve gotten in on a trade that could’ve handed you a 2,842% win!

Imagine putting just $1,000 down... and watching it grow into $29,420.

Thanks to 40X Contracts, you could cash in on huge opportunities like this all year long.

Now, as with any investment, 40X Contracts won’t always win.

There were exceptional winners, as well as some losers, in our back tests. So you never invest more than you can afford to lose.

But since these are so cheap, you could make a killing from a single investment...

And without much risk!

In fact, I’d like to make it easy for you...

Every time a Profit Blast triggers my system, I’d like to send you an email...

Each month, I identify two to three major Profit Blast opportunities...

Here’s what it will look like...

Inside, you’ll get a detailed write-up and analysis of the stock.

I’ll tell you which date the Profit Blast is scheduled for...

Reveal the metrics I’m tracking... and tell you why they’re pointing toward a big Profit Blast.

It’s all very easy to follow...

And I’d like to send you one of these emails right now.

There is a Profit Blast scheduled to hit in the next couple days. And I’m ready to alert my followers immediately.

But you need to hurry.

See, this Profit Blast strategy is BRAND-NEW.

And my goal is to keep this group small.

Here’s why...

As I showed you earlier, many of the 40X Contracts I recommend are available at ultra-cheap prices like $0.73 per share.

If too many people discover the power of my strategy, they will pile into the trades, pushing up the entry prices.

That would make it tough for you to get into my recommendations.

And I’d rather have a small group of folks who can consistently lock in the very best wins.

So today I’m limiting the people who can join our group to just 150 people on a first-come, first-served basis.

All you have to do to receive every upcoming Profit Blast recommendation is join my research service known as Stock Sequence Trader.

It’s the only place I know of where you can track these Profit Blasts for a shot at up to $10,876 or more every month.

Here’s How My Stock Sequence Trader Works...

Here’s how Stock Sequence Trader works...

Each morning, I take a look at my screen...

If my system is blinking green on a stock, it means all 13 metrics my system tracks have fallen in line.

And it indicates a huge Profit Blast is pending.

I’ll dig deeper and perform a thorough analysis myself.

Then, once I’m sure it’s a top-level profit opportunity, I’ll notify you and provide my complete breakdown of the situation.

I’ll tell you your next steps...

If you’d like to act on the trade, simply follow my included recommendation... then go about your day.

Spend your time however you’d like.

Head out to a matinee show...

Take a long nap...

Or visit the kids and grandkids.

The point is, you don’t need to be at the computer all day.

In fact, once you open the trade, I’ll show you how you can set it to automatically close at a certain price, so you never have to think about it after the trade is made!

Just set it and forget it... until you see all the extra money in your account, of course.

“I cleared more than $100K!”

I’ve been sending market-smashing recommendations to my readers for over a decade now...

And the average annualized gain on our 218 closed 40X Contracts is a whopping 115.2%.

That includes winners and losers.

Let me repeat that...


That's based on an average hold time of 91.68 days and our average gain of nearly 29%.

To give you a sense of just how incredible that is...

That means our average 40X Contract in Stock Sequence Trader has outperformed the S&P 500 by 20-FOLD since 2010.

Subscribers to my services write in all the time to tell me about their wins.

For instance, Tommy Lawrence wrote...

“I cleared more than $100K in November and December! What a way to end the year for a small-time investor!”

Stephen Ellifsohn said...

“From your recommendations, I am making around $50,000 per year!”

 And Colin Jones dropped me this note...

“I made $200K thanks to you. Bravo!”

And Anthony Valentino, who I mentioned earlier, made more than $1 MILLION ON A SINGLE TRADE!

These folks are no different from you.

Except for one critical thing...

They get my recommendations and research sent straight to their email inbox every week.

So when there’s a huge profit opportunity – one that could literally hand you $1 million – they’re the first to know about it.

You need to be part of this group!

Of course... as I mentioned earlier, I’ve never sent my Profit Blast secret to anyone before today.

So you have an unprecedented opportunity that not even my most loyal readers have received yet.

All you have to do is simply wait for my Profit Blast email...

And decide whether you want to take part.

Each time you do, you could collect up to $50,000... $100,000... or even $200,000!

To help you jump-start your profits, I’ve created a special report with five unique stock recommendations...

And I’d like to send it your way.

You Could Grab Up to $10,876 in the Next 30 Days

It’s called...

“Five Profit Blasts That Could Hand You $10,876 in 30 Days.”

Right now, my system is flashing “Buy” on five stocks with Profit Blasts scheduled for the next few weeks...

I’ve already run my own analysis and confirmed them as HUGE potential winners.

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To be clear, ALL FIVE STOCKS in this report just passed my brand-new Profit Blast system’s 13-metric checklist...

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Now, with that type of profit potential, you’re probably wondering how much this is going to cost...

Well, frankly, it’s been hard to determine.

I’ve seen the power of Profit Blasts in action...

Like Ambarella, which delivered a $90,000 profit opportunity in just five weeks.

I know how much this information could help you collect in the coming year...

Wall Street often shells out millions for access to systems like this one.

In fact, a colleague of mine says he got $20 million from Charles Schwab for his system...

But I’d never sell out to Wall Street. 

I’m not in this for the money.

My goal has always been to help everyday folks like you build a solid retirement, and this is the best way I’ve ever seen to do exactly that.

So after a long discussion, my team and I have decided on a price I’m convinced you’ll find more than fair.

It includes a discount large enough to help most folks afford it without a problem, while also allowing my team to keep up the research that makes this whole thing work.

I’ll tell you the exact price in a moment...

But first I’d like to answer a few questions you might have.


This is by far the most common question we get...

Question: Do I need a lot of money to get started?

Answer: No, you don’t!

You can start with whatever amount makes you comfortable.

Put in $100... $500... or $1,000.

Whatever amount you’d like to invest is perfect.

Remember, since we also trade 40X Contracts that cost $1 or less per share... you can give yourself a shot at huge gains for very little money.

Question: If there are so many Profit Blasts each month, why not recommend every single one?

I’ll recommend only the trades with the BIGGEST profit potential.

I’m not interested in plays that hand us hundreds. They’re not worth my time.

I want thousands or tens of thousands.

In short... I want you to be able to make a killing every time you trade.

So I’ll only make the recommendation if I believe you have a clear shot at doubling your money (or more)!

Question: I don’t want to miss a trade. Do I have to wait by my computer for your emails to arrive?

Answer: No!

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve never liked being tied to a desk.

I want this service to give you the freedom to enjoy your life. Keeping you stuck by a computer all day would defeat the entire purpose.

That’s why I’ve added text alerts.

Here’s how I see a typical day going for you...

Get up, make some coffee and check your email before you head out for the day.

Then go play a round of golf...

Grab some brunch...

Or dive into a new book.

If your phone buzzes with a new buy alert...

Simply click the link in the text, review the information and decide whether you’d like to participate.

By the time you get home, you could already be up big.

How simple is that?

This way, you’ll never miss the chance to nab a big win.

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Between my 500,000 readers and the thousands who could potentially be viewing this presentation at any given time, these 150 spots could go very quickly.

Once we hit that number, I’ll have to cap it.

Since this strategy works no matter what the markets are doing, I’m sure it will be quite popular.

So do NOT delay.

Besides, when you act now, you’ll also get complete access to two other proven strategies.

In the past, folks have paid as much as $4,000 to access each...

That’s $8,000 in total... but I’m giving you both for free.

An $8,000 Value – Yours FREE Today

You see, Profit Blasts aren’t my only discovery.

I’ve uncovered two other powerful events that drive stock prices to the moon... and help pad your pockets all year long.

My readers have already used them to rake in GIGANTIC profits...

The first – what I call an “Ignition Event” – happens only once in a company’s history.

Companies fortunate enough to experience this rare event have produced exceptional gains as high as 1,924%... 4,150%... and even 30,780%!

And I’ve developed a proprietary system that predicts exactly when these events will strike... allowing you to get in BEFORE the big moves... and pocket huge wins.

Kiplinger reports that when an Ignition Event strikes, it “generally means that a company is going gangbusters.”

And my extensive back tests have absolutely confirmed it.

For instance, we discovered that my system would’ve predicted an impending Ignition Event for BRT Apartments in 2017.

Sure enough, the event struck just as predicted on September 12... and you could’ve grabbed a 4,150% gain in just six months!

My system predicts these events all year long...

And I’ve put the details on five stocks I expect to see Ignition Events in the next year into a special report, “How to Make $125K in Your First Year From the Ignition Event.”

You’re getting this additional strategy FREE, as a thank you for participating in my presentation today...

But that’s not all you’ll get.

The second powerful, lucrative event I track – what I call a “Flashpoint Trigger” – could hand you big wins even faster...

It’s the ONLY market disruption that can hand you $2,000 in ten minutes or less.

While most moves take weeks or months to hand you big profits, Flashpoint Triggers send share prices vertical in minutes.

CNBC confirms it, saying that when this event strikes, “shares immediately jump.”

Take a look at Endocyte...

It experienced a Flashpoint Trigger on October 18, 2018, and the stock shot straight up.

Had you known ahead of time, you could have collected $5,019 in under ten minutes of market activity!

That’s why I’ve developed a sophisticated method to search through 336,000 stocks... and identify the stocks most likely to experience a Flashpoint Trigger.

You get this strategy FREE too.

I’ve put everything you need to know into an additional bonus report.

It’s called “2 Flashpoint Triggers to Collect at Least $2,000 in Under 10 Minutes.”

All the data I’ve seen points toward both stocks in the report quickly blasting higher in the coming months.

And not only are you getting the added reports...

You’re also getting complete access to all three strategies that I’ve personally used for my own investments.

So every time my algorithms alert me to a Flashpoint Trigger, an Ignition Event or a Profit Blast that could hand you thousands...

You’ll be the first to know about it.

When you join Stock Sequence Trader today, you’ll also get my five-part video series, which breaks everything down in simplest terms.

It’s called Supercharge Your Nest Egg With Stock Sequence Trader.

Inside you’ll find everything you need to know about my trading system.

This series is the quickest, easiest way to get you informed... and get you making money.

Ordinarily, I’d charge quite a bit for the information in this series...

After all, it’s got details on my proprietary trading system, and reveals information that took me countless hours of research to compile.

It even shows how you could use my strategies to rake in $125,000 in the coming year.

But today, I want to make sure you hit the ground running...

And then keep on profiting all year long.

So it’s yours free.

And to help you really supercharge your returns, I’m also including my video tutorial on options.

It’s called Marc Lichtenfeld’s Options Guide: How to Multiply Your Returns by 40X.

My strategies will give you the chance to pull in some great returns on normal stock plays.

But I’ve found that some people prefer the supersized gains options can provide...

And I want to make sure you have all the information you need to help you succeed.

It’s normally valued at $299, but I’m also including this tutorial at no additional cost.

But that’s still not all...

When You Sign Up for a One-Year Subscription to My Stock Sequence Trader...

I’m extending an unusual guarantee.

I’m confident you’ll see at least one opportunity to turn $5K into $10,876 through my model portfolio every single month this year on average.

And if you don’t?

I’ll pay for you to join another service instead!

I’ll be on the hook for the $4,000 retail cost of a different Oxford Club VIP Trading Research Service for an additional year.

That’s how confident I am that you’ll be successful with Profit Blasts.

But I’ll go a step further still...

Six Triple-Digit Winners or Your Money Back!

If I don’t provide you at least six chances to grab a triple-digit winner in the next year – per the official Stock Sequence Trader track record – simply call us up and I’ll return every penny of your subscription cost.

Where else are you going to get a full money-back guarantee like that?

That’s how committed I am to your success.

And you’re getting a ton of value when you join me today, so let’s quickly recap everything you’ll receive...

This could be the most value anyone’s ever received in one fell swoop.

Everything you see here has a total value of $17,898.

But you won’t pay anywhere near that today.

Like I said, I designed this research service with folks like you in mind.

And I refuse to sell it to the guys on Wall Street like others have, no matter how much they offer.

I left Wall Street because I wanted to help regular people make life-changing money...

And these Profit Blasts are hands down the best way I’ve found to do exactly that.

They’re powerful, super easy to follow...

And best of all – 100% predictable!

The First 150 People Will Receive a Massive Discount!

So today I spoke with my publisher and convinced her to drop the price all the way to just $4,000.

That’s far lower than it should be, considering that you’re gaining access to THREE powerful trading strategies worth $4,000 each, along with the reports, videos, and everything we’ve discussed.

And with five Profit Blasts hitting in the next month alone, you could pay for your entire subscription with just one trade...

Subscribers from all my services write in regularly to tell me they did just that – and share their big wins...

Maria Santiago wrote in, “Marc, I’m up 419% on your latest! Combined with a couple other VIP recommendations, [your picks] have not only covered my initial subscription fee, but also allowed me some breathing room for monthly expenses.”

Henry Bollinger said, “I’m making more than $50,000!

And Malcom Severson didn’t say exactly how much he made, but it sounds like a lot!

He wrote in, “Your recommendation enabled us to purchase our dream home in Florida!

I wouldn’t be shocked if some of the 150 who make it in today make back their subscription cost in the first week.

It could be you, if you hurry!

So now it’s up to you...

There Are Three Paths Forward... Which Will You Choose?

The way I see it, you’ve got three options...

Option A is to do nothing...

You won’t risk anything, but you won’t gain anything either.

You’ll just continue on your current financial path.

If that’s what you want, I certainly wish you the best.

Option B is to do this on your own.

If you’ve got all day to sit in front of your computer researching stocks and studying charts, you just might be able to edge out the market this year.

Of course, that’s assuming you have a full-time team working for you, and millions of dollars of technology backing you up.

It would be tough... but not impossible!

On the other hand...

Option C is to join me.

Look, I’ve already done the hard work.

I’ve hired the team. We’ve developed the algorithms.

I have access to the multimillion-dollar software.

I have the proprietary system that’s been thoroughly back-tested – and has proven itself over and over!

And readers across my services are already making money!

Peter Warren says he made “$11,000 of pure profit” on a single recommendation...

Gil Partridge wrote, “You are helping me generate $20,000 for vacations, including a recent trip to Amsterdam, a trip to Costa Rica and a trip to Disney World for my whole family.”

And Bruce Windsor said he’d also pulled in $20K...

“I’m up nearly $20,000! I will await your next pick. I love it!”

In the end, it’s your choice... I can’t make you do anything.

But it seems like a no-brainer to me.

Especially when you consider that if you don’t see the chance at six 100% winners in the coming year, you can take your money back and call it a day. No hard feelings.

But again, you must... act... NOW.

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November 2019