Why I’m Betting $5.5 MILLION That This Company* Will HAND YOU 859% in a Year!

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*The Founders of This Company Also Created Fortunes for Investors in


Hi, I’m Marc Lichtenfeld and welcome to beautiful Palm Beach, Florida, or where I call home. Delighted you’re here with me today. I’ve got an important message for you, so...

Stop what you’re doing right now and listen up.

I’ve just identified a REVOLUTIONARY financial technology or "fintech" company set to experience a BIG catalyst event by October 21.

And I’m betting $5.5 million that you can – at minimum – collect 859% gains within the year if you act right now.

It’s a big bet, but I’m willing to do it because this fintech company has more profit potential than any stock I’ve seen.

To start, this company is backed by some of the most powerful people in the world.

In fact, it was founded by a brilliant executive team known as, “The Richest Group of Men in Silicon Valley.”

These guys originally came out of power schools like Stanford, Oxford and Harvard...

And since getting into the tech world, these power players are largely responsible for some of the biggest Silicon Valley success stories of all time...

They were early backers of Facebook...

LinkedIn... (bought by Microsoft for $26.2 billion in 2016...)


And YouTube...

In total, the “Richest Group of Men in Silicon Valley” have been leaders in the creation of approximately $1.2 TRILLION in wealth.

These guys also have perhaps the greatest track record ever in turning small, new companies into giant winners.

Yet their fintech company I’ll tell you about today could potentially make ALL OF THEIR previous wins pale in comparison.

For starters, the company these men created is sitting on a mountain of $10.5 billion in cash and has $0 in debt.

I calculate record-high revenues will top $19 billion in the year ahead...

And this company has its sights on a new market worth $642 BILLION, according to a new report...

Tons of untapped revenue potential,” one analyst said.

In short, this fintech company is in perfect position for a major run.

And the Silicon Valley men behind it are set to make investors rich once again.

You see, the company is poised to experience a major, once-in-a-lifetime event by Monday, October 21, blasting it skyward.

Make no mistake... This singular event is THE MOST POWERFUL STOCK CATALYST there is.

My research team and I have investigated dozens of catalysts that push stocks higher. None come even close to the one I’m talking about today.

This event happens ONCE in a company’s history... but when it does, look out.

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Here, let me show you.

I’ve gone back through historical data to identify every single time one of these rare events has hit.

And it’s breathtaking.

This one-time catalyst sent a simple play on Wabash National up 1,302% in three months...

The Greenbrier Companies... up 2,187% in six months...

And Aircastle... up a rare 4,700% in only four months.

$1K into each of those three plays would’ve turned into $84,890.

And all you had to do was get in BEFORE the catalyst.

It’s incredibly simple.

That’s why you’ll need to get in TODAY... with as much time to spare as possible before October 21.

When you see all the evidence, you’ll understand why I’m ultra-confident...

I’m all-in, betting $5.5 MILLION that it’ll give you the chance to – at minimum – capture an 859% gain in the next year.

One distinguished analyst said, “It’s well on its way to becoming a millionaire-maker stock.”

Which is why I’m glad you joined me.

Over the next few minutes, I’ll break down exactly why this fintech company offers so much upside potential.

I’ll explain my big bet.

And I’ve even brought in a major power player to discuss the situation with us.

He’s the co-founder and chairman of a fintech which recently sold for $2.5 BILLION dollars.

This guy has so much influence, his company was used as the name of an NFL stadium... and he’s going to help us understand exactly how big this new opportunity is.

But first, here’s a little background...

My name is Marc Lichtenfeld.

Today, I’m the Chief Income Strategist for The Oxford Club, an independent financial publisher with more than half a million readers in more than 110 countries.

I am one of the select few financial analysts who’ve achieved both series 86 and 87 NASD licenses...

I’m a three-time Amazon No. 1 best-selling financial author...

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Today, I’m making my biggest push ever to help people change their retirement fortunes.

You see, as far as I know, I’m the only analyst in the world who pinpoints stocks poised to rise due to a specific one-time-ONLY catalyst...

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And I’m so confident in this upcoming move that I’m betting $5.5 million it will deliver you 859% in a year.

Oftentimes an Ignition Event can trigger even bigger gains...

For starters, let’s say you got in on real estate company BRT Apartments before its Ignition Event on September 12, 2017.

It shot up 4,150% in six months.

Then there was the clothing company Abercrombie & Fitch.

An Ignition Event made its stock soar 1,700% in just four months...

Ruth’s Hospitality Group experienced its one-time-ONLY Ignition Event in early 2013.

You could’ve pocketed 2,340% in 7 1/2 months.

$1K in those three simple plays could’ve handed you $81,900.

The bottom line is...

When my system indicates an Ignition Event is about to hit, expect a stock to soar instantly.

And RIGHT NOW, it’s pinpointing perhaps the most exciting investment opportunity of this generation.

I expect an Ignition Event to catapult one revolutionary fintech company starting on October 21.

And I’m going all-in with a $5.5 million bet that it will produce an 859% gain.

I’ve Done This So Many Times Before... It’s Almost Getting EASY!

How can I be so confident?

Because I’ve successfully predicted 57 big wins like this in recent years for a select group of readers who now follow my Ignition Event strategy.

For example, I recently recommended Skechers USA back on January 8, 2019.

My email to readers that day read...

An Ignition Event Is Coming for This Former Highflier.”

I let people know, “The valuation is cheap... the financials are quite healthy, and an Ignition Event could launch the stock.”

Sure enough...


In just a little more than one month, that specific play I recommended shot up 205.93%. Tripling my readers’ money in five weeks.

Bernie Holden followed my instructions to a T.

My readers were thrilled about multiplying their money on Skechers...

Andy Sievers wrote...

Dave Benham wrote...

Skechers was a great win. But there are plenty of other examples.

There was the time I GUARANTEED readers the chance to capture “at least 519% gains” in a year on a company called AbbVie.

People called me crazy.

I can’t even share some of the four-letter words people said about me online.

But sure enough... I was spot on.

The exact play I recommended shot up 2,381% in just 10 months.

Had you listened to me, you could’ve turned a modest $1K into $24,810.

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In fact, one of my readers did exactly that.

He told me he and his brother made $1.3 MILLION and credited me for changing their lives.

And that’s why I’m so confident about the stock I’m recommending TODAY...

It’s an opportunity that I’ve been monitoring closely for NINE STRAIGHT MONTHS.

Watching for when the big Ignition Event would hit.

But before I reveal the complete details about why it’s expected to happen by October 21...

Let me first show you what’s going on INSIDE THE COMPANY that has me so excited.

The Most Brilliant Minds Join Forces

Never before has a more brilliant collection of minds come together to create something so revolutionary.

Imagine Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs joining forces to create a new company.

That’s essentially what happened here... but go ahead and multiply the level of genius several times over...

Because there are 13 BRILLIANT original executives of this fintech in Silicon Valley.

Their educational backgrounds include Stanford, Stanford Law, Stanford Business... Harvard Law, Harvard Business, the London School of Economics, University of Chicago Law School...

One was a Marshall Scholar at Oxford University.

Another was named Innovator of the Year by the MIT Technology Review.

The people on this legendary who’s who also served as key executives at the following companies...

Facebook (Total assets: $84.5 billion)
Yahoo (Worth $40 billion before acquisition by Verizon)
Uber (Total funds raised: $24.2 billion)
Idealab (Total funds: $1 billion)
Sequoia Capital (Total funds: $14.6 billion)
Instagram (Acquired by Facebook for $1 billion)
YouTube (Acquired by Google for $1.7 billion)
LinkedIn (Acquired by Microsoft for $26.2 billion)
Airbnb (Total funds raised: $4.4 billion)
Founders Fund (Total assets: $3 billion)
Palantir Technologies (Total assets: $6 billion)
Square (Total assets: $2.19 billion)
Reddit ($1.8 billion valuation)

Early investors in those companies made absolute fortunes.

Facebook alone created an estimated 1,000 new millionaires.

Altogether, these 13 masterminds helped generate nearly $1.2 TRILLION in wealth.

So why did they come together? And why fintech?

Well... as you likely know... a key Silicon Valley strategy is to DISRUPT massive industries.

As Airbnb, now worth $38 billion, did to the hotel industry.

As Uber, now worth $120 billion, did to the taxi business.

And as Apple, now worth $829 billion, did to telecommunications.

What these 13 Silicon Valley geniuses did was join forces to attack the ever-so-slow-to-adapt... GIGANTIC... banking industry.

Their fintech company – which I refer to as the #1 FinTech – is on a mission to revolutionize the world of money as we know it.

Here’s why I believe this #1 FinTech could very well end up becoming the biggest HOUSEHOLD name on the planet.

Bigger Than Amazon, Apple and Netflix... COMBINED?

Bigger than Amazon...

Bigger than Apple...

Bigger than Netflix...


Many times over, in fact.

Netflix has a market cap of $158 billion.

Amazon’s market cap is $800 billion. And Apple’s market cap is nearly $900 billion.

Combined, that’s about $2 trillion.

Yet as the CEO of the #1 FinTech recently pointed out, the financial markets it’s targeting could grow to a staggering $100 TRILLION.

But it’s set to grow much bigger in the months ahead.

This FinTech company is eating up market share at an unprecedented pace.

In the latest quarter, the number of new, active customers it brought on board grew by 45 million.

Total cash flowing through its business grew by $1.2 billion... up 378% from the year before.

The big banks are terrified of this new #1 FinTech because it’s stealing all their business.

As Forbes’ top fintech expert is now saying...

It’s clear that as the years go by, this new #1 FinTech will only continue gobbling up more and more of that $100 trillion market... creating sudden leaps in the share value.

My analysis shows that if this fintech company captures just another 1% of the market in the year ahead... that would be an EIGHTFOLD gain in share price.

If it captures 2%, it would be a 15-FOLD increase.

And if it goes on to capture a meager 3% of the market... You could easily be looking at a 26-fold gain.

Imagine turning $10K into more than a QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS.

It’s not a crazy idea...

Amazon started as a tiny online bookstore.

Now it controls almost 50% of the entire online retail industry.

Half the market!

Early investors in Amazon made a 134,000% return.

Imagine turning $1,000 into more than $1.3 million.

That’s life-changing.

But, again, forget Amazon! This #1 FinTech is on the verge of the biggest disruption in modern U.S. banking history!

It is in perfect position to take on the big banks.

It’s got a huge war chest... with $10.5 billion in cash and ZERO debt.

And it’s currently taking another bite out of that $100 trillion market... going after a $642 billion market in a wholly new revenue stream.

Yet this fintech’s untapped potential is virtually unknown to investors.

Although Winifred Gerald of Financial Mercury just caught on.

She featured this #1 FinTech stock in a 2019 article titled:

Well, I know about it.

And believe me, I have the perfect system in place to show you how to profit from this #1 FinTech company.

I’m so confident that I’m putting $5.5 million on the line to GUARANTEE your chance at an 859% gain.

And you’ll soon find out how you can take me up on that big bet.

But I’m urging you to get in RIGHT NOW.

I truly believe the instant the coming catalyst hits – by October 21 ­– this will easily be the most monumental investing opportunity of 2019... and beyond.

But it’s amazing to think of where this company started... compared with where it is today.

People Once Laughed at This Company

In fact, the early business model was actually voted among the “top 10 worst business ideas of the year,” according to Medium.

Simply put, financial and venture capital firms arrogantly assumed this company would drown trying to compete with the old guard in finance.

“Small fish in a big pond” sort of thing...

But they were so wrong... they couldn’t have been more wrong if they tried.

This #1 FinTech created a brand-new way of moving money, helping businesses reach customers, increasing security and safety of money online...

The company created lightning-fast, secure payment solutions. Something the world had never seen.

It saw its user base jump from zero to 100,000 users in just a one-month span of going live...

Then, over the next few months after that, the growth became even more explosive... shooting up to 5 million.

Very happy customers every step of the way.

86% of its customers became fanatics, creating incredible word of mouth.

Its quick evolution continued to make it more powerful.

It added instant personal financing options to its product line.

And it’s quickly becoming the go-to source for small business lines of credit.

In other words, this #1 FinTech is making traditional banking obsolete.

There’s just no reason to wait in line in a bank lobby anymore!

As for the old relics who were supposed to bury this fintech...

They’re signing big, lucrative partnership deals with it instead!

And they’re not the only ones...

Multibillion-dollar companies like Citigroup, Facebook, Google and Shopify are some other notable partners...

These multiyear partnerships are projected to bring in BILLIONS in revenue streams for years to come.

And the #1 FinTech is primed to set many new milestones in 2019...

Imagine Making $29,394 Every Single Minute for an Entire Year

This #1 FinTech is now processing nearly 10 BILLION transactions in a year...

That’s a company record.

And it’s making money on fees... interest... and every single transaction.


And it’s set to make more than $36,000 per minute in 2019.

Are you starting to see why I expect this company to DOMINATE in the next year?

Karthik Reddy of E-Commerce Nation says...

Reinhardt Krause of Investor’s Business Daily says...

That’s further proof why I believe this company’s stock is a home run.

Yet it’s the coming Ignition Event that should launch this company into another stratosphere.

And I believe it could happen by October 21.

But before we get to the exact terms of my $5.5 million bet...

Marc: Let me bring in THE premier fintech expert, Frank Trotter, former chairman and co-founder of EverBank.

Frank started Everbank back in the 1990s.

And it turned into one of the great fintech success stories of all time.

Everbank was recently sold to TIAA for $2.5 billion.

There’s no one better to help me explain what makes fintech such a big deal.

Frank joins us from St. Louis, Missouri…

Frank, thanks for being with us.

You’re a pioneer in the fintech industry. What made you believe fintech would be so important in the future?

Guest Expert: Fintech Pioneer Frank Trotter, Co-Founder and Chairman of EverBank (Sold to TIAA for $2.5 Billion)

Frank: Thanks, Marc. Our founding principle at EverBank back in the late ’90s was this:

We looked out across the industry and saw a problem.

To put it bluntly, banks were not innovating. They were charging high fees and, at the same time, providing extremely poor service and paying their customers next to nothing in interest.

So we aimed to fix that.

We paid 6% on checking accounts.

We charged low to no fees.

And we gave great service.

Marc: How were you able to do that?

Frank: Because we were one of the first truly online banks. As a company, we didn’t believe in spending a fortune on ourselves. We didn’t have the multistory high rise. We didn’t didn’t spend huge sums on physical offices across the country. We didn’t pay out billions in unnecessary bonuses.

Instead, we just treated our customers really well, ran a financially sound business and at the end of the day, we were happy and so were our customers.

Going fully online was a totally different model.

Despite not having many storefronts at all (the most we ever had at one time was 10)... we turned into an incredibly profitable business.

We wanted to get to a point where our customers realized there was literally no reason to ever set foot in one of the big, slow traditional banks ever again.

This sort of disruption we were able to create at EverBank... I see a lot of similarities to the company you’ve been talking about today.

Marc: Before we get to those comparisons... what did you learn about the fintech industry over the years?

Frank: Well, there’s one reason in particular that I think fintech is one of the best businesses to be in.

And that’s the sheer size of it.

Consider this...

On any given day, more than $14 trillion changes hands.

It’s quite simply the largest industry in the world.

So if you can find a profitable part of that market, you can expand your business to incredible heights.

And the thing is... consumers are always looking for easier ways to do things with their money.

So if you have an innovative idea, you can do extremely well.

Here... look at overall global investment in fintech... there’s a chart that shows overall investment in the industry more than DOUBLED from 2017 to 2018.

This is where some of the heaviest hitters are putting their money... Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway, for instance, just invested $600 MILLION DOLLARS in fintech.

Buffett calls it a “huge deal worldwide.”

Marc: $600 million for Buffett... that makes my $5.5 million bet look like peanuts!

Frank: Marc, I’d venture to say Warren Buffett is operating on a level not many of us can match.

But when you look at it, it’s no wonder there’s big, smart money like Buffett’s plowing into fintech...

It’s hard to find any other industry cranking out more consistent, massive returns...

Since 2009, one popular fintech ETF has shown returns of 922%, versus a gain of just 313% for the S&P 500.

That’s a 609% difference!

Even in 2018, when the S&P was down 5.4%, you could’ve MADE A PROFIT in fintech.

Obviously, you can see my passion for the industry...

Marc: Frank, it’s no secret that I’ve got my sights set on one particular fintech company that I believe will blow away the competition...

And I asked you to give it a look because I know you were successful at building Everbank into a multibillion-dollar company.

So what’s your take on the potential of this fintech company?

Frank: Well, Marc, I always respect a fintech company that is putting power into the hands of the consumer...

Getting us out from underneath the slow, outdated traditional banks that have screwed over customers for years.

It’s been my view for many years now that there’s no reason for anybody to use big banks anymore.

And the company in your crosshairs is sitting on a giant, disruptive idea.

So that’s a big plus.

But even more important than that are the people leading it.

I’m a big believer that you want to follow successful, smart people.

They will take a business to the next level.

And the genius set of founders behind your fintech company is responsible for some of the biggest ideas in the history of Silicon Valley.

It’s created a new and innovative way to move money and make transactions quickly, securely and cheaply.

Its prized fintech provides much better value... and much better service to the customer, which is critical.

That’s something I think is very important.

And when it comes down to it...

It simply builds a better mousetrap.

Its innovations are changing the way people pay for just about everything.

This company allows you to pay a restaurant bill with a single tap of your smartphone... and also allows you to pay others, or others to pay you, instantly.

I use one of its products all the time.

It just makes transactions incredibly easy.

All in all, I think it has such a long runway from an investment standpoint.

And its key performance metrics aren’t too shabby...

I see record-high customer accounts of 267 million... up 17% from the year before...

I see record-high payment transactions of 9.9 billion... up 27%.

And I see record-high payment volume of $578 billion... also up 27%.

So things are clearly looking good as a business...

And as an investment opportunity.

Marc: There’s no one who knows firsthand what it takes to scare the pants off big banks better than you, Frank. Thanks for joining us.

Now, to piggyback off what Frank said about disrupting the old guard...

There’s simply no doubt this #1 FinTech is doing everything in its power to demolish the sleepy old banking giants...

In fact, the principal analyst at research firm Forrester says...

Nightmares for the big banks...

But a dream scenario for us.

Especially once this company experiences an Ignition Event...

I expect it to shoot up 859% in a year.

Let me show you how Ignition Events positively impact stocks...

The Biggest Moment in a Company’s Lifetime Can Launch a Stock Into the Stratosphere...

Remember, an Ignition Event does NOT happen regularly.

It happens only once.

I’m NOT talking about an IPO... buyout announcement... or anything people normally associate with big stock gains.

And it’s not something you can trade over and over again, like earnings or new product launches.

It’s a truly unique ONE-TIME-ONLY event.

And I’ve created an Ignition Event System to predict these singular events with incredible accuracy.

When you spot the companies on the verge of an Ignition Event... it’ll give you the chance to see extraordinary returns in a very short amount time...

You simply get in before it happens.

And hang on for the ride of a lifetime.

Look at Hyatt Hotels.

Its Ignition Event hit in the fall of 2017.

One simple play and you could’ve captured 1,714% in six months.

Then there was Big Lots.

Its Ignition Event hit in early 2014.

You could’ve grabbed 4,257% in five months.

Peabody Energy’s Ignition Event hit in April 2017.

Bang. Imagine capturing 3,925% in the next 11 months.

$1K into each of those plays could’ve turned into $101,960.

The thing is... These moves were all fully predictable.

All you needed to do was spot this single, one-time event in the works...

Get in before the big event...

And you could have MUTLIPLIED YOUR MONEY within the year.

Now, here’s what’s really interesting...

Ignition Events also have a major impact on one sector in particular...


Take Mastercard for example.

Its Ignition Event hit in June 2006.

Bam! It shot up 1,350% in five months.

Then there was CNA Financial.

Bam again! It shot up 2,193%.

$5K into those two plays could have handed you $177,150.

And now my system is predicting this same catalyst will strike my #1 FinTech by October 21.

So here’s what I had to do in order to spread the word...

This Potentially Lucrative Situation Required a Special Private Meeting...

This special situation required an urgent meeting with my publisher, Julia Guth.

As soon as I saw the signs that this Ignition Event was about to hit, I knew it was very important to quickly get my message out to everyone.

The fact is, one key date is fast approaching that could multiply your money many times over.

I anticipate the Ignition Event will be publicly announced by October 21.

I’m so convinced of this phenomenal moneymaking opportunity...

That I’ve done something my publisher is afraid is downright insane...

I’ve convinced Julia to get on board with my $5.5 million bet... which I’ll tell you more about shortly.

But for now, let me tell you how to get a FREE DOSSIER on this company.

Which I’m happy to mail to you right after this presentation ends.

In the free dossier, I reveal the complete BUY NOW instructions so that you can get in before the coming Ignition Event.

But before I send it to you, let me show you why there’s no better opportunity than this right now...

Most Lucrative Opportunity You’ll Ever See...

First of all, the inside players are all seeing the signs that this event is coming.

And they are gearing up for the big day... which doesn’t give us much time to act.

Right now, this #1 FinTech is a consensus “Buy” among analysts.

And a massive amount of smart money is starting to pour into this company at a rapid pace.

Institutional investors purchased $11.5 million worth of shares in the fourth quarter of 2018.

And according to CNN Business...

Do they ever...

Have a look at some of the biggest names getting their hands on as many shares as they can.

Vanguard, Fidelity, BlackRock... We’re talking about some of the smartest institutional investors on the planet snatching up millions of shares.

As you can see, the institutions are anticipating big things.

Now, what I love about this company is that it’s set up for new revolutionary breakthroughs and monumental tech advances for years to come.

In fact, the Money20/20 Conference in Las Vegas named the #1 FinTech’s research team the award winner for innovation.

And it’s important you keep this in mind... 

This is an early-stage opportunity.

According to the CEO and chairman of a competing fintech company....

And as you know, the biggest gains go to the earliest investors.

I’ll show you how to dive into this opportunity in just a moment, but first let me explain why it’s so important for you to get the details before October 21.

BREAKING NEWS Slated for October 21...

The #1 FinTech is slated to make a very important announcement on Monday, October 21.

Now, there’s no way to tell exactly what will be said at this press conference...

However, an announcement regarding an Ignition Event would make perfect sense.

You’re likely wondering, “What exactly is an Ignition Event?

Well, it’s a critical moment that signifies when companies go from just an “idea” to a confirmed and thriving business.

In short, I define an Ignition Event as the precise moment a company initiates a dividend for the first time.

The second a company announces it’s about to pay a dividend for the first time... investors go crazy.

And here’s why...

Not only are shareholders set to receive a BONUS on their investment... and a steady stream of dividend income from their shares going forward...

But the initial dividend announcement is a sort of kickoff for the stock’s best years.

Because when a dividend is started, it’s a signal that the business is doing so well that it has plenty of money for growth, and it doesn’t have to worry about paying off debt...

In short, the company now has so much cash that it can start rewarding the investors in a big way.

As Kiplinger says... a dividend initiation “generally means that a company is going gangbusters and is generating so much extra cash that it makes sense to toss some back to shareholders.”

And an MIT study concluded that “share prices react positively to dividend initiation announcements.”

Well, that’s an understatement.

Look at Wingstop.

When it initiated its first dividend in spring 2017, it took right off.

You could’ve pocketed a 1,924% gain on one simple trade in 11 months.

Then there was Six Flags.

Its Ignition Event hit in July 2010.

This trade blasted off for 2,233% gains in six months.

And then there was Science Applications International.

This no-brainer play took off for 2,305% gains in just 2 1/2 months after initiating its first dividend.

$1K into each of those three trades could’ve handed you $64,620.

It plays out again and again.

The FIRST dividend is the perfect time to get in on a stock.

And I believe the #1 FinTech’s stock is set to experience a similar climb as it’s poised to initiate a dividend.

The word is even starting to leak out.

NYSE News Updates indicate this company will initiate a dividend soon, even placing it on a special “First-Time Dividend Watch List”.

CPA Danny Vena, a financial journalist, says the #1 FinTech “continues to lay the groundwork that it will pay dividends.”

And Market Mad House says, “It will pay a nice dividend one day, but until then, it will generate a lot of cash.”

Even the insiders seem to be preparing for something big... as if they know it’s coming too.

Which is why I’m making my big $5.5 million bet.

This is one of the most powerful catalysts a company ever experiences. And as investors, this is THE MOMENT for big profits.

Which is why you shouldn’t be surprised that insiders are loading up on shares right now.

What Do the Insiders Know?

For example, in just a recent three-month stretch, insiders bought up $8.8 MILLION in shares.

Think they don’t know what’s coming?

One brilliant insider (whom Fortune recently featured in the top 10 for Businessperson of the Year) bought himself $304,826 worth of shares.

He’s got insights NO ONE ELSE on the outside has.

So with a $300,000 bet, he’s clearly anticipating something BIG from the company’s stock.

The institutional holders are plowing their way in as well...

Vanguard’s in for 87 million shares.

BlackRock has 74 million.

And JPMorgan got its hands on 19 million.

The moment it’s announced that this #1 FinTech will initiate a first-time dividend, you can expect those numbers to increase significantly.

It could very well be announced by October 21.

But wait... the investment opportunity keeps getting more mouthwatering...

#1 FinTech Compared to Netflix and Amazon

Why else am I so confident this company will go on a straight shot upward?

One reason is, it has virtually zero competition.

In fact, this #1 FinTech bought out two competitors in the middle of 2018...

One was a $400 million purchase of a company that specializes in payment distribution.

It disburses payments in multiple currencies and in more than 200 countries.

The other was a purchase of an artificial intelligence company focused on personalized commerce. It had doubled its revenue for three straight years.

Roman Luzgin, an Index Operations Analyst at IHS Markit, says the acquisitions will “improve [the #1 Fintech’s] competitive edge,” providing expansion in terms of... 

And size.

He says...

After these two buyouts, this #1 FinTech now has a total of 17 business acquisitions under its belt.

Mark Palmer of BTIG says the breadth of the FinTech’s assets makes it "unrivaled."

Yet it still has $10.5 billion in cash!

According to InvestorPlace’s IPO Playbook Editor Tom Taulli, all that extra cash means...

This company is becoming an absolute monster...

And famed hedge fund investor Dan Loeb recently wrote to clients and compared the #1 FinTech to...

That’s high praise... and mighty good company!

Netflix and Amazon were life-changing opportunities for early investors.

A $1K investment in Netflix would now be worth $223,000...

And a $1K investment in Amazon would be worth about $787,000 today.

Together, those two stocks would’ve made you a MILLIONAIRE.

That should give you a sense of the life-changing...



Legacy-creating opportunity I’m seeing right now with the #1 FinTech.

But you cannot wait here.

Bargain Prices Won’t Last Much Longer...

As I’ve shown you, momentum is already building hard and fast in anticipation of an Ignition Event.

Because institutions are pouring millions into this stock, I don’t expect it to be available at these bargain prices in the coming days, weeks and months ahead...

And the moment an Ignition Event is announced, the opportunity will have passed you by.

There’s no way you would’ve wanted to miss out on these easy plays...

Like when Micron Solutions issued its first dividend.

Its stock shot up 1,551% in just 10 months.

Or when Natural Health first issued a dividend in March 2014.

Its stock produced a 1,876% gain in six months.

And then there’s ICF International.

This was incredibly explosive.

It shot up 4,760% in seven months!

Those three trades alone could’ve turned $1K in each into $70,911.

The profit potential of getting in right at that first dividend is mind-blowing.

Which is why I’m betting $5.5 million that the #1 FinTech will hand you at least 859% in a year.

Of course, as with all investing, nothing is ever a 100% sure thing.

But even in the rare case this company fails to experience an Ignition Event, the company’s stock could likely still go up.

Like when I recommended readers buy T-Mobile in May 2018.

Now, T-Mobile did NOT initiate a dividend in the year since, as my system indicated it would...


My recommendation shot up 108.11% in just over two months.

That’s a lightning-quick DOUBLE.

The point is, in the rare case my system misses an Ignition Event prediction, you’ll still be in a great position to collect big profits.

And the #1 FinTech’s newfound dominance in its field could send it soaring in its own right...

If it captures just another 1% to 2% of its market, that could be an EIGHTFOLD gain.

2% to 3% could result in a 15-fold gain.

And a meager 3% or more could hand you at least a 26-FOLD gain.

That’s how much profit potential this opportunity holds.

And I think I’ve earned the right to make this type of call.

After all, I’ve recommended dozens of MONEY-MULTIPLYING trades for my readers.

They’ve seen wins of...

113.33%... 145.5%... 902%... 139.53%... 152.1%... 200%... 775.38%... and a whole lot more.

But my newest recommendation on the #1 FinTech is the one I’m perhaps MOST EXCITED ABOUT.

One I’m so sure about, I’m willing to put $5.5 million on the line... which you can claim a share of if I’m wrong!

But I seriously doubt that’ll happen.

Just look at this lengthy list of the #1 FinTech’s competitive advantages... 

Now, I’d like to deliver you the stock ticker and a complete breakdown of this company...

I’ve got a special dossier to send your way. I’ll need your email address to get it to you.

And you’ll have to move quickly.

I certainly don’t want you to miss out on the first jolt in stock price.

Remember, I’ve shown you examples of stocks exploding as high as 1,714%... 3,925%... even 4,760% in as little as a few months thanks to an Ignition Event.

Why 859% Could Be CONSERVATIVE

MY MISSION is to find the types of big profit opportunities in the market like the one I’ve shown you today...

Opportunities loaded with tremendous upside, limited downside risk and the potential to deliver you thousands of dollars in income for years to come.

Reader Jack Michaels says...

And Max Johnson says...

It’s phenomenal to hear that readers are actually making their retirement dreams come true with my help.

I’m incredibly proud to deliver portfolio-transforming research to readers through Stock Sequence Trader, a prized Oxford Club VIP Trading Research Service.

In short, my goal with Stock Sequence Trader is to uncover great companies on the verge of experiencing Ignition Events.

They’re predictable catalysts that propel stocks to explosive revenue growth... and create bursts in the stock price.

I’m going to show you a quick stat that may shock you right now.

Through my Stock Sequence Trader service, I’ve made 189 official recommendations.

The average annualized gain per trade is 113.9%.

That includes winners and losers.

Let me repeat that.

113.9% is the average of all plays.

To give you a sense of just how incredible that is...

We’ve outperformed the S&P 500 by 20-FOLD since 2010.

What Makes Stock Sequence Trader so Powerful?

In short, what I do in Stock Sequence Trader is watch for Ignition Events and then alert my subscribers the moment they should get in.

In a given year, I’ve seen as many as 32 companies choose to initiate a dividend for the first time.

So I typically recommend one to three simple trades to profit from each month.

Looking back, you can see Ignition Events often provide massive opportunities to profit...

Like Network-1 Technologies. It wasn’t going anywhere... then BOOM!

It shot up 1,384% in five months thanks to its first dividend initiation.

Universal Display...

Up 1,075% in just three months after initiating a dividend in 2016.

Or Boyd Gaming. It initiated a dividend in May 2017.

It blasted up 2,385% in 11 months.

$1K in each could’ve handed you $48,440.

With Stock Sequence Trader, I’ll alert you anytime one of these big announcements is coming... just like I’m doing with my #1 FinTech today.

Now, there are roughly 3,481 publicly traded companies that have YET to pay a dividend.

So I created an Ignition Event System in order to help accurately predict which of those companies is best poised to initiate a dividend next.

My team and I crunched billions of data points and found three predictive criteria that gives us an 85.6% certainty rate.

A company must feature...

  1. Positive (trailing) free cash flow. This factor indicates how much money is coming into the company.
  2. Free cash flow growth of 20% or more. The faster cash is coming in, the more money the company has on hand to PAY THE SHAREHOLDERS A DIVIDEND.
  3. The “Trigger Point,” as I call it. This is a secret indicator that I pay tens of thousands of dollars annually to access. I can’t reveal the full details, but I can tell you that The Guardian caught wind of it. It says it’s used by “the world’s most influential people in finance,” which is quite flattering.

When a company achieves all three of these factors, that means it’s financially sound. It also means it’s loaded with the cash needed to pay dividends now and in the future.

Now, I’ve tracked this #1 FinTech company for NINE straight months. It’s required patience and discipline to wait on officially recommending it until it passed my system’s strict requirements.

And it recently triggered each of my three criteria.

It’s in the perfect position.

And I predict that the first dividend is coming as soon as October 21.

That’s why I’m willing to GUARANTEE it at least shoots up 859% in a year.

In fact, I’m betting $5.5 million on it.

I’m CERTAIN this stock will be one of your best performers.

And as I mentioned, I’ve put together a full dossier for you.

It’s called...

“#1 FinTech: Why an Ignition Event Will Hand You 859%.”

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Your Personal Invitation

Stock Sequence Trader is a service that’s very easy to understand.

I provide readers elite research, premium analysis and up-to-the-minute market updates to help you profit all year long.

Through Stock Sequence Trader, I recommend the very best companies on the verge of an Ignition Event.

With my service, I lead you from one dividend initiator to another... giving you endless opportunities to profit all along the way.

I email you exactly when to buy and sell so you can close out with max profits.

At most, it takes you only a couple of minutes a week to check your email and choose to act on my instructions.

And I also provide a text alert feature that ensures you never miss an update when you’re on the run.

In the history of Stock Sequence Trader, you could have scored the following REAL wins...

120% on Brunswick Corporation

140.26% on JDS Uniphase

100.00% on American Railcar Industries

296.30% on Lithia Motors

122.11% on Sanmina

225.00% on Enterprise Products

775.38% on Universal Display

211.28% on OraSure Technologies

An EXTRAORDINARY 902% on Skechers USA.

And the list goes on and on...

One gentleman, Dean Carter, said this about Stock Sequence Trader:

On 1K shares... That’s $21,120 in profit!

On 10K shares... That’s $211,200 in profit!

The point is... once you sign up for Stock Sequence Trader, I’ll be doing all the hard work for you.

The moment the perfect company arises, I’ll let you know exactly how to play it.

As I’ve said, I’ve seen many as 32 Ignition Events in a given year.

Looking back, American Eagle was a great opportunity.

Up 1,067% in nine months.

Callaway was another...

It shot up 4,000% in three months.

And Aircastle was another monster opportunity.

It shot up 4,700% in four months.

$1K into each of those three plays could’ve quickly turned into $100,670.

Reader Ben Kepner, inching closer to retirement, was blown away by Stock Sequence Trader.

Wherever you hope your retirement takes you... whether it’s a beach in the Bahamas...

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re old or young... My Stock Sequence Trader can work for anyone.

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I expect two MORE companies to experience Ignition Events within the next couple of weeks.

As a new member of my Stock Sequence Trader, you’ll receive weekly emails detailing which ones are coming up next.

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Consider, our open model portfolio, as of March 2019, featured 16 winning plays with open gains as high as 242.6%.

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I hope you’re as excited as I am about the profit potential you’re about to experience.

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And that’s exactly what my subscribers love. Many enjoy the text message alerts I provide with this service so you never miss an update.

That’s yet another benefit.

To sum it up... being a Stock Sequence Trader subscriber is about seeing constant opportunities to make big money.

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Each year we close out an average of 25 official trade recommendations.

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I do what I do because I want to HELP anyone who needs it.

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“$20,000, still holding.”
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Imagine making $226,059 on a single play!

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Plus, I’m so confident you’re going to enjoy my Stock Sequence Trader that I’m going to put my money where my mouth is and guarantee your complete satisfaction.

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MULTIPLY Money on the #1 FinTech Company, GUARANTEED

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Give us a call and I will use $4,000 of the $5.5 MILLION I’ve set aside to personally pay to move you over to any other Oxford Club VIP Research Service for the following year.

There are a dozen other Oxford Club VIP services. Each retails around $4,000. I’ll pay the full tab so you can have a one-year subscription to any other service.

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You’ve already seen the kind of money you can make with my strategy.

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Marc Lichtenfeld

Chief Income Strategist, The Oxford Club
April 2019

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